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Nov 12, 2020
May 17, 2014


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Nov 12, 2020
    1. Fang
    2. deepstrasz
    3. ILH
      Alright, thanks for the reply.
    4. ILH
      Hey, I love your Infected Zombies map and so do my friends. The problem is that the player limit, could you increase the max players as if its possible? :)
    5. Ardenian
      Helo, I am a big fan of your Infected Attack map and I would like to ask you whether you would share your Inventory System with me. I would like to use a similar system for my own project and I am excited how you executed it. Did you use a BonusMod or did you use hidden spell books for the item boni ?
      You should fix a quest in the Gem Mines. My friend and I played for almost 4 hours only to get locked out of the mine because it collapsed on us before we even entered ;_;
    7. Fang
      Where's the screenshot you promised?
    8. kupaagod
      Hey bro, Whens the next update? My warrior is to slow to save all the villages!
    9. Fang
      Well, like this I see your terraining skills! :)
      Its awesome and creative. So, can you help me on my project? It still under development.
      The name of my project is Missions of the Past, don't worry you'll be credited as Special Thanks! :) (if you help me)

      I need you to create a HQ Village, the HQ Doodads is already imported. You can import anything else but it have to be useful and High Quality. Don't import a lot cause my map size now is: 130 MB

      Private Message me if you agrees. :)
    10. Fang
      Hello LordofMagic,

      Did you know? That you have to reply to the user who sent you a message. So, they will notice a notification.
      The easiest way to do it, is by Viewing Conversation Between You and Other User.
      Don't do it again :D

      Sincerely, Fang The Bro...
    11. AndresCLS
      The mage have a bug, his magics don't alert the enemys; One of Lich's magicsdo you die slowly, and she NEVER end; Idea: Hungry only stop your regeneration, Lack of heat do you slowly, tiredness do you sleep immediately;
    12. MagicLord
      Hi AndresCLS,

      Good to hear that you love my Map and thanks for reporting bugs, but please send them in e-mail, also do not spam here use "Edit" instead when you just want to add new things to your post in a short period of time.
    13. MagicLord
      Hi jonbon29,

      The doodads are restricted to my Map only. If you are interested in one of them I can send it to you.
    14. jonbon29
      Dude im interested in the doodads that you've used in your map, are they specifically for you're map only?
    15. epicfree
      Uhmm.. i know this isn't really neceserlly but my name aren't listed on special thank's, and oh By the way and idea about the Zombie Hero,i might suggest it to spawn either in this 3 places: the Iron Mine (which explain your zombification),the First village that got attacked (Which by the way is a good place for newbies as there is a bunch of zombie that could protect them in case the human hero decided to go rampaging him early on
      and lastly the southwest village where you get to kill the necromancer (which explain everything about you,but with a risk where you will directly live nearby a Human hero or settlement.
    16. aeman
      can you make mage can equip an axe.didn't know how to get lumber in alternate way without using coins
    17. mustafo
      hey, i sent a email for you on w3infectedzombies@gmail.com, can you read it?
    18. MagicLord
      Happy New Year !
    19. aeman
      happy new year
    20. jonbon29
      Dude nc updates on the infected zombies, I was wondering how can I set the wood log to an angeled log with an angeled pathing of course. I set its pathing to angeled but the log model is facing horizontal or vertical instead. I have a hard time doing this pls help.
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    Infected Zombies
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Scarlet Crusade
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