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Texturing Contest #32: Final Form - RESULTS


Media Manager
Level 48
May 25, 2007

Contestants were to re-texture an SD unit model found in-game (Warcraft 3 Classic), recreating the unit into its elite counterpart.
We are proud to present the winners:

@TheZodiarch - First Place Winner

@Moy - Second Place Winner
@PrinceYaser - Third Place Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated as well as our judges @PROXY and @Archian
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Level 31
May 25, 2017
Well holy (insert pasta), congratulations everyone and especially the winner.

Surely was a tough decision but I doubt I have room to upset but i'm happy to ya. We hope to see the winner future work because he sure have potentials :smile:. Once again, good job everyone for participating this contest and I hope we see consistent number of contestants.

I'm also thank you to the judges for hard works on critique our work so we can all improvise ourselves a couple more inches.