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Fairy Tale

Entry for Melee Map Contest #8

I wasnt really involved much anymore for the last couple of month but the new Mapping Contest sparked some motivation in me.
Since days are getting short its the perfect time to come back and get creative again while its cold outside.

Fairy Tale is a map that i started working on back in summer. It was called 'Durnholde Keep' with the Lordaeon Fall Tileset.
It didnt came together very well so i switched the tileset to create a more light hearted mood. I think thats really important subconsciously.

Cant really say much about the strategic value, its a standard map.
I really like how the spacing of the areas turned out.

Good Luck to all participants :)

General Info:
Playable Size: 91x97
Players: 1v1
Neutral Buildings: 2 Shops, 2 Mercs, 2 Labs, 1 Tavern
Goldmine: 6 with 12500
Creepcamps: 6 green, 12 orange, 2 red


  1. LvL6: LvL1 perma
  2. LvL7: LvL1 perma, LvL1 power
  3. LvL8: LvL2 charged, LvL1 power
  1. LvL11: LvL2 perma, lvl1 power
  2. LvL14: LvL3 perma
  3. LvL14: LvL3 perma
  4. LvL16: LvL3 charged, lvl2 power
  5. LvL18: LvL4 charged, lvl2 power
  6. LvL18: LvL4 perma, lvl2 power
  1. LvL24: LvL5 perma, LvL2 power

Update 13.12.2021
- changed some terrain around the goblin laboratory to make it playable for kotg
- really minor texture stuff

Update 22.12.2021
- repositioned the goldmines

Fairy Tale (Map)

Approved based on the results of the recent melee mapping contest: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/hive-cup-2021-melee-mapping-contest-8-first-phase-results.336983/...


Map Reviewer
Level 24
Nov 2, 2013
Approved based on the results of the recent melee mapping contest:

The map has been reviewed by several pro players and mapmakers (including myself, see first-phase-result-thread), and was generally favorably received.