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Arkain Question Time Archive

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Shar Dundred

Community Moderator
Level 72
May 6, 2009
Here you may find the Arkain Question Time published on 2nd September 2017.
Any future AQTs will also be archived here.

1) Will you someday show the geography of the world of Arkain?
When I have the time for it, maybe.
It isn't on any of my priority lists, to be honest.

2) How big is the continent of Arkain? Is it roughly the size of Europe or way smaller than that?
I would say, even more than that. Around the size of Europe + Russia.
Keep in mind that the demonic realm behind the Void is included in this and that is a gigantic realm.

3) How much is the population of the entire Arkain continent if we exclude the undead and demons?
Same answer as for the size of the continent.

4) Are there other continents in the planet of Arkain,expect of course the continent where the Human Empire is on?

5) Did the ''Behind the Scenes of Arkain'' cinematic turn this entire series into a snuff film?
It wasn't before?

6) Did the story ever have an entirely different script than the version we have now?
Well, at the very beginning of the campaign creation (2012), I had intended to have the players decide who would be the traitor. It would have been a choice between Gardon and Genethas. So, like, if you side if Genethas, you don't just fight Gardon, you actually would have had him BECOME the traitor.
As you can imagine, this would have changed the Second Human Book TREMENDOUSLY.
I cannot tell you what it would be like today, as the idea has been there loooong before the script of the Second Human Book had been finished - or even properly started.
I think that Blen even would still have been a main character.

7) If you had to make a "good" and "bad" time-line in each of the books, what choices should one make, and what side quests should be/not be completed to get the "worst" outcome and the "best" outcome?
I cannot do that. There simply is no "best" or "worst" outcome.

8) Is there any meaning to the name of the series or to any designation in the Legends?
No, there is none, sorry to disappoint you. :p

9) Will you make major updates to the First Books?
Yes, but don't ask for a schedule, though.
I have millions of things to do with Arkain before I can be satisfied.

10) Were there any other missions that were interesting in concept (just like Krom killing chieftains metal gear solid style)that you scrapped from all the campaigns?
Yes, there was a mission in the Orc Book about Vanessa infiltrating a Human village after a base of hers got ambushed & destroyed by the Knights of Kome. There she would, for the first time in her life, really see Humans as they were outside of battle. At the end of that mission, she would have been captured by the Knights of Kome and then brought to Gardon.
The chapter idea was scrapped because it would have been a run-around-and-do-nothing mission that doesn't really evolve the story too much. Also, I decided to change her character a different way.

11) Do all 3 stories connect with each other in a "canon" time-line? The reason why I ask, is that in both the undead and human book you can kill Sasrogarn, while in the orc book he lives.
No, they don't.
There are several events that overlap or happen in all stories, like the Imperials being defeated by the Orcs who are then overrun by the Demons, but there isn't a real "canon" timeline.

12) Are there any chapters that are so unsatisfying you want to rework them?
Chapter Four and Chapter Two of the First Orc Book.
The latter isn't "unsatisfying", though, I just want to give the story there an overhaul.

13) So when did Dogran REALLY die? I mean in the Human Book we see him die in the temple, while in the Orc Book we see him get killed by Aridon.
It is as you said. In the Human Book he died in the temple, in the Orc Book Aridon killed him.
There is no canon.

14) What happened to the Undead Guardian that was protecting the Demon Artifact that got absorbed by Aedale?
Depending on the player's choice he either died or brought the Demon Eye to a new hideout and guards it.

15) Was Selior Cleavehand supposed to play a bigger part in an earlier script of the story?
In a very, very early script of the story, yes.
It was scrapped soon, however - ever since that, he started eating lots of ice cream and cries all day.
We tried to kill him, but he returned as a ghost and still ate ice cream.
This is a Behind the Scenes reference, btw, in case you were wondering.

16) Does Saphira know that Rahandir killed her?
Yes, she remembers everything that happened.
However, she also knows that the Orc raiders would have caught her regardless.
That makes no sense for you? Wait for the update to the First Orc Book! ;-]

17) Why did Aridon the Watcher allow Largoth to be in the undead army? Didn't he see it coming that he would betray them?
He did see it coming, but Largoth had been very useful for Aridon, so he had decided to, temporarily, keep him.

18) How/When did Vanessa die in the Undead Book? She was alive at the end of the Orc Book.
In the Undead Book, Sasrogarn arrived to late to save her - she died in Castle Kome, killed during the siege by the knights.

19) Will there be a happy ending to all books?
That depends on your definition of "happy ending".
If it is "EVERYTHING will be good, EVERYONE will live happily ever after", you will be disappointed.
This is war, people die.

20) Will the Dark Entity be revealed?
Yes, maybe even sooner than you expect!

21) Are we going to see more to the Forgotten faction or the red orcs (Moghtar)?
Yes and yes.

22) Will you ever make the human emperor Theodor the Second make a cameo appearance?
He will appear in the Epilogue of the Second Human Book.

23) Are we going to see dragons (besides undead frost wyrms) in the following books ?

24) Will we fight in the Void?
The void is the border/rift, not the lands.
You cannot fight inside a bottomless rift.
If you want to know if you bring the fight to the realm of the Demons behind the void... Time will tell.

25) Will you add even more choices that change the gameplay,not just the dialogue in this and the other Second Books?
Some choices will affect gameplay as well, yes.
In fact, I have quite some plans for a system that allows you to choose your own army more.
I plan to experiment with that in the Second Orc Book.

26) Are the different factions like Golden Guard and Ironfist going to get their own skins and models for their buildings?
I had considered that, but I decided against it for two reasons.
a) I couldn't really find building sets that I considered suitable for the factions.
b) It would require much more work for tech trees regarding units, upgrades and buildings – more than I deemed it worth it.
The same can also be applied to all other factions and races.

27) How long do we need to wait for the release of the full version of Second Human Book?
I am not working on a schedule, so no idea.
I want to finally finish it in 2017, though.

28) Is van Durce a good guy that is just misunderstood?
Well... *He* thinks he is a good guy...
To be fair, he is mostly just following his orders, though.

29) Will we see Zarin Hammerfall return?
Very soon, yes!

30) Does Brian's ring hold great secrets and the truth about him?
Brian's ring is a memory to remind him of the life he once had, his family, his mortality, his humanity, his personality and him... being alone.

31) When will you release chapter 8?
I am pretty sure I already released it. ;-]

32) When will you release Chapter 9?
I have no set schedule to finish my stuff, it is a hobby, I am unable to set a schedule.
I release the maps when they are done and have been tested.

33) Does Gardon want to get the princess of Kerrel for his wife?
Nope, he has other marriage plans.

34) What is Aridon's true status on the Second Human Book?
Everything is going according to plan.

35) Will we know more about the relationship between Brian and Aridon?
MUCH more!

36) Is Gardon suspicious of Brian?
Yes, but he trusts Brian more than he would trust others.

37) Will you reveal how Gardon and Brian met and how Brian tutored him?

38) Why does Brian keep such a huge part of his secrets to himself?
There are things he cannot reveal to Gardon as of yet as Gardon has other things to focus on.

39) Why did the Golden Guard decide to kill Blen Greymoore and only imprison Harmos and Aedale?
He was tortured to death, not outright killed.
Aedale was pretty safe because the Golden Guard wouldn't dare touch the daughter of Duke Redfist - unless of course said daughter would be allied with Gardon, like Cora.
Then they would simply have blamed the rebels for her death. Aedale however, was in custody - and her father knew that.
There was no way of freeing her without him knowing it was the Golden Guard. And no one, not even the arrogant van Durce, would want Redfist as his enemy.
Harmos on the other hand would have suffered the same fate as Blen if he hadn't been freed.

40) Will Lord Thanok be playable?
Evil always finds its way.

41) Why didn't Saphira want to fulfil Aridon's last wish?
What makes you think that Aridon had a last wish?

42) What's Rahandir going to do with the two half-blood children of Queen Renova?
Now, that would be too much of a spoiler, wouldn't it?
I can tell, though, you that he won't kill or even harm them.

43) Are we going to learn what Thanok really is?
You are going to learn more about Thanok, yes.

44) Why didn't Gardon or Thanok brainwash Scarlett Retka rather than wasting her as a potential ally in the case he chose Cora?
Cora wouldn't have accepted with Scarlett either way - in addition, neither she nor anyone else needs to know too much about the amulets. That would have made her leave as well – on more hostile terms.

45) Are we going to see Lord Brian demonstrate his true power in the Second Human Book ?
He won't have to.

46) We haven't seen the Dwarves so far in the Second Human Book, where are they?
In battle against the Demons - mostly at the borders of their own realms.
You will see them.

47) Is the Kasrkin commander that appeared in the interlude death of a legend the same that appeared in chapter 1 of the first human book?
Yes, he is.
This particular Kasrkin Commander is the leader of the Kasrkin - before Blen's death he was his second-in-command.
Before you ask: No, you didn't kill him in Chapter Eight of the First Undead Book. That was another commander.

48) Will we get a chapter in the Second Human Book where fighting on the sea will be a main part of it?
The final mission will feature both a navy battle AND a land battle.

49) Who is Salana going to marry?
Salana isn't going to get married.

50) If Aridon had future vision how come he didn't see the ambush coming?
He did see everything that was coming his way.

51) How many members of the Redfist family are alive and are we going to see any of them?
Counting the ones you have already encountered in person, you will see five in total in the Second Books.
Six family members still alive at this point. There used to be more.

52) Is it mainly the players fault that best daddy of the entire universe, since the birth of earth Duke Volarian Redfist ''the Tyrant'' is such a bad person – if he actually is a bad person?
A certain action commited by the player may have turned him into "the Tyrant", if he really is one.
If he is no tyrannical character, then a certain action commited by the player will have left a mark on his poor soul.
He is a rather tragic character, actually and will make players feel bad for a certain past deed they have committed.

53) Are we going to learn more about Vanessa's history and heritage?
Apart from being adopted (or actually stolen) and raised by Rangul?

54) Will Vanessa be a main character or play a bigger role in the Second Orc Book?
She will play a bigger role, yes, but that isn't too hard in the first place, to be honest.
She wasn't really that important in the First Orc Book to begin with.

55)In your trailer for the Second Books appeared a female troll. Will there be troll heroes for us to control in the Second Orc Book?
Yes, there will be at least one - the female dark troll you have seen in the trailer.
I think she was no dark troll in the trailer, but she is.

56) Are the Murlocs going to be playable in the Second Orc Book?
They will appear, but it is not certain yet if they will be playable.

57) Since we now know that Orcs can ally with Murlocs and Trolls, are we going to see them having Ogres or other creatures as allies in the future?
There will be more races they will ally with, yes.

58) Will we get to know more about the Dark Elves in the Second Undead Book?

59) If Aridon died during the final mission of the Undead Book will that have serious consequences on the Second Undead Book?
First off, it will change dialogue regarding Ornasion.
Apart from that, yeah, you will get a punch in the face in the first mission already.
I am not kidding.

60) Are the Dark Elves and Driders undead, or are they alive and just allies with the Undead?
They are not undead.
More about them will be revealed when the time is right.

61) What character did you base character XY on?
I am not using templates to create my characters.
There will always be similarities to other characters from other universes, that is inevitable, but I do not base my characterson existing ones. I create them from scratch and form their personality myself.
Sure, certain stereotypes or other things might influence them, i. e. I want Renald van Durce to be a rather disliked character, so I make him as arrogant as possible - in the bad way.
Blen on the other hand was the paradigm, the one every soldier wanted to be like - and still a plain character who wasn't too interesting. That, however, allowed more freedom with choices made by him.
I think I have been quite successful with that so far.

62) Who is your favorite character of them all (on Arkain)?
I cannot answer that with just one character, I like many characters I created.
Gardon, Rahandir, Aridon, Krom, Brian, Scarlett, Vail, Zairmak, many others.
In a way, I would even say that I like van Durce because I made him such an arrogant asshole.
I like every character who turns out to be exactly what I want the character to be.
I think that's also because, unlike you guys, I don't have to fight them on the battlefield. :-]

63) Is there a favourite character which is not obvious and are any characters related to real life events, especially pertaining yours?
Despite me not having a real favorite character, as I mentioned before, I will say that I really like Scarlett, but that is mostly because I have created her very long ago for something not Arkain-related and pretty much then decided to move her into the Arkain universe. She is kinda nuts and I like that a bit too much. Wouldn't recommend her to be your girlfriend, though.
Interestingly, her character is only about one and a half month younger than the Legends of Arkain thread, so almost the same age.
No characters are related to anything in real life, not mine, not anyone else's. At least not on purpose.

