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Arkain News Network

Discussion in 'The Legends of Arkain Series' started by Shar Dundred, Dec 14, 2017.

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  1. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    Map Moderator

    May 6, 2009
    15th September 2020
    Ladies and gentlemen,
    today we will take another closer look at one of the Imperial Regiments. You know & love them since
    the Second Orc Book but do you REALLY know them? No, because I have not really given them
    the treatment they deserve! Until now!
    Today I give you the second entry of the Imperial Regiments - the Bull Regiment!
    Why I am doing this? Am I just giving you some lore for an AI faction? Will they have a bigger
    role to play in the True Story - or in the future after that? Who knows!

    The Bull Regiment

    "Provoke the Bull at your own peril."
    The Bull Regiment is one of those curious relics that should have been retired long ago but still retains service.
    Despite fielding soldiers wearing modern plate armor, the Bull Regiment is still also making use of rather ancient armor
    and weapons that would be more at home in museums and ancient arenas. Still, the Bull Regiment continues to use both
    with surprising efficiency. Then again, one should never underestimate a soldier at the peak of human ability.
    The soldiers of the Bull Regiment has proven time and again that their brute force alone is more than enough to further
    the goals of the Empire - though who would openly speak out against someone strong enough to crush a skull with bare hands?
    Unlike the Wolf Regiment with its werewolves, the Dragon Regiment with its beasts, the Falcon Regiment with its tamed
    animals or the Phoenix Regiment with its summoned creatures, the Bull Regiment relies solely on pure human force alone.
    While some believe that they use spells or magic potions to increase their strength beyond what a human is normally capable
    of, the soldiers of the Bull Regiment speak only of hard, daily training and workouts. It matters little where their strength comes
    from, the brute force of this regiment cannot be denied.

    It is said that when the Bull Regiment was first deployed to deal with rebelling lords within the Empire, who first laughed at the
    sight of such barbaric-looking warriors but as soon as they had started killing rebel soldiers with a brutality that made being captured
    and tortured alive look like a relief in comparison, they stopped laughing. It should be mentioned that the Bull Regiment treated
    its prisoners hardly any better than any enemies they met on the open field. The Bull Regiment was not about taking captives, it was
    about being unleashed to destroy anything that stood in its way, leaving nothing behind to be rebuilt.
    While many of them still wear their traditional armors, the best among them wear an armor so heavy that regular soldiers would not
    be able to wear it. Even if an enemy was able to resist the first wave of lightly armored, savage warriors, the second wave consisting
    of the heavily-armored elite of the Bull Regiment would be their doom.
    The current leader of the Bull Regiment, the veteran General Dorbric, is said to be as strong as ten men, his axe having cut large
    Demons in half with but a single strike. Like his warriors, he prefers to charge right into trouble and break through anything in his
    way, leaving the more complex strategies to other regiments and generals. Still, labelling him as little more than a simple-minded

    buffoon would be a grave mistake. One should not give the Bull a reason to start a stampede while standing in front of him.
  2. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    Map Moderator

    May 6, 2009
    21st September 2020
    Ladies and gentlemen,
    today we will take another closer look at not one but three of the Imperial Regiments.
    You know & love them since the Second Orc Book but do you REALLY know them?
    No, because I have not really given them the treatment they deserve! Until now!
    Today I give you the final three entries of the Imperial Regiments - the Dragon, Phoenix and
    Falcon Regiments!
    Why I am doing this? Am I just giving you some lore for an AI faction? Will they have a bigger
    role to play in the True Story - or in the future after that? Who knows!
    Note: The Imperial Regiments also deploy "ordinary" human forces, but these showcases
    serve the purpose of showing what sets them apart.
    I had to mention this here because... Well. You will see.

