Hive Cup 2021: Melee Mapping Contest #8 - Poll

Choose the best entries!

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May 18, 2018


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At least top 5 submissions will be featured in the qualifier rounds and the final cup, as with last year.

The tournament will be played on Legacy/Classic/SD graphics.


  • Trying to manipulate the poll in any form is not allowed.
    If you're aware of ip-sharing with any voter, for any reason, you should contact the staff.
  • Harassment towards others to influence the result will lead to punishment.
  • A neutral recommendation to take part at the poll isn't problematic, though.
  • Voting for yourself is not allowed, and will lead to a malus of 5%.
  • Participating in the poll will not prevent disqualification.
  • Judges are not allowed to vote.
You are very welcome to make a short statement about what you like the most, so contestants get a bit of public feedback!


  • 1st place: 750 experience points
  • 2nd place: 600 experience points
  • 3rd place: 450 experience points
  • 4th place: 300 experience points
  • 5th place: 150 experience points
  • Judge: 25 experience points per entry
The five winners will receive an award icon representing the winning entry.




Do creeps have proper aggro? Are neutral buildings and expansions placed properly? Is there adequate spacing?/35

Is the creeping fair for all races? How is the creeping flow? Are the item drops balanced?/35


Is the map visually pleasing in terms of terrain, doodad placement, and overall theme? Is the map repetitive? Is the aesthetic well designed but not overly obstructive?

Creativity & Uniqueness
Does the map bring something new or creative to the table?/20

Bugs and other technical issues will negatively impact the score of a map./-

We are trying something new this year: there will be 2 phases of judging. The first phase is 20% public poll + 80% judges scores. After this, at least 5 maps are selected to be played in subsequent tournament, Hive Workshop Cup #3, as well as the qualifiers for it. After the tournament ends, the pro-player participants will have to submit scores for the maps that were played (exact format to be announced at a later date) – this is the second phase of judging. Final contest results will be calculated as 30% first phase +70% second phase.

FinalScore = ((20*Reached_Votes/POSSIBLE_VOTES) + (80*Average_Judge_Score/POSSIBLE_SCORE) * 0.30) + ((Average_ProPlayer_Score/POSSIBLE_SCORE) * 0.70)


The poll shall conclude on 4th of December of 2021.

Assigned Staff: @Riki

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Level 27
May 21, 2013
In polls, is common that people vote more for the enviroment rather than very technichal stuff, to my eyes I wouldnt detect much bases shape problems.

when something is kinda off, is better to use pm first, than public messages.

Please dont talk on Riki behalf, if riki has something to say, let him say it himself, and dont upload public sensitive content, use pm first to avoid sensitive debates.
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Level 9
Sep 6, 2008
also you have to consider that is common that players who are going to play, join the site and create an account to vote their favorite map, many players have accounts with no comunity interaction.
everything is going fine snowmelt is a very cool map imo.

We discussed this case with StrickEagle himself on Discord and his scoring is 100% clear for us now. So there is no need to create theories, which are wrong btw ;)
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Level 27
May 21, 2013
We discussed this case with StrickEagle himself on Discord and his scoring is 100% clear for us now. So there is no need to create theories, which are wrong btw ;)
those theories, were ment to cold down the discuss or to move the discuss toward other directions, I never care if they are acurate or wrong.
Everything is fine means everything is fine, lets move foward and not spin around the topic. I dont want to hear what is 100% clear or what was talked on discord, you shouldnt have posted that info IMO. and dont post more new info of that topic, pretty please.
However, the discussions in these threads do not add anything positive to the contest.
I agree, it ruins the mood of the contest (that only happens once a year), thats why I was/am a pm pm fanatic.
changing topic and moving foward

if anybody finds youtube or twich videos, with this maps would be cool to have the links here. sometimes streamers test what they consider the most promising maps, would be cool to see some videos, until 5 of december would be nice if the wait can be filled with some sort of fun content.

it would be also cool that more people that votes post what are they voting like this:
+1 for rc, tot & ft. Would vote couple more maps but 3 is max!
voted Rune maul, Full moon and dejavu

gl to everyone
Wish ya a good luck guy! I vote for crystal below!
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