64) Was Gardon's father a high ranking member of the Imperial Army or a high ranking political member?
He was a very high ranking politician.

65) What is Lord Brian's age?
That's a difficult question to answer for reasons too much of a spoiler to explain...
Let's just say that he is older than Rahandir.

66) Is Brian close to Aridon in terms of power?
Brian is powerful, but still far away from the true extent of Aridon's power.

67) Is Lord Brian the Dark Entity?

68) Is Merlon Seabright actually @Arowanna?

69) Does Merlon like sand?
Yeah, but he prefers the sea over almost everything.
If he was @Arowanna, he would like @San, however! :-]

70) What is the name of Merlon Seabright's flagship?
He has no flagship currently, the Undead destroyed it along with the rest of the fleet not too long ago, as you might remember (First Books).

71) Did Ebira fulfil the wish of Genethas, did he become king of all demon slaves?
He is the leader of the slaves now, yes, but he still became a slave himself.

72) Why is it that Rangul doesn't think that there might be more humans that are like Vanessa, and since she could become a part of the clan, maybe others like her, or maybe people who are better, can join to?
Vanessa has been raised by the Orcs, and still is hardly accepted by most.
There are no other Humans who have been raised by an Orc.
In addition, him seeing certain Ironfist tools (like Merlon's amulet) - with Rangul being unable to see the difference between Ironfist and any other Humans apart from the Ironfist being more dangerous enemies than other Humans - increased his distrust.

73) What was Aridon before he turned into an archlich?
You mean, what was Aridon before he turned into an undead?
He has never really been anything else. He is, in fact, the very Avatar of Death.
For more information about that, read this.

74) What is Krom's backstory? What was he before he became Undead?
Krom was among the first to be raised as Undead to serve Aridon.
He used to be an Arkainian, a member of the very first race of Arkain. He was an extremely skilled assassin who defied the gods when they started waging war on each other, not wanting to participate in that conflict. He was slain for his denial and later reanimated by Aridon.

75) Is Aridon the oldest being in the Arkain universe?
One of the oldest.
If you add his time as a living being and the time between his death and his reanimation as an Undead, though, Krom would be the oldest. Krom was born before Aridon.

76) Who is the oldest servant of Aridon?

77) What does Rahandir prefer? Coffee or soda?
Neither, he is dead, he doesn't drink anything.

78) Since Rahandir is familiar with Gardon's magic that he uses to control his troops,can he dispell it?
Gardon uses no magic to control his troops, he uses on certain individual officers.
Several regiments under his command are absolutely fanatical in their service to him without wearing the amulets.
Anyway, going back to the question if he can dispell it:
Under certain circumstances.

79) What are the names of the 3 Bonelords?
Here are not only their names, but also their primary attributes:
Kasresh (Strength), Rogthil (Agility) and Sha'thar (Intelligence).

80) If Sir Edoarus was brought back decades ago by Aridon,considering the Voidwar ended 20 years ago, why didn't we see or hear of him during the First Undead Book?
He simply wasn't involved in the major events so far.

81) Why does Sir Edoarus have a disdain for paladins?
As living Human, Sir Edoarus the Executioner was executing everyone who had broken the law - regardless WHAT law it was. In his mind, there was no place for mercy or redemption for criminals.
Paladins considered him a cruel monster with no sense of honor. However, he has no special disdain for them.
In fact, after his death, Sir Edoarus developed a disdain for most living beings.

82) Are Largoth and Lisara serving the Demon Legions or they're serving someone else?
They are not serving any of the legions.

83) Will Progaderas return ever again or did we permanently kill him?
Progaderas will never die.
Poor bastard will keep getting killed over and over again, though - and be pissed about it.

84) What is your favorite race on Arkain?
I want to say Demons, but I haven't given them enough love yet to claim that.
So, Undead.

85) Can Pale Elves and Elves "intermingle"?
Theoretically, yes.
Isn't going to happen, though.

86) Can Elves and Humans "intermingle"?
As the Emperor and Queen Renova have proven, yes.

87) Can succubi "intermingle" with mortal races?
Theoretically, yes.
(Yes, I really got three questions like that.)

88) Is there anyone who can resist the dark magic of Gardon's amulet?
Orcs cannot be controlled, not by magic, not by Demons, not even by Aridon himself.
The will of the Undead is bound to their masters', so it doesn't affect them.
The masters of the Undead are too powerful to be controlled by amulets.
Powerful beings could find means to resist it as well.
It also doesn't work on animals.

89) Who is stronger: Golden Guard, Kasrkin or Ironfist?
The Kasrkin have been weakened a lot, they are no match for either in their current state.
While Gardon and the Ironfist have grown a lot in power recently, the Golden Guard would, if you combine the forces on both continents, still destroy them with relative ease. Even Gardon cannot win when outnumbered like 10,000 to 1.

90) When the war ends how many Elves will die? Will it be enough to make an entire continent of elven bones?
I think that even if you killed all Elves, both military and civilian, there wouldn't be enough bones for that.
Would have to consult Krom on that, though, he is the specialist.

91) Are there Dark or Pale Dwarves?
If you want to play as Dark Dwarves, you will have to wait until Creative Assembly adds the Chaos Dawi to one of their Total War: Warhammer games.

92) A question about the human faction referred to as "the Demon Slaves". What makes them slaves? Are they mind controlled, or are they referred to as such out of disrespect for their allegiance with the demons? Lord Genethas is promised something in exchange for his service, but not mind controlled. Are the "demon slave" factions willingly siding with the demons, or are there cases of the mind control and willing allegiance?
There are several different cases here.
There are those who have been captured and tortured until their minds were broken, turned into slaves.
Others have been seduced with promises of power, wealth or with fulfilling any of their wishes, like Genethas, and have willingly joined the Demons, being put under mind control in a more subtle, but still extremely powerful way.
There are also those who have grown up in a society controlled by their demonic overlords who have been indoctrinated with the directive to serve the Demons until death form their very birth.

93) If we take Gardon's armies and the royal army do they outnumber the Undead or the Golden Guard?
There is absolutely nothing that can outnumber the Undead since Aridon has been collecting the countless dead on Arkain. However, he cannot use all of them at the same time to defeat his enemies because by doing so, he would give all other races a common enemy to focus all their efforts on.
This could lead to two different scenarios:
a) The Undead defeat the mortal races, but weaken them so much that they will all go extinct sooner or later.
b) The mortals would defeat the Undead since even the Undead cannot fight against EVERYONE ELSE at the same time, especially since the mortal races, yes, even the Orcs, would be smart enough to focus on the Undead instead of attacking each other. It wouldn't be an "alliance of all mortals", but it would make them stop fighting against each other for a while. Even the Undead could be crushed then.
Aridon neither wants all mortals to go extinct nor does he want to see the Undead crushed, so he will never use the entirety of his forces.
Golden Guard
They would at least outnumber the Golden Guard that is currently on the continent, but if you add the Golden Guard from the Empire's home continent beyond the Great Sea.... No way.

94) How did Trolls and Orcs meet each other?
After the Orcs had been defeated by the Demons and hunted by the Humans after the Orcs' arrival on Arkain (very very long ago), they met the Forest Trolls. The two races weren't too different from each other, they both were hunted and killed by the other races. Their alliance was one of convinience.
The Forest Trolls started getting used to be led by Orcs and the Orcs considered them as equals, so that Trolls became part of the different Orc Clans.

95) Why is it hard for the Undead to manipulate the Orcs?
The Orcs' nature forbids them to be manipulated or controlled, not even Aridon or the Dark One could control them. They can be tricked, of course, like everyone else, but you will never see an Orc become a slave of anyone else – not even the Demons.

96) Do most Undead in Arkain become feral when they have no master?
Unlike Blizzard, I have not forgotten that Undead will simply lose their (un)life if they lack a master or at least some sort of power source to keep them alive.
Since they are no zerg, they will not become feral.

97) Will we get to know more about Nerubians in general?
Not anytime soon.

98) Will there be another demon legion?
There are many different legions.
Several more will appear too, but due to it being the most powerful and numerous one now, the Souleater Legion is the one you will see the most.

99) Just like in Warcraft lore do Demons in Arkain have to be killed in they're own realm (aka the Void) to permanently die?
The Void is not the realm of the Demons.
The Void is the unnatural border (a literal rift leading into nothing but emptiness) to the realm of the Demons.
And no, you don't have to kill them there to kill them permanently.
They are an actual race (or group of races, if you want to put it that way) that is extremely powerful and has a high reproductive rate with gigantic population.
They aren't summoned into the world of Arkain, they LIVE ON Arkain - behind the Void.

100) Is the Dark Entity also manipulating the Demons?
Yes, it is.

101) Which demon is stronger in Arkain: Pit Lord, Demonlord or Dreadlord?
The Dreadlord is the most powerful – keep in mind that this doesn't refer to physical strength.
Then comes the Pitlord, then the Demonlord.

102) Who is the leader of the Demon Legions?
The Legions have had no single master since the death of the Demon God.
Every legion is being led by its most powerful dreadlord.
Kersidar is the leader of the Souleater Legion, Ornasion used to be the leader of the Blooddrinker Legion and Erganoth is the leader of the Darkblade Legion.
There are far more legions and leaders, ofc.
In the Demons' eternal struggle for power, the Blooddrinker Legion managed to become the most powerful legion by sheer force, led by Ornasion. The Souleater Legion was close behind, however it didn't want to risk a war with the Blooddrinker Legion and therefore accepted them as the leaders of the invasion force.
Now that Ornasion has been defeated, Kersidar and his Souleater Legion are in charge.

103) Are all Demon Legions allies?
Not really.
The most powerful legion will always try to take control of the less powerful ones.
"Most powerful" doesn't just mean the number of soldiers, however.
Every high-ranking demon acts as a politican of high standing for his legion. He or she has a high number of different assets at his or her disposal to increase his power and the power of his legion. The Demons are not as united as they seem, sometimes a demon would weaken his own legion's interests to accomplish his own goals.
However, there is one goal, one ultimate goal, that all Demons, no matter the rank, no matter the alignment, no matter the personal interests, share: The survival of their race and their independence.

104) Are the murlocs and nagas in this story the same race? You know since when you click on a naga in the Second Human Book it calls them a murloc.
There are no naga in Arkain. The creature you have seen was a Murloc Mammoth.

105) What comes after the Second Human Book?
For some time, it was planned to make the Second Undead Book afterwards.
However, after some consideration, we decided to return to the original order:

106) Will you add a anti-demon type unit?
I am sure there are some units that can be considered anti-demon, but apart from that, no.

107) Can we have a Gardon face reveal?
If someone can draw a fitting face for him, maybe.
*I* can't.

108) What can we expect from the spin-off campaigns? What will they be about?
You can expect many stories taking place in the Arkain universe.
These stories will mostly take place in the time after the Second Books, but there are also considerations to do at least one taking place before even the First Books.
That is not certain as of yet, however.
For stories taking place after the Second Books, well, I already have lots of ideas!

109) When will you feature the Kingdom of Salria to make it full circle?
When the time is right.

110) Will those Ares knights and Bloodfist units we saw in Chapter Five of the Second Human Book be trainable - or the Pride of Humanity unit?
Absolutely not, they're AI units.
They're just elite versions of units you already have.
Ares Knights are the elite version of Knights.
Bloodfists are the elite version of Elites.
Pride of Humanity is the elite version of Destructors.
And so on, there are more elite versions of known units - just take a look at the Red Guard in Chapter Seven of the Second Human Book.

111) Will we meet Aedale's other siblings?
At least one more.

112) Is there going to be voiceover at some point?
Maybe in the very very distant future.
Not very likely, still.

