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R-INVolve - Destrian Chronicles Construction Thread

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Level 2
Feb 28, 2011
Name: John

Race: Brilmarken

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Description:"Height: 5.9feet; weight: "120"; skin-color: white; other-traits: "black hair brown eyes";"
Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
Name: Lystra Arrandel
Race: Brilmarken Human
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Description: Age has never hindered the Arrandel Clan of the Brilmarken Kingom. So it is not surprising that Lystra shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

She has a very voluptuous figure. This is outlined by the tight, young clothing she prefers to wear. She is rather mediocre with her height, standing at 5'7".

Her hair has only begun to grey, turning it into a lattice of black and glossy silver, that caresses her neck and (bound by a metal band) dangles to her shoulder blades. Around her eyes, crows feet is also showing, dulling her bronze eyes. Despite this, her face hangs from her high cheekbones, stained by faint red pigmentation.
Level 4
Sep 13, 2010
I was wondering if could I swap out my character for this one?

Name: Sanpor (also goes by John)

Race: Mushasharg

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Description: Stockier and a head shorter than the average Mushasharg. His eye color is the stern blue of wild irises. A faint green birth mark mars his left jaw, but is mostly obscured by well-groomed mutton chops. He also wears an ornate braid down the back of his neck. Beneath the thick strands of brown body hair his skin matches the hue of sun-burned sand. His otherwise smooth features are pock-marked and streaked with small scars. The most noticeable is a raised, knotted strand across the right thumb where it joins with the palm. One other characteristic of note is a crescent of symbols fire-branded into his shoulder blades.

I guess for now I will continue with Burl.
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Level 5
Oct 14, 2010
Nefarius Tallyion

Human (Trellion)



Nefarius, a tall, broad man of 6'1, he wears a hat about four times the size of his hat; a black suit raced with red linen with blue roses coming out of the stitches is what he wears. He used to be a cleric upon the Espion, a ship of Trellion's traveling to one goal; the Cracken's Nest. When he was a young man, however, he was kicked from his ship from his odd behaviors. Unlike the others who were strong, he was twisty and weak, although somewhat smart. He had long black hair, covering his blue eyes and his hair comes down like a V in back, which is called by his kind a rattail. Nerfarius is a hollowed soul, not thinking much about his own life, thus very reckless. Over the years, the red linen suit he wore as oddly gained blue roses in it's stitches; it is unknown
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