(2)Throne of Tides

(2)Throne of Tides V1.051
Player Suggest: 1v1
Take Inspiration: many from ladder maps, but heavy Moon Spark and Conceal Hills.
Map Creator: Zucth


Clear Vision:

Map Description:
Throne of Tides. The depth antique abyssal maw, where the faceless and naga conquered. The fall of Neptulon is not far from where it begins.

Neutral Building:
6 Goldmines (Main Base - 12500, Expo - 13200)
2 Tavern
2 Goblin Merchant
2 Mercenary Camp - Sunken Ruins
2 Goblins Labs
2 Portals - protect with tin trees line.

Creep Camp:
5 Green
12 Orange
1 Red

-Map Size: 88x84
-Underwater theme :3 (Thrones Of Tides is a place in the Neptune Palace in WoW.)
-permanent 5 and charge 2 middle
-map was made while focus on heavy middle contest camp.
-the cliff in front of your base weren't allow you to look over the main base.
-no gob lab following the underwater theme and to make player focus at the middle more
-feature portal

1.0 upload to Hive
1.01 remove portal, remove naga guy replace with lv4 murgul, fix fog vision range +100,+200.
1.02 buff shop camp lv18->19 with a little gamble creep ability - Unbroken Darkweaver lv5
1.03 make the map more contest able> change Unbroken Darkweaver lv5 > Sludge Fen lv5 (update the picture)

1.04 whole remade creep after the contest result, change due to Dise and SaveOrcas feedback. +muddy aggro fixed.
+2 lab, move merc camp position to the old portal spot.
1.041 add two marketplace and remade the whole map again... after take more feedback.
-conclusion = shop and merc tougher, lab at hydra, market at old portal position, easier first green 4-3-1-1, old muddy position remove muddy 4-2-2 (easier p1),
harder c2 mid +poison. mid red is now much harder to take.
1.043 follow the old update, fix the middle AoE range aggro. mid camp no longer disturb your time on the 4-2-2 turtle, and move doodad stuff...
1.05 fix the forgotten crab, buff the p2+pw1 camp (first AoW yellow camp), remove marketplace replace with lab.
1.051 trees bug, some doodads

Creator Note:
-MAP WIP was on the melee contest #8
-The map was originally made for 1v1 melee contest #8
-thank to Tenshi for testing, Knecht, Rhythmt(aka. Arrr), Mafe (for remind me of what I forgot), SaveOrcas and Kaer for comment. :mwahaha:

-Reforged version only use a reskin trees to match up the minimap color(the current 1.30+), it not really different to the original version. >credit to INSEKT.

(2)Throne of Tides V1.051 (Map)

(2)Throne of Tides V1.051 (Map)

Approved based on the results of the recent melee mapping contest: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/hive-cup-2021-melee-mapping-contest-8-first-phase-results.336983/...


Map Reviewer
Level 23
Nov 2, 2013
Approved based on the results of the recent melee mapping contest:

The map has been reviewed by several pro players and mapmakers (including myself, see first-phase-result-thread), and was generally favorably received.