📣 Exciting News: Hive Workshop's Texturing Contest #32 is Here!


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Jan 1, 2006

Calling all talented 2D artists and Warcraft 3 enthusiasts! Hive Workshop, the renowned hub for all things modding and custom made content, is thrilled to announce the launch of the next Texturing Contest #32. Prepare to unleash your creative prowess and join the vibrant community in a quest to bring your favorite Warcraft 3 unit models to their "Final Form"!

🎨 The Theme: Final Form

In this exhilarating contest, participants are challenged to take an existing model within Warcraft 3 and transform it into its elite counterpart. Are you ready to breathe new life into the game's iconic heroes and fearsome creatures? This is your chance to showcase your artistic talents!

📝 Competition Details and Guidelines

The rules are simple but crucial: select a classic Warcraft 3 model of your choice and retexture it to its Final Form. Let your imagination run wild as you enhance the details, colors, and effects, giving your chosen unit an awe-inspiring upgrade. Show the world what the pinnacle of power and elegance looks like!

To ensure a fair and exciting competition, here are the essential guidelines to follow:
  1. Contestants must be registered members of the Hive Workshop community. Don't worry if you haven't joined yet; it's easy to become a member and take part in community events! Sign up here!

  2. Retexturing should be the primary focus of your submission i.e. no model edits are allowed. Create a new skin and add any modifications to the texture that will make your unit truly stand out through clever use of texturing techniques.

  3. Remember to provide a before-and-after comparison image (WIP), showcasing the impressive transformation you've accomplished in the contest thread.

  4. Submissions should be uploaded to the Hive Workshop's Skins section before the deadline, which is August 23, 2023. Your entry must include "Texturing Contest #32: Final Form" in the description to be considered for the competition. Late entries will not be accepted, so mark your calendars and don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

🏆 Rewards and Recognition

Hive Workshop knows how to honor talent and dedication. The top winners of Texturing Contest #32: Final Form will receive an array of impressive rewards, including:

🥇 First Place: A prestigious winner's badge and EXP award, a special demon rank on the Hive Workshop forums (two wins is required), and an exclusive feature on the front page to showcase your awe-inspiring creation. This along with a featurette on Hive Workshop's YouTube channel and other social media for more exposure and recognition.

🥈 Second Place: A shiny medal and EXP award, recognition on the forum, a special demon rank on the Hive Workshop forums (two wins is required) and an opportunity to display your talent to the Hive Workshop community on Hive Workshop's YouTube channel and other social media sites.

🥉 Third Place: A proud medal and EXP award, a special demon rank on the Hive Workshop forums (two wins is required), acknowledgment on the forum, and an opportunity to inspire aspiring artists and modders. And a featurette on Hive Workshops YouTube channel and other social media sites.

Furthermore, all participants will gain a solid EXP award, including valuable feedback from their peers and the chance to improve their skills through friendly competition and constructive criticism. The Hive Workshop community is supportive and filled with like-minded individuals eager to share their expertise.

🚀 Join the Hive Workshop Community Today!

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Dive into the realm of Warcraft 3 and bring your favorite units to life in their Final Form. Push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship, and be part of the legacy of talented modders who have thrived on the Hive Workshop.

So what are you waiting for? Get your artistic tools ready, summon your creativity, and embark on an exhilarating journey to shape an elite unit of Warcraft 3. Participate in Hive Workshop's Texturing Contest #32: Final Form and let your skills evolve together with your entry!

🔗 For more details, rules, and to join the contest, visit the official contest thread.