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  1. Sinsity

    New reforged custom maps I make crash when starting game

    As stated im having troubles trying to play a custom map I make. I get the unexpected error message, I’m not to computer savvy so I’ve tried redownloading still won’t work I’ve searched online and tried a couple things I’ve found but nothing. -I haven’t done any custom models or things like that...
  2. Bloodheaven_

    [Lua] Reforged UI Designer doesn't work In-Game

    Hi there, I created my UI in the Reforged UI Designer and exported the UI to Lua. Then I pasted it in the Map Custom Script Code only to find out it doesn't show up, the JASS version of that UI doesnt have that Problem at all, do I need to call the UI somehow? Here is the snippet: The JASS...
  3. dpeipertx

    Need help with custom map crashing

    Hi. I could really use some help with my custom map that crashes after several minutes. There doesn't seem to be a specific action, model, or trigger causing the game to crash when playing, but it always crashes after a while. I can save throughout, load after a crash, and continue playing, but...
  4. xorkatoss

    WE 16GB RAM not Enough?

    So I recently discovered that I actually have RAM problems when using Reforged. Booty Bay only RAM Usage(test): My RPG in World Editor RAM Usage: RPG World Editor + Testing the Map In-Game: It's pretty crazy that is uses all 16GB of my RAM, when the map is loading the usage even goes up...
  5. emperor_d3st

    [Solved] JNGP only working with certain maps

    Hello folks, I have 1.26a Warcraft + JNGP207 set up on my PC and it works fine. I copied my whole directory to another computer and certain features only work on a few maps. There are no apparent commonalities between these maps, but JNGP is consistent: if it works with a melee map Booty Bay...
  6. Evilhog

    So why aren't you working on a Starcraft 2 custom campaign, %username?

    In case these things need explanation: -4th option in the poll ("Blizzard's policy on user-made custom content sux (all your UMS belong to Bobby K.") - SC2 Editor EULA states, that all custom content created for SC2 with its official tools automatically belongs to Blizzard. They are free to use...
  7. Abelhawk

    Accessing Mira Han and Matt Horner's portraits and voice lines in the editor

    I'm trying to find out how to create a transmission on the StarCraft 2 editor with Mira Han's portrait and Matt Horner's. Neither of them have a unit that uses their portrait, so how do you create a transmission for them? I'm also wondering if it's possible to access voice lines from the co-op...
  8. BigDatesNew

    Newest Editor bug with custom tree models

    Hello, let me preface this by saying the bug occurs on every map file I now open, from brand new ones dating back to years ago, with every version that WAS previously working over the years is now also broken. There appears to be a bug in the current version of world editor, where trees with a...
  9. Xzere

    Restore and Spawn units like in legion td

    Hello, i'm trying to make a similar map to legion td, my only issue is how to make the units restore after each wave, so either if they surive or die, the shall be restored. Anyone who have the knowledge to help me out? Thanks in advance.
  10. Luashine

    Resources have a different CSS style, breaking WYSIWYG editor

    I expected the Resource page to look exactly like in the editor, but it looks awful instead because the headings are not as bold as they should be, deviating from the editor preview.
  11. Kodidro

    Unable to create normal units

    Hello all, first time poster I'm working on making a relatively simple project making "variant" heroes, effectively taking existing heroes and tweaking abilities to make them fresh or unique for a change of pace in the game. I'm working on a Beastmaster variant and want to make a wolf instead...
  12. Voltron212

    [Solved] Move entire Hero Inventory from one Hero to another

    Hello! I am creating a system for a TD where there are multiple builders, and the player eventually has the option of switching between each builder. I want to make it so when a player switches builder - their inventory also carries over to the new unit. All my builders are hero type as to make...
  13. Sxar

    Help with a skill

    I have a hero that gives some skills to units when he's in the unit's cargo only via triggers. Now I have a unit that use "ethereal form" skill. The skill replace my unit with anotherone without the skills (it still has the hero in cargo) however, I need that the added skills being pass to the...
  14. Nemesis DSGB

    [General] Request Tutorial "World Edit Update Roadmap"

    Hi guys, I'm requesting a tutorial or "guide" for everything that changed mod-wise in world editor since I was a teen. (if i can get enough info maybe ill make this guide) Examples: Core Differences -WC3 TFT- -12 Players - 255x255 Map dimensions -Object Names -Ability Model/icon -No Hero Skins...
  15. anrere

    [General] New(ish) editor rules and blizzard-owned 3rd party content

    With the new editor rules rolled out in reforged where you cannot use 3rd party content, how does 3rd party content not present in wc3 but owned by Blizzard stands out? Ex : Sound bites from WoW or WoW cinematics, WoW icons, Wc3 Reforged Icons, Sc2 Icons... Can I use them in my custom map...
  16. Nortander

    A confirmation?

