First WC3 Community-driven Reforged RPG

Level 3
Mar 15, 2019
With the announcement of the beta of the World Editor for reforged this project can finally start rolling.

Here is the official discord for the project where some of the project design has been done server: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

some pics of concepts of maps

Night Elves=Wood Elves
Green Orcs=High Orcs
Forest Trolls=Corrupted Orcs
Dark Trolls=Night Orcs
Red Orcs=Demonic Orcs
High Elves=High Elves
Blood Elves=Dark Elves
Ice Trolls/Shadow spear Trolls=Frost Orcs
Death Knight/Nercomancer/Cultist/Dark Archer=Vampires

Orcs clans: SeaMadian (Green Orcs), Octopus (Green Orcs), Dark Water (Forest Troll), FrozenHeart (Ice/Darkspear Trolls), Sandfury (Rexxar), Nightfury (Dark Trolls)

Jrz'kavel - High Orc homeland with some humans. Jrz'kaval is Pirate themed.
Greenwood - Wood Elf homeland.
Lannezrial - Human homeland.
Riden'del - High Elf homeland.
Arthton - Ice/Shadowspear Troll Homeland. A cold northern land.

There will be a eventual wiki and reddit/facebook page once more information is fleshed out. Glad to hear back from people.
Level 6
Aug 26, 2017
Hmm, sounds like some Orcs are something of a pirate race here based on their clan names and the minor description of their homeland. Presumably they live to plunder and raid anything near the sea.
Some of the names for the Orc clans are downright hilarious (I'd pass out due to laughter if I'd ever hear an Orc shout a battle cry "For Octopus!!"), they could use some more memorable names for their clans.

Why would the Trolls be considered Orcs though? They clearly look different so people would naturally point that out right off the bat when they'll see them. Personally, I believe that Trolls could serve as a "neutral" or "self-serving" race. Alternatively they could have been allies with the Orcs a long time ago but had a falling out and now don't see eye to eye.

I've also noticed that Dwarves don't have a place of their own. I assumed they are either mountain dwellers or keep to themselves in more remote places or a very well defended island nation where they can mind their own business and practice their craft without fearing getting attacked by other races.