113) Is there is any part of the story you would rework and do you have plans to rework?
I want to and WILL rework certain parts of the First Orc Book.

114) Will we see another behind the scenes of Arkain cinematic?
After all Second Books are completed, yes.

115) Is there going to be a Murloc Book?
I will reply this question with a question of my own:
Are there Night Elves in Arkain?

116) What is your goal creating the Legends of Arkain? What do you expect and want to achieve?
My goal is to create a campaign series with a great storyline and gameplay and enjoy doing it as long as it lasts. I also hope that people keep enjoying it.
Apart form that, I have no goals, expectations or hopes for achievements. I have no illusions about this being a step to creating my own game out of it or anything – I don't even want that, this is a hobby, it shall stay a hobby.

117) Will you keep it going for fan service once the initial plan is done?
After the Second Books are done, there will be the spinoff campaigns. We have a lot of ideas there.
However, I keep no illusions. One day, it will be over. It will probably take a very long time, but we are going to reach that point. When we do, I hope to be able to look on a great creation I enjoyed to create.

118) Do you imagine the Legends of Arkain as a standalone game?
Sometimes, but I don't see it happen.

119) Will you add choices to the spinoff campaigns?
It didn't take me long to decide about this.
The answer is: Probably not.
I like the choice system, but it makes too much time and effort to be worth being applied to smaller campaigns.

120) Will you do another stream how you play the campaign or show how you make a map?
Very unlikely. I have little time and interest to do another stream.

121) Is the capital of Gardon's kingdom going to be used in a future mission?
I cannot make a statement about the spinoffs, but it won't be used in any of the Second Books anymore.

122)After you finish the one million things you planned will you do a Arkain altered melee map with all 3 races?

123) Will the Demons get more attention? Do you have plans about making a Demon Book?
I intend to do demon campaigns in the future, yes.

124) Do you plan to make a real official Arkain wiki once you are done with the main story of all books?
I intend to create something for Arkain at some point, yes.

125) Is there any chance for Illidian (the model) to show up in the world of Arkain?
Using a non-night-elven-skin, it is at least not completely impossible to happen. No plans for that yet, though.
Keep in mind that there are no Night Elves in the world of Arkain. :-]

126) What was the motivation for you to make Legends of Arkain? I can see that you took a lot of inspiration from Warhammer and Warcraft, is there something else that motivated you?
Ironically, WarCraft took quite a lot inspiration from Warhammer, even to a point where some people say Blizzard stole much, but that is neither the place to discuss this nor do I want to.
Well, the motivation was pretty simple. I had already created around 80 campaigns for WarCraft 3 in my younger years. Most of these were parts of a series, I think it was about...I cannot remember how many, maybe ten series?
Anyway, none of them were released, the maps never had a quality that would make them worth releasing - today, all of them are lost anyway. I didn't intend to release any of them either since they were made for me and some friends to play, not to be published. One day, however, I wanted to create a campaign series that I would upload, a campaign series with quality high enough to be approved in the Map Section. That was in 2012. Sadly, my computer got broken and I considered the files lost. I didn't want to start from anew, lost motivation and focused on other things instead. In 2014, I recovered the files and started the Arkain thread (Btw, on Friday, the 11th of August was the 3rd anniversary of the thread).

A question I have been asked a lot in the past already. There is no real inspiration for Arkain.
When I first started Arkain, I didn't know ANYTHING about Warhammer Fantasy, only a small bit about Warhammer 40k. I never really grew to like most of the WarCraft lore that came with WarCraft 3 and afterwards - especially most things related to the Orcs. And let us not even get started about the things WoW changed.
I was, however, a Fantasy fan. For the "base" I took some ideas from, believe it or not, Lord of the Rings.
I didn't take too much from it, though, I think mostly just the East VS West theme. The rest came from my own mind.
However, I had read the Ulldart series (a fantasy series with an intriguing story, sadly only available in german), which had a pretty dark story with much intrigue and plotting, both war and political games.
I liked it, but I often encountered situations where I was like "I would have done that a different way".
I didn't take anything from that series, but I think you could say it inspired me to create my own fantasy universe, along with other factors.
In addition, I have already created my "own" universes in the past (the other series I mentioned above), so I had "some" experience on that.

127) How do you feel about your accomplishments? Do you still have second thoughts?
I wouldn't say second thoughts, but I feel that too much time has been wasted with the shutdowns the project had suffered in the past. I freaking hate wasting time.
I am also not too satisfied with the First Orc Book at this point, but I intend to change that at least a bit.

128) What are your main concerns about the project? Is there something you don't like about it?
It takes too damn long to finish stuff and I cannot do anything about it.
Believe me, it annoys me at least as much as the rest of you – actually even more.

129) What was the special mission mentioned in his character bio that made Merlon stay silent and never criticize Gardon again?
I assume that the actual question here is: What made Merlon stay silent and never critisize Gardon again?
Answer: He got his Amulet of Discipline on that mission.

Shar Dundred

Community Moderator
Level 72
May 6, 2009
Arkain Question Time 6th October 2020

1) How exactly did the Dark Elven Driders came to be? And do we really want to know it?
Well, if a spider and a Dark Elf REALLY like each other....
No, it is actually some sort of "reward" (ugly, I know) and a magical process.

2) Who is responsible for the Cave Orcs' survival and them eventually worshipping Aridon?
As hard as it might be to believe, that would be the Cave Orcs themselves.

3) Did any of Bhaarizel's original shadowy creatures survive after Zindrach's death?
To Bhaarizel's regret, none of them survived the events of the War of the Four.

4) How big is the Human Empire in terms of land and population compared to Zyainor and the land of the Demons?
Imagine this:
Take Zyainor and add Kerrel and Salria to it. Then add Glacius, the southern wastes and the realm of the Demons.
That's about it. And then there is the colonies but let's not get too deep into that, eh?

5) Are the other Tribal Dominion races immune to manipulation like the Orcs?
Interestingly, nobody has really tried to manipulate (most of) them due to their low relevance in the past. However, unlike the Orcs, they are not immune to manipulation. Keep in mind however, that their decision making is now connected to the Orcs - and a certain someone has an interest in trying to have the other members of the Tribal Dominion adapt the resistance of the Orcs.

6) How badly did the war with the Undead post-SOB affect the Tribal Dominion? Did it take them long to recover?
Believe it or not, this event is being moved forward in time and will take place during the True Story.
The reason why it was originally taking place later when I wrote the timeline was mostly to showcase the "new face" of the Orcs with their disciplined ranks.

7) Are the characters spells in game canon to their spells in lore?
I want to say "Yes and No" here. Balance and other things have to be kept in mind for ingame spells (and game limitations). At the same time, spells are also included because of the lore, like Gardon summoning Zed, Rahandir dropping ice meteors on your head or Amari using exclusively shadow spells.
The polar opposite here is Grofzag summoning warriors out of thin air. Yes, you could argue that he is calling for reinforcements instead and to make that "loreful" I could have the units spawn on the map entrance to move all the way to his position, but that would be pretty annoying from a gameplay perspective.
TLDR: Yes but not 100%. :p

8) According to the post second books world map, a big chunk of the fields of despair aren't under the control of Zyainor. What prevents them from taking it?
If you ask Zyainor, this land completely belongs to them but they have no way of using it in any effective way due to it being damaged beyond repair. It serves as a buffer zone between the lands of the Demons and the Humans - it had served this purpose before but well, Isalmur fell and that created a new border situation back in the day.

9) Is the entire land of the Demons as bad (in terms of usable land for anything) as what the "Guardian of the North" short story portrays?
Their land is pretty much screwed up and the amount of usable land is rather... limited. The death of their god devastated their lands. Wonder whose fault that was.
It is one of the reasons why the Demons continue to push into the lands around them. They may be immortal and bound to their lands by heritage and history but that does not change the fact that their lands are... difficult to live in. It is at the same time a natural defense against invaders, however.

10) Was the Void artificially created by a powerful being to separate the Demons from the other races or was it always a part of Arkain?
It was created purposefully during the First Void War by using a Demon Eye.

11) Can Brian and/or The Dark One reverse the spell Aridon used to permanently seal the Dead Mountain?
Theoretically they would both be able to do that, yes. But they'd have to face the consequences of poking into that and unless they were ready for that, it would be a foolish thing to do. Especially since Aridon has gone pretty much completely passive after the Second Void War ended. Largoth is a continent away and Brian has some races to look after.

12) Excluding the sentimental value to the Demons, what is the importance and purpose of the Seat of the Demon God?
In the days of the Four, this was not just his seat but also the center of his realm (before it was turned into what it is now). There are Demons who are looking for a way to bring him back - and they want him to have his home back.

13) Who was the Arkainian whose blood Renald van Durce found?
Whoever it is, its blood keeps refilling the grail.

14) Do Arkainians have greater affinty with light magic and are the resons for van durce and his close circle stronger light powers?
The Arkainians had a superior affinity with all kinds of magic and martial arts due to being the handcrafted (supposedly perfect) creations of the gods.

15) Did Thanok decide to rule Lor out of all the kingdoms because its the closest kingdom to the court at Pyrru and would allow him influence Gardon and his children better while also serving as safe area to make the new dragons nest?
It was Gardon's choice to give Thanok Lor. The Kingdoms of Pyrru and Toran kind of merged during his rule, with Pyrru being the place where his fortress stands while Toran holds the capital city of New Zyainor.

16) Is there any form of central government in the Hot Sands? it seems to be implied there are people living there in Guardian of the North?
There is no central government down there, no.

17) There is little amount of info on the Hot Sands and the Cold North despite both being close to waters. Did the Kingdoms and Orcs avoid exploring that area because of the Demons being so close to it?
Old Zyainor did explore the Cold North a bit but that did not go very well. The Kingdoms did not try it at all, they were too occupied with fighting all kinds of enemies (including each other). The Orcs on the other hand did not really see a reason to go there since there was no village to raid that they knew of.

18) Are there any planets aside from a moon near the world of Arkain and if so do they have any magical proprties or has something to do with one of the magic types?
Any other planets do not really have any importance.

19) Where do summoned creatures come from?
They are beings made out of magic.

20) Which races populate Rodan?
Apart from the Humans?

21) Apart from Arkain, the Orc home continent and Rodan are there other continents?

22) Why haven't the Demons tried to construct a second Gate of Hell like fortress?
Because there was only one gap in the Void to built it on. Also they would never have expected the mortals to actually manage to successfully attack and take it.

23) What is the continent the Human Empire located on called?
The continent is called "Rodan", the Empire is called "Empire of Rodan".

24) What would have happened if Genethas had not betrayed the Empire?
The Demons would have lost much more in the First Voidwar. They probably would not have been wiped out by the mortals, but they would be in a much worse state today than they are now.

25) Excluding their losses to the Tribal Dominion, how many times have the Undead actually been defeated and had their original plans ruined because of it?
Aridon is quite irritated by these losses, it is quite the new feeling for him. Then again, the Undead had not "directly" intervened since the days of the Four.

26) Why hasn't Gardon tried to retake the Gate of Hell? Does he fear his forces won't be enough, that the Emperor may begin his invasion at any moment or that the undead will sabotage him again?
This is also one of the things that the True Story will reveal but among other reasons it was that the Demons of the other legions were all too eager to take control of the gate after the Souleater Legion had lost control over it.

27) After the defeat of the Blooddrinker and Souleater legion, which is the strongest demonic legion in terms of influence and power?
The defeats of these two legions created a power vacuum in the political structure of the Demons, leaving many evenly matched legions at each other's throat.

28) Who is the demonic Guardian of the South? Will we get a short story about him in the near future?
I haven't really written much for him yet to be honest.

29) Why are the demons reinforcing their border with the Hot Sands?
They are preparing for something coming out of the desert.

30) Who was the "soulless abomination" Zairmak was referring to in chapter 7 in the FOB?
Oh right I did not remove that when I removed the uncanonical Vanessa lines... Yeah, should have been deleted years ago.

31) Was it Brian who sent the shades to talk with the Dark One at the end of the First Books and if so why would he do this since both were hostile? Is it something that would be answered in the True Story?
The shades were from Aridon. In the First Human and First Orc Books, Largoth's betrayal would originally have been slightly (only slightly) delayed. This scene will not be in the True Story anymore.

