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Infected Zombies v2.3

Submitted by MagicLord
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Magic Lord

Created by Magic Lord


Map type: RPG, survival
Recommended players: 1-4
Full Gameplay: 2-3 hours
Maximum Level: 12​

Game Difficulties:
Normal 100% Enemy HP
Hard 150% Enemy HP
Nightmare 200% Enemy HP
(Mobs gain 70% strength/players)



Gameplay:Fight the undead to protect the villagers, help them with various quest. Defeat epic bosses in the main

quest. Craft armor, shelter,
hunt for food, survive!
Classes: Knight, Warrior, Marauder, Bandit, Ranger, Alchemist, Tinker, Wizard, Lycan

Every class has a description in game with custom abilities, unique gameplay with every class
Classes gain abilities on level 1,3,5,7 and can craft class specific item after level 5.
Ranger have some extra systems such as: Pet system, Advanced Pet AI, Pet leveling - 3 pet level
Tinker with upgradeable Rifle:
3 upgrade can be applied separately, which has in game model for each upgrades

Socket System: for high level armor - level 7 armor - chest:2 socket, helmet 2 socket, boots 1 socket, weapon 1 socket,

it can be applied to items with a
jeweler NPC
Save/Load System: "-save" command create a txt file in your Warcraft 3 directory with the save code, to load type: "-

load <code>" wait for everyone to enter his/her code
then type "-start load". System saves your survivor level, gold, equipped items, inventory items, backpack items, and your Pet too(for ranger)!

"-save as SAVEFILENAME" create a .txt
with a custom name.
Inventory System: 157+ weapon and armor, 13 full armor set, 94+ misc item, equipped items has visual model in game.
Crafting: gather materials yourself or buy from vendors to craft base equipment. Cooking: 9 craft able food in game
Vendors: Vendor buy and sell various items from vendors, there are also 2 traveling merchant in game.
Heat System: watch out for heat level in snowy areas, at night or at if it is raining to avoid freezing to death.

Campfire, Cooking Fire and Tent can
restore heat.
Food System: your survivor need to eat regularly, you can choose from 15 in game food. Cooked meals grant well fed bonus

- 2 to all attributes for 2 minutes.
Weather System: Weather can change from sunny to rain, fog, wind, rain of light
Backpack System: You can buy bonus inventory from every smith in game
City Management: You can hire guards, upgrade their equipment, repair gates, set traps and hire archers to the

watchtowers to protect the villagers from the
undead waves.
Puzzle: Solve the in-game puzzle to get a random legendary item - solution generates randomly at start
Mercenaries: You can hire three different type of mercenaries at every tavern, they follow and help you through your


Main Quest Line with 9 epic quests!
Also you can find 30 Optional quests.
Triggered Bosses with custom abilities, boss phases
Zombies start occupying villages after 20 minutes, then launch an attack every 10 minutes afterwards.

Ingame Commands
Type "-command" for ingame command list
Type "-help" for ingame hints[c]







Version 2.3

3 new models for lycan weapons
New Legendary set for Intelligence and Agility heroes
Mana of Additional inventory now indicates how many slots are full
Drinking Health Potion too frequently will result in less efficient healing effect(effectiveness returns after 120 seconds)

Lycan can no longer sleep in a tent when the Sun is about to rise or set
Cooldown on Summon Barky has been increased from 10 to 90 seconds
Players can no longer pick up tent whilst someone is sleeping inside
Count of legendary cores dropped by bosses now equal to player count
If a Player leaves the game then his Survivor will no longer resurrect
Base duration of Summon Pack for Dire Wolf is reduced from 30 to 15 seconds
Updated the description of Gold Bar
Golden Shield ability no longer makes you invulnerable but increases your defense significantly so you keep your aggro
Golden Armor set bonus now heals for 5x ability power if you are attacked below 50% health with 30 seconds cooldown
Bandit Shadow Strike cooldown increased from 30 to 45 seconds
Bandit Deep Strike cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 seconds
Bandit Execute cooldown from 18 to 1 second
Amount of gold dropped by enemy from 1-8 to 1-4
Ranges's pet now can level up when you are level 5, 7 or 9
Alchemist's Barky became stronger when he is level 5, 7 or 9
Direct damage of Lycan's Swipe from 8x to 6x ability power, bleeding is still 4x over 4 seconds
Improved Boss fight of Baal - once he drops below 50% Blood Whisps start to spawn, reaching him results in heal for 3%
Removed Life Drain and Zombi Summon ability of Baal
Base health of Baal increased by 3000

Pet lost ability levels after revive
Save/Load issue with Ranger
Neutral campfires did not give heat as intended
Description of "Box of wool"
Food level of empty player slots were updated resulting in "hungry" text messages in the middle of the map
Damage dealt to Spider boss did not show
Your additional inventory could be selected by shops
Casting spells with Wizard did not get the attention of enemies
Fixed description of Magic Staff of Fire
Some grammar mistake in quest dialogs and objectives
Text of quest level requirement
Some Guard AI issue when Wave is atatcking
Some boss could move far from their spawn location, now they return after a given distance
Paladin Leoric now casts Hammer of Justice on Dean in the quest "Coming Threat" as intended
The quest "Important Message" did not give gold as reward
Heal amount of First Aid
In the quest "The Siege" enemy units where slowed by Frost Armor
After finishing the quest "The Siege" Paladin said "Weapon Core" and give armor core, now he says "Armor Core" as intended
Description of Darksteel Bow
In the quest "Best Recipe" Captain William Kid could not move and help you in fight
Damage of Mithril Destroyer with red socked was incorrect
Save of item "Hammer of Justice"

Previous Updates:

