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Line Tower Wars: Reforged | 9.2a



Line Tower Wars is a tower wars map, the object of which is twofold:
Gain income by sending creeps that attempt to steal lives from the players to your right,
while building towers to defend yourself from sending players to your left.
Research and combine technologies in order to unlock new, more powerful, towers.

The last player alive wins the game!
Can you master the balance of offense and defense?

Line Tower Wars has existed since the early days of Warcraft III in countless variations from various developers,
all with the same simple and addictive game loop.

Line Tower Wars: Reforged began as a project in late 2019, with the goal to improve the fundamentals of the map.
The map has now been in development for over 4 years and that goal has been achieved beyond expectations.
It is currently one of the more popular and hosted maps on Battle.Net.

Gameplay & Features

Seasons & Leaderboards

The first map to ever introduce a rating system with an in-game Seasonal Leaderboard!
Compete with other players and make it to the top!

Custom User Interface

Several custom UI panels have been made for the map that allow one to
change game mode and settings, research technologies, customize player character, etc.
You can even customize a lot of it yourself, with an in-game User Interface Editor!

Towers, Creeps & Technologies

Over 100+ towers to build and upgrade -- many different builds and strategies!
Research up to 9 different technologies, each with two different advanced path.
Arcane, Earth, Fire, Holy, Ice, Lightning, Unholy, Void, Water
Combine technologies to unlock Ultimate Tower upgrades!

Send over 40+ creeps with unique abilities and defeat your opponents!

AI (Computer Players)

Add computers to lobby slots and you have yourself an opponent!
The map supports any amount of computer players.
They do everything a normal player would do, they even type in chat!

Note: Playing with Computer Players disables the RANKED game mode.

...and more!


The map receives frequent updates and in order to keep this page tidy,
changelogs of recent major versions can be found in the pastebin:

Older changelogs are archived and can be sent by request.

Discord & Credits

Join the Line Tower Wars: Reforged Discord Server!

Below you can find the credit list.
Many thanks to everyone!

Systems & Code


Icons, Textures & Sounds

Special Thanks

Codeless Save and Load, GameStatus, TimedHandles


Anti-Block System

Vexorian, Bribe, Magtheridon96

Unit Indexer


UI Scripts/Templates/Guides
Tasyen, Mayday
Mana/Sacred Storm, Climax,
SoulArmor, Healing Effect,
Windwalk, Spell Marker


Range Indicator Model

Santa Hat Model

SentinelMissile (model edit), Volcano (model edit)

Fall in Love buff/effect

Sauron the Deceiver

Frame Border Effects

Burden of Life (WoW rip)
Nortuega/Blizzard Entertainment

Wings Attachment
Unknown Author(s)


Grid Texture

Health Bar Texture
Avatars Lord

Classic Extended UI Panel Textures

Discord Icon Small



UI Texture
Mint Blancmanche

World of Warcraft Icons/Textures/Sounds
Blizzard Entertainment
Previous LTW Developers
Unfortunately difficult to find and credit everyone, but notable developers are:
NOB, LOSS05, HolyKannibal., Hawking, Xcarrez, Mechwarrior, maudlin27, Alfred_Pokuson

BETA Testers
Early Development Suggestions/Feedback

ADD.-, Woum, GrekMar,
Hanman, oet, Leight8,
SpiritFryer, Teomant, tucker,
Pokebunny, qmikhailq, Rainiume,
ilares, Sophilio, Fufík,
Leong, XXXandBEER, Jae_Cho,
Feeder, DiaBoLuS, Conferm,
MinionOd, Nidd
and everyone that played the map and made it grow!

W3Protect - Jass and Lua map optimizer


Line Tower Wars: Reforged | 9.2a (Map)

Line Wars Reforged STD is a contemporary remake of a well known multiplayer tower defense series of maps. This one comes with super variety and conversion to modern UI customized elements. Not entirely sure if the tower gameplay mechanics remain loyal...
Any proof of permission or at least trying to get it from the original author(s)?
I'm not sure who's the original author, the map has been passed around from person to person for like two decades.
I've tried to list most names I could find in Special Thanks, that I think has some impact to the LTW history.

Most Line Tower Wars versions I have is of a different author, and it's hundreds.
The oldest versions I can find as of now from my disks are from 2005 and some are even modified by me back then. But even these versions are based on other, older, versions.

Who would you say is an original author in this case?

As it is now I think with all the unique features of Line Tower Wars: Reforged, it's a completely different map from the other Line Tower Wars, except the name and basic gameplay loop. Everything in the map is new and from scratch. It's also pretty much the only Line Tower Wars version played.


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
Line Wars Reforged STD is a contemporary remake of a well known multiplayer tower defense series of maps. This one comes with super variety and conversion to modern UI customized elements.
Not entirely sure if the tower gameplay mechanics remain loyal or are enhanced.


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