32) Vanessa found Gardon's powers and ambition to be of great interest to her, yet we barely saw her commenting on either in the Second Orc Book even when Amari had similar power. Did Vanessa abandon her awakened ambition and interest in shadow magic?
This was removed from the First Books quite a while ago due to being part of a no longer canon plot.

33) What were the planned missions for SUB that you scrapped?
Some of the missions are going to be added in the True Story so I am not going to give you a complete answer on that to avoid spoilers there but I will say that some missions would have been with Vanessa attacking her former family along with other Undead.

34) Who is telling the truth, Aridon or Tregakh? Or are they both partially right?

Truth is subjective, my friend.

35) Did Daric's mercenaries join Gardon or Zora?
Neither of them. More on that in the True Story. :)

36) Who cleaned the Gnoll temple as stated by Ornasion in the Epilogue of the SOB?
The servants of Tregakh. If you ask about the "why" or "how", you'll have to wait for the True Story to tell you I am afraid. :)

37) What is this ghost spell that Sir Praxeus has? As far as I understand its what Gardon could be, if he followed the light's path?
It is what Praxeus imagines Gardon would have become if he had not followed Brian. Whether or not that would have been good or not is a completely different matter. Praxeus and Gardon are probably not going to agree on that one...

38) How much of Aedale remains in Lisara after the latter absorbed her?
If Lisara took over? Only a tiny bit.

39) If she tried, how successful would Ebira have been in seducing Gardon before the Gates of Hell battle?
About as successful as Rangul was in invading the Kingdoms. Meaning it would not have ended well for her.

40) Why didn't Aridon try to turn Kersidar into an undead like he did Ornassion? Did it have something to do with Ornassion heavily disapproving of it and/or Brian really wanting Kersidar's shadow?
Aridon was simply not interested in Kersidar. I will say that he has by no means discarded the idea of undead dreadlords, however. ;)

41) Did Gardon make any plans about what he was going to do with the lands of the Demons if he did conquer them?
Gardon had no interest in conquering the Demons - he wanted to eradicate their kind for good. Their lands held no value to him, he only would have set up garrisons to watch the area and slay any Demon that might have survived somehow.

42) Is the cannon canon?
Why would the cannon not be canon?

43) What were your plans for undead Vanessa in the SUB? Was she going to play a major role in the story and the undead invasion of Salria?
She would have been the protagonist of the Salria attacks of the SUB, fighting Salrians, Moghtar and Dominion forces alike. In one of the planned endings, she would have slain Grofzag (among others).

44) What is the backstory of the 3 liches who appeared in the beginning of chapter 12, SHB? And what was the "ascension" they were talking about?
They will get more screentime in the True Story, it will also be explained who or rather what they were. I will say this much: They are no reanimated mages but a creation of Aridon.

45) What difference would it have made if Aridon directly intervened in Salria during the SOB? Would the Undead have destroyed the Orcs and their allies?
Imagine Aridon, Krom, Rahandir, undead Ornasion and the entire might of the undead Nexus marching into Salria. It was not in Aridon's interest sending his entire forces down there for obvious reasons but I think the Dominion would have had "some problems" to say the least.
That's not to say that sending the Bonelords wasn't already a dangerous situation for the allied races to begin with...

46) How much damage did Toraes cause in the lands of the demons?
Not much. He was cut off and alone.

47) What was Margazar doing during the Second Books?
He was not inactive and would have been a playable hero in the Second Undead Book originally but the True Story will shed some more light on this.

48) Will we see more of Orie Redfist in the True Story?
Orie will remain a minor character in the True Story.

49) Will we see the Mindflayer Legion in action in the True Story?
The Mindflayer Legion has no interest in the invasion and I don't plan to have a mission actually take place in the realm of the Demons in the True Story.

50) Will we play as anyone other than Humans, Elves, Dwarves Dominion or Undead in the True Story?
I currently have no plans of adding RTS missions with other any race in the True Story.

51) Will more lore about the Orcs and Mogthar be revealed in the True Story?
After having teased it so much in the past years, it would be kind of evil if not, don't you think? ( :

52) We've got an Arkain timeline thread and short stories which take place after the end of the Second Void War. Should we expect the True Story to follow those or be sort of a set up for them?
The timeline is pretty outdated. I am not saying it is wrong or that I am retconning it, I am just saying be a bit careful with referencing it until I have updated it.
The short stories are taking place both during and after the Second Void War. I am not going to add out of place references or anything to set them up but the short stories are all of course all canon.

53) Will the Forgotten get more apperances or lore in the True Story or the Tales of Arkain, or are they fully dead?
They will get more screentime but don't expect them to be too vital lorewise.

54) Will we be able to play as the extended human roster in True Story?

55) Will Vanessa have her family drama expanded upon in the True Story?
In the True Story it will be "somewhat" extended but I do not plan to add new maps dedicated to this drama. There will be time for that in the future I am sure.

56) Will choosing one human regiment over another in the true story influence the story?
I have been considering that but I am not too sure about this yet. I will currently stick with "no" for the first demo builds but this may change during development.

57) Would we get more information about Zairmak past in the True Story?

58) Will the True Story reveal what caused the Orcs to leave their continent of origin?
I am going to get a lot of shit for this, but that is currently not on the agenda for the True Story. :p

59) How does Kersidar know about Largoth? Will this be revealed in the True Story?
I intend to reveal more about that in the True Story, yes.

60) Do you have plans to change either the unit balancing or the challenges faced so that one specific combo doesn't obsolete everything else?
I am rebalancing units and challenges, yes, but I am still pretty sure that people will always find a way to min-max sooner or later.

61) Will characters present in both first and second books inherit skills and stats between the two periods in the True Story?
I am actually not 100% sure about this yet. On one hand, I would like them to keep experience, skills and stats but at the same time that would mean that we are going to end up with people playing like half of the campaign with level 10 heroes against level 10 heroes as I am not going to increase the max level for heroes.
I am not absolutely sure yet.

62) Will you make the Terror ship less powerful than an atomic bomb?
I mean I am pretty sure an atomic bomb has a more lasting impact than the Terror but... Why would I want to make it weaker? :p

63) In my experience, the Ironfist units were rather underwhelming. Active healing is mandatory in any good army composition, and it makes passive healing obsolete outside of fights, while during fights it's not enough to compensate lower stats across the board. Will you rebalance them to feel more like above-average human units?
They are going to get a new tech that will highlight the theme of them not only regenerating their health faster but also being more "durable" overall due to higher hit points.
I will also continue to further tweak tech trees overall, not just Ironfist, as development continues.

64) What is the relationship between Keera and Rahandir considering that the former was killed by the latter?
Their relationship is quite neutral. Keera laments her own deeds rather than blame the man who killed her. She tried to argue against betraying Rahandir but apart from that, she had not done anything. Rahandir had killed her only because she was unlucky enough to be in the same palace. He is pretty indifferent towards her now.

65) How did "Brian" meet Amari and choose her to be his student?
Believe it or not but the True Story will actually throw some light on that!

66) Is anyone in the Empire aware of their Emperor's true identity?
Only very few of his most loyal servants do know the truth.

67) Has Largoth always been Tregakh or did he become the host to the Dark One?
He has always been Tregakh.

68) What is Logan's fate, did he get reunited with Taran?
The True Story will reveal this.

69) Is the red dragon queen still alive?
The Black Dragons are actually the only dragons that really have queens like that.

70) Are we going to see more about Zindrach?
At some point there will be more related to him, yes.

71) Did Cora really get corrupted to Aridon?
I would not say that he "corrupted" her. She DID seek him out eventually though.

72) Is van Durce's daughter going to Arkain to take revenge on Gardon?
She is going there to "learn the truth". Like some others, in fact.

73) What happens to Lord Margazar and Urshan after the Second Voidwar?
They continue to serve.

74) Are we going to see more of Prince Toraes?
Eventually, yes.

75) Did Merlon have any other relatives?
None that are going to play a major role anytime soon.

76) Is Edoarus going to be playable in True Story?

77) Is Selior going to have more screen time?

78) So, were his attempts to convince you to give him more screentime actually successful or did he lose his head over it?
He was in over his head.

79) If Salomar still dies, will it be on a cutscene or can we kill him LIVE?
( :

80) Does Krom ever reflect on all that he's lived through? Are you planning on making a short story based on this?
He will have a lot of time to reflect on things after the Second Void War.

81) Will Krom being a former Arkainian play a larger role in the future?
It is part of who he is.

82) Is Thanok's loyalty to Gardon stronger than his loyalty to the black dragon queen?
Thanok's absolutely loyalty belongs to his race AND to Gardon. He is also very loyal towards his queen, but he has a different relationship with Gardon. They have been through a lot together and it is a different kind of respect since they have fought side by side while the queen was someone who trusted him and had kept him close. And it was Gardon who renewed the power of the black dragons. If Thanok was ever in a position where he would have to choose, he would still remain neutral simply because choosing either side would cause a civil war for the black dragons.

83) What is the relationship between Praxeus and Gardon?
They were friends once, believe it or not. They knew each other for a long time before... well. Things happened. Praxeus was also there when Gardon found Zed.

84) What is Cora's current status? Is she Aridon's servant, Brian's new student or an independent renegade?
That's a funny question though I think you wouldn't really understand why until the True Story has been completed - simply because you have no way of knowing why.
Anyway, Cora is with Aridon after the war.

85) Why did Redfist like Orie more than his other daughters?
Because she was more to his liking and she actually stayed with him, even joining his Redfist eventually. Redfist is the best father of Arkain after all, why wouldn't she want to be close to him?!

86) What does Gardon look like without his helmet?
Judging by Larine's behaviour, I'd guess she likes what she sees. Either that or that is one hell of a ring.

87) Who's Gardon Bloodclaw's mom?
I dread just to think about it.

88) Any chance we won't see the Fleshtearer ever again?
Why would you not want to see this adoreable... Uhm... This great... Uhm...
Yeah. Tough luck.

89) When did you decide to kill Blen Greymoore and why?
VERY early, to be honest. I know people still miss him and I can understand why people disagree with me killing him or the way I killed him but quite frankly, he was never a very rich character. He was kept "grey" (no pun intended) to avoid influencing player choice when confronted with it. His death actually made him a tragic character to be missed.

90) Would van Durce be successful in his fight against the Emperor?
No, he would have died and he knew it but he wanted to at the very least die trying rather than stay alive and do nothing. If nothing else, he wanted to redeem himself this way.

91) Will we see more of the other Redfist sisters?

92) Will the Guardian of the North play a role in future short stories?
I have not introduced him in his own short story only to give some Demon Slave exposition - though that was also a reason. He will have a role to play eventually. Not during the Second Void War though obviously.

93) Who is the powerful imperial knight that showed up in the Dominion?
Boranel Aspurex. :)
If you ask me who he is... Well. Who knows?

94) Will Boranel Aspurex make it to the game?

95) Do you plan on giving character X or Y a unique model at some point?
Same of the characters I have been asked this have already received a unique model or always had one. I have the ones that don't have one on screen and am still looking for models/skins.

96) I think you should use model Z for character X!
I appreciate suggestions but please keep in mind that I am spending quite some time looking for models and skins. I have a lot of stuff in reserve to be used for something else in the future or resources that I simply do not want to use because I do not think they fit in, i. e. ported models or models that would only stand out for other reasons.
I am not saying that you should not send me suggestions, I am all for further improving Arkain, I am just saying that it is very likely that I have already seen resources on Hive and want to use them for something else than you think they should be used for so don't be disappointed when I do not follow your suggestion. :)

97) Will Ephrog be playable at some point
Same as Thanok.

98) Who's your favorite character from each major faction?
That's still a difficult question to answer since I like many characters.
Gardon, Rahandir, Aridon, Krom, Brian, Amari, Grofzag, Vail, Zairmak, Ornasion, many others.
I like every character who turns out to be exactly what I want the character to be.

99) Can Sasrogarn please survive? At least with the right choices? He could grow into a better character!
His story will be tweaked but don't get your hopes up.

100) What was Birram doing before becoming Gardon's advisor?
He was already researching dark arts along with ancient secrets and tales.