    The Dragon Regiment
    "Fear the wrath of the Dragon."
    According to legend, the founders of the founders of the Dragon Regiment rode on the backs of dragons whose scales
    were pure silver and gold. The founders of the Dragon Regiment somehow managed to gain the trust of these powerful
    beasts and, similar to the realm of Zyainor (despite not being aware of its existance), they joined forces to create a nation.
    Unlike the Black Dragons of Zyainor, however, the proud dragons of Rodan wanted no veneration, they wanted cooperation.
    These gold and silver dragons and the Humans of Rodan were said to have fought side by side against their enemies to
    create a great realm for the most advanced and civilized races - themselves. However, over the centuries, for reasons
    unknown, the proud races of these silver and golden dragons declined. One by one, they died out, leaving nothing but
    memories to be mourned - and the Dragon Regiment.
    It is unclear how much of this legend is actually true. It is true that there once were dragons on the continent of Rodan,
    but whether or not they were actually allies of the Imperials that even worked with them or not is debatable. In fact, only
    the soldiers of the Dragon Regiment seem to think that the dragons were once their allies - or pets, depending on who was
    asked, the opinions regarding the exact details of their relationship are being discussed even inside the Dragon Regiment itself.
    Regarding the decline of these dragons, scholars agree that the dragons probably were unable to sustain their breeding grounds
    in the growing civilisation of the Empire - and if the dragons' scales were made out of silver and gold, as the legend claims, then
    it would come to little surprise that they may also have been hunted down for these valuable metals. The truth of the myth may
    only be found in the archives of the Dragon Regiment - but they would not let anyone, not even most of their own, enter these places.
    Either way, the Dragon Regiment has made desperate attempts to once again have dragons at their disposal - though not as "ally"
    but as a weapon to be unleashed. Many leaders of the regiment have tried to find a replacement over many centuries - with some
    sort of success, to their credit, though it is hard to actually call most of their beasts "dragons". First, the Dragon Regiment had tamed
    some lizards by stealing eggs and raising them like any other domesticated animal.
    On the coastlines of Rodan and on small islands surrounding the continent, they found sea drakes - though belonging to the "dragon family",
    they were more ferocious and bloodthirsty than the dragons of the then-unknown continent of Arkain. These wild beings were forced into
    submission and tamed - and then, along with the lizards, used for magic experiments in an attempt to create new "dragons".
    While the creatures of the Dragon Regiment are by no means dragons (with the exception of the ferocious sea drakes maybe), it cannot
    be denied that these creatures are extremely powerful - and woe falls upon those who stand in their way.
    The proud and somewhat imperious General Ramerius is the current leader of the Dragon Regiment. Like all human members of the Dragon
    Regiment, he serves the Empire and Emperor with pride and has a high opinion of the abilities of his regiment.

    The Phoenix Regiment
    "The Phoenix leaves nothing but ashes."
    While there are no "legends" about the past of the Phoenix Regiment, its natural choice of summoned creatures or how
    they had originally mastered the summoning of phoenixes to a point that had allowed them to call upon entire swarms of
    the creatures, the regiment has had an interesting tale of rise and fall in the Imperial history books.
    Many times, it had been said that the Phoenix Regiment had completely fallen in battle and was done for after having been
    sent into a battle they had no chance of winning. But then they would rise again and again - just like a phoenix from the ashes.
    Some whisper that the archmagi of the Phoenix Regiment had found a special method that would allow them to actually rise
    from the ashes after their death - like the phoenixes they summoned. If this was true, the Phoenix Regiment would not share
    this secret with anyone else, discarding it as nonsense and insisting that their skills - and, as they are willing to admit,
    nothing but sheer luck - is what kept them alive. Yet the rumors stayed.
    The phoenixes deployed by the Phoenix Regiment are not actual animals like some believe. They are all summoned creatures made
    of the purest essence of fire. Alongside its ordinary military force, the Phoenix Regiment possesses a large number of summoners
    who summon the beings far from the frontlines and then send them out to support their soldiers in battle. Interestingly enough,
    many of these summoners have never participated in a battle themselves which is a reason why they are kept far away from the
    frontlines, serving a similar purpose as engineers or other workers instead. Some are however powerful wizards who accompany
    their soldiers into battle - though their number is rather low, mostly due to the unwillingness of the Phoenix Regiment to endanger
    its valuable summoners that easily. Their power of their phoenixes, however, is unquestionable.
    Silent and mysterious General Kenos is the leader of the Phoenix Regiment and a powerful summoner of phoenixes. He always
    wears his mask and is fully clothed, showing not even the slightest bit of his skin. This has of course led to rumors, as it always does.

