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  • I am, progress has slowed a lot though. My wife and I recently had a baby girl so obviously she has taken up a lot of our time. I still like to tinker around with it when I can though.
    Harsh for that man. It seems there have been a lot of storms lately across oceans. Weather is just not right anymore.

    Ouch, here we had snow but now it has melted and temperature is 6 degrees. Also quite sunny for a winter. And today is the second new year (Julian Calendar) so it will be a fun night.
    Good, busy with studies mostly. Had relaxing holiday now.

    And you? Had a sunny New Year?
    Good to hear! It's my second semester at the UTAS Conservatorium of Music. Cold's been treating me a little poorly of late. I was snowed in from Monday through Wednesday last week, and now I've gone and lost my voice. :p
    Oh thank you man, nice to hear that.
    yeah I also come back many times over because of its charm and nostalgia
    Hey Wolfe.

    Yeah I have some stuff here. But I don't want to use it in Wc3 because then I'd rather continue Oakwood. It's just that I need a sick coder to complete Oakwood in wc3. Not just any coder. And I can't just snap my fingers and have one. So I rather not continue.
    The things I have lying around could be used for if WC4 might come out, or something similar that per example updates the SC editor so that all the WC models are in it too.
    I don't know. For now I just keep all the stuff for when a good moment arrives.

    My current focus lies on Warcast. A new map I'm working on.
    It's something completely different from what I've done in the past, and I have to say that I enjoy that very much. ;)

    How are you btw? :)
    Good to see that the project is still up and running!

    EDIT: After reading our chat history I regret saying 9GAG as the best pastime, because I despise it now. Reddit all the way.
    That's not even the half of them either haha... You just wait, I think the demo may impress.
    ...if you get warcraft you would probably be able to take part in the DPA testing...
    Thats why you should use the weekend to download and install warcraft on the laptop, make the pic and delete the game by monday.
    If i say that word, admin will ban me. Im just saying you should get warcraft on your laptop, even if you dont have a copy of it.
    You know there are some easy alternative ways to get it on your laptop, angry somalians with aks on a boat, that is.
    That's good to hear. I really think lore is more important than some people think. It's nice to have a good story that is easy to follow with mystery and adventure added in. A well written backstory is also great (even if it isn't totally used in a map) because it makes it easier to keep track of certain events and why they happen. I'm looking forward to the release of your map, it looks like it's considerably farther along than mine :)
    It's going well. I've been working on some abilities and general gameplay triggers. I've also worked some more on the terrain. I'll post an update soon. I'm glad to see people are still interested! How's Shadows of Everwood coming?
    Hm ok then. Just that I take things too personal most of the times and takes me some time to forgive people. But it's ok now.
    Well you did 'shush' me for indirectly telling you to quit it with the come and leave from DP. But yeah, I am the greatest backstabber in the group you see.
    Ok, there seems to be a confusion here after all, the other one besides Vel who was left to allow you to join was me, because last year your behavior ressembled too much arrogance which annoyed me, and I feared that the same scenes would repeat once again. But Vel convinced me to give another chance, after all we should learn from our mistakes. So yeah, I forgot to inform it to Al today, sorry.
    Because Trol is perfectly aware of what goes on in DP. Riiiight.

    I said some people are against your return. SOME implies MORE then Vel. Jesus....
    Exams are keeping me pinned down, at least until June. Yay me.

    Again? That's awesome! How did Drag's Rafia RP go? (Under the Second Sky)

    You guys still at RP Guild? And damn. Haven't skyped with you guys in so long.
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