101) Are Erganoth's assassination skills on par with Krom's?
Erganoth is very skilled but Krom is one of or even THE best. He had more time to polish his skills. Erganoth also has to deal with leading a legion and politics while Krom could completely focus on what he does best.

102) In terms of power, where does Vermon rank among the other high-ranking demons?
Being the leader of a legion, he is considered to be on the same level as Ornasion, Erganoth or Kersidar. It is hard to tell however since he does not really show himself to anybody.

103) Does Ebira have aspirations of becoming a leader of a Demonic Legion?
Her goals are more... complicated than that. She would not refuse to utilize a legion or two to accomplish her actual goal however.

104) Would Aridon have been able to kill the Demon God if he fought him 1 on 1?
The thing with the Four was that they were all equal in power, so if only two of them fought without the others participating, it would result in a stalemate which would only damage the world until the others intervened or the world simply was destroyed.

105) Also another question which one of the gods (Aridon,Largoth,Brian and the demon god) would win in a fist fight or a arm wrestling match?
We just had a question about what 1v1- Oh, physical arm wrestling without using the powers that would tear the entire world apart if nobody intervened? Probably the Demon God.

106) Have you finally managed to convince Sasrogarn that his Lightning Shield ability cannot be removed because it's a core part of his character?
I have not really tried. Who cares what he thinks anyway? Come on, it's SASROGARN!

107) Why did Brian take apprentices? To take down the Dark One?
It is a bit more complicated than that, but in a nutshell you could say he did this to fight Tregakh.

108) Is Bhaarizel's human host Brian one of the former emperors' brothers or otherwise related to the Emperor's bloodline?
Not at all, no.

109) Is Vermon the Demon God or a shard of it?
No. Also the Dark One is the only one who has been torn apart into shards (by the Demon God).

110) What is the name of the Demon God?

111) Is Emperor Theodor the Second a shard of the Dark One or the Dark One possessed and/or killed and took his place on the throne?
Tregakh took his place.

112) Why did Tregakh appoint Aedale/Lisara empress? Both are somewhat unstable.
He did not appoint them empress. He stayed on his throne and is still playing golf in his spare time.

113) What did Lord Marin do after the Second Void War?
One day you will know.

114) How did Marin become van Durce friend?
They fought together.

115) Is anyone trying to rebuild Marin's cannon or something that take inspertion from it?
Nobody but Marin would be successful. It could, well, be an explosive experience. So, no.

116) What did Rahandir turn poor Saint Loraine into and did she keep her light power afterwards and managed to resisit having her spirit "broken" by him and still try to give him hope or solace even after all he did?
Time will tell. If you expect some sort of romance among the dead, however, you will be disappointed.

117) Rahandir said Saint Loraine and the Golden Guard served a power beyond her understanding. What did he mean by that? The Dark One? Was van Durce hiding something? Or is it even related to the dead gods?
He was refering to the Dark One.

118) Is the Flesthearer the leader of Ardoz Nexus?
It does not have the brains to be a leader.

119) Is the Fleshtearer still active when Aridon goes passive?
The Fleshtearer is still around.

120) Is Soryena the second in command of the Dark Elves?
She has been made the head of her family, but she is definitely interested in making herself more important to Pentiss.

121) Is Krogar the leader of the remnants of the Moghtar?

122) Are Renova's twins being mind controlled by the Undead?

123) Is Mirazeyl just a stronger drider or will she have some importance?
She is an "ascendant". More on that later. I will just say that she is not unimportant.

124) What did Edoarus do with the king of Rengar and his family after capturing them?
I am pretty sure he did not play cards with them.

125) Does Brian really think of Gardon and Amari as just "underlings"? Or is that just how Aridon sees it from his point of view?
Aridon expects no "good will" from his siblings - I mean, if you look at a certain golf player in Rodan, you can understand why - so he does not think that Brian sees them as more than underlings and tools. I think it is fair to say however that Brian cares for his apprentices - and he also considers them as apprentices rather than underlings.

126) Does Brian have more students that we don't know about?
The Shadow Master works in mysterious ways.

127) What is each characters favorite food?
They don't get to choose, they eat what they are being served on set.
Apparently Praxeus lately got into leaf cake though. Then again, I feel like that is due to "other reasons".

128) What does the Master of Shadows' true form look like when he isn't possessing Brian?
He is not "possessing" Brian like a ghost possesses a mortal body. They have become one. This is his new true form, he has no other form.

129) What about Largoth's true form? What does his true form look like?
That trickster has a true form?

130) Couldn't Aridon bring back lord Veringar or something or did his soul just disappear?
Largoth pretty much destroyed all of Veringar to slow down any pursuit, so that there was nothing left to be reanimated.

131) Who is stronger: Blen, Gardon, van Durce or Volarian?

132) How do they compare to Dreadlord and Margazar?
I pity the poor demon who has to fight Volarian. Like seriously, he is getting burned both verbally AND physically.

133) Who is the strongest hero of the Tribal Dominion: Amari, Brockta or Grofzag? Or someone else?
Physically, Brockta is definitely the strongest.
Magicwise, I would say that Zairmak has the edge over the rest.
At the same time, however, I wouldn't underestimate Amari or Grofzag or anyone else.

134) Which mortal can defeat Rahandir or Krom in a 1v1? Volarian?
There are several setups which would be quite interesting to be witnessed. Also, mortals have shown time and again that they are capable of defeating those who are supposedly more powerful than them.

135) Can Margazar or Edoarus kill Brockta in a 1v1?
In a battle without magic and only raw muscle power, probably not, but neither of them would fight that guy without magic. Can't blame them, he is the size of a house.

136) Can Krom or Volarian kill Aedale in a 1v1 after she consumed the Demon Eye?
It would be an interesting battle.

137) Can Veringar kill Gardon in a 1v1?
Veringar? First Book-Veringar? No.

138) Can Ebira take Gardon alive and bring him to the Demon realm?
I would not try it if I were her. That's like inviting a wolf into your home.

139) Where are Volarian power from? I don't believe his power just originate from rage.
Never underestimate the anger and rage of Duke Volarian Fucking Redfist.

140) Do Gardon and Amari know Brian's true name and origin?
Unlike Gardon, Amari is Brian's servant and therefore knows more than him. Neither of them know all his secrets or are using his true name though (then again, Amari only really refers to him as "master" anyway).
At the same time, even Brian does not really see himself as "just" Bhaarizel anymore ever since he merged with his mortal host.

141) Was the Empire founded by Tregakh or did he murder the Emperor and took his identity?
Largoth has replaced the current Emperor, he had nothing to do with the founding of the Empire though I will say that this is an interesting theory.

142) Which faction leads the Cold North tower?
No known faction has a foothold in the Cold North/Glacius.

143) Do the new races of the Tribal Dominion have representatives or are they just being submitted into Amari's empire?
They also have representatives.

144) When will a Night Elf Book be released? :p

145) Aridon went into Seclusion, Who is the new leader of the undead for the time being?
Aridon is still the leader of the Undead. He is just a very absent leader post-Second Void War.

146) Despite Fire and Lightining Orders, are there any other mage orders in arkain?
Each of the Kingdoms has one of these orders, they just haven't really appeared yet though I have tweaked this a bit with some of the recent Second Book patches (Pyrru i. e.).

147) Did the Ejara Nexus enslave more races than the Nerubians?
Yes but Nerubians are the most popular. For now...

148) Why are the Kasrkin and Ironfist so conventionally different (like naming convention for example) than the other imperial regiments - and based on obviously implied answer, do you plan to retcon those factions a bit now that youve decided on more consistent imperial regiments?
First of: The Kasrkin are getting renamed. It was a reference to @Kasrkin rather than the Warhammer faction but of course people who are not following the project have no way of knowing that and will think it is a Warhammer reference when it isn't directly one. Also yeah, the name always stood out a bit so @Kasrkin and I have decided to change it. He never actively wanted me to name anything after him anyway, I did it to honor his contributions but I think we are past this. Also, there is still officers that can be named later down the line, eh Kas? ( :
The Ironfist on the other hand is not a "regular" regiment and therefore has a different name. The same goes for the Redfist or the Golden Guard.

149) What happened to the Golden Guard in the Human Empire after van Durce's death?
They were slaughtered, I am afraid.

150) Can Dwarves be turned undead or are they resistant to necromancy?
I mean, we did not have a named undead dwarf so far but they can be raised just like anyone else in Arkain. You could say that many Undead could have been ANYTHING in life from a lore perspective.

151) We already know about the black dragons and how smart they are but can other dragons do the same things as Black dragons aka be able to change form, speak and stuff like that.
No, the Black Dragons are superior to other dragons regarding these things. The Black Dragons are also the only dragons on Arkain that had a cult dedicated to them.

152) How do Demonic Legions function exactly? Is each legion the equivalent of a country with its own borders among other things?
They are complex political societies, each having their own lands and holdings, working independent from each other. And then there is also their slaves.
I will get deeper into this topic when the Demons get more time to shine as protagonists.

153) Post SOB, what races did the Tribal Dominion manage to ally with?
Murlocs, Pigmen, Sand Dragons...

154) Can demons in Arkain die of old age? If so, what is their average lifespan?
Demons are immortal (as they love reminding others all the time, calling them "mortal" and all), so if they manage to avoid getting killed either in war or politics, then they do not die of old age. But staying alive for long in Demon society is not an easy task. Ask Vermon.

155) Why are Dreadlords chosen over other types of demons as leaders of Legions?
Dreadlords are the most cunning and political skilled beings in Demon society. And killing one of their higher-ups for good is extremely difficult, even for Demons. Demon society is not just about brute strength or magic capabilities. Being masters of intrigues and politics is what made the Dreadlords rise.

156) Is there a current leader of a Demonic Legion who isn't a Dreadlord?

157) Excluding Krom, how many former Arkainians does Aridon have under his command?
Krom and the Bonelords are the last of their kind.

158) What was the Demons' reasoning for attacking the Human Empire? Didn't they realise the Empire was going to retaliate in some way sooner or later?
You can blame their hubris for that, they did not expect to lose that war given the state of the Kingdoms they fought on Arkain.

159) What other races have not seen?
A lot.

160) Does the The Phoenix Regiment has anything to do with the Guardian and Order of the Flames?
No, the Order is from the Kingdoms with some Imperials in it while the Phoenix Regiment is completely Imperial. They are not connected.

161) Do Redfist forces count as Imperial Regiment or are they move independant/noble owned force?
They are no part of the regular army/regiments. Also, I want to meet the Imperial commander who would try to give Redfist and his soldiers orders.

162) Do the Demons have a navy at all?
Their slaves do.

163) Do the Black Dragons knows something about the fate of the Gold and Silver Dragons?
They never even met them.

164) What do the Black Dragons think on the Red and Sand Dragons in their current state? Are their views same as their new cult views on the matter?
They do not really consider them as equals.

165) Are the Rasi of the Zirr Nexus a creation of Aridon or some undead protorace?
They are a creation of Aridon.

166) Which is the origin of the vermin, the race that fights the dwarves?
Not every race gets a chance to be in the light, others are born in the dark.

167) Did any soldier of the Redfist survive?
They did not all die.

168) Have the Demons infiltrated the Orcs ranks?

169) Did Gardon officially control all the Kingdoms except Salria and the Dwarven Realms?
There's still Kerrel and Rengar.

170) The nether dragons have some sort of sovereign? Like a queen or king? Or they are just wild animals?
They are just beasts of war.

171) Since the Cave Orcs survived below death mountain, did other races entered by mistake and survived?
No, but there were creatures living down there like the spiders and sludge creatures.

172) Can ogres and orc interbreed to create a race like the Mok'nathal from Warcraft (since I believe you never used the Rexxar model for a character even a throwaway one)?
I am not adding Mok'nathal to Arkain.

173) What have the remains of the Kasrkin and Redfist been doing since the end of the Second Void War?
Both will be revealed in time, though for the latter the True Story will have some more screentime for what happened after their defeat.

174) What convinced the Moghtar to temporarily work for the Demons during the Second Books?
They worked for Lisara and the Dark One, not the Demons.