    Most believe the rumor that a demon sorcerer had once trapped a then-unexperienced Kenos inside his own phoenix, slowly burning
    him alive. It is said that the pain and agony made Kenos, who was but a recruit summoner back then, accidentally channel too much
    magical power into the phoenix.
    This overflow of magic energy is said to have caused a massive explosion, killing the demon sorcerer and his henchmen - but also several
    members of the Phoenix Regiment and only further burning Kenos alive - it was a miracle that he was still alive. From that day on, he
    was never seen without being fully clothed - or without his mask.
    Since Kenos never comments on this (or speaks little in general), it is unclear whether or not this is true. Some rumors that could only be
    heard in the fewest backrooms claim that Kenos is in fact the original founder of the Phoenix Regiment. As it was believed that the regiment
    had mastered a method that allowed them to rise from the dead like a phoenix from the ashes, some even went so far to claim that the
    current leader of the regiment was the very same one who founded it.

    The Falcon Regiment
    "You cannot hide from the eyes of the Falcon."
    Many centuries ago, there had once been an Emperor who had grown weary of his responsibilities as ruler of an entire
    continent, having to deal with wars, rebellions, politics, economy and other things that he did not care about the
    slighest bit. He had never wanted his crown, he was born into a family that just happened to be in charge of the
    Empire - and what kind of son would just have thrown that away? As soon as he had an heir who was young, but
    old enough to take his place, he made his choice.
    Abstaining all claims to the throne and making this young son emperor in his stead, he left the court - despite heavy
    protests from advisors, family and nobles alike. He left for the wilderness, leaving everything behind him. However,
    after a few years, some were quite unhappy with their new ruler - and they also saw this as an opportunity:
    The former Emperor was out in the wilderness - unprotected, unguarded and alone. If they got a hold of him and put
    him back in charge, they could control him - or if he refused to be put back in charge, they could control his son and
    current emperor to do their bidding instead. So they sent several headhunters to get the Emperor back - putting a
    VERY large bounty on his head.
    The hunters searched the wilderness but they could not find the former emperor. He was able to avoid them, he had
    tamed the birds of the forest to warn him of any intruders so that he could avoid them. Several weeks passed and some
    of the hunters, realizing how their target kept avoiding them, started to hunt the birds. This was of course unacceptable,
    and so the former emperor decided to show himself - after having called upon a number of more... dangerous animals.
    He confronted the hunters on a clearing. As soon as he had shown himself, his animals surrounded the hunters. He demanded
    that they stopped killing his animals and returned to whence they came. To his surprise, they did not try to fight or run.
    They threw their weapons on the ground and knelt before him, declaring that they had never had any interest to kill him. Instead,
    they had only wished to protect him - their one and only true emperor - from the intrigant courtists who were seeking his downfall.
    He explained that he was no longer their emperor - but that he had spent too much time too far from court. Together with his
    animal pets and his former hunters, he returned to the court, where the group of intrigant and powerhungry nobles that had wanted
    to kill him, had already taken control. They were put in prison and later executed for their treason - presumably killed by the very
    animals that had protected and been fed by the man they wanted to kill. While he did not retake his throne and left his son in charge,
    the former emperor decided to form an army to protect his son - his first recruits were the headhunters. The Falcon Regiment was born.
    Skilled hunters and animal tamers, the Falcon Regiment consists of many skilled falconers that summon the favored animals of the
    regiment to their aid. They are said to share a mythical connection with their falcons, being able to see whatever they saw.
    While maybe not seeming as impressive as the other regiments, the Falcon Regiment has proven its strength many times - and one
    should never underestimate an animal that protects its master. Or the other way around.
    General Aveen, the current leader of the Falcon Regiment, is rumoned to be a distant relative of the Emperor - maybe even an heir
    of the original founder of the regiment. While she is a capable leader and beloved by her soldiers, she seems to prefer keeping her
    distance to the other generals and people that are no part of her regiment in general. The ones who believe that she may be
    related to the Emperor believe this to be the reason. Others think that she simply prefers her animals over her fellow humans.
  3. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    Map Moderator

    May 6, 2009
    22nd September 2020
    Today I am bringing you two different kind of news. So without further ado, let's start!
    No long intro this time!

    First of, given the fact that the Second Books have all (finally) been finished for a while now,
    with the Second Undead Book having been out for almost a month now, I have decided that
    it was time for another Arkain Question Time!