Pre 2.0 Updates

Version 1.0


Version 1.1

Added 4 new quest[r]
Added 5 new item[r]
Zombie attack on player now spawn random undead from 5 different enemies[r]
Map ping for quests[r]
Eating any food now adds a buff -Well Fed- 2 to all stat for 5 minutes[r]
Classes now have detailed description[r]
-Crafting- skill now renamed to -Abilities- with this description -Sleep, Collect items from plants, Craft tools[r]
Updated ingame help list, type -help[r]
Now you can choose how many times your character can revive, 5,10,15,20[r]
Berry bushes now have only 1 collectable item, mushrooms too, glowing mushroom have 2[r]
Small terrain changes[r]
Wheat growing time increased to 100 seconds[r]
Updated few item description[r]
Made few NPC vulnerable after his/her quest is completed[r]
Invulnerable quest NPCs move to north city, after their village is occupied[r]
Zombie reskinned[r]
Pirate Captain reskinned[r]
Maces now display the chance to stun and duration and damage[r]
Minor bugs in some quest fixed[r]
Fixed Ranger/Tinker Craft spell book gone empty[r]

Version 1.2

Animal bosses now got abilities[r]
Campfire, Tent, Crafting Table now has 50% chance to drop its crafting materials upon destroyed[r]
Added a new region for deers to spawn near the starting town[r]
Pet now teleport to player when the distance greater than 1250[r]
Flesh Golem got abilities now[r]
Pumpkin Boss now has a passive damage aura[r]
Changed Log Pile and Wood model[r]
Reworked temple[r]
Small terrain changes[r]
Mobs armor type changed to normal[r]
Hunting dog damage nerfed[r]
Ranger Ultimate reset chance decreased to 25%[r]
Spider Boss damage and health increased[r]
Fixed Ask The Priest triggered by any mob[r]
Pets can no longer equip items[r]
Few ability description corrected[r]
Few item description changed[r]
Fixed Mystic Scroll[r]
Ranger and Tinker can no longer equip multiple weapons[r]
Fixed wood gates pathing[r]
Occupied villages no longer ping on map[r]

Version 1.3

Added Town Hall for each village[r]
Added a new quest[r]
Tinker now starts with a Crude Rifle[r]
Updates the craftable rifle for tinker - now it can be upgraded with 2 item- scope, reloader, each upgrade[r]
New NPC - Bob - He lives east from the northen city, he sells rifle upgrades[r]
Added craftable bow for ranger, available at level 6[r]
Added mid level daggers for Bandit, dropped from the chest in the mine[r]
Added Coal used to make Darksteel Bar, blacksmith now sell coal for 10 gold[r]
Added 6 new craftable food types[r]
Mines now contain Infected Miners[r]
Class specific crafting now display the items properties[r]
Crafting now display the item properties[r]
Reworked Mining Village[r]
Lumbermill model changed[r]
Only cooked food adds Well Fed Bonus[r]
difficulty system rescaled[r]
Mine Terrain changes[r]
Small terrain changes at snowy areas[r]
Iron supply quest reward changed for ranger, now adds Tempered Bow[r]
Zombies in Lost Cargo changed to Infected Miners[r]
Changed market models[r]
Changed pumpkin model and icon[r]
Healing Potion cooldown increased from 10 to 20 seconds[r]
Campfire item model changed to trashed campfire[r]
Food models and Icons changed[r]
Few item decsription corrected[r]
Few ability description corrected[r]
Fixed Lost Shipment Ping[r]
Fixed Houndmaster Gate[r]
Fixed camera stuck bug in temple[r]
-rc command now set you free from stucked camera[r]

Version 1.4

Added 2 new quest - new zone Cript, located in the starting cinema village - New boss[r]
The second quest is located middle town, rewarding a midgame bow[r]
Added 1 more darksteel rifle upgrade and 2 upgrade for crude rifle (all 3 upgrade has ingame model)[r]
Added Weather System - Rain, wind heat lose, Fog - lower heat gain, miss chance, rain of light - no effect[r]
Added city management - you can order to rapir gates and hire guards[r]
Undead Rampager now got lifesteal and bleed[r]
Added 2 Traveling Merchants they sell some basic item, patroling from starting town to middle town[r]
Knight set finished, new boss drops chest and Captain Marcus gives the Helmet and the boots[r]
Barrels and crates now drop random loot[r]
Added more crates and barrels[r]
Added 12 new item[r]
Added a craftable bow for ranger low level[r]
Items names now colored - white-normal green-fine blue-rare purple-epic quality[r]
Skeleton boss now got slam, and enrage on low hp[r]
Spider boss now enrage at low healt and use poison split ability, aoe dot, armor red[r]
Added crafting recipe for Iron Daggers, and Iron Daggers can be sold[r]
Sleeping now reduce armor by 20[r]
Added additional inventory with 4 spaces, can be bought from every smith[r]
Zombie siege strength now based on main quest stage[r]
Night Zombies now spawn every 60 seconds, in a random location near the player[r]
Pickaxe can be equiped, mining grant ore only when you equiped it[r]
Survivors resurrection place now based on main quest stage[r]
Scale Boots stats changed +3 int[r]
Battle Boots stat changed +3 str[r]
Tempered Leather Boots stat changed +3 agi[r]
Rotting Abomination now drop several random, low level item[r]
Spider boss chest now drops rusty scope upgrade for tinker instead of gold chest and Poison Lotus[r]
Flesh Golem drop chanced to Advenced Chestplate[r]
Gold Armor stats changed, and now it can be obtained after the shadow orb quest[r]
Posion Lotus now dropped by Grand Necromancer[r]
Lich spell damage increased[r]
Frost Sword spell damage increased[r]
2 handed sword now display cleave%[r]
Bob quest changed to level 6[r]
Increased HP for animal bosses[r]
Pirates HP and damage buffed[r]
Main Quest bosses HP Increased[r]
Baal abilities buffed[r]
Pumpkin boss HP and damage increased[r]
Pumpkin Slicer attack speed reduced to 30 and added 30% cleave[r]
Battle chest stat changed from damage return to 4 strength[r]
Crude Rifle model changed[r]
Crafting now sorted by 3 category- armor,weapon,refine[r]
Pickaxe model changed[r]
Rifle sound changed to rifleman attack sound[r]
Iron daggers now needed to make Darksteel daggers[r]
Changed fallen wood and wood stump model[r]
Quest NPCs now became vulnerable after you finished his/her quest and can die[r]
Small terrain changes[r]
Sleeping near tent now restore 20 heat[r]
Fixed Nordic Meal crafting[r]
Fixed some house pathing texture[r]
Fixed woodcutting glitch - you can no longer harvest the same tree with unequiping your axe[r]
Fixed some item description[r]
Fixed Enchanted Ring has no effect[r]

