Zombie Infection v1.60b

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Zombie Infection

Map Info
2 Random Player will be picked as a zombie while the other survivors tries to survive.
Playing The Game
Survivors - Team up with other teammates to survive or kill thew zombies, if the sun rises humans win
Zombies - Kill all humans before the sun rises
Map Contents
Basic Shot Gun - Increases Damage By 50
Desert Eagle - Increases Damage By 25 and Attackspeed
Electrical Automatic Rifle - 50 Bonus Damage 35% chance to stun the target by 0.01 seconds and every attack slows the target
Rocket Launcher - Increases Damage By 50 and has a 40% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds
Mp5 - Increases Attackspeed by 200% and increases damage by 5
FlameThrower - Has The Ability To Burn Zombies 10DamagePerSec and increases attack speed by 120%
In Game Units

Movement Speed : 300
Base Hit Points : 125
Base Mana : 15
Base Damage : 1
Attack Cooldown : 1.00
Range : 600
Name :Explosive Bullet
Levels : 3
Damage Dealt : 200/250/300
Stun Duration : 2
Mana Cost : 4/6/8
Cooldown : 1
AoE : 300

Name : Headshot
Levels : 3
Description : Gives a chance to do more damage on an attack.
Chance : 20\30\40
Damage Multi : 3\4\5

Name : Adrenaline
Levels : 3
Cooldown : 15
Manacost : 2\3\4
Duration : 12
Descriprion : Attack Speed Inrcease : 0.75/0.90/1.05

Movement Speed Increase : 0.75/0.90/1.05

Name : Grenade
Throws a Grenade that deals 100/250/500 in an area of effect of 230/250/320 and stuns units by 0.75/1.00/1.50 Seconds
Mana Cost : 6/8/10

Cooldown : 15/12/9


Base Hitpoints : 2500
Mana : 1525
Damage : 50
Attack Cooldown : 1.20
Movement Speed : 250

Base Hitpoints : 4000
Mana : 150
Damage : 50
Attack Cooldown : 1.20
Movement Speed : 240

Base Hitpoints : 2000
Mana : 365
Damage : 50
Attack Cooldown : 1.20
Movement Speed : 280

Base Hitpoints : 2500
Mana : 20
Damage : 50
Attack Cooldown : 1.20
Movement Speed : 260

Base Hitpoints : 2250
Mana : 0
Damage : 50
Attack Cooldown : 1.20
Movement Speed : 225
Map Changelogs
= Shop [Preparing]
= Zombie Abilities
= Zombie Figures

= Headshot Ability
= 1 Second Cooldown of Explosive Bullet
= Zombie Movement Speed

= Terrain Fog
= Old Sounds

= Zombie Bug
= Atttack Button

= Loading Screen

= Custom Cursor
= Blood
= Custom Ui
= New Icons
= Selection
= Map Preview
= New Flaming Zombie
= Corrupted River
= Poison Zombie
= Abominable zombie
= Big-Fat Zombie
= Sentry Guns
= Nail Gun
= Electrict Rifle
= Cinematic
= 2 Bases
= Zombie Abilities
= Grenade Ability

= Blinkin Device
= Old Zombie
= Old Map Preview
= Sniper's Weapoin

= Adrenaline Rush
= Survivor MovementSpeed
= Enterable Trees
= Terrain

- Decreased Zombie Movement Speed From 350 to 320
- Decreased Human Movement Speed From 320 to 310
- Changed "Critical Strike" Tooltip to "Headshot"
- Changed "Bloodhunt" Ability to Enrage
- Changed the "Zombie" Ability To "Eternal Hunger"
- Upgraded Ability "Snipers Weapon" increased bonus damage
- Upgraded "Infecting Punch" Damage Per Second
- Changed Some Attachment Models
- Upgrade Some Buffs/Effects
- Changed "Infecting Punch" To "Infection"
- Added Item "FlameThrower"

- Shotgun Bug
- MP5 Bug
- Increased Zombie hp to 1500
- Added Zombie Armor
- Changed the Zombie Model
- Increased Zombilings Collision Size
- Terrained some Places
- Decreased Survivor's Allstats to 1
- Increased Zombie Movement Speed

- Improved Doodads
- Fixed Secret Item
- Fixed Bugs
- Fixed Barricade
- Fixed Pistol
- Decreases Flare's Vision
- Reterrained
- Barricade Upgrade Costs gold
- Increases Barricade Buildtime

- Fixed Ability "Bloodhunt"
- Added Barricade Ability Spikes
- Decrease Barricade Upgrade time
- Barricade Levels Upto Level 6
- Added Survivor Ability " Flare "
- Decreased Zombie Speed
- Improved Survivors Passive Ability
- Added Doodads

- Improved Abilities
- Added 1 Secret Item
- Terrain Changes
- Some New Zombie Abilities
- Some New Survivor Abilities

- Map Released

Beta Testers
" cheenee03 "
" Blink.mikko "
" Pr0blemBro "
" shitkametfuck "
" kentz_09_kcj "
" Nix6x6 "
" xD.jeff "
" Joshua990 "
" rykiel05 "
- angelo120102
- J3eastmaster
- ampness
Map Credits!
" Radicool "
" Pr0blemBro "
" Plankz "
" Aluca09 "
" Local_Heaven13 "
Map Not Protected
Description Almost Finished

Zombie infection, run, survival, gaming, tag, fun, cool, awesome, jasper, jas.per, dota, lod, loap, warlock, defence of the ancients, guns, resident e

Zombie Infection v1.60b (Map)

Orcnet [14:58, Nov/29/2012] "Approved" EDIT: map is stolen




[14:58, Nov/29/2012]


EDIT: map is stolen
Level 16
Mar 27, 2011
Cool idea for a map. Its a little like vampirism, but more focused on your hero, rather than a base. Unique.
Few things you can work on though:

  • Your Images don't show in the description.

  • You shouldn't base the "Run" off windwalk for movement speed since invisibility is pointless if it doesn't hide you
    from any kind of enemy. Simply base it off the "Berserk" ability for movement speed.

  • You should improve the descriptions of the abilities. For example. "Critical Strike - Lets you damage zombies for
    more hp". Thats a bit poor. What chance is there for a critical strike? How much extra damage does it do?

  • I couldn't properly play in single player, but the map is fairly large. It must be hard to for all the zombies to
    find the humans before the next round starts? You could add wards, etc to help zombies.

  • How many rounds are there? You could let the host choose how many rounds (2,3 or 4. Not a stupid number
    like 20. People don't want to play a game for 2-3 hours). Also a leaderboard to show what round your up to,
    out of how many are left so players know.

  • Your custom icons for the human's armor and damage is too large. When you replace an icon there, you don't
    use a BTN, but you use an ATT (its smaller than a BTN)

  • The texture you used for the rifleman is like 550KB. Use compression to make these files smaller, so your map
    size is smaller. The bigger your map size, the longer it takes people to download it in warcraft, which is bad.

    Sadly, if its not dota, people want a quick game, so they need to download it quickly too.

I compressed the texture for you and made the ATT icons for you. You can download them below.

ATT icons do not need a DISATT. Its just the one. And deleat your rifleman skin, and import the one I have attached.


  • ATTHeroRiflemanElite.blp
    4.1 KB · Views: 197
  • RiflemanElite.blp
    128 KB · Views: 219
  • ATTDamage.blp
    5 KB · Views: 185
Level 16
Mar 27, 2011

  • Ability descriptions are a little more clear, but can still be worked on. You should add the "level 1,2,3" format for all levelable abilites just like you did with the "explosive bullet". You need to add descriptions to the zombie spawn spell, the barricade build spell, etc. Also work on things like capital letters, spelling mistakes and full stops. I know it seems picky, but it's important the map is polished. Little things like spelling mistakes and messy formatting makes the map look sloopy and unfinished.

  • I think it would be interesting to see shops. Maybe some way for players to earn money, and beable to spend it on items. A shop for zombies only and a shop for humans only.

  • Again, I'm not sure how many rounds there are. Its not very clear. Its important the game ends at some stage. I think the concept of troll vs elves having unlimited remakes is a disaster and stupid. People get bored and just start leaving. A winner at the end would be nice? Maybe you get points for surviving a round as a human or the 2 random zombies get points if they manage to kill all humans. After all the rounds end, the player with the most points wins. You could display all scores in a leaderboard. You should let the host decide how many rounds there are. Example, 3, 4 or 5 rounds to play.

  • The shadows have not been generated in your map. They make the environment look really nice. Click on "File" - "Calculate Shadows and Save Map". This will take a long time to load depending on your computer. Prepare to wait 1-6 minutes!!!

Sorry for the lengthy post, just trying to give ideas to improve your map.
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
I tried playing it solo but somehow I always get to become the zombie before I reach the graveyard, kinda messy to me but I'll see to it when I got more time checking this out :)

EDIT: much that I would consider, gameplay is best played with friends or in online consoles, also Radicool's review is very much clear and useful for your next update, this is good to go good luck
Last edited:
Level 6
May 23, 2011
You should add classes for the survivors when they reach level 10 (exp would be gained overtime and by killing zombies) like engineer, assault, sniper, etc
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010