    What is an Arkain Question Time? Mortals asking Aridon about their future?
    Arkain Question Time (short AQT) is like an "FAQ) of Arkain. It is an event where people send
    me Arkain-related questions via conversation. I collect these questions and then release them in a single
    great post. As you can see in this thread, the questions also involve spoilers - and also some
    funny/less serious questions (and answers). All these questions are welcome and I will include
    as many as possible.
    I will accept questions from today until 4th October 2020. I intend to post the questions and
    their answers on the 5th or 6th October.
    Feel free to send right away!

    Second: I am presenting you something I have already teasered in the past weeks:
    The Imperial Regiments mechanic!
    "I don't like wolves. They're course, rough and irritating. And they get everywhere." - Blen Greymoore

    You remember the Leadership Boni? Yeah, that was a neat race mechanic. The race mechanics of the Orcs
    was broken by bugs and the Second Undead Book did not really get that. The First Books lack them completely!
    Now, with the True Story of Arkain, it is about time that we fixed some of these issues, right? Right!
    The Imperial Regiments I have introduced to you in the last few newsposts will be added with not only their name
    but also their unique units! You will be able to replace your "ordinary" units with these specialized forces to experience
    new ways to play the chapters. You want to overrun the enemy with pure melee power? Let's call the Bull Regiment!
    You want to release the hounds? The Wolf Regiment is just what you are looking for! You want to unleash some nasty
    beasts? Let's get the Dragon Regiment to serve your destructive desires!
    In addition, the new generals will also join the events of the books (to both Blen's and Zoia's dismay, they will have to
    spend some time with each other). This also serves to increase the number of named Imperial generals as their number
    has been quite limited before - especially after the events of the First Books. That's not to say that they are all going to
    survive these events however...
    Quick side note: The grey Greymoore will actually receive more of a backstory and characteristics in the True Story.
    No, don't worry, I will not change his character just to make him more interesting, I am just giving him some final touches
    before... well, you know.

    Anyway, that's it for today. Feel free to send me questions for the Arkain Question Time - and stay tuned for more news on
    the True Story of Arkain! A demo is in development!
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2020
  4. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    Map Moderator

    May 6, 2009
    26th September 2020
    As some of you have probably already noticed, I have reorganized the Faction Sheet and the
    Tales of Arkain threads to make them easier to navigate.
    I will make further adjustments when more factions/stories are added. The same goes for the
    Character Sheet.
    Currently it would not make much sense to differentiate between Empire and Kingdoms or
    seperating Elves and Dwarves from Humans due to the low count of entries on the current list.

    I have also added the Wolf, Bull, Dragon, Phoenix and Falcon Regiments to the Faction Sheet.
    In addition, the Generals Aveen, Dorbric, Kenos, Ramerius and Zoia to the Character Sheet.
    I have also slightly extended some of their backgrounds beyond what I have shown you
    in the newsthread - check them out!

    I am still collecting questions for the Arkain Question Time. We are currently at about 80 questions.
    Can we reach the one hundred or possibly even more? It is completely up to you!
    Send me as many questions as you want via conversation - I can take it & in fact want it! ;)

    Maybe the release of the AQT will accidentally coincide with the release of the first demo of the
    True Story of Arkain, who knows...? :)

    Stay tuned!
  5. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    Map Moderator

    May 6, 2009
    27th September 2020
    Alright, the questions for the AQT are still coming in and I am impressed - we are at over 100 now! Wow!
    And it has only been five days! I can't imagine how much more will come up!
    I am really happy & amazed to see your participation.
    Remember that you can still send in more questions until the 4th October 2020 (including the 4th)!
    I wonder if we can get to 130 next, that would be more questions than we ever had before in an AQT.
    Either way, it fills me with joy to see how many people are interested in Arkain - and I thank everyone
    who is helping the AQT by sending questions. Without these questions, without your participation, the
    Arkain Question Time would not be possible.

    As a little "teaser" and to thank for the already high participation, I have decided to give you a little
    insight into what is planned for the Orcs for the True Story of Arkain!
    Originally, I wanted to give them a similar mechanic as the Humans - then I considered a character-based
    Leadership Boni mechanic instead. However, I came to the conclusion that uniting the different orc clans
    in the First Orc Book was used as an important story arc. So why should I not include it?