Version 1.4.1

You can buy wood from blacksmith[r]
Holy fire ability of the Ashbringer now orange colored[r]
Fallen woods with the old model removed from north[r]
Temple camera changed to middle of the temple[r]
Tent now gives the Tent nearby aura only when it is constructed[r]
Basic Craft cd now 3 seconds to everything[r]
Tent and campfire had farm soundset now it is removed[r]
Battle Sword now add armor reduction as intended[r]
Knight Boots description fixed[r]
Alchemist and Tinker Primary attributes changed to intelligence[r]
Captain William Kid now moves to his position during cinematic[r]
Knight Cleave icon and position fixed in inventory[r]
Crafting Table pick up ability restored[r]
Iron Vein cannot be destroyed[r]
Captain Marcus no longer chase zombies[r]
Corrupted Ashbringer description fixed[r]
Crude Rifle upgrades now can be sold to merchants as intended[r]
Victor the Shephard now move to north if you do not finished his quest and the village is occupied, and became vulnerable after you did his

Crypt key will be removed from inventory after you entered the crypt[r]
Incobus boss now use her enrage ability correctly[r]
Crypt quest reward fixed, Captain Marcus now reward you, and has a question mark above his head[r]
Enchanted Mug and Ring finally fixed[r]
Shadow orb quest mark fixed to yellow question mark from white at the end[r]
Make Tempered Bow and Iron Daggers now has 30 sec crafting time as intended[r]
Pumpkin and Corn now can be harvested[r]
Box of meat will be removed from inventory after you finished the quest[r]
Skeleton and Incobus cannot leave the mine/cyript[r]
Traveling Merchants change city after 90 seconds[r]
Durak zombie fixed[r]
Bomb animation fixed - now it cannot be bugged to stay in the air[r]
If you die in the crypt the camera reset correctly[r]

Version 1.4.2

Added snowy fallen tree to north[r]
Added level 8 abilities and first aid level[r]
New item descriptions[r]
new crafting description[r]
New bridge model[r]
Weather system polished[r]
City management polished[r]
Improved several self made model[r]
Now you can place traps on roads[r]
Changed stone model[r]
Terrain changes[r]
New snowy bush model[r]
Changed Mr Pumpkin cinema[r]
Changed every class starting stat and stat gain[r]
Villagers and allies can no longer be attacked[r]
New Well model[r]
Fixed knight boots description[r]
Now you can buy wood from blacksmith[r]
Zombies do not get enraged in rain or fog[r]
Fixed few quest text

Version 1.5

Added 3 new quest[r]
Added Chain armor set for intelligence heroes[r]
Added Hydra armor set for lvl 10 (bandit, ranger)[r]
Added Advenced armor set for lvl 10 (tinker, alchemist)[r]
Added several high level weapons (5)[r]
Added several low level items (level 1-5)[r]
Added new loot to dark mage[r]
Added new crafting recipes[r]
Added Cookin fire - new food[r]
New AREA swamp - you can find it east from the pumpkin farm[r]
Added new mobs[r]
Added new boss - Hydra, Cultist Leader[r]
Max level increased to lvl 12[r]
Added Save/Load system[r]
Added new armor set - Acolyte[r]
Level 7 and 8 now need 500 more xp[r]
Knight armor set armor bonus[r]
Knight set renamed to mithril armor and can be obtained at level 10[r]
Scale armor now uses chain armor as material[r]
Alpha Wolf quest reward changed to a green two handed mace[r]
Advenced Chest removed from flesh golem[r]
The Mystic Orb now dropped by Skeleton Guardian[r]
Skeleton King renamed to Skeleton Guardian[r]
Claymore damage nerfed from 60 to 45[r]
Skeleton Guardian loot changed from Frost Sword to Heavy Iron Claymore[r]
Bandit Leader now drops - War Axe[r]
Poison Lotus stat buffed and now dropped by Swamp Hydra Boss[r]
Changed Mr Pumpkin Cinema[r]
Baal ability damage increased by 30%[r]
Fixed knight chest description[r]
Fixed Best Recipe cinematic phase 2 has wrong unit portrait[r]
Crafting knight cape recipe now only use 1 mushroom as intended[r]
Brood Mother and her spiders now only appears if you got the quest[r]
Fixed additional inventory - it can no longer equip items[r]
Ammo Pounch is now tinker only[r]
Gate repair and hire guard code reworked[r]
If the NPCs moved to north they will stay there[r]
Fixed nordic meal recipe - no longer remove items without crafting[r]
Fixed map borders[r]
Fixed MR Pumpkin[r]
Iron Ore now generated when iron vein takes damage[r]

Version 1.5.1

Added tooltip for save load system[r]
After level 8 players respawn at the swamp village[r]
Orange colored pine tree replaced with oak tree model[r]
Removed Cultist Leader From starting village[r]
Fixed serious bugs with the new save/load system (old codes still works)[r]

Version 1.5.2

Changed tree models on west-south area of the map[r]
Updated crafting item descriptions[r]
Changed The Marauder stat[r]
Fixed new mining system - 30% chance to add ore after you hit the vein instead of attacking attemp[r]
Fixed Iron helmet crafitn description[r]
Fixed Iron Mace description[r]
Fixed The Marauder Slot description[r]
Fixed Iron Vein collusion[r]

