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Fonte des Neiges// SnowMelt (SM)


Map Name: SnowMelt (SM)​

My entry for the: Hive Cup 2021: Melee Mapping Contest #8

the history of the map: End of a rough winter. The snow melts and leaves now appear the cold ground and the vegetation still kneaded by winter. In this distant and unknown forest still in full awakening, Strangers come to disturb the inhabitants of the woods.

Neutral building:

- 4 Goldmines
- 1 Taverns
- 1 Marketplace
- 1 shop
- 2 Mercenary camp
- 2 Goblin Lab

Creep Camp:

- 6 green
- 12 orange
- 2 red


Fonte des Neiges// SnowMelt 2.1 (SM) (Map)

Approved based on the results of the recent melee mapping contest: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/hive-cup-2021-melee-mapping-contest-8-first-phase-results.336983/...


Map Reviewer
Level 24
Nov 2, 2013
Approved based on the results of the recent melee mapping contest:

The map has been reviewed by several pro players and mapmakers (including myself, see first-phase-result-thread), and was generally favorably received.