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The Founding of Durotar: Enhanced

Founding of Durotar: Enhanced

Founding of Durotar: Enhanced, as the title says, is an improved version of the original campaign featuring new models, abilities, and music. The purpose of this campaign is to give the player the opportunity to choose among 18 specializations for Rexxar rather than the default Beastmaster, similar to Legacy of Lordearon.


- Choose among 18 heroes with unique abilities!
- Custom music from World of Warcraft for each map.
- Custom models, icons.
- Rexxar's Stash can now be accessed in all maps.
- 10 unique items to obtain when playing on Hard difficulty.
- 3 additional side maps and an epilogue:

  • Ragefire Chasm: A replica of the 5 man dungeon from WoW located behind Morg Wolfsong. This map is part of the objective for the Warlock Coven quest.
  • Valley of Spears: A cavern filled with centaurs located in the northeast of Voljin's new base. This map is part of the objective for the Khan Gragtor quest.
  • Epilogue: Tells the story of Rexxar after the events of Act Three extracted from the Cycle of Hatred novel.


Blizzard, johnwar, Ujimasa Hojo, Asssssvi, JetFangInferno, Deolrin, epsilon, Nighmare Moon, Hellx-Magnus, The Panda, JesusHipster, Vinz

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/uxBEpmC4

Feel free to edit the campaign!

The Founding of Durotar: Enhanced (Campaign)

Level 2 Metamorphosis says 0 HP. Anyways, nice edit. However, abilities are regular ones. Nothing fancy overall, just some replayability value added. Classes are purely gameplay mechanics not influencing the story in any way from what I can tell...
Level 3
Apr 26, 2018
Becoming an agile or intelligent shooter is indeed a novel experience. It would be greater if the other three brothers also have some room for choice, otherwise the gameplay experience is still close to the original version, where Chen is still core of the team.
Level 2
Jan 15, 2023
The customisation options for Rexxar are really well made, most are balanced with a few exceptions like the fury warrior having 100% cleave damage with lvl 4 cleave. Would have been nice to have the ability to customise Carine, Rokhan or Chen a bit but having it like this still gives the feeling that you are basically playing the original which is nice
Level 8
Dec 1, 2021
I want to share some point.
-Rexxar class that has skill Cleave is really strong in this campaign.
-The item artifact reincarnate bugging, if already reincarnated and the hero still carry that item and died again. It disappear and the hero not revived at resurrection stone. If the item drop after reincarnate, that will not make hero disappear
-I not really sure that I already discover all artifact. Most artifact on chapter 1 are useful for early game.
-Kinda not feel big difference, only custom Rexxar and several new items. The rest still feel the same.


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
Level 2 Metamorphosis says 0 HP.

Anyways, nice edit. However, abilities are regular ones. Nothing fancy overall, just some replayability value added. Classes are purely gameplay mechanics not influencing the story in any way from what I can tell.


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Level 8
Oct 22, 2004
i enjoyed the option you can customize rexxar. the story is of course the same, but it was nice to tinker around all those classes and specs! rexxar's survivability seems to alter a bit , so its a nice challenge too. the custom models and new random loot were nice to enjoy too. and kudos to the added epilogue as well. nice job