Déjà Vu

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Déjà Vu

Story & general info

Search the island and find your enemy. Or have you already done it before? Don't worry, everyone on this island has that feeling.

A 2v2/FFA map also available for 1v1 matchups in Twisted Meadows round-symmetrical style. In 1v1 players always spawn opposite each other.
  1. Playable area is 100% symmetrical for both 2v2 and 1v1 matchups. That means both teams/players have exactly the same distance to every object on the map, same free space near mainbase and expansion, same amount of trees, same placing of critters and pathing blockers etc.
  2. Wide ramps placed in neutral positions (not too close to mainbase). Choke points near key neutral buildings, but always two paths, where players can retreat. No more ramps.
  3. Creeps. I used combination of different creeps that fit the theme. Almost every camp has only one ability, that can cause trouble (slow, ensnare etc.) to avoid strong combos.

Map specification

4 (1v1, 2v2 or FFA)

Creep Camps
8 green, 20 orange, 0/2 red (based on game type)


Goblin Merchant


Mercenary Camp (Lordaeron Summer)

Goblin Shipyard

Gold Mines
8 (8 x 12500)


Shipyards are added as a fully optional feature. They can be used for unusual plays. For example you can swim around the map with you ship and hire additional mercenaries without interrupting creeps defending Mercenary Camp. Or you can harass enemy expo from aditional sides, if main entrance is well guarded or scouted. Or you can unload you army behind enemy mainbase, destroy trees and surprise him with your attack.
You can also ignore Shipyards, play standard and you will not lose any advantage, because there are no must-have options for ships like cut-off islands with expansions or creeps.




- Uploaded

- Added additional orange camp
- Visual polishment

- Moved one green camp to the middle to make this part of the map more attractive
- Increased ramps width
- Adjusted camps levels and drops
- Moved back shop/lab camps to prevent aggro here
- Visual polishment

- Removed high ground for mainbases and shops; that means no more ramps
- Added more trees where cliffs was
- Changed green spider camp to bandit camp
- Visual polishment

- Camps rework (better balance + variety of units)
- Visual polishment

- Goblin Laboratories changed to Marketplaces
- Changed amount of gold for all goldmines to 12500
- Camps strength adjusted
- Removed one green camp per player
- Visual polishment

- Removed bugs noticed during HiveCup
- Camps strength adjusted (less Frost Armor creeps)

- Bases pushed back to increase distances between starting locations and to increase space in front of mainbases
- Increased distance between starting location and green camp in front of mainbase
- Widened most of the paths and entrances
- Goblin Shops and Marketplaces moved back to increase space in front of them
- Fixed aggro for all camps
- Ashenvale Mercenary Camp changed to LS Mercenary Camp
- Creep camps strength adjusted, added more medium armor creeps
- Adjusted itemdrops (more lvl2 permaments, less lvl2 charged items, LS drop removed)
- Removed unnecessary doodads and pathing blockers
- Boats doodads added to "deadends" to indicate, that they are ship paths, not reachable on foot
- Visual polishment

Déjà Vu (Map)

So, the points @Mr.Henci and @Nudl9 mentioend are still relevant to some degree, but you indeed fixed some of it. For me the map looks as follows: 1. Visually the map is perfectly fine. 2. Most itemdrops and creeps are fine. The spot with the lvl 6...
Level 20
Nov 6, 2013
Hey, nice map you got there, here are my thoughts:
1) Visuals are very nice, I like your work
2) To be honest, I agree with @Nudl9 that your map is not suited for boats as there is no reason to use them really
3) Ramps, ramps, ramps - While it is a beatiful eyecandy, there are 8 ramps per player, most of which are a hard choke to fight on. I would reduce no. of ramps to 2 or 3 really wide ramps
4) Outer paths should be wider, they are 1 yellow square wide in most places
5) Both nearby green camps have poison, are lvl5 and drop +1 tome, - I would make one a tad stronger and give lvl 1 perma
6) NE AoW creeping seems lacking? That lvl 14 orange while doable is rather hard and risky, lvl 10 murloc seems too far, idk
7) Drake at shop is a rather unusual thing, not sure how some melee armies feel about it since it forbids them from buying half of the time
8) Item drops are good, only one which seems odd is lvl 2 perma + 1 tome at lvl 14 orange
9) Some camps may agro, but they are not on the main scouting paths so it isn't as much of a problem as usual
10) I like the middle, it is not only visually pleasing but also gameplaywise interesting, only thing which is missing is something to fight for

To be honest, this maps checks all the boxes for beeing considered a complete melee map, it just tries too many unusual things (boats w/ questionable use, highgrounds everywhere, kinda empty middle) which some players may consider unwanted. Nevertheless, I would still consider it as fully playable and leave it up to you to decide if you want to keep it this way or change it.
Level 12
Sep 6, 2008
Ohh, I updated the map some time ago, but I did not uploaded it.

2) I am trying to find other, new ways to use boats, as they do not work as intended :) I had few ideas for them here (fast scouting, swimming around the map and hiring bunch of mercs, attacking expos from aditional ways etc.).
3) Yes, but some ramps - those filled with trees - are unused. Maybe late game. Very late.
7) Flying lvl 2 unit is fine or still too much for shop camp?
9) Shop/lab camps are moved back a bit, they should not aggro now, even when worker takes wrong path and goes near them.
10) I moved satyr camps to the middle to make "something to do" here. With doing this I also increased ramp width in the path leading to expo (point 3).
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Map Reviewer
Level 23
Nov 2, 2013
So, the points @Mr.Henci and @Nudl9 mentioend are still relevant to some degree, but you indeed fixed some of it. For me the map looks as follows:
1. Visually the map is perfectly fine.
2. Most itemdrops and creeps are fine. The spot with the lvl 6 troll is lvl 14 in total, which is often a case of "too weak for a lvl 3 item, too strong for a lvl 2." BU a lvl 2 permanent + lvl 2 powerup seems like a good compromise.
3. I still believe the ships will feel like they dont give a big advantage. I mean, why would want to buy a ship if you could get a zeppelin instead if both are available?
4. The general layout is interesting, but might be too convoluted/gimmicky (with the paths behind the main bases) for its own good.
5. Some of the ramps are bugged and have unwalkable tiles:
6. There are a lot of ramps/large highground areas, normally less is more with those. Essentially this makes boats even less attractive relative to zeppeling.

So overall a good map, but I'd expect the general layout/concept will not really be popular with the "average" wc3 player. If there were more bugs like 5, I would request an update. But just this one kind of bug (which luckily also only occurs in relateively unimportant places) is not enough for that. Map approved.