Version 1.6

Added 2 new area[r]
Added socketing for high level items - 2 gem can be applied for a chest, 1 for helmet and 1 for weapon weapon[r]
Added jeweler NPC[r]
Added 3 high level craftable ring[r]
Gem Vein - located in the new north area - can be mined like any other ore[r]
Added high level weapon for alchemist[r]
Added enrage buff for necromancer and infector - they cast it on zombies[r]
Added Gold Bar for jewelcrafting - sold be blacksmith for 100 gold[r]
Added a horse for traveling merchants[r]
Fully upgraded tinker rifle can be socketed[r]
Added new stat - ability power stat - increase ability strength[r]
Added hotkey (T) for Collect ability[r]
Added melee abilities to ranger[r]
Added Epic high level bow - 2 variant[r]
Lich now use blizzard ability after he summoned minions[r]
Added custom icon for cooking fire[r]
Lot of item now can be sold to merchants[r]
Added a new boss - 20% drop chance for new epic items[r]
Added 1 new quest[r]
Added random loot table for mini bosses and bosses[r]
Added new town guard upgrade system[r]
After the first zombie attack, the second wave now always has a Necromancer and 50% chance for an infector[r]
Frost Sword renamed and changed model - Frozen Axe - 2 variant[r]
Ores now can be stacked to 4[r]
Energy renamed to intelligence[r]
Intelligence now gives 1 mana instead of 5[r]
Strength now gives 25 hp instead of 30[r]
Amulet of Power stat bonus reduced from 10 to 5, health bonus reduced from 200 to 50[r]
Walking Nightmare health inscreased from 240 to 280, damage from 21 to 35 and armor from 0 to 23[r]
Improved AI for city siege[r]
North Gate hp increased from 1200 to 9000[r]
Night Zombies now go and find a player to attack[r]
City attacking zombies now has the same movement speed - 210[r]
Cleave range nerfed from 150 to 100[r]
Cleave damage nerfed - maximum 30% lower weapons 15%-20%[r]
Amulet of Arctic Winds - stat bonus changed from 4 to all - to 2 to all[r]
Ring of nobility - changed from 5 to all stat to 1 to all plus 50 hit points[r]
Mr Pumpkin Fire barrage spell damage increased by 80%[r]
Old Zombie patrol removed[r]
Night Zombie every stat nerfed - bleed damage no longer stacks, they spawn every 120 seconds at night[r]
All mace stun duration changed to 0.5 seconds[r]
Iron Axe damage increased from 20 to 25[r]
Tempered Leather Coif now add 3 agility too[r]
Bears and wolfs team color changed to grey from pink[r]
Drowned miner and Drowned hp decreased by 30% to fit new cleave[r]
Mithril items removed from Crypt quest and location[r]
Enchanted Mug now dropped by Incobus[r]
Tinker Rocket now deals intelligence x strength damage[r]
Power Shot reset ability chance replaced with chance to deal 3x damage[r]
Spider Boss Poison Split ability cooldown reduced to 8 from 25[r]
Improved Bosses Spell usage[r]
Iron Supply quest now has +1 new stage[r]
Removed 1 slot inventory from Barky[r]
Drowned Miner mithril ore drop rate increased to 60% from 40%[r]
Hydra boss abilities cooldown increased split - to 10 from 5, spawn hydras to 15 from 1[r]
Fixed bug with city siege - after 30-40 min zombies started to go in a triangle shape[r]
Fixed Mithril Bar crafting[r]
Cultist Leader now use his abilities as intended[r]
Lot of items said can be sold to merchant - now it is fixed[r]
Fixed new descriptions on blacksmith[r]
Fixed Cript quest mark[r]
Buildings can no longer eat foods[r]
Campfire with cauldron can no longer equip items[r]
Save/Load system bugs fixed[r]
Fixed few minor ability bug[r]
Crafting Table Pick UP ability restored[r]
Fixed several items description[r]
Fixed a load bug when you have a rifle equiped with tinker - now you get level 8 ability[r]
Fixed Blacksmith sometimes randomly sell items from it inventory[r]
Heavy Claymore life bonus fixed[r]
Now only the survivor can enter mines/church etc.[r]
Fixed a bug with Temp_Real variable - using too many times cause it to bug in loop triggers - abilities now deal correct damage[r]
Fixed - some dummy casting random spells with nearby enemies[r]
Fixed Save the villagers - sometimes your hero became invisibble[r]
Fixed mob respawn in swamp[r]
Fixed Pirate Hat - spell works again[r]
Fixed when alchemist dead and barky die while he is dead he do not get summon barky ability[r]

Version 1.6.1

Added legendary dagger - rare drop from hydra[r]
Added legendary 1H mace - rare drop from Yeti[r]
Added legendary shield, rare drop from Yeti[r]
Added craftable - hydra leather quiver for ranger[r]
Added craftable - high level ammo pouch for tinker[r]
Added random loot for Durak[r]
Added 3 new, low level ring for random loot[r]
Added 3 mid level cape[r]
New Pet controll spell book for ranger, Revive Pet, Release Pet, Tame[r]
Ranger Pet now stored in save code, use revive to summon your pet[r]
Ranger Pet now gain level with 3 kill or if fed with 3 raw meat[r]
Added active abilities for pets[r]
Added hotkeys for pet[r]
Added sound for abilities[r]
Added Taverns with interior[r]
Selectable respawn point[r]
Pet Aggressive AI improved[r]
Progress Bar visual changed[r]
Removed few things from preload - maybe it helps with the crash on startup[r]
Ability damage text now displayed with yellow color[r]
Health restore abilities now display the amount of health restored with green colored text[r]
Only Ranger can equip Quiver[r]
Poison Lotus now legendary level - and rare drop from Hydra boss[r]
Town Guard upgrades - hp bonus increased from 100-200 to 150-350, damage from 25-50 to 35-70[r]
Night zombies burn twice as fast during day[r]
Only 2 night zombie spawn during night per player instead of 3[r]
Random loot chance changed to 100% - so small bosses will always drop something[r]
More items added to random loot table[r]
Food value lowered[r]
Marauder Culling Strike now deal bonus damage too, if target bleeding from Sunder Blow[r]
Cooking Fire now restore heat[r]
Hydra Egg health descreased from 350 to 200[r]
Minor Terrain Changes[r]
Changed grass model to a new[r]
Baal Castle improved[r]
Yeti quest polished[r]
30 seconds crafting time decreased to 20 seconds[r]
Quest cinematic changed to floating text above NPC[r]
Knight Cape stat improved[r]
The Looter - parry increased blocked damage from 15 to 25[r]
Survivor respawn in gem mine if died during the fight[r]
Baal lifedrain nerfed by 60%[r]
Dire wolf now with the animals force and respawn correctly[r]
Fixed Hydra Chest socketing[r]
Respawned zombies now with the zombie force[r]
Iron Daggers can be sold[r]
Darksteel bar description fixed[r]
Fixed Claymore socketing[r]
Fixed Forge Mithril Helmet description[r]
Fixed Sunder Blow ability[r]
The Looter Pary icon fixed[r]
Survivor name displayed correctly if frozen to death[r]

