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  • Yes of course you can use those heroes.
    Sorry for the late reply and all, I couldn't reply on your VM before.
    I really liked Red Sands, I also organized our Thread better, and put red sands underneath the completed works list, Great Job :D
    Basically, a demon awakened from the sins of the Al'Tujero's Council, who have been disregarding complaints from the public, and raising taxes to fund for their extravagant mansions and gold-encased jewelry and weaponry. Anyway, this demon seeks to power itself from the Council of Al'Tujero's sins and create an army of the risen dead to destroy the country and spread out into the rest of the world.
    Hey idk if you saw my PM, but there is a new request by some guy EclecticAcid, did you want to take it? let me know so I can put down his request as accepted :D
    Ooooh I like the Paladin even more, I think that the writing of it is a little crude, it doesn't flow as well as Jinto, but daaang wanting to murder is Zombie Wife ;) I giveth thee props!
    ROFL its all good xD Yeah, I know we had some confusion on the requests, but as long as we stay communicating i think this'll work fine :p
    So yes, next one is all you :) wow that guy was really nice, and the requests are coming in quite nicely :D
    He said he was taking _Hera's request... I guess that IS GreeN!X xD I didn't know so I wrote one out... he can do one if he wants :) i'm sure GreeN!X would love options :p
    ROFL xD Well thanks for watching, Yeah that is me, I did it to get some people to check out my page xD Didn't think someone would actually watch it :p Thanks.
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    (Post) hahaha i have 6 projects that earned a spot in my desktop's dark corner ^_^
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