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Setting up Stuff

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May 16, 2013
Long first post incoming, in short... I'll be glad to read any ideas that can benefit the story I'm making.


I'm currently changing, fixing, and defining several aspects of my not-so-little fantasy story, the one where all the artworks and videos from my Fantasy Fun | HIVE and Mapping Fun | HIVE albums take place.

The overall storyline & main arcs were first made back in 2003 and I've been slowly working on them in my spare time over the years despite university & work often keeping me busy.

Originally, it was set to take place as a spin-off or alternative version of the Diablo 1-2 universe but due to copyright issues and the like I decided to rework the lore of my story using other sources such as the Divine Comedy (Granted you may still find the Diablo references)

Things that have been defined already:


If I was to summarize what is it about, I'd say it's the story of an immortal individual, a denizen of Heaven, who, knowing nothing but warfare and violence throughout his life, eventually finds peace and meaning to his existence as he becomes a man, both literally and figuratively... and engages Evil in the process.



  • HEAVEN (REALM of ORDER), A.K.A. Forces of Light

- Its inhabitants are called 'Celestials', though the 99.99% of its current population and civilization is composed by the Angels. The 0.01% left is a near-extinct race known to them as Holy Avengers, passionate and powerful albeit a lot less disciplined beings (a wildcard if you will).

The protagonist belongs to the second group.

- Its landscape features endless green fields and lakes surrounding a massive citadel, walled both on the outside and the inside creating three areas, one towering above the other, and protecting the very center of the Realm known as the Empyrean, where the Palatial Houses and High Council Chambers 'lay'.

- Its ruler used to be the (late) Highlord (The God of the Angels), but now it is currently led by the twelve Seraphim composing the High Council and their Leader ( Grandmaster Lother - his appearance will be getting some 'improvements')

  • HELL (REALM of CHAOS), A.K.A. Forces of Darkness

- Its inhabitants are called 'Infernals'. Just like humans and animals, Infernals are spread in Demons and Fiends Just like Celestials, the Infernals too are immortal supernatural beings and, depending on the region they are a part of, outnumber the Angels by 100-1000 to 1.

- Its landscape is a big mess, depending on the realm you're visiting, but overall two main areas have been set: The Center, and Outer Hell.

- Since Demons are chaotic by nature, they won't often believe or respect the current Hierarchy except through force (either physical or mental) by the one oppressor above them in the food chain. Originally, they were under the rule of their (late) Emperor and his 13 Disciples, but things changed long ago.


Not the Dragon Ball type, but I figured a certain scale should be placed in order to maintain certain consistency on who can kill who and how characters can become stronger.


The Heavenly Highlord and the Hellish Emperor were the strongest beings in their universe until they killed each other one day. The vacuum left by them was filled by the 12 Seraphim and 13 Kings respectively ever since.

Things that are being set up (help will be appreciated):


As stated previously, I'm using several sources such as the Divine Comedy, theological articles, and The Bible in order to build up the pantheon of Evil in my story.

Originally, I had picked the Seven Great Evils from Diablo (Baal, Mephisto, Diablo, Andariel, Belial, Azmodan and Duriel) because let's face it... this shit is fucking awesome:


So... what now?

I choose the number 13 to represent Hell in my story, as it symbolizes rebellion and disorder, chaos and links it to the fate of the late Emperor of Hell. If you're wondering, yes, he was betrayed by his own Disciples who later became Kings (mainly three of them who organized everything and claimed most of the power to themselves).

If you're thinking... "Oh the Three Brothers... as in the Prime Evils" let me remind you that 3 is a cool number and you will see it everywhere in games, anime, and films.

(Trio, not threesomes xD)

In the case of evil TRIUMVIRATES, a recurring theme is the constant vie for power and backstabbing, fear of one fighting another and be dispatched by the third. So I kept that.

Though the 13 Kings are the strongest individuals in Hell and are supposed to be equally strong (not really), they are divided into two main groups, much like the two main areas in Hell.

- Central Hell / The City of Dis: where the crumbled throne of the Emperor lies. The 3 main instigators of his demise took the woeful city for themselves.
- Outer Hell: where the remaining ten kings and their lands lie, somewhat influenced by the other three who live protected behind Dis' walls.

This Symbol represents my vision for Hell:


No, I didn't take inspiration from Warhammer, the one and only thing that comes to my head whenever I think about that word (since I've never played it) is... BIG-ARMORED-BADASSES.

Okay, you might be thinking to yourself "WTF is that? That's not Chaotic, that's just a mess!".
Fine, this might look better:


On the left, you have the "clean" version, which will serve as a banner or front for the Hellish organization/religion that is corrupting mankind in this story. The one on the right is the Battle Standard, the true flag used by Hell.

The 'Clean' one is a fraudulent version that allegedly teaches: "Oneness and Enlightenment at the center, something which can only be achieved through the main three pillars: Charity, Orthodoxy, and Truthfulness; which in turn require mastering other aspects and virtues such as Temperance, Love, Patience, Justice, etc."

A beautiful lie, since there is no Oneness or Completeness at the center but a huge Void.

Now, about the Kangz... This is the part I'm currently working on, and will appreciate your ideas (even if it comes from different religions, I won't mind at all if it can bring more unique features to the characters)...


Only 2 of the 13 Kings are left to be set (the white dots and rings)


Needless to say, each character, realm, landmark, denizen, etc means at the very least 1 artowrk I'll come up with :thumbs_up:

For Example: Violence:

Hellish King - Violence
Hellish Realms - Violence #1
Demon Soldiers #1 - Violence

The idea is to set the story and start working on a comic strip and (maybe) a map/campaign.
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