Version 1.6.2

Added ingame puzzle, located near Baal Castle (randomly generate the correct order)[r]
Dire Wolf now can be tamed[r]
Added 1 new quest, located in the high level city[r]
Added a high level back item as reward during the new quest[r]
Warrior Terror and Knight Rally now taunt nearby enemies[r]
Added new clothes to NPCs[r]
New gold armor model[r]
Gold armor now can be crafted, (Crafting Station located at the right top corner of the map, entrance: the Cript near the temple)[r]
Dropped armor and weapons now has a new model[r]
Added a new potion recipe to alchemist - Energy Potion[r]
Added new campfire model[r]
Added new model for Village Wooden gate and wall[r]
Gold armor stat changed to high level[r]
Building entrance color changed to white[r]
Pets now needs 10 kill or meat to reach next level (30 overall)[r]
Improved tavern interiors[r]
Alchemist now get pet commands similar to ranger pet commands[r]
Tamed Arctic Wolf damage changed to 12 from 6[r]
Brain Eater bash reworked, now it has 30% to stun for 0.5 seconds with 70 bonus damage[r]
Survivor lose heat 40%-50% faster in snowy areas[r]
Bowl of Stew and Nordic Meal now displays the amount of gained heat and health too, when consumed[r]
Vision at night reduced to 500 from 800[r]
Acid Gun base damage changed from 240 to 180[r]
Ranger Pet Collar now increase the first pet ability, instead of attribute bonus[r]
Removed Ashbringer reward from main quest, Gregor now gives 30 gold as reward[r]
Removed Gold armor set reward from main quest, now Gregor send 2 Healing Potion/survivor[r]
Changed Alchemist Stand model[r]
New model for every potion[r]
Redemption potion renamed to defense potion, remaining life is the scoreboard became yellow under the effect[r]
Leather icons changed and leather padding model changed[r]
Removed box of meat from Houndmaster quest[r]
Knight Shield now rotated[r]
Changed Iron Shield model[r]
Added portrait for food items, cooking fire, potions, crafting materials[r]
Improved collusion for food items, crafting materials[r]
Battle armor set model changed to a new one (Chest, Helmet, Boot, Sword, Mace)[r]
Scale armor set model changed to a new one (Chest, Helmet, Boots)[r]
Updated Campfire with Cauldron model[r]
Scale armor craft now needs Darksteel Bar instead of Leather Padding[r]
Fixed cooking progress bar[r]
Wild Boar Stomp ability restored, lifesteal removed[r]
Fixed few item description[r]
Houndmaster gate now invulnerable[r]
Bowl of Stew Fixed[r]
Fixed a bug with tinker, high quality ammo pouch[r]
Alchemist, sometimes base damage becomed 0 when unequiped acid gun[r]
Fixed when your survivor lost all life, returning the headstone to Gregor ressurect the player correctly[r]
Fixed - Alchemist can summon Barky multiple times[r]
Player name displayed correctly if starved to death[r]
Fixed Acid Gun gemed version - now gives correct attack speed and damage bonus[r]
Fixed Multishot projectile stopped upon contact with corpses[r]
Fixed bug with saving system[r]
Alchemist lost bleed/poison resistance after resurrection[r]
Night zombies do not attack in house interiors[r]
Vein and Beer now gives drunken effect correctly[r]
Iron Vein can be attacked by ranged units[r]
Boar Meat can be sold[r]
Fixed sell value for wheat, onion, carrot, corn, iron ore, bear meat, pork, grilled deer leg, cooked wolfmeat, bread[r]
Fixed Collect ability no longer close the spellbook[r]
Grand Necromancer quest, completion camera fixed[r]

Version 1.7

Added a new legendary item, craftable at the holy forge, using 6 gold bar[r]
Added Artificer - buy: green, blue and purple rarity items[r]
Tempered Leather Armor now uses a new model (chest, head, boots, gloves)[r]
Added Paladin rank system - can be purchased at the holy forge[r]
Added Mithril Vein - drop rate same as Iron Vein[r]
Changed the new village wooden wall and gates a bit[r]
Iron Vein model updated[r]
Improved icon for: Darksteel Rifle, Alchemist Gun, Mithril items, Hydra items[r]
Leather Boots, Coif, Gloves model updated[r]
Scale Helmet updated[r]
Brain Eater now replaced with - The Butcher mob[r]
Minor Terrain Changes[r]
Gem Vein Stone drop chance decreased from 80% to 25%[r]
Traveling Merchants now vulnerable[r]
Weather System - Ray of Light during night replaced with moon light[r]
Updated Mithril Ore model[r]
Fixed new gate stand hit animation[r]
Fixed Cape of Old Jack quest counter activates if you load a character with this item[r]
Fixed a bug with mob respawn at swamp[r]
Fixed - First Aid now can be used at level 10[r]
Fixed crafting progress bar[r]