    Hey guys! I am a patient person so I thought Blizzard would implement a "Custom campaign" button in the main menu, as they did with Vanilla. But we're now, one year after the release, and I still don't see anything like it. As I would very much like to play my custom campaigns again and others'...
  17. Martinez

    [Crash] [help] poor editor quality

    Hello, I have a rather unusual problem. My editor displays the world in very low quality, regardless of the settings. Interestingly, even somehow the editor icon is worse When the units are brought closer, they look clear, but blur as they move away My computer settings are normal and...
  18. Marnin The Shaper

    Need Help With The Texture Import - Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Hello. Recently I attempted to replace reforged tiles existing on the dungeon terrain for my map (I've basically took brick, darkrocks and greystones textures and made them gray in gimp). However, I've encountered numerous issues when I tried to import them to Wc3 Reforged. I have read tutorials...
  19. Martinus

    [General] Water Problem - water removed by terrain

    Hello and good day! Can someone help me to solve a problem I am having with a water, please? The problem is as it appears in the image I attach, here, for depiction: To describe the circumstances that (from my point of view) have led to it: I have created a map with an "Initial Cliff Level...
  20. JMitchy

    Issues with imported music since reforged

    Hey all, first proper post to the forums since joining so sorry if this has already been answered elswhere. So, I'm noticing a lot of issues and inconsistencies in the editor regarding using custom/imported music since the reforged update (or at least the latest patch). Originally, you would be...
  21. HerlySQR

    [General] Is there an easy and direct way to change names of objects?

    I explain, I have made a map in 1.26, but I want to pass it to the current version but what happens is that I wrote the command in the help and in the current version in the help the command is already written and now I must remove them, but I ask, isn't there an easier way that I can repeat...
  22. HerlySQR

    [Solved] My old Editor doesn't open

    I played Wc3 in the 1.26 but recently I get the last version of Wc3, but now I can't open my editor of the 1.26 (Pls don't ask me why I wanna do that) the editor of the current versions works instead.
  23. u wot m8_

    [Solved] How do i make an upgrade change a unit's creation speed?

    I have tried to find a way to make an upgrade change a unit's creation speed for a while now. Even checked the trigger editor for such option. Couldn't find anything that has to do with the unit's creation speed though. I might've not looked close enough, but does anybody know how to make an...
  24. Gibanica

    Drain life transfers hp from caster to ally!

    Hey everyone, hope you are well. I know there has been 1000 threads about this, and I've trawled through 99% of them and can't seem to get this to work... Basically I have a healer unit that uses a 'reverse drain life' that drains his own HP and gives it to an allied unit. I have activated...

    What version of the editor are you using?

    - TL;DR at the bottom - Hello, I'm curious about how you guys are making maps nowadays. The way I see it there are three different "editions" of the World Editor atm - Correct me if im wrong; 1) Some sort of Legacy Editor, backuped from an old patch (incredibly there doesnt seem to be anything...
  26. EmnoS

    Problems with animation transfer.

    Hello, I'm new to the modeling scene and so far I've been having a lot of fun, but when recently I've become to see myself against a wall with certain situations I've encountered. So I made a tauren wielding a 1h sword, gave him 2 new attack animations, (one from Grommash and one from an Orgre...
  27. ravellani

    [Solved] Weird Priest Icon

    I have a small issue. I made a hero and I wanted him to have the priests icon but in the game, the hero icon on the side of the screen is completely green. Why is this happening? I copied the fields from for icon from the priest and his icon works.
  28. victorsuazo1991


    Hi. I would like to know how I can do the following: I wish that when 4 different heroes enter a zeppelin, the player will be victorious. All 4 must be inside to win the game.
  29. posthumousturbo

    Editor Percentage Armor

    Unit - Set Armor of (Triggering unit) to ((Armor of (Triggering unit)) I can only write this in trigger, how write Unit - Set Armor of (Triggering unit) to ((Armor of (Triggering unit) x 1,25)
  30. ravellani

    Metamorphasis Skin Path

    I am trying to design a demon hero and I want to use the model that the demon hunter turns into when he uses Metamorphosis. I have been searching everywhere for a model path. Does anyone know what it is? I have looked at what the demon hunter turns into in the editor but when the game runs it...
  31. RadimX

    Plague Texture

    Hi, I have one problem. In World Editor I have certain parts of land covered with plague texture, but when I play the map, there is no plague, just the regular texture of land, grass and so on. My question is why? How can I make it permanent that it will not disappear when I am playing the...
  32. Kokor

    [Spell] Problem with cast custom spell

    can somebody help me i want to cast spell from my boss if something attack him boss name is Mother 0235 <gen> and Spell Name is PAADAAAA (wont cast it auto) (spell int to target) i try some custom scripts but doest work thx for info and sry for eng
  33. Shima Yamagoto

    Make Units Stop Fleeing, when at health threshholds.

    I have a map, in which I have one section that is like a tower defense. As such, I have a maze, from where units spawn in Region A, and walk to Region B. Obviously, along this path, they will take damage from towers. Upon reaching around 55% health, I would estimate, these units begin walking...
  34. Yours Truly

    [Solved] I can't open my map anymore.