    Let me present you:
    The Island Clans mechanic!
    "I dread to think what were to happen if the savages stopped killing each other." - Unknown Pyrrean noble

    From a gameplay perspective it functions just the same as the Imperial Regiments mechanic, replacing
    your units with these specialized forces! You want to go all in with cavalry power? Let Rath summon
    his Darkmind Clan riders! You want to wear shiny armor and have access to shady contracts to improve
    your economy, not caring where the gold came from? Let's get the Goldaxe Clan! You just want to crack
    some skulls? The Bloodhand Clan has you covered! You desperately miss the Dragon Lancers from the
    demo of the First Orc Book? Skullblade Clan it is!

    You want to see all clans in their new shiny look? Check the spoiler below!

    Stay tuned for future updates while I continue to tinker on the first demo for the True Story of Arkain!

    The Deathbreeze Clan
    With the Orcs having arrived on the shores of Arkain on ships, them living on islands and
    them being pillagers by nature, it comes to no surprise that many of them have become pirates.
    Still, no other clan has become as famous by raiding as the Deathbreeze Clan.
    When the Orcs first arrived and launched their first invasion of Arkain, the Deathbreeze Clan had
    not even existed yet. The clan was founded after the invasion was put to an end by the races of Arkain.
    This makes the Deathbreeze Clan one of the few clans that had been founded on Arkain - another one
    being the Cliffhunter Clan - rather than already having existed before.
    While the Elves have a hard time telling the difference between the different Orc clans and most of the
    human nations not caring to know, the Kingdoms of Pyrru and Toran quickly had to learn a harsh lesson:
    When the Goldaxe Clan attacked, you could give them gold and they'd leave. The Darkmind Clan would
    launch a proper charge into the heartlands of your realms, allowing you to fight them on the open field.
    But when the Deathbreeze Clan attacked, you were in for a guerilla strike. The Deathbreeze Clan mostly
    focused on raiding villages and castles along the coastline while also being a threat to any unprepared fleet.
    They were quick to strike and just as quick to return to their ships to leave.
    Mobilizing an army on land against their ordinary raids was pretty much a waste of time.
    In order to stop their raids, the Humans had to face them on sea - and going into a sea battle against the
    rising might of the Deathbreeze Clan and its dangerous ships without proper preparations was just asking for trouble.

    The Darkmind Clan
    Ever since the days of the first arrival of the Orcs, the Darkmind Clan had always been one
    of the most numerous. Great in number and naturally gifted with the skill to fight on the
    backs of animals, its warriors were born to be raiders and riders, riding the animals they
    had brought with them from their old home and the ones they found and tamed on Arkain.
    The warriors of the Darkmind Clan were the first to land on the shores of Arkain, charging
    into the lines of the pirate barons on back of their wolves. Later, they would also tame and
    ride on the horses used by the humans of Arkain. However, when they, along with the other
    clans, left the island baronies and landed on the shores of Arkain, they suffered a severe defeat
    at the hands of an army of Salrian Elite Pikemen who had arrived from the south, not being used
    to fighting against spearwalls previously.
    This taught the clan the lesson that brute strength, even when on back of a wolf or horse, was not
    enough. Therefore they began to deploy more infantry forces and warlocks as the war continued - and
    continued to do so long after the invasion had failed. Still, the Darkmind Clan remained consistent in
    relying heavily on its experienced riders.
    Like the Bloodhand Clan, the warriors of the Darkmind Clan prefer an open battle against their enemies.
    Due to them prefering to fight on the backs of their mounts, they are not too fond of fighting on the sea
    or the coastlines.

    The Goldaxe Clan
    In comparison to other Orc clans, the Goldaxe Clan could almost be called the clan that is
    the least unfriendly towards non-orcs.
    Despite xenophobia being common among Orcs, most members of the Goldaxe Clan do not
    appear to outright "hate" other races. Often, rather than simply raiding a village, they'd demand
    tribute and, if satisfied with that tribute, leave the village alone to return at some later point for more.
    The Goldaxe Clan cares for one thing more than any other: Gold. Wealth is an important aspect
    in their clan society. The chieftain of their clan is not the strongest warrior or the most powerful
    wizard but rather the one who was smart enough to obtain the greatest wealth.
    There's some claims that the Goldaxe Clan would even let itself be outright bought by Humans to
    fight against their human rivals - or against other Orc clans. While these claims cannot be proven,
    they DID let themselves be hired for gold by other clans to fight by their side.
    They are considered something like mercenaries by other clans. While they only care about gold,
    many of their warriors also considered themselves proud and honorable warriors. Dogran, the right
    hand of the chieftain, is one of them.
    Being the wealthiest of the clans, the equipment of the Goldaxe Clan tends to be the most expensive
    and highest quality, making them all the more dangerous in battle. However, their weapons also tend
    to be used less.

