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custom race

  1. Seyahnayr

    [Altered Melee] Play Test Custom Race: Flesh Weaver Cult (Finished)

    Edit: Uploaded to map section Custom Race: Cult of the Flesh Weavers. Thank you evevyone for your help. Hello there, fellow hivers. I'd want to ask if anyone would be willing to play test this map. When I play maps, I tend to play defensively and stick to the same few units. I request that you...
  2. Shadesmith and Essence

    Shadesmith and Essence

    Contains upgrades for armor, weaponry and sight. Spawns 5 Essences every 60 seconds, which can be absorbed by allies restoring 25 hit-points and 10 Mana per Essence. Essences have a 30 second duration Upon death Denizens leave behind Essences and can absorb all Essences in 150 radius around them.
  3. Overview


    This is my first attempt at recording something of this nature. Warning: I unintentionally drop a few f-bombs here and there, and I didn't realize how loud the music was until I viewed the video after recording.
  4. Phoenix_Elves_Manual_01.png


    First Page of a manual for a Custom Race I'm making. All I got left is to create the heroes and post it to map deployment for balance testing.
  5. Seyahnayr

    [Altered Melee] Custom Race: The Eternal Dynasty

    -Custom Race: The Eternal Dynasty- This is an undead custom race that was inspired by Tomb kings from WarHammer Fantasy, Age of Mythology and the Protoss from Starcraft. It's almost done but I need help with stress testing for balancing issues. I’ve done some of my own testing but I feel that...
  6. WC3ScrnShot_042322_011958_001.png


    Here's the Quel'dorei Faction known as the Silvermoon Remnants. I pretty much took the idea of Scrapped Reputation Faction that was going to in Vanilla WoW but was scrapped and thanks to people who made Turtle in terms of playable High Elves. Credit goes to the Creators.
  7. SentenceXx

    [Altered Melee] New Kul'Tiras Race

    Hello! The Real Scale Warcraft I mentioned a few days ago.. Well I delayed it for a while because I was focus on making another project. New Kul'Tiras. Yes that's the name with "New" because this Kul'Tiras is a bit different than Proudmoore's Kul'Tiras in Bonus Campaign in TFT. It is a bit more...
  8. Basileus

    Working on custom race, would like some tips

    Hello everyone. After playing this game for about 16 years finally decided to make my own custom race or two - for legacy, you know. My current pitch in priority is the race centered around towers. Here are some ideas for features: main building is a slowly flying fortress that is also a hero...
  9. Seyahnayr

    [Altered Melee] Custom Race: Admiralty of Kul Tiras

    -Custom Race: Admiralty of Kul Tiras- I need help beta testing this map as well as help developing a forth hero based on Asssssvi's HQ Captain Morgan model. I've spent the last two weeks trying come up with abilities that, match its theme and synergize with the other heroes, but don't overlap...
  10. Seyahnayr

    [Altered Melee] Custom Race: Kingdom of Stromgarde

    I need help testing and balancing my custom race before I post it. This is an edit of the melee map Stromguarde to include the Kingdom of Stromgarde as a playable race. Kingdom of Stromgarde design idea based on the lore of Stromgarde being overrun by foes. Most abilities have a compromise...
  11. R_Reaper

    Custom races applied for all maps (modding)

    I play with the thought to finalize the custom races which are half done by Blizzard and never implemented fully because of balance reasons, so they appear only in the campaigns/ in certain custom maps. So the goal is to implement (make playable) the following races to all maps (melee...
  12. LordHatchet95

    [Altered Melee] Bandit Race (Still needs test)

    Hey guys, LordHatchet95 here, and I've finally got a bit more of motivation to make a scenario. This time, around the Bandits. A fully customized Bandit Race able to put traps, hire units instantly (yet they still must replenish), and build an almighty Lair which can garrison up to 10 brigands...
  13. Ariac

    [SD/Modeling] Need Qir'aji and Sillithid models

    Me and a few others are making a mod for Warcraft III Classic. We need sillithid and Qir'aji models to help develop a race. If it is possible to port or re-create them, it would be useful. Currently working on a Pantheon based "Old Gods" race which changes its entire playstyle and composition...
  14. N00b-Morti

    [SD/Modeling] Model Request: Satyr on Felhound

    Hi. I read the rules that are from 2010 about the request thing, and I don't know if something is Changed. I'm working on a Custom Races map with a friend for fun atm (since i'm really in early stages of Map Editing I don't plan to upload it just because it would be very lame and very buggy...
  15. Homor

    [Altered Melee] Simple Naga Race Template

    Hi, I'd like some feedback on this little project I'm working on. Its a race template for an extended version of the Naga, with its own techtree and new units. I'd like some feedback on whether the race is fun to play and if its balanced properly. You can find it here. The gameplay for the map...
  16. ToymachineHW

    Searching for a specific map with Naga race and bosses

    Hey guys! My first post here. I have played a map couple of years ago that I've found here with Naga race and a lot of huge big bosses around the map. I have tried searching all over the internet, mostly here, but no luck, however I did recognize that the core of that map was Emerald Gardens...
  17. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    "It is a time of peace on the world of Azeroth. The Zandalari, chief among the troll tribes have established a thriving civilization along the slopes of the Zandalar Mountains - the ancestral homeland of all trolls. After splitting off from their progenitors a few generations ago, other tribes...
  18. Basileus