175) Do gladiatorial arenas exist in the Human Kingdoms or is gladiatorial combat outlawed?
There are no gladiator arenas in the Kingdoms (excluding Tribal Dominion-controlled Salria).

176) How many men were there of Kasrkin (in their heyday)?
They used to be a full regiment before "things happened". Now they are... not as much.

177) Or the Ironfist, Redfist, Golden Guard, Orc Clan and and Demon Legions?
We are not really working that much in numbers, as in "actual numbers of troops". I know that this could add a certain depth but I do not want to risk going too large or too small with numbers.
In the Second Book period, pretty much everyone who served Gardon himself was considered to be part of the Ironfist and therefore they were the most numerous of the bunch, having the size of the armies of two kingdoms.
The Golden Guard and Redfist both had several regiments.
Demon Legions are extremely large in comparison to any of these factions.

178) How are you going to make thing for chapter having different points of view? (thinking of in first books, when Merlon fights Orcs and Largoth kills Veringar etc)
It differs from chapter to chapter. For the legendary sea chapter from the First Books, I am not going to have the same mission three times in a row here, I will pick only one of the three.
On the other hand, the final mission of the First Orc Book and the First Undead Book are using mostly the same map but since they are both quite different gameplaywise, I will keep them both.

179) Judging by your most recent news post, we should expect at least a proto leadership boni for humans. What are your plans for other races?
As I have mentioned in a newspost, I intend to have the other races use a similar mechanic as the Humans instead of building something completely new. The engine has made it quite clear to me that it does not like my experiments and I think the Leadership Boni are a nice mechanic anyway.

180) Are you planning on adding an Earth, Water and Air Lord in Arkain? I bet Progaderas would be very happy to know he's not the only Lord of an element that is constantly dying.
If I didn't know better, I would think this question is from @Kasrkin...
Anyway, the continent of Arkain only houses Progaderas. Any other elemental lords that get repeatedly slain simply because they were unlucky enough to stand in a place that would lead powerful characters their way, would live on other continents. I will say that I had an ice elemental lord model imported at some point.

181) Can we expect Demon Books after the True Story is done?
If you mean a campaign taking place during the Second Void War period on the Demon side, then no.
I plan to create a Demon campaign but not during that time period.

182) Any playable action going on the Demon side of the world, in the sands or wherever except near the gate, with the Demons or against them?
Not in the True Story of Arkain. After that? Sure.

183) Have you considered making a unit sheet (similiar to a character sheet or faction sheet) that describes the units lore and why they exist in that army (for example why ogres have Magi and how they came to be)?
Yes, I have, actually had some lines written a few years back, but I do not see myself doing that anytime soon simply because that's a lot of units.

184) Will you continue Sir Praxeus' story?
The story of the Holy Bastion is not over yet!

185) How many more short stories do you want to write?
No idea. If you had told me that there'd be 34 short stories with 29 written by me when I first started... I wouldn't have believed it as originally they were not supposed to be that many.
I have enough ideas to keep them going but I do not want to write too much still.

186) Do you plan to update the currently made books, i. e. with new models for units and buildings for extra flavor? Or even add the new units and all that you are creating for the True Story?
I intend to completely focus my attention on the True Story rather than the current First and Second Books for the time being. Adding the things I am adding in the True Story to the single campaign would, at this stage, be double the work and, to be honest, I am not interested in spending my time for that. I would prefer putting this time into the True Story to add more flavor there instead.

187) What do you plan to do when you've made your final campaign?
The True Story of Arkain is by no means the final campaign.

188) When will there be an anime version of Arkain?
When the Night Elves appear in Arkain.

189) Are you going to make Arkain available for Reforged?
Once they add custom campaigns I will look into it. I cannot stay on 1.29.2 forever, I am aware it is only a temporary solution. Then again, it depends entirely on Activision Blizzard. I have no doubts that they will add custom campaigns sooner or later, though probably later and I also expect it to be buggy at release. I will probably not move to Reforged graphics though simply due to the lack of Reforged resources that satisfy my current use of custom resources.

190) Is there another major landmass we might see in future campaigns?
Perhaps. ;)

191) Will we ever get a glimpse of/play the cut maps or versions of the stories you had in mind before going with the definitive versions of each book?
Some of them, but not all.

192) Will you make a spread sheet where you explain all the choices (or the less obvious ones on how they impact the story i. e. Blen killing the black dragons)?
Perhaps I am going to do something like that one day.

193) Will there be side campaigns that show events that happened at the same time as the main events seen in the current campaigns or prequels like the first Orc invasion or the crusade of van Durce against the Demons on Rodan?
Spinoff campaigns are still something we have on screen but I cannot really tell you what will happen and what won't at this point.

194) Do you plan to add voice acting at some point?
Unlikely but who knows what the distant future holds? It is not on my priority list to be honest.

195) Will we ever get a map where we play as a orc clan on Grumush before they left or even have a return to Grumush?
MAYBE in the distant future. It's, uhm, not in the best state.

196) With your short stories, you have laid out a lot of what the world of Arkain looks like after the Second Void War. At the same time, many events set in motion in the campaigns have not been resolved - for example, with the Emperor. Can we expect a book or new campaigns about this?
I am by no means done with Arkain yet.

197) Is there any way to support your project/show that we appreciate the effort you put into it?
I've been asked this question for years now and all the time my reply was no because I did not want to offer something like that. I am still conflicted about it, actually, as I am by no means doing this for money. However, after a long time of consideration, I have decided to finally set up a Patreon.
Let me be crystal clear:
I am not saying that I will treat people differently because they donate money but I will of course be thankful for anyone who wants to support Arkain monetarily. However, keep in mind that current times are rough and it is better to keep your money than to hand it over to the capitalist of a tyrant of Arkain.
I am by no means asking for money or saying that I need it. I am just offering a way to support Arkain for those who are able to. Don't bankrupt yourself only to support my creation of maps that make you suffer, that makes no sense!
I do not have any expectations regarding this but if Arkain actually managed to gather some monetary support, I would like to invest it into things like art commission & professional voice acting. If it doesn't, then it doesn't. I am not doing this to earn money, I have a job for that and I quite enjoy it, I am doing this for the people who feel like donating to Arkain - but seriously, these are not the best times and I would prefer it if you kept the money to yourself unless you were ABSOLUTELY sure you can afford it.

198) What do you think of your balance decisions? What has driven/drives you to your gameplay style? As an Arkain veteran, I have to admit, each book gets progressively harder. And its actually a good thing. Surely, some people are upset at spending at least 1.5 hours per mission ( and thats not couting save-loading), but it makes accomplishing them more rewarding. Yet, I'd say, the first books are MUCH easier then the second ones.
If you are asking me if I will make the True Story even harder, then I will say this: No.
I try to make my missions challenging and rewarding but I do not want them to become an unbearing slog. At the same time, I want to give players more fun toys to use in combat (like I did with the Leadership Boni or like I am going to do with the Imperial Regiments) to increase both the fun factor and replayability.

199) How many characters from your older non-released projects have you added to Arkain? Are you planning on adding more?
Ornasion, Marin and Merlon are all based on characters from my non-released projects.
Ornasion is pretty much the same character except that he served an undead master without being undead himself, even turning against his own kind out of loyalty towards this undead. And he had a different name, but they are pretty much the same characterwise so it still counts.
The next is Marin and this one is going to be a bit confusing so bear with me, I can think of no better way to explain it:
Marin is based on a character who was in turn based on yet another character in one of my many unreleased projects. I have about eighty unreleased campaigns, so this kind of stuff tends to happen. The original of the original was an ordinary noble who used magic and science to create new weapons, especially later creating the first army of undead used by the humans (in this universe was no other undead faction but the one he created). He rose through the ranks quite high due to this and even had the character that Ornasion was based at his service. Despite him using dark magic, he was a pretty nice and loyal person and somewhat honorable too. Finally, he ended up dying in battle and being reanimated by his living followers as an undead - in this new state he had lost his mind however and things got ugly until he was put down for good to finally rest in peace.
The character based on him was going COMPLETELY into science and mechanical weapons with the support of some magic, caring little for ANYTHING but his science and having no interest whatsoever in necromancy. I think you can see how he is similar to Marin though he would not have joined van Durce due to not being friends with anyone. He was a bastard, but he was useful and therefore kept around. Well, he also had a massive golem whom he had given actual INTELLIGENCE, a revolutionary thing that he only did for this one golem and a secret he never shared with anybody. This thing would bash anyone who spoke up against him.
Merlon is based on a mercenary turned general from one of my favorite unfinished projects. He had no child or ships but apart from this, they have much in common characterwise.
There is one single minor character that I want to add to Arkain to play a very minor role yet again, but apart from that I have no current plans.

200) What was the Dark One planning to do with the Elves if they had successfully moved to the continent of the Human Empire?
Tregakh was never really interested in the Elves - well, he would have used them to create new servants for himself as he had done prior to the War of the Four. Out of those who would have been moved to the Empire, he only wanted the queen and her children. Keep in mind that the Elves are descendants of the Dark Elves, making them Aridon's creation in some way. Of course, Tregakh's motives went beyond the elven race, he wanted to cause further conflict on the continent.

201) Why doesn't Gardon send a large army to conquer the dead forest? Is it because he doesn't care about it or because Vail and Larine's conflict prevents him to?
He does not really care about it and considers it a waste of resources. He has more than enough other things on his mind.

202) Will you make another Behind the Scenes of Arkain after the True Story is done?
I will say "maybe", but I tend towards "probably not".

203) Is the deployment of the Imperial Regiments either Aridon's handwork because of his visions or the Dark One's answer to Aridon visions - sending them either to make or unmake a vision by adding a new force into the war?
Neither of them has anything to do with that, it is just me wanting to bring variety - and no, I am neither of them. :p

204) Has fan reception ever made you change parts of the story?
Somewhat. In order to put an end to the "Gardon harem" theme some children had back in the day, I decided not to implement a choice that would have allowed both Scarlett AND Cora to stay alive and join Gardon.

205) What is Progaderas really?
Probably the most unfortunate being of Arkain.

206) What kind of magic allows the dragons to make themselves look like humans (like Thanok did)?
Shapeshifting magic. That's its own magic type in this case.

207) Will the "Kasrkin" difficulty ever happen?
It is not off the table but... I don't know. I actually do not know.

208) Can you get best dad Volarian Redfist himself to do a playthrough of the First and Second Orc Book? I'm sure he'll give you plenty of good, yet at first glance harsh criticism.
I am sure a Volarian Redfist Let's Play with someone screaming at you for hours would be quite something to behold.
I am not sure if the world is ready for that.
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Arkain Question Time 14th January 2022

1) What's the reason behind Tregakh never creating his own race?
While the others felt that they should replace the destroyed Arkainian race with their own (whether that was to fill the world with life again or because they felt that the world now belonged to them and their worshippers should fill it is up to your own perspective), Tregakh felt no such desire.
He was more at a loss as to what the purpose of the Four was after literally saving the world. He spent his time thinking about all sorts of things.

2) Was Aridon directly involved in the downfall of the old Zyainor?

3) Can Progaderas or any other lord of an element be permanently slain?
Everything, even gods, can die. The question is: How?
Poor Progaderas won't find out anytime soon.

4) What name do the Demons use when referring to their lands?
They don't really have a name for it. They don't consider themselves nations or dynasties. Mind you that there are many legions and none would be able to claim total rulership of both all of the land and all of its people.

5) Is the home continent of the orcs currently completely deserted and desolate?
It is now uninhabitable - the Orcs couldn't return if they wanted to.

6) Why did Aridon stop the Ogres when they tried to attack the lands of the Demons?
He was under the impression that the Ogres, even if they weren't successful in actually "defeating" the Demons, would create a power vacuum and not be able to fill it themselves.

7) Was Aridon directly involved with any event of the First Voidwar?
Not directly, no.

8) Why was the Bloodclaw Fortress constructed in Pyrru instead of Isalmur? Wouldn't have such a fortress found better use as a primary line of defence against the demons?
While it is a powerful and impressive fortress, its purpose was to be the home and seat of the ruling family.
Putting said family right in front of the Demons would not only tempt the Demons, it would have been a huge problem if the Demons either besieged or took it.
Gardon was not afraid of the Demons but he knew it would have been folly to put the ruling family - be that him or his descendants - in such a position.

