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Warcraft 3 patch wish list

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Level 4
Aug 16, 2013
I would like to have:

-Ability to change hero model through code
-More learnable hero abilities. The max is 5 and should be increased.
-Increase level cap of heroes. The max is around 6000ish. Increase to 9,999,999 or higher.
-More inventory space. At least 3 times or more (you can use a scroll bar to display more inventory slots if needed)
-More attributes. At least 3 more attributes that can be displayed on your hero.
-More ability slots for heroes
-Option to change size/color tint of ability special effects on regular abilities like storm bolt for easier modification
-More damage types (at least 20 max)
-More armor types (at least 20 max)
-Make first person / third person experiences more fluid/better looking/easier to create
-Drawable GUI for better looking buttons and GUI elements
-Drawable bars of health/mana/experience
-Drawable text relative to your screens view
-Easier importing of models/icons and etc. The custom path thing makes it a big time waster and a pain to get models and other imports to come up correctly. I don't want to spend 3+ hours importing custom content.
-Copy/pasting heroes in object editor should be faster or instant. If you have a few or a bunch of heroes already, this could take like 5 seconds per paste.

-A brand new battle.net custom game search/listings system. Most of the games I see in the custom list aren't games I want to play.

and more that I can't think of at the moment.
Level 7
Jun 5, 2018
I just wish fewer crashes, and detailed crash information in function indication after a crash.

Additionally, some native desyncs can be considered to be eliminated to prevent disconnection in the network gaming.
Level 14
Nov 13, 2017
  • A good and multifunctional "object merger" or "object data updater" plugin.
  • Multi-select object and multi-input values.
  • Lock or freeze a doodad or unit while rotating or raising/lowering another one.
  • Ability to set Stat - Level to "Zero" for custom critters or dummies.
  • Tileset System - Custom Tileset Names for categorizing units and objects.
  • Object ID's can begin with digits.
  • Doodad Variations Fix
  • Built-In Pathing Texture Editor
  • Built-In Pathing Editor for Ramps, Higher places, and alike.
  • Techtree - Units Trained/Sold/Upgrades To... When selecting units in a pop-up box, it could be just typing the object ID instead of searching it manually.
  • Auto-create of .bak file for power failure.


Map Reviewer
Level 67
Jun 4, 2009
Let us save maps on the versions on which we want otherwise Latest Melee Patch might be affected with upcoming patches and the other two variants will force map makers to retest everything before using those as they seem to at least be stable with each patch.

(see here: [Import] - 1.29.2 object editor data on newer patches)

At least allow us to overwrite the object editor data by exporting and importing it. That means, enabling the export of all data not just modified and newly made one.
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@Battleborn You should be able to set the Stats - Level of a unit to 0 using the SHIFT+ENTER keys. You can also use this method to type a list of Unit IDs for Units Trained/Sold/Etc as you said. If you have trouble with power outages, the World Editor already has an autosave feature that you can enable from the preferences.
Level 8
Jul 7, 2011
Something I believe is not very laborious, I wish it had. No need to change modem settings to host a match. It's the only game that did not enter\can not entering into my lobby because of it.
Level 29
Mar 14, 2014
1.Make it possible to use something else than "Mana".
For Example: Warrior using Mana to strike the ground? No he should instead use "Rage" as his/her fuel.
And make it possible to color it like we want.

2.Make it easier to raise and lower the water level, instead of constantly switching between maps with different Water levels, after a while you will get frustrated with it.

3.Make it possible to change the color of Water in different places of the map instead of coloring the water of the entire map.
For Example: I want Poisonous Green Water in one place, but i want clear normal water in another, without using Doodads for this.
  • View imports without going to the Object Editor
  • Copy folders in the Object Editor
  • Copy multiple folders in the Trigger Editor
  • Import a map's terrain, automatically creating missing object data (with the option of exporting source map's imports)
  • Tags for custom object data, and the option to copy all data with a specific tag
  • Option not to overwrite existing data when importing object data
  • Option to remove base commands from the Command Bar
  • Detect player keystrokes
  • Option for quick cast, in particular
  • Set unit's current ability cooldown
BlzSetUnitAbilityCooldownRemaining(unit u, integer abilId, real cd) (MyPad's name idea)
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Code Moderator
Level 49
Sep 26, 2009
They have already implemented something like that, unless you are referring to the adjustment of the remaining time of an ability.
BlzSetUnitAbilityCooldown(unit u, integer abilId, integer level, real cooldown)
The upcoming update to Spell System supports this, but the cooldown can't be reset until after the Spell Effect thread has completed. But I agree it would be completely possible with the current natives.
Level 14
Nov 13, 2017

  • Additional attack sounds like Bone Light Bash, Bone Heavy Bash, Bone Heavy Bash, Flesh Light Bash, Flesh Medium Bash, Flesh Medium Bash, Metal Light Stab, Metal Heavy Stab, Metal Medium Stab.
  • The editor'z power to create custom soundsets without replacement of existing ones.
  • Builti-in editor sound and music converter for Warcraft III.
  • Freehand Draw Movement Path - Set movement paths or paint lines and points for unit movement and more effective patroling.
  • Freehand Pathing Paint - Instead of putting boxes of pathing blockers, you may be able to draw as you desired with ease.
  • Shadow Editor - A built-in like Grimoire that allows you to edit shadows by using grayscale paint editor.
  • Create Custom Unit Category - Allows you to make categories rather than naga, undead, humans, night elf, and so on.. Why not be able to make 'fel orcs', 'dark trolls', or 'dwarf' their own respective folders for proper sorting?
  • Auto-Backup - Saves an internal copy of your map in every X minutes and makes it .bak or .blabla file, somewhat like what happens to AutoCAD files speakng of .dwg and .bak file.
  • Previewer in editor regarding of Attack Animation via Backswing and Cast Damage Point for effective and realistic attack animation and damage physics.
  • Changeable Pallette View - be able to view units in a powerful fully alphabetical manner, view unit pallete in list view with embedded previewer.
  • Terrain Brush Presets - Have new brush type like preset hills, mountains, walls, cliffs, and rivers.
  • "The Water Tool" - A special brush that gives water with just one click.
  • "Acquisition Range Type" - Allows units to have not only circular vision but able to choose, Triangular, Linear Path line of sight (Real world), and Vertical!Look Down vision (for some flying units or ufos).
  • Weapon Types - Additional ones like missile (chain), artillery (bounce), instant (splash), missile (meteor), and missile (by two's / three's / fives) for gun modes.
  • Additional Armor Types - Aside from Flesh, Metal, Wood, Stone, can add Water, Plant, Shell, and Rigid Metal.
  • Regeneration Type - New ones like "Only when on Water", " Only when Asleep", and "Only when loaded" in transports or garrisons.
  • De-hardcoded and modifiable abilities like 'Sacrificial Pit' abilities.
  • New Classifications aside from Tauren and Undead, can be Troll, Demon, Human, Elf, Dwarf, and etc... or customizeable.
  • Increase Max Movement Speed Limit.
  • Naval AI.
  • Enable one player to change AI script by triggers.
  • Patrol and scouting AI.
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