    Ideas about unusual races

    Hello everyone! I have a couple of questions about making balanced custom melee race, but before that I would like to ask you: which are most unusual races you've ever seen? By "unusual" I mean with non-standart tech tree, with non-standart unit production or interesting resources managemant. I...
  19. LordHatchet95

    Troubles making a custom "Haunted Mine" + Custom resources issues

    Hello everyone, LordHatchet95 here.... Well, I'm back after a long time, and managed to make a map with custom resources. Instead of Gold/Wood & Food, I would have Food/Wood/Stone/Gold & Population (like AoE1,2 and 3), and i was going to use a system similar to another game named "Rise of...
  20. Shadow Demons (recolored to black)

    Shadow Demons (recolored to black)

    SD army V0.8
  21. Shadow Demons

    Shadow Demons

    DE Army V0.6
  22. Silverguard


    SG Army V0.5
  23. Spellbound

    Techtree Contest #12 - Evolution

    Evolution This is all about how you can build a whole techtree starting from one unit and one building. You are only allowed to have one single base unit and one single base building. Everything else your race may have must evolve from these two starter elements. Meaning that you can only build...
  24. Kyrbi0

    [WIP] Jungle Troll Racial Shop - 'Ritual Circle'

    (Lol, I only just recently realized I could use this forum for my own stuff.) Credits go primarily to @supertoinkz for the original model (link?), it was already almost exactly what I needed so I don't think I've done enough (yet, at least) to warrant an upload. FactionJungle Trolls...
  25. TUCANA

    [Mapping] Town Hall Revealing Trigger for Altered Melee (between 1.27a and 1.24e patch)

    TOWN HALL REVEALING TRIGGER FOR ALTERED MELEE MAP Tested on Frozen Throne Patch There is a TOWN HALL REVEALING problem when you make custom town hall, and some people suggest you to remove this script from default melee initialization: Melee Game - Enforce victory/defeat...
  26. Seavalan Legend

    Basic Shapes + Recolored Wisps

    I would like to request a few things. I think they would be simple, but they might not be as I have no experience in 3d modelling. My first set of requests is 11-15 Basic 3D shapes textured similar to either Checkered Cube (Green), Checkered Cube (Purple), or in a similar checkered pattern, but...
  27. Retera


    The Northpact is one of the Heaven's Fall races, and a current work in progress. I created the models and assets for it, with the theme in mind of a band of Tuskarr and Northrend snow creatures working together for survival. There's more to it than that in the Heaven's Fall storyline, but that's...
  28. Spellbound

    The Unificators

    LORE When Warpseer Ner'zhul ativated the Portal Engine to flee Draenor, and consequently doomed the planet, he met his 'end' when the wormwhole he took sent him face to face with Kil'jaeden the Deciever. The Warpseer was lobotomised and his spirit encased within a highly-advanced Legion device...
  29. Spellbound

    The Feykin

    Whispering Ruins Spriggan Pixie Owlman Spirit Pond Water Sprite Kelpie Knucker Gnome Burrow Brownie Leprechaun Altar of Mysticism Lantern Man Fairy Queen Click here for an article outlining the development of the Feykin NB: Some of the names might not be explicitly British in origin...
  30. Spellbound

    The Sandborn

    The Sunvipers were Nagas before they left Queen Azshara's dominion to search for broken pieces of an ancient relic, rumoured to be the remnants of a rogue N'aaru. Their quest took them to a desert where the fragment they found gave them Light-attuned powers. The Sunvipers sought to find the...
  31. Xanadu-King

    Custom Campaigns (With Custom Races)

    Hello All, I am brand new to this site, just created an account today. However I have been an avid fan of the WarCraft games since I was young (in the 90's). Anyway, I need some help, and feel free to move this to the proper section if this is not in the right spot. Enough stalling onto the...
  32. Replicator

    [JASS] Hello all! - Help would be appreciated

    Hello there; I'm "Replicator". I am new to this website (First post actually.) and to the Editor itself (Never really getting into map-making in the past). I would like some assistance with Triggers; most prominently Custom Races. Yes; I have seen a few posts whilst scrolling about for help...
  33. Replicator

    Hello all! - Help would be appreciated.

    Hello there; I'm "Replicator". I am new to this website (First post actually.) and to the Editor itself (Never really getting into map-making in the past). I would like some assistance with Triggers; most prominently Custom Races. Yes; I have seen a few posts whilst scrolling about for help...
  34. izaiphovias

    [Altered Melee] Hour of the Scourge - Andorhal

    Hour of the Scourge An Altered Melee map project So... I was bored, then I thought to myself "well, let's waste some time and create some random heroes in World Editor", I came up with some quite interesting ideas, then I thought to myself "well, this could turn out to be a good campaign start...
  35. Barorque

    [General] Race selection options, how do I do that?

    Greeting to you all, I’m currently trying to make a melee style map with multiple races (like any wannabe creator would do first). And yes it involves Naga. But I want it to be legit, not some half-assed reused units that just have a different name, but all fresh and yet still WarCrafty. Now...
  36. JZG

    Naga V1.3