9) Had the Orcs not attacked the imperial border, would've Cleavehand's forces been able to repulse the attack of the Souleater Legion and whatever may have survived of the Blooddrinker Legion?
Considering the damage Genethas dealt to the Humans, it would still have been a tough battle. They may at the very least have been able to hold their position until reinforcements arrived.

10) Is the Demon God alive or is he going to be reincarnated?
He's got a serious case of being dead at the moment.

11) Do bats exist in Arkain?

12) Is it theoretically possible for an Undead to betray Aridon?
All Undead who who have been raised by Aridon and his creations are bound to his will.
Undead such as Rahandir and those who he raised (like Saphira and Mordin) are not bound to his will.

13) Have the Demons conquered new lands since the end of the Second Voidwar?
They haven't been inactive but they haven't attacked the Kingdoms or Zyainor so far.

14) What part of the world did each of the Four rule and reside in before the war between them?
Tregakh resided on a continent that ceased to exist when he was torn into pieces.
Zindrach ruled from his seat in the lands of the Demons.
Aridon has always ruled from the Dead Mountain - which also held the original "throne room" of all the Four. He was their host whenever they met there, so to speak.
Bhaarizel however... his "seat" was clouded in shadows and mystery...
Let's just say there's a reason why Brian "met" what was left of Bhaarizel in an ancient temple in the Empire.

15) Why are there no Orc demon slaves? Are the Demons not interested in having Orcs as slaves or are Orcs immune to getting their minds warped through torture, possession, etc.?
Orcs cannot be enslaved or controlled by mind control. Both Aridon and the Demons are irritated by this - this is the one thing they actually can agree on.
The Demons would rather slay an Orc than try to enslave it - they also don't trust them enough to try "tricking" them into servitude with shady deals.

16) How are Cora, Salana and Renova's kids immune to the scepter of death's effects? Isn't its magic supposed to instantly kill any living being that enters or is in the Dead Mountain?
It doesn't kill you for being on the mountain

17) Are Arkainians ancestors of humans of Rodan and Arkain? Krom and Bonelords have both humane skeletons...
This is more due to WC3 model reasons than actual intend.
That and the models are frigging AWESOME. Wouldn't want to change them.
That and they also fit aesthetically into the Scarec Nexus by looking similar to their skeleton legions.
Arkainians are humanoids but they aren't the distant ancestors of today's people.

18) Where did the Fields of Despair get their name from?
Given its location on the border between the human nations and the Demons, it has seen many battles. It's a desolate wasteland and therefore the Humans eventually gave it that name. It was also the place where the Imperials were betrayed and defeated.

19) Are there other beings that possess foresight comparable to that of Aridon?
Divination is an art of magic but nobody has mastered it on the levels of Aridon - though his sight isn't as "pure" as it once was now.

20) Why aren't there any Dwarves in the northern mountains like in the southern ones?
Why do all mountains have to be occupied by Dwarves?
On a serious note, the Dwarves have been sabotaged by the Ejara Nexus for generations - the Dwarves expanded primarily through the underground which meant that the Undead had to prevent them from finding too many of their tunnel networks that stretch all over the continent. The Dwarves don't know it but the Ejara have waged proxy wars through all kinds of creatures for countless years now.

21) Apart from Genethas and the Guardian of the North, are there any more important Demon Slave characters?
Yes - and in time you will meet them.
The Demons are the ones in the spotlight still.

22) Would the Redfist and the Undead have destroyed the Orc if they joined forces?

23) Is the new Zyainor interested in eventually exploring and colonising the Cold North?
First and foremost Gardon seeks to establish control over all human realms of Arkain as well as being prepared for the next war - be it against the east or the west.

24) What's the exact purpose of Demon Gates? Do they teleport troops from one place to another?
Yes. That's exactly what they do.

25) Why didn't Aridon try and kill Bhaarizel and Tregakh centuries ago? Was it because he didn't know of their whereabouts?
Neither of them was really "alive" anymore. The former wasn't even active and the latter had been torn apart.
Aridon couldn't have known that they would be back - or in case or Tregakh that he'd manage to slowly put himself back together.
His unending watch was also a factor.

26) Are the Orcs the only race on Arkain that isn't native to the continent?
Well, there's the Moghtar too.

27) Did the Hot Sands ever have a form of government?
Several, yes. But not anymore.

28) While they were still Arkainians, were the Bonelords among the strongest and most influential members of their race?
They and Krom were the high priests of the gods that refused to take part in the war of the gods - and got killed for that.

29) Did Aridon use to have way more Arkainians under his control?
He used to have more undead Arkainians under his control back in the day. Today however, the Bonelords and Krom are the only ones that remain.

30) Why Aridon didn't participate in the first Voidwar?
He didn't have to participate directly to see it end in some sort of draw - which is what he had wanted. He was a bit active behind the scenes though.

31) Before Tregakh took control, did the Empire of Rodan have plans on annexing the Kingdoms of Arkain at some point?
Tregakh wasn't in control when the Empire arrived in Arkain - so yes.

32) Why couldn't the Demons push further than Isalmur after Genethas' betrayal? Did the previous battles in the First Voidwar weaken their armies so much?
Keep in mind that the Demons had almost been defeated and pushed to their borders by the Imperials. So yes, they had been weakened quite a bit
Also keep in mind that, just like in the Second Voidwar, several legions didn't even participate.

33) What's the purpose of Nexus cores?
They are the "heart" of their respective nexus. The members of a nexus are bound to their nexus core - which in turn is bound to Aridon.

34) Did the old Zyainor have colonies in the lands of the Demons or the Hot Sands?
In the Hot Sands, yes. In the lands of the Demons? No chance.

35) In the post-second books world map, the Void is slightly bigger than the pre-first books period. Is that a drawing mistake or is the Void expanding?
I have spent some time looking at the two world maps now and I am still not entirely sure if the Void actually got bigger or if it is just the fact that the text got edited & moved. Either way, it didn't grow from a lore perspective.

36) Since the death of Zindrach, which demon has come the closest to unifying all Demons?
None. You could argue that Ornasion and Kersidar "unified" several legions in some way but they all still had their own interests rather than work for a common goal.
Not to mention that Kersidar left Ornasion and the Blooddrinker Legion to die.

37) Does Zyainor consider the Dead Forest and Dead Mountain as territories that belong to them or areas that are to be conquered in the future?
Zyainor is wary of the Dead Mountain (hence the many garrisons they build around it) but, just like all other human nations before it, it doesn't think it is worth being conquered.
The Dead Forest is, at least theoretically, still owned by the Elves. And given the relationship between the new Zyainor and the Elven Kingdom... Zyainor has no interest in taking those lands.

38) Did the old Zyainor abandon exploring the Cold North due to losing their expeditionary forces multiple times or because there was nothing of interest there?
Going anywhere near the Cold North never went well for the old Zyainor.

39) Lore-wise, how old is the world of Arkain?
Very old. It has survived a war between gods, a war between the Four and the gods, the fall of the Four... and has little to no ruins from that time.
There are still temples (such as the one where one Demon Eye was kept or the one where Brian found what was left of Bhaarizel) but they only remained because they were hidden.

40) In the days of the Four when he was at full strength, could Bhaarizel create shadows comparable in strength to Aridon's currently strongest servants?
Yes. While Aridon is still immensely powerful, he isn't as strong as he was back then - and the Four were all equal in power back then.

41) How big is the Cold North? Is it multiple times larger than all the human kingdoms?
It is about four times the size of all Kingdoms combined.

42) What if Aridon allowed Ogres to invade Demon Lands? Would the Ogres be successful or got obliterated by Demons?
They would have been able to break into the lands of the Demons at this particular point.

43) What (dead) gods do the Humans worship?
They don't really follow any of the old gods per se, they believe that there is a god of light and that his light magic comes from him - while in fact it is just magic like any other.
They don't actually "know" what the old gods were like - or anything about them. Since there was an actual god of light back in the day, you will see some who know more on this topic say that the Humans worship a dead god.
In case of the Empire, like the holy grail, they have relics from the time of the Arkainians which they consider gifts from that god.

44) How come nobody knows about the war of the gods and their subsequent deaths? Feels like something like that would have left marks on the world.
Much time has passed since then - very much time. Also the Four didn't really want to have any "leftovers" remain behind...

45) How does the dragon family tree look, and how many of them are intelligent like the black dragons? (This includes the nether dragons and those that the dragon regiment spoke of, back on Rodan.)
The dragons were one people once but they developed differently. The Black Dragons and the ones in the Empire were the ones that kept most of their intelligence - and by extend they were also the most "powerful" ones.
Nether Dragons, unlike in WarCraft, weren't 'corrupted' per se, they were turned into what they are now by the destruction of the land they lived in.

46) What race did the Master of Shadows create?
The Shadows.

47) How many Demons are aware of Largoth's true identity?
Most Demons don't even know that Largoth "exists".

48) Was there a human realm on the continent of Arkain that preceded Zyainor?
There were many realms that were united by Zyainor. If you mean if there was a "large human nation" prior to Zyainor on Arkain then no, not at all.

49) Did the old Zyainor know of the existence of the Empire of Rodan or of the Orcs on Grumush?
While Zyainor expanded beyond today's human realms, they didn't know of either, no.
They were neither able nor willing to risk countless ships to venture over the vast sea.

50) Can no mortals make use of demon magic without getting corrupted?
The magic is not the problem - the problem is how to get it which is either from Demons or their artifacts and tomes.
All of those are of course interested in giving it only in exchange for something.
If another source of demon magic knowledge were to appear it would be possible to use it without being corrupted.

51) Had the Orcs somehow managed to evacuate a large part of their people from the Orcs Islands before the Redfist burned them to the ground, would it have made a difference? Were those Orcs numerous enough to allow them to continue their invasion as planned?
While there were still warriors on the islands, many were civilians still - which is also why it wasn't that difficult for the Redfist to burn it all down, despite the Orcs having had well maintained both fleet and defenses. Most warriors were already invading, so no, it wouldn't have made a difference.

52) Does Aridon have a backup location to move the undead to in case the Dead Mountain is taken?
Only the inside of the Dead Mountain - it is very unlikely that the Dead Mountain could actually be taken and Aridon would rather die than let that happen.

53) Who would win if Aridon went all out trying to kill the Empire?
The thing is, if Aridon goes "all out" it will be difficult not to appear as a massive threat to, well, EVERYONE with his massive legions of the living dead.
Many, if not all, living would stand up against him because they'd have to expect being next.
So yes, he might win but the price would be high.
Also winning against the Empire doesn't mean that he would actually manage to catch Tregakh.

54) Did Vail get a "wedding gift" from Gardon? A nice necklace or ring, maybe?
Well, of course she got a wedding ring.
He didn't use any magic though. I am not sure if he could have gotten away with that...

55) What does the black lotus actually do? Does it cause hallucinations, or is it like a sedative, or maybe a stimulant?
Yes, yes and yes.
It depends on the... "mixture" so to speak. It is a... versatile plant.

56) Is the entirety of the dark elven race addicted to black lotus?
No but it is a very accepted and wide-spread... entertainment.

57) Are there any different colored dragons in Arkain? (Red, bronze, blue ect.)
Yes, there are.

58) Why did the Dwarves hunt dragons? Were they enemies in the past, and if so, why?
Dragons like mountains and giant caves. The Dwarves owned both and it put them at odds with them.
More than anything else, they whad a particular rivalry with the Black Dragons who were the most powerful and therefore most dangerous threats.

59) Why the hell were there Demons in the Rodan first place?
They got there via portal and did what they do - invade.

60) Does Empire coming to the Kingdoms have any tinkering of surviving The Four?

61) So, we know the gods have created Arkain, but what created the gods?
Me. ;-]
They don't actually have a creator.

62) Are there any holidays in Arkain?
Yes, there are! The Kingdoms celebrate "Liberty Day" - the day when old Zyainor fell.
New Zyainor celebrates "Rebirth Day" - the day when new Zyainor was founded.
There's also others of course.