Version 1.8

New class - Wizard[r]
New model for church[r]
New unit - Hulking Horror spawn after a village is occupied[r]
Added watchtower to villages[r]
New defense updrage - Traps[r]
New defense upgrade - Hire archers to watchtower[r]
Added 3 item set and 4 weapon - for Wizard class[r]
Added new materials - Jute, Cotton, Silk, Raw Jute, Raw Silk, Dye[r]
New harvestable plant - Jute[r]
New building - crafting station - can made staff, and cloth items[r]
Heat level when reach 0, now deals stacking damage over time[r]
When Energy became 0, the character fall asleep[r]
Bandit ultimate Haste replaced with Knife Storm - AOE damage[r]
Artificer can no longer move[r]
Farm House, Barn, Lumbermill model polished[r]
Strength hp regeneration increased from 0 to 0.1 per strength[r]
Quest Pumpkin and Wolf Hide now can be picked up with full inventory[r]
Fixed Few spelling bugs[r]
Fixed Grass cutting with Axe[r]
Fixed Customer deselect in Town Hall[r]
Fixed ranger pet resurrect after load[r]
Guards upgrade level 3 weapon model fixed[r]
Fixed Paladin Rank XP gain[r]
Fixed Darksteel Bar, now it can be sold[r]
Fixed Houndmaster Wall[r]

Version 1.8.1

Sleeping near tent now hides the player[r]
Updated Silk Robe model[r]
Durak's Amulett model now larger[r]
Loading/New Game selection reworked[r]
Armor now restore 30% more heat[r]
Guards now gain more HP / player[r]
Fixed Raw Jute, Raw Silk crafting, selling[r]
Fixed Acid Gun crafting description[r]
Fixed Vine description and selling price[r]
Fixed Bandit Knife Storm Hotkey[r]
Fixed Butcher - no longer hook buildings, NPCs[r]
Survivor gain heat in taverns from campfires[r]
First Aid now heal target correctly[r]

Version 1.9

Added 2 new boss[r]
Added a GAME INFO ability to Simple Joe[r]
Added a new quest which starts in the northern village and send you to the swamp[r]
Added a new quest chain - continued after the Investigation quest[r]
Ashbringer returned as a quest reward[r]
Rock drop chance from gem vein decreased to 5% from 25%[r]
Few terrain changes[r]
Baal castle door now remain open[r]
Durak model size increased[r]
Mithril mine now contains 3 less zombie[r]
Billy zombie model size increased[r]
In the spider mine the 3. zombie pack now replaced with spiders[r]
Removed invulnerability from food vendors, potion vendors[r]
Changed poison gland model[r]
Campfires now restore more heat[r]
Risen Dead damage increased from 25 to 35[r]
Wizard now can use pickaxe and iron axe[r]
Hydra drop has a fixed location to avoid items being unreachable when the hydra dies in the deep part of the lake[r]
Crafting station owned by player 1 fixed[r]
Fixed few bugs with Baal Castle model[r]
Arcane Missile displayed damage text color[r]
The Butcher Hook facing fixed[r]
Magic staff sell price fixed[r]
Wizard Fiery Soul +1.5 armor - removed[r]
Wizard T3 staff damage bonus now 320 as intended[r]
Damage bugged when changed between ranged and melee[r]
Pitchfork sell price fixed[r]
Knight heal no longer heals backpack[r]
Stolen Goods quest mark fixed[r]

Version 2.0

2 new quest at the high level area[r]
4 new legendary item[r]
Legendary items now can be sold for 80-110 gold (except crafted)[r]
Yeti become enraged on low hp[r]
Added a Crafting Station to the high level city[r]
New model for wood fence[r]
Mob dropped items de-spawn after 5 minutes[r]
Save/Load - now check your code upon Save[r]
Roll command, type -roll[r]
XP and Gold now displayed after kills[r]
New model for Pumpkin Slicer[r]
2 New high level cloak for agility and intelligence heroes[r]
Save now create .txt file only for the user which playing the character[r]
Save as - new function create a .txt file with a player specified name[r]
New legendary items can be crafted at the holy forge[r]
New materials: legendary weapon/armor core - requires to craft legendary items[r]
New hit points/damage values, every item, mob, boss and class attributes has been modified[r]
XP tables modified, now there is a bigger difference between tier changes[r]
The 5 tier (white, green, blue, purple, orange) now has huge difference in attributes[r]
Few quest has been modified in order to be easier to find some hidden quest[r]
XP from mobs now yield 1% for the current level, quest yield more XP[r]
Gold drop now random from humanoid enemies, the dropped amount is random too[r]
Almost every class have some abilities changed[r]

Every passive ability now replaced with an active[r]
Gems now can be sold to merchants for 15 gold[r]
Nordic meal and Bowl of stew now both restore 100 hp[r]
Golden armor set now gives more stat: +200 HP +6 Ability Power +20 Damage[r]
Player now gets 5 more gold for selling Green, Blue and Epic items to the artificer[r]
Hydra item drop chance increased from 8% to 20%[r]
Raging Blow damage increased from 6x strength to 8x strength[r]
Terror: armor reduction increased from 3 to 10, damage from 5x strength to 10x[r]
Removed +5 stat bonus from warrior, tinker and knight[r]
Small terrain changes[r]
Northern City north gate now opens if the south gate is opened[r]
Bandit ultimate reworked[r]
Iron Claymore, Sharpened Iron Sword model replaced[r]
Poison Lotus replaced with Golden Retribution - dual wield weapon for marauder[r]
Mining chance increased from 30% to 50%[r]
Pork, Boar Meat, Bear Meat, Wolf Meat and Hide model updated[r]
Crafting time reduced from 10/20 seconds to 5/10 seconds[r]
Strenght hit points bonues changed from 25 to 20[r]
1 primary attribute now adds 1 ability power, and do not adds to base damage[r]
Knight Charge now damage now based on ability power[r]
Night zombies AI changed - now they will attack guards too not focus only the survivor[r]
Updated Hammer of Justice model[r]
Several Terrain model updated[r]
Wizard Changes:[r]
All ability now deal normal damage instead of pure[r]
Frostbolt: deal damage on main target, bonus damage applied to slowed targets too[r]
Ice Barrage: launch projectiles 3 times faster, each dealing 1x ability power damage[r]
Cone of Cold: stun increased from 5 seconds to 7[r]
Fireball: deal 4x ability power to main target, apply 6x ability power dot for 5 seconds in aoe[r]
Firewall: duration decreased to 10 seconds from 15[r]
Meteor: Deal 10x ability power directly, and 10x over 6 seconds[r]
Arcane Explosion: damage changed from 10x ability power to 6x[r]
Teleport: now deals 3x ability power on departure and arrival location[r]
Heal: over time now restore 5x ability power instead of 10x[r]
Removed Acolyte Set[r]
New cooldown system for ranged classes - no longer possible to reset ability cool downs with unequip weapon[r]
Fixed Ashbringer aura damaging vendors[r]
Small Pine now longer visible in unexplored areas[r]
Fixed starving do not damage the survivor[r]
Few quest text corrected[r]
Wizard items now can be sold to artificer[r]
Gem vein Stone drop rate was 95% instead of 5%[r]
Well Fed buff messed with base damage on ranged/melee change[r]
Marksman damage now updates with the guard upgrades[r]
When pressing unequipped main hand twice with a ranged class all item model disappear[r]
Fixed a few XP bug with Paladin Rank System[r]
Fixed Tamed Dire Wolf xp gain with food[r]
Fixed Ironwood drop from trees[r]
Fixed few bugs with explosive cocktail and flash bomb[r]
Save/Load system: performance improved on save, bug fixes with item index[r]
Baal no longer drain life on death survivors[r]
Fixed few bugs with gate repair[r]
Fixed several patching issues[r]

