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  • Hello, passed boss rush on normal, sent a replay to passed [email protected], it's your mail, right?
    P.S I have a bad English.
    hey, good job! ill check it when i have time ok
    but trillian beat it first xD see comment below this
    Hello there, can you perhaps tell me more about the Warcraft Ultimate Optimizer?
    I just wanted to know if it still works properly for the latest Wc3 version.
    It doesn't, because it uses vexorian's optimizer, which doesn't work. You have to switch to 1.27b if you want to protect/optimize any map now.
    Thanks for the info. Tho, I heard there was a workaround for vexorian's optimizer.
    True enough! We are definitely a dwindling community. Well it's no big deal, I will continue to test when I can find time. In case you ever do want to play, I have a bot on (DarkBot) who is always hosting. Thanks!!
    Strikest, when you get a chance do you mind trying out a game of AtD against the Death Knight AI? About a year ago you mentioned some major issues with the AI and I think I've just about fixed everything. I'd be interested to know how you feel about the improvement. Thanks!!
    Thanks to your last review
    I changed some spelling mistakes
    I made a small tutorial for players at the begining of the game
    I fixed problems with leaving players to remove their hero...

    The two nuclear weapons are ultimate but it's their use I think
    They are some very expensive weapons and late game so I think it's normal they kills everybody
    their rate Cost/Damages is the biggest I think they are balanced
    I think this have to stay a mini game with a small amount of kill about 40 or 50 max
    after that there is a domination and one team has the best weapons and the other team left the game

    I had a look at your last replay and you opponent team haven't bought any weapons (only 1 player had a weapon) so they couldn't kill you and so they couldn't have some monez

    I don't understand why players just keep the get a bonus spell
    It's written that it doesn't damages heroes!!!!

    With the small tutorial I make I can't do anymore to make it more simple to understand

    Thanks to test it my friend
    I hope my english is undertandable...
    I uploaded a new version of the tinker total war

    I have't found your problem with the removal circle
    I've test in both team to find the bug and nothing happens

    The weapons are more balanced now
    If you have suggestions I'm open

    Have a nice day
    I made a new version of Naga racing
    With a mode -mm to steer the racer without the key arrow but with the mouse
    there is still some ability to accelerate and slow....
    I finished my map Naga Racing
    it's in pending map section

    i will change some stuff on the tinker total war map to make it a bit more technical
    I uploaded a new version
    There is no trade with ressources, an assist system and a mode -sc XX to set the score to XX

    Have fun my friend
    I haven't put an assist system because it's too easy to have the assist
    with 3 spells with less than 1à seconds cooldown....

    Do you know how to block gold share between players??
    The text message has been fixed
    version 2,0 is coming

    I hope you are not bored to play this map

    You and your team start to be good

    The victory is not as easy than the firts time....
    I uploaded a new version

    See the changes in the map descriptions

    thanks for reviewing my map
    The goblin tank prevent ALL damages
    it's like if the caster in invulnerable during 3 seconds
    I uploaded the version 1,8 of the map
    that corrects every bugs (I Hope)

    I saw in a replay that the end game message are not good isn't it?

    I got an idea :
    I can make nuke bomb and nuclear strike only buying once for each team
    and only disponible after 10 minutes....

    I think players get too much money no?

    These spells nuclear strike and nuke bomb looks good but
    you found them hover powered because the goblin tank doesn't works
    these spells have 2 seconds delay before the explosion and it's perfectly possible to avoid these damages... and there is some items to move to a location
    (I thought this spell was powerful but balanced)

    Do you use my playlist?

    I'm looking toward you epic replay
    You are good in this kind of game

    Do you know why people still fire the get a bonus spell to enemies?
    I wrote that it doesn't works on enemies....
    I'm just pissed off
    I've no tester and Hive website haven't seen some evident bugs like this....

    So everybody that download my map thiks I make bad and bugged maps....
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