    The Ironthunder Clan
    The Ironthunder Clan is very shamanistic and it is said that they even feel connected to nature.
    At least that is what other clans believe, the Ironthunder Clan remains rather secretive when it
    comes to their focus on shamanism, keeping such things to themselves.
    They are however by no means peaceful caretakers of nature. They respect nature like a wolfrider
    respects his mount - and use it similarly. The Ironthunder Clan has always prefered cooperation over
    confrontation and is therefore willing to work together with other clans to fight against common foes
    or reach common goals.
    At the same time, many members of the clan are highly independent, unwilling to bend the knee.
    The clan has only once bent the knee - and that was when the Orcs first arrived on Arkain.

    The Bloodhand Clan
    When human parents and grandparents tell their children scary tales of green monsters that
    come for them if they are behaving badly, they often refer to the brutish Bloodhand Clan.
    While the clan does not care at all about how Humans behave, it really does look back on a
    proud history bringing fear into the hearts of their enemies.
    Brutal and bloodthirsty, the numerous warriors of the Bloodhand Clan prefer simply charging at
    their enemy and utterly destroying them rather than relying on tactics, strategy or magic.
    They are not without cunning, however, and will not hesitate to use any tool that is at their disposal.
    Still, strength is the most important attribute to the Bloodhand Clan members. They would often
    leave the Orc Islands to travel deep into the lands of the Humans, setting up their camps to raid
    surrounding villages. Legends claim that they even had set up one of their camps on the border
    to the land of the Demons prior to the creation of the Void.
    The arrival of the Empire however put an end to many camps, destroying them easily while pushing
    back the Demons, the Bloodhand Clan was little more than a group of insects to them.
    Still, the Bloodhand Clan holds much power both on the Orc Islands and in the Kingdoms.
    They were quick to retake their lost camps after the First Voidwar.

    The Ravaging Fire Clan
    While the Ironthunder Clan is completely shamanistic, the Ravaging Fire Clan embraces the dark
    arts of necromancy and sorcery. Many great warlocks and necrolytes of the Orc race are said
    to originally hail from this clan.
    Some Humans even think that the clan is using demonology and actually consists of secret slaves
    of the Demons. This is of course far from the truth, the Ravaging Fire Clan has never bothered
    to try demonology and they, like all Orcs, are by no means willing to ally themselves with the Demons.
    If it wasn't for the former hermit Zairmak however, the Ravaging Fire Clan would have ceased to exist
    a few decades ago. Despite its power, the clan had been waning. Poor leadership, internal struggles and
    wars against other clans had taken their toll. The clan had even begun to forsake their ancient mastery
    of magic in favor of training more warriors.
    Zairmak established his power and became chieftain, removing the Ravaging Fire Clan from all conflicts
    with other clans and staying out of future conflicts, preparing for the future war that Zairmak expected
    to come sooner or later.

    The Skullblade Clan
    The warriors of the Skullblade Clan boast that, unlike the other Orcs, their ancestors
    came to Arkain on flying beasts rather than than sailing on ships. While it is true that
    the clan is in control of many flying beasts, it is unlikely that they really travelled on the
    backs of these beasts all the way from the original home of the Orcs to Arkain.
    Still, since the Orcs have no historical records and do not even know where they came from,
    the Skullblade Clan stays to this version of the story. Many believe that the Skullblade Clan did
    not even have any beasts when arriving on the future Orc Islands but instead found and tamed
    the beasts there.
    Either way, there is one thing that all Orcs can agree on:
    While the clan also has strong ground forces, thirsting for battle, the aerial might of the Skullblade
    is not to be underestimated.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2020 at 5:57 PM
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