Version 2.1

New house models[r]
New quest for 1 year anniversary[r]
Armond dps nerfed[r]
Swamp Troll dps nerfed[r]
Frost weapon blizzard effect chance reduced to 10%[r]
Frost weapon nova effect chance reduced to 12%[r]
Frozen Shield effect chance reduced to 12%[r]
Enchanted Mug heal chance from 15% to 9%[r]
Level requirements for legendary items - level 10 [r]
Wizard items also requires a specific level to equip[r]
The Guardian - drop table contained a base warcraft item[r]
Fixed few quest text[r]
Potion cooldown group fixed[r]
Pirate Hat ability fixed[r]
Breath of Frost debuff fixed[r]
Bag with cape and Noble cape model fixed[r]
Grand Necromancer drop fixed[r]
Ironwood Staves upgrade fixed[r]
Arcane Boots upgraded now can be equipped[r]
Resurrect with no lives left now work[r]

Version 2.2

New class - Lycan[r]
Added mercenaries: guardian, archer, monk[r]
Mercenaries can be hired from taverns[r]
Town Hall icons changed[r]
Gem vein can not be mined until the quest is finished[r]
Pet AI improved[r]
Warrior Terror ability AOE changed from 600 to 450[r]
Ranger Savage Roar ability AOE changed from 300 to 235[r]
Fixed crafting bug with jeweller[r]
Removed charge from headstone[r]
Fixed resurrection with headstone[r]
Fixed north blacksmith owner[r]
Fixed Mithril Boots save code[r]
Few description fixed[r]
Socketed Arcane boots now can be sold[r]
Ironwood Shipment quest complete dialogue timing fixed[r]
Birthday quest cinematic stuck fixed[r]

Version 2.2.1

New starting weapon for Lycan[r]
Fixed puzzle lever and statues spawn peasant after solved[r]
Empty Bottle - now only this item can trigger the quest stage[r]
Bandit pick fixed[r]
Mercenaries load fixed[r]
Wizard heal description updated[r]

Version 2.2.2

2 new claw weapon for Lycan (lvl 5, lvl 7)[r]
Infect debuff no longer deal damage[r]
Lycan Werewolf form speed increased from 250 to 320[r]
Lycan ability description fixed[r]
Lycan now have Temper ability[r]
Lycan morph weapon bug fixed[r]
Lycan - paladin rank bug fixed[r]
Lycan morph now can mine[r]
Lycan - magic items now works while morhped[r]
Lycan - well feed buff do not disappear after morph[r]

Version 2.2.3

Text Message when a gate repaired successfully[r]
Survivor notified more frequently when tired or hungry[r]
Pets AI improved - now they use their abilities like mercenaries
Dire Wolf tame requires now level 8[r]
Golden Chest HP bonus from 600 to 830[r]
Golden Boots, Golden Helmet HP bonus from 300 to 460[r]
Alchemist Potion-X negative buff chance greatly reduced%[r]
HP scaling for town guards from 100%/player to 125%[r]
Town guards AI improved a bit[r]
Pet - Summoned Dire Wolf damage from 61-79 to 31-49[r]
Alchemist Pet - increased HP, damage, armor for every 3 level[r]
Bear spawning area changed, now the bear boss do not have bears around[r]
Arcane barrage range from 1000 to 600[r]
Arcane explosion range from 1500 to 600[r]
Arcane missile range from 800 to 650[r]
Blink range from 1000 to 800[r]
Frost bolt range from 800 to 600[r]
Ice spear barrage range from 1500 to 750[r]
Fireball range from 800 to 600[r]
Meteor range from 1500 to 900[r]
Lycan claw heal was incorrect[r]
Lycan Rampage fixed, abilities always did 4x AP as damage[r]
Stalker cape inventory bug[r]
Arctic wolf started with Hp bonus 1[r]
Lycan paladin rank leveling[r]
Ranger Pet bonus bugged if died[r]
Ranger Powershot chance to deal 3 times damage[r]
Some spelling(ranger)[r]
Upgraded Guard visual bug[r]
Crude rifle description[r]
Fixed - heat could not be 100 if you were standing next to a campfire[r]
Gate do not close after repaired[r]
Alchemist - pet bugged with mercenary if pet potion used[r]
Ranger - release pet bugged with mercenary[r]
Gem mine sometimes closed before you entered[r]
Lycan did not get heat loose reduction if wearing armor and morphed[r]



Zakuro, epicfree, donut3.5, Ribenamania, Kitabatake, Chriz., Fingolfin, communist_orc, HappyTauren, JetFangInferno, bisnar13, s4nji, inico, Red

Shift, Pyritie, Xazuki,
hellblazer-14, R2D2, Usedwell, PumpkinMonster, debode, Villager, ikillforeyou, M0rbid & Revilo, epsilon, inico, Zion, Skipper, Mc !, ZIR,

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67chrome, Dangerb0y, Chriz, HerrDave, Yayoi, Stanakin, Thrikodius, fan, FRENGERS, Champara Bros

If I missed you from the list, please contact me.




Will be added in future updates:
New models for Lycan Fist weapons[r]
New legendary armor set for Ranger/Bandit/Lycan[r]
Boss timer - after expired summon additional enemies[r]
Can re-capture cities from undead[r]
Max player increase up to 6[r]

How to load save code from 1.6.2:
Old Code: xxxxx[xx-xx](xx-xx)xx-xx:xx --> New Code: xxxxx[xx-xx](xx-xx)xx-xx:00

Just write ":00" before ":" in the code. If you have trouble updating your code just PM me.

Set every graphic settings to high or the map will not load

The map is protected
Zakuro has permission to upload this map on makemehost
If you have any suggestion, feel free to write a post on the forum.
Please report bugs on forum or send an e-mail
Contact me at: w3infectedzombies@gmail.com

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description -


Infected Zombies v2.3 (Map)

12:58, 20th May 2014 Orcnet: Map approved, really nice idea for the item system
  1. 12:58, 20th May 2014
    Orcnet: Map approved, really nice idea for the item system
  2. PlankingWolf


    Sep 1, 2013
    Hide your screenshots in a box. Might try this out with some friends.
  3. MagicLord


    May 17, 2014
    Thanks! It's now updated:)
  4. Orcnet


    Jul 31, 2010
    Map approved. :thumbs_up:
  5. Kibougamine


    Apr 26, 2014
    Looks interesting,i will try it out after school :D
  6. Pownage


    May 21, 2014
    Good map, I enjoyed the concept of having RPG/Survival elements while also having to defend humanity from a looming threat.

    Negative, Or I'm being stupid, The tents don't regenerate Mana just Health unless I am missing a sleep command or function as so far I've kept dying from Mana loss.
    Also, It's extremely easy to farm wheat and sell it as the blacksmith just to buy his items and make Armor, Weapons, Backpack etc..
  7. MagicLord


    May 17, 2014
    Thanks for your feedback Pownage

    The survivor has a Sleep ability located in the crafting spell book, it is the first ability in the book. The wheat grow will be balanced in the next update.
  8. syphie


    May 29, 2012
    Hi, just played it with a friend, nice game to explore.

    Biggest question - how to find the shadow orb? The map item has such a long cd and we forgot what the quest giver said on how to find it.

    We somehow managed to do the quests in very very wrong order lol.
    I played ranger. Pets can wear equipment and sometimes dupe them (wear item without it disappearing) so I had a wolf running around with corrupted sword + pirate hat + golden helmet.

    Replay attached for reference~

    Attached Files:

  9. MagicLord


    May 17, 2014
    Hi! Thanks for your feedback, I have watched your replay, I will release 1.2 tomorrow with many fixes such as pet item equip, shadow orb fix, etc.
    If you forget what to do in a quest press F9 or click on quest button, which is on the top left corner on the screen.
  10. syphie


    May 29, 2012
    Hi, thanks for looking into it!

    F9 did not actually update telling us what to do. For shadow orb quest we talked to first guy who said second guy in north town will know how to summon necro.
    Second guy told us to find dark stone, and gave us a map.
    1. We couldn't find it.
    2. F9 did not update anything about dark stone or any hints on where to look.
  11. MagicLord


    May 17, 2014
    Hi, syphie

    Try out the new 1.2 version. The bugs you encountered are fixed now:thumbs_up:
  12. Ardenaso


    Jun 22, 2013
    I loved this map at first play but...
    • Kindly increase the EXP gain.
    • Add more bow-type weapons.
    • When I fail to defend a village from sieges, at least spare those pending optional quest givers and kill them instead when I finish the quest.
    • Where's the lost shipment? I went to the pinged bridge but nothing happened.

    Anyways, 5/5.
  13. MagicLord


    May 17, 2014
    Hi, Len Kagamine

    Thanks for your feedback, ping for Lost Shipment will be fixed in the next update also I add a new craftable bow to Ranger and some other changes.
  14. syphie


    May 29, 2012
    Camera bug

    Went into church and went out, but view stayed stuck.
    Near end of replay attached.

    Attached Files:

  15. MagicLord


    May 17, 2014
    Hi, syphie

    Thanks for your feedback. I have watched your replay, the camera at church is a new system, and I forget to check it with Alchemist pet, only tested with Ranger Pets. It will be fixed at the weekend.
  16. plevel


    Feb 11, 2011
    well im probably going to try this right now (maybe with 1 or 2 more players)
  17. Valenvai


    Sep 15, 2012
    Lovely map and well made!
    I really enjoyed it!

    The only one thing I didn't like was the "Bash" some enemies had. Especially when playing solo it is really annoying and unfair... :(
  18. gusanomental


    Oct 16, 2013
    Amazing map, I honestly liked the gameplay and the idea of a RPG/Survival map. Just a few suggestions (I'll let my imagination fly):
    Add an 'Impossible' difficulty mode, playing Nightmare is not so hard at all.
    Let players invest in towns, repair gates, buy food for 'regrowing' the population, hire mercenaries or buy weapons for the people (Maybe by adding a politician/merchant hero class?).
    Add weather with buffs on units (rain or fog reducing movement and attack speed).
    Add more siege attacks and more types of zombies.
    Let dead players choose to turn into a hero zombie.
    Add new classes such as priest, blacksmith and builder.
    Add units wandering around the map such as peasants and merchants.
    And, of course, it would be cool to see more lvls, skills, items, areas and quests.

    Keep up the good work!
  19. MagicLord


    May 17, 2014
    Hi, gusanomental

    Thanks for your ideas, I am gonna implement as many as I can, and fits the map style.:thumbs_up: