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Greetings my fellow Hiveworkers.
Time to unleash my very first solo TD.
Don't hesitate to show your final score in the comments, but remember I need the replay to validate it.



Special waves





Unexpected tab 8

Every wave you can either place a new tower or upgrade.
Score points when killing creeps.
Your performance changes the difficulty of the next wave.
Score the most points in one hour.
The game is paused between waves.
Periodic special waves.
No random anywhere : pure strategy.

One type of enemy, every of its level doubles it HP.
One type of tower.
12 upgrades with 20 levels each
Virtually infinite amount of waves, as long as it fits in one hour.
Automatic special waves.
High replayability.
One small map.
No imports (beside code).
Optimized triggers (leak free, homemade creep recycler)
Fast loading.

Special waves

Wave types (starting at 5)
Every 3 FAST
Units have +50% speed

Every 4 ARMOR
Units have -5 from all direct damage

Dead creeps will transform instead to a lesser version, until 0

Units have +5hp/s

Dead creeps will spawn 2 lesser version, until 0, priority over REDUCER

Every 13 HEALER
Dead creeps will heal their amount of HP to all nearby creeps

Every 17 IMMUNE
Immunity to slowness, burn and explosion

Max HP increases by 1% every seconds, until +100%

Wave form
All else NORMAL

Every 3 BURST
Units spawn in burst of group of sqrt of the wave instead of continuous, 3x slower bursts but 4x faster spawn per burst

Every 4 SWARM
Units 3x less bulky but 3x more numerous and spawn 3x faster

Every 6 HEAVY
Units 4x more bulky but 4x less numerous and spawn 2x slower, priority over SWARM and BURST

Every 10 BOSS
One or more super unit, priority over SWARM and HEAVY, BURST and ALL IN

Every 15 ALL IN
Units spawn in one single burst, priority over BURST

Attack speed
Projectile speed
Slow intensity
Slow duration
Burn duration
Burn damage
Burn frequency
Incinerate damage
Incinerate range
Slow aura


► [To be done] [ScoryMcScoreface]

► Attack damage bonus reduced from 4 to 3
► Attack speed bonus reduced from 0.125s to 0.1s
--- Attack and attack speed meta is too straightforward
► Can pick at start 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute game
► Can start again after game end
► Removed shadows from creeps and builder
► Creeps goes straight without bumping on each other
► The difficulty increase is changed from -10/+25% to -5/+25%
--- Waves with a lot of special modifiers and few creeps tends to have a decreased difficulty, so it will counterbalance too easy endgame
► Swarm waves spawn time is decreased from 0.5s to 0.33s
► Swarm waves have 3x more creeps instead of 4x
--- Swarm waves tend to slow the game because they last twice as long as a normal wave. So they are just as long as any wave, but the creeps will be a bit more beefier
► The builder will stop its build animation when creating a tower
► All in wave info command now shows properly when it happens
► Burst, Heavy, Swarm and Boss wave info command will now take in account the waves before the special waves
► Tweaked the misleading Heavy wave info
► Sounds works now properly at wave start and end
► Added a sound when the player gets score
► Added a color animation in the score board when the player gets score
► Added a sound when a creep escapes
► Added ice and iron version just for aesthetics
► New aura upgrade building
► New upgrade : Slow aura. Reduce speed by 0.5% in a range of 400. Each level increases range by 10 and slowness by 0.5%. Each towers accumulate the slowness aura
► Fixed the score screen display, as it ate before the highest digit
► You can move only one tower per wave in an other location for free
► Changed explosion visual effects on explosion, hit and death
► Fixed the bug where building a tower don't update its stats according to the upgrades
► Fixed the bug where building a tower will select something else
► Reduced the size of the green range effect of towers when selected
► Fixed the bug where explosion damage could kill a creep instead of being recycled
► Fixed the bug where burn damage could kill a creep instead of being recycled
► Fixed the bug where the resurector dummy is deleted
► Fixed the bug where the incrementor don't increase HP
► Fixed the bug where the incrementor heals the wrong amount
► Tiny optimizations
► Removed the Resurector system
► First upload
@GhostOfPast alias FlameofChange
Gamedesign, level design, mapping, test, crying

Damage engine

Only for 0.1
ReviveUnit snipped

FlameofTD 0.3 (Map)