63) Does the essence of the dead gods that formed the four heavily influence the latter's personalities and mindset?
Well, Aridon wouldn't be the Avatar of Death with control over the Undead if the Death God wasn't part of him but it didn't affect his mindset.
The "balance" part definitely didn't come from the gods.

64) Are there any demons still alive that were created/born all the way back when Zindrach was also alive?

65) If Rengar is home to the Order of the Flame, why does Rahandir use ice magic?
Rahandir is capable of using many different kinds of magic - in the short story "Rebirth" he uses ice magic along with other spells that are not portrayed ingame. While he hailed from Rengar and was a mage, he wasn't a member of the Order of the Flame.

66) Is there anything of value inside the Void itself?
Nothing that a mortal would be able to gaze upon.

67) Which part of Arkain do the black dragons originate from?
The northern mountains in Pyrru and Toran.

68) Does Aridon have any influence over the Demon lands and beyond?
He has eyes in the lands of the Demons - but nowhere past the westernmost areas.

69) Does Arkain (the world) have a universal tongue or does each race have its own language?
There are some unique languages (i. e. Zyaise) but for the most part they use the same language.
This is less of a lore decision than convinience, I don't want to invent ten thousand languages.

70) Are Vampires possible in Arkain?
If someone invents the art of turning someone into a vampire... With undeath, many things are possible.

71) What is the lore behind Fleshcutters of Ardoz?
They are torture devices created by the Ardoz Nexus. They're anorganic constructs that are very much able to slowly cut the flesh off their victims. Horrifying to behold both in the torture chamber and on the battlefield.

72) Can anyone else build Purificator or something close to it?
Well, Marin is still around...

73) Can there be secret of Arkain/Rodan/the continent Orcs came from none of The Four knows?
There is at least one single character that none of the Four knows about.
So yes, it is absolutely possible for the Four not to know about something. While Aridon sees many things, he doesn't know everything even though he'd like to tell you otherwise.

74) Any 'biological' weapons (not just Undead plagues but something like nerve gas) ever tried by any races in Arkain?
A certain weapon made of black lotus comes to mind.

75) Did the demons ever wage war against the Forgotten?
"War" is not the right war. The two races are by no means friends or allies and have fought each other but "war" is not the right term for it.

76) How was life as 'normal person' in old Zyainor? History is a subjective thing and we can't believe Kingdoms' words regarding Zyainor only. It could be while oppressive still decent life.
Such things are very subjective. One person may be absolutely fine with its life while someone else thinks they are being oppressed at every turn. A blanket statement is impossible to make here.
History is of course written by those who are still alive afterwards. It is undeniable however that old Zyainor offered more security against outside threats than the splintered Kingdoms did.

77) While Black Dragons were venerated beings, they were still part of society of Zyainor. How deep were Black Dragons involved within Zyainor society? Did their queens participate in the decision making?
They were very deeply involved with it on all higher levels of society and in the military - where they also held high positions, just like the Ca'rach, the dragon knights.
Regarding the rulers, it differed from ruler to ruler - both on the dragon and the human side. The dragon queens could be friends, advisors, allies or even the "true" rulers behind the scenes. There were also a few cases where relationships were colder but prior to the fall of Zyainor that was not the case.
For the nobles, it was different. The Black Dragon allies could be either embraced or hated.

78) How much do the people in the Kingdoms know about Gardon's persuasion skills?
Only that he is very persuasive.

79) Any race Aridon can't raise as undead?
If it has a corpse and/or spirit, then he can raise it.

80) Has Aridon's balance ever been messed with in a sufficient amount prior to the Second Voidwar (except for the part when the Four were "ended")?
Aridon has never felt that way before, no.

81) What happened to the Orcs that didn't make it to Arkain? Will they ever be mentioned?
Well, Brian remembers them but apart from him...

82) Do the Four know about any other continents (apart from Rodan)?
They put their focus on the ones you know as well. Tregakh knows more about the Empire of Rodan than his siblings at this point (due to spending quite some time there now) and its surrounding areas. Aridon hasn't left the continent of Arkain for.... quite a long time.

83) Is there any possibility any of the Demons can make a pact not out of 'mutual necessity' and backstabbing included like Ebira did but out of sincerity and trust with mortals?
In theory that is very much possible.

84) When did Aridon realize that the Master of Shadows was still alive and also behind the Ironfist and the Tribal Dominion?
During the Second Book era.

85) How much difference Rodan's humans and Arkain's humans have?
They hail from different continents but they are the same race.

86) Is there any 'restrictions' when reanimating powerful beings? Like, it has to be Aridon himself to ensure the being's survival?
It depends on the skills of the necromancer. A novice necromancer could never hope to raise and control an undead demon.

87) Can Aridon turn both Largoth and Brian's servants to his one after their death?
If he raises them afterwards, of course.

88) Any possibility for the Demon God to be resurrected?
The Demons definitely want him to return. The question is, even if a dead god can be brought back - what will the price be? And how difficult is it?
Those are questions I will not answer at this point. ;-]

89) Any possibility for a new god to born?
Not out of nowhere, no. They'd have to come from somewhere, be created or something like that.

90) Any possibility for mortal and immortal beings to become something else that could match current The Four?
Theoretically possible if said being found a way to become as powerful as the current Four - the Four are powerful but not as powerful as they were in their more glorious days. It would not be easy however, it is not like massive amounts of power are just lying around.
Also, absolute power absolutely corrupts. Maybe not morally but personalitywise it will have an impact. A being may no longer be the person it was before after getting such power.

91) Who would be most knowledgeable being? The Four? Ras scholars?
The Zirr Nexus (which the Rasi are a part of) without a doubt. They hold more knowledge hidden in their libraries than anyone else.

92) Has anyone tried to tamper with time before? Aridon deals with it too?
We are not adding time shenanigans to Arkain.

93) Do powerful Undead exist only because of Aridon?
No. It is absolutely possible for powerful Undead to be created via necromancy even without Aridon.
Aridon just doesn't let people do that and sends the Rohir Nexus to stop them before that happens.

94) Does the world of Arkain have some kind of "reset button"?
We are not adding time shenanigans to Arkain.

95) How far Imperials made it during the First Void War? Till the Gates of Hell?
They made it to the Fields of Despair.

96) If Demons accomplish what they generally wanted, how long can they maintain it without going full civil war?
Demons without civil war? They've always fought eachother this has only gotten worse and worse over time as their numbers have slowly built up and recovered from the direct explosion of their lands.

97) Did Dorten want to reestablish the Kingdoms of Lor and Isalmur or had he intended to give them to Gardon?
While he would have prefered to give them to people he had some sway over, he knew he didn't have the ability to do so and was willing to let Gardon have them - at least until the whole New Zyainor thing happened.

98) What did Dorten think about King Gardon?
He saw a chance to both get rid of the Imperial influence and free the Kingdoms of the Demons. He also intended to marry his daughter to Gardon to secure the alliance between the two realms - Gardon marrying Vail and bringing Zyainor back certainly didn't make him happy at all.

99) How much importance is it to Gardon of uniting all Humans of Arkain?
It is his primary goal because it is part of bringing back Zyainor "properly" - as was part of his deal with the Black Dragons. Plus he also wants to unite the human part of the continent behind him. There are more fights to come after all.

100) Has Aridon ever sent his minions to somewhere else like over the Great Sea as it was needed for the balance?
To a minor extend.

101) Is it possible for non-Demons (mortal or immortal) to take control of Demons?
Lisara serves someone who isn't a demon. It is aboslutely possible - it is also possible for Demons to willingly serve non-Demons.
Also... a Demon doesn't have to stay.... demonic.... right?

102) How long is the list of Goldaxe "clients"?
VERY long.
I'm not allowed to say more, I have a contract with their chieftain.

103) If they had the chance, would the Goblins or the Goldaxe Clan go global?
Absolutely. There'd be many people in Rodan alone that would be glad to accept their services.

104) Timeline said Lor and Isalmur were "recolonized". This means Demons enslaved or killed all the humans and there barely were any left?
Yes - and they didn't treat the land well either.

105) On what standard does Aridon "recruit" powerful Undead beings?
It depends on how much power he sees in them or how powerful they have been in life - or how useful they can be to him in death.
And of course on the state of their remains.

106) Why can human necromancers use Undead against the Undead?
Aridon has no ability to block their skills. He can decide to "deal with them" in an appropriate manner but he is not the master of all necromancy - even if he is without a doubt the most skilled being in this art.

107) Where does the term "Strolmbourg Syndrome" come from? I know it's the Arkain equivalent of the Stockholm Syndrome, but why is it called "Strolmbourg Syndrome"? Is Strolmbourg a city in Arkain? What happened there?
It is just an easter egg.

108) Was the plague in Rengar caused by the undead?
They may use it but they didn't cause it, no.

109) In "The Fall of Kerrel" short story, was Aridon trying to manipulate or convince Dorten into doing the "right" thing?
He told Dorten how the latter could increase the safety of his realm - whether or not this is the "right" thing depends on your point of view.
If you want Gardon to control all human nations, you will not see this as the right thing. If you don't, then you are more likely to consider it the right thing.

110) Is the spy in the short story "Espionage" a character we've met before?
You have not met him so far, no.

111) Has the reinstatement of the inquisition in Kerrel significantly slown down Zyainor's operations in the kingdom?
It has been quite effective, yes - just as Aridon said it would.

112) Is Aridon aware of the unknown faction which the spy from ''Espionage'' belongs to?
He know who they are but he doesn't really spend much time thinking about them. He kind of forgot them actually.

113) Is there a Hierarchy on Zyainor's orders?
The Ca'rach, the dragon knights, are on top of the associated cult. Apart from that, no.

114) What happened to Brian's proposal to Gardon regarding the Black Dragon queen? Did Gardon accept it or did he decline?
That... is a question for another day...

115) Are the Demons aware of the Empire of Rodan's planned invasion?
No, they are not. They have other things on their plate.

116) How did van Durce's daughter survive the fall of the Golden Guard?
She was van Durce's daughter but she wasn't part of the Golden Guard.

117) Who is the empress mentioned in “Espionage”? Will we see her at some point, and the faction she rules? What race is she?
All these questions will be answered in time.

118) In the alternate ending where Redfist successfully wiped out the Orcs, did Aridon also allow him to wipe out the other races of the Tribal Dominion and the Moghtar?
Yes, 100%.
In the eyes of Aridon the Moghtar were no better than the Orcs.
As for the other races of the Dominion... While they hailed from Arkain, their destruction was a small price to pay for Aridon to see the Orcs and their influence removed from Arkain. Aridon wouldn't have killed the other races himself but he wouldn't have stepped in to save them either. He was absolutely fine with Redfist slaughtering them all.

119) Had Volarian Redfist been killed by Aedale much later, would the Redfist and Bloodstone Dwarves have won in Chapter 13, SOB?
It would have gone the way you saw in the secret chapter - minus the Aedale section and minus Vanessa being there.

120) Were the Humans capable of capturing the Gate of Hell without the Undead's help?
No, they weren't strong enough at that point. They had lost too many forces in the other battles to even make the attempt.

121) Had Rangul lived longer, would he have chosen Amari or Sasrogarn as his successor?
He would have waited a long time to make that decision. He still had hopes for Sasrogarn and he felt that it was too early for the Orcs to accept a female leader.
That and also Orcs can live a long time if they don't die in combat - look at Zairmak.
He might not have chosen anyone for decades. Hell he might have waited until there were grandchildren to take this place.

122) Were Sasrogarn's rather stupid actions in the SOB something he did to achieve his own goals or something he did because he thought Rangul would have done the same in his place?
A combination of both, but mostly the former. And he was afraid that Amari would kill him sooner or later.

123) How many supporters did Sasrogarn have in the Tribal Dominion before his death? Were they enough to cause a big civil war if he openly opposed Amari?
This is something that will be addressed in the True Story of Arkain so I won't take it away just yet. ;-]

124) What did Aridon need the Mask of Illusions for?
The Mask of Illusions and its shapeshifting abilities had once belonged to Tregakh the Dark One. It was an item of great power and Aridon had plans for it.

125) Is it possible for Aedale and Lisara to "part" in a way