    I don't know why. There's no obvious reason as to why it crashed. Can someone help? This map is for a contest, and I hate starting over. I get the "Not enough storage" error trying to open it. I can't find backups of the map either. I searched at the the Documents and also at the AppData.
  35. Mathayis

    Reforged screwed me over again! *Solved*

    Well fudge....Soo....The first time I tried installing reforge it totally wrecked my maps..but I was able to save them by installing a 1.29 backup...and i've been having a tun of fun map making again sense... However, this morning I heard reforge has been getting some patch updates, so I...
  36. Ryan820

    Warcraft 3 Reforged Editor Inquiry

    Hi guys, I've recently purchased wc3 reforged and been trying to get into modding for about two days now. I was planning on making custom races. Been fiddling with the obejct editor and was able to make myself custom high elf units based off the human tech tree. I've tested each of the units...
  37. Recklessness

    Purpose of the Skins?

    What purpose does the 'Normal Skin' and 'Hero Skin' serve on the Object editor and how do I tap into that? Is there a way to set a skin for a single unit that one can easily swap from and to that changes the spells? or am i misunderstanding what those features mean?
  38. lolreported

    [Crash] Clicking the doodads-tab in Object Editor crashes World Editor

    With the recent patch I just discovered a major problem with the map I'm making for the Mini Mapping Contest #16 - Mini RPG. As soon as I click on the Doodads-tab in the Object Editor my entire World Editor crashes. I can't remember if I looked at the Doodads-tab in the BETA, but my World...
  39. Frederik

    What happened to female v. in WC3 Editor

    Anyone know why the female version of death knight, demon hunter and special model files (Kul'Tiras Jaina) is not in the editor? :( First time using these forums btw, hoping it's the right place for this.
  40. DrunkenDirt

    [Solved] Classic look in the editor after 1.32

    So Reforged just launched, and to celebrate I'm going to do a complete 180 and look to the past. More specifically, with the launch update, the WC3:Classic and WC3:Reforged launchers seem to have merged together, and now both launch from the battle net client. To get the classic look you need...
  41. riptor7364

    General Question About Triggers

    Hi I'm a beginner with all this and I'm just getting a handle on how everything works. I'm going through some of the tutorials here, but if someone can help me answer a few questions that would be great! 1. Am I correct to assume you can more or less bypass the editors ui menu system, setting...
  42. auricgoldfinger

    All my spells suddently Do Nothing

    Hi, I was Editing my map, adding new stuff that usually doesn't cause any problem, like basic custom spelling and new custom units (no complicated trigger or function). But suddently, now when I test the game, all the spells on the map do Nothing. For example if I ask a hero to cast a...
  43. izumii3

    [Arena] Looking for W3 Editor knowledgeable (CHESS)

    Hello, As stated in the topic - looking for a person who knows the world editor good enough to be able to create a simple arena style chess map for warcraft 3. I have ideas which i would like to share. Thank You for Your insight in advance and please forgive me if this is posted in the...
  44. Pokemanharald

    Problem with Custom abilities in new editor

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this but figured since it's related to the reforged editor i might as well try here. So i'm having a problem with custom abilities in the reforged editor. On the first screanshot here you can see the ability in the editor, it has a description, custom buff...
  45. Ricola3D

    [System][vJASS] List World Editor Object IDs

    Looking for - Your advices to optimize/clean it, and optionally your code-reviews. - Your ideas of other libraries that can use this one to provide usefull features ! - Your toughts about this library :) Content Here is a project of mine of library that lists World Editor Object IDs. World...
  46. Mathayis

    Is 1.31.1 editor safe to work with?

    Okay so...I was thinking of starting a new map project, but after the 1.31.1 editor broke my last map, causing unit events and triggers not to be recognized after loading a saved file, Also stopping sounds from working and messing with the doodads, I'm wondering if I should stick to 1.29? It's...
  47. Mathayis

    [General] Can you edit a units attack range in editor?

    Howdy there! just a quick question.... I'm not very smart when it comes to complex triggers, but I noticed in the latest patch "1.31" they added a bunch of new triggers and functions in the editor.... I was just wondering, is there a way now, through triggers where you can add and subtract a...
  48. Voljin

    Game cache not working in new editor?

    Hello Hive, I like to consider myself a fairly decent map editor in GUI, and I have worked with Game Caches extensively in the past, but for the life of me, I cannot get this one working and I'm starting to think its the new editor and not me. Hopefully, I'm wrong. Please look at my triggers...
  49. Yahya

    Magic Resistance Ability using Items

    So I wanted to test out ghouls with a magic resistance ability they get a tier 2. Here's what I did tell me wht went wrong. What I did was use "Magic Defense" (Human Ability) and edit its value and tech tree requirements and placed it into the ghoul yet it doesn't apply in the game? (Option 1)...
  50. Blaine Mono

    [General] A trigger action seems to be missing in my editor

    First of all, I'd like to say hello - I'm a long time lurker, but never had any input worth sharing here - hence never posting :) This time, however, I'm in need of help. After searching through the hive and other sites, it appeared to me that... I'm missing a trigger action in my GUI. I don't...