Exodus of the Horde (loktar's edit)

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.



  • Final three missions restored from The Frozen Throne's demo custom campaign
    • Implemented voiceovers from the Reign of Chaos demo
  • New characters according to Warcraft lore
  • New, more unique models where appropriate: factions, heroes, ...
  • New quests and scripted events
Also available: The Scourge of Lordaeron, Path of the Damned
- Unfinished/abandoned: The Invasion of Kalimdor




  • 01-02:
    • Removed tutorial and some hints
  • 03:
    • Humans patrol the island
    • Added optional quest: attack the outpost before patrols alert it of your presence
  • 03-05:
    • Restored from The Frozen Throne's demo custom campaign
    • Implemented voiceovers from the Reign of Chaos demo
      • Including new scripted events for all but one originally unused voiceovers
  • Kul Tiras Marines:
    • Renamed from "Kul'Tiras Marines"/"Human Expedition"
    • Renamed: Archmage to Arch Hydromancer, Priest to Mage, Arcane Sanctum to Mage Tower
    • New hero resources: Arch Hydromancer
    • New unit resources: Peasant, Militia, Footman, Rifleman, Mage
    • New building resources: Barracks, Mage Tower
  • Darkspear Trolls:
    • Renamed from "Island Trolls"
    • Sen'Jin renamed to Sen'jin
    • New hero resources: Sen'jin
  • Underworld Minions:
    • New Scorescreen Player Icon
    • Sea Witch proper name is Zar'jira
    • Buildings renamed: Murloc Hut 1 to Murloc Mound, Altar of the Deep to Altar of the Depths
    • New hero resources: Murloc Sorcerer, Sea Witch
    • New building resources: Murloc Mound, Altar of the Depths, Bone Chipper

Kul Tiras
Arch Hydromancer, Mage, Peasant, Militia, Rifleman by Ujimasa Hojo
Mage Tower BETA by Ujimasa Hojo
Footman, Barracks, Altar of Admirals by loktar

Darkspear Trolls
Sen'jin by loktar

Underworld Minions
Murloc Sorcerer by Ujimasa Hojo & loktar
Zar'jira (Medusa - Ancient Sea Witch) by DeuceGorgon & Retera
Bone Chipper (Bamboo Watch Tower) by Ujimasa Hojo
Altar of the Depths (Altar of the Fathomless) by Retera
Murloc Mound by Ujimasa Hojo

Warsong Clan:
Warsong Grunt by Tauer

- Archmage's proper name is random again in 03

- Changed campaign Name

- Replaced Warsong Grunt with Tauer's version

- Warsong Grunt Walk animation fixed

- Added Warsong Grunt in Mission 2

RoC Prologue: Exodus of the Horde (Campaign)

I'm sorry, but compared to this version (Exodus of the Horde (Expanded)), yours is more lacking. Set to Substandard.


Map Reviewer
Level 56
Jun 4, 2009
  1. The first two levels are total filler.
  2. Small changes, some spells & skins replaced.
  3. Some heroes don't have glow. You could add that: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
  4. Warlocks!?
  5. Curse has a title issue.
  6. The Archmage hero has normal attack type while your heroes have hero attack type.
  7. I don't think some triggers might be working properly. I got quest completed without the need for the green town hall to be destroyed and paused enemy units were still in the ending scene.
  8. I am not able to remember the original exactly, but I guess Kobolds would fit and not Gnolls in the underground map.
Overall meager changes and I highly advise people to do their own stuff and stop thinking they fix what's not broken.
As written on the other one.

The issue with these edits is that they have to bring something new otherwise, they don't do anything for the community. The work on such a project is so much thinner than when people actually invest time and love to create something of their own.
Your version doesn't really have custom content apart from some aesthetics imports.
What is there to improve? I think you very well know that. There has to be considerable change to make an unoriginal work fit for approval.
Now, don't expect me to tell you what to do. That's not my job but some hints might be in the direction of new units (not talking about replacing as that's even worse), abilities, heroes, quests. These are some good examples of how to edit an original campaign and improve it:
The Scourge of Lordaeron - Enhanced
Warcraft III - Archon Mode
Arthas Campaign - Humans

So please don't get so offended when what you consider your work isn't mostly yours.
On my part, I fully understand why this is marked substandard and I pretty much agree with the previous post.
My intention with this isn't to radically change the original campaign, but to add missing content, add more unique resources where I feel it's appropriate, and update it a bit lore-wise.
As such, I accept that it's not on-par with the campaigns listed above, let alone fully custom maps.

Although I hope people will tell me if there are actual bugs or other issues in the campaign, and again, I'm entirely open to suggestions.

Originally, my intention was to release a mod with somewhat updated campaigns (among other things), but since there are long periods of inactivity on my part, I thought it would be better to release them as campaigns first until everything is finished.
Level 20
Mar 28, 2015
Alright, since I gave a review about the 'Path of the Damned' campaign, I might as well give a review to the others

Chapter One:
-You could make Heroes' abilities have QWER hotkeys
-I find Thrall's comment about Forest Trolls hilarious, since technically the Horde abandoned the trolls during the Second War

Chapter Two:
-I really liked that you used a different model for the captured Grunts, which help us know that they are members of the Warsong Clan. however, they are slightly smaller than the regular Grunts
-Last Cinematic problems:
--The camera used while Thrall and Grom are talking after the latter has to be fixed, because the bars doodads are blocking us seeing the two orcs
--The grunt that comes to tell that the Horde is assembled pops out of nowhere. Move the camera more to the left so that we don't see the grunt appearing.

Chapter Three:
-Maybe you should give a human model to the Kul'tiran Rifleman unit, because we know that there are no Dwarves living in Kul'Tiras
-The Murloc Sorcerer has a Mur'gul model

Chapter Four
-Technically there are 12 prisoners, not 10.
-How in the world Murloc Sorcerers have fire-based spells rather than some based on either Frost or Water?
-Thrall's voice is not heard in his comeback to the Murloc Sorcerer.
-Very good to see that you gave Zar'jira a ghost naga sea witch model, which fits her lore-wise! Good job!:thumbs_up:

Chapter Five
-For some reason Zar'jira is using the 'Walking' animation while talking to Thrall in the opening cinematic
-It is weird that Za'jira not only has the same attribute points as the Murloc Sorcerer but somehow deals less damage than him (she deals 37-43, while he deals 37-47)
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Thanks for the review (and also for the other campaigns)!
I'm not really planning on working on this anymore, but if I have some spare time I'll try fixing the bugs/problems you mentioned.

hey just want to ask, where is the Horde Campaign ?
The first two missions of the Horde campaign are here, but I stopped working on it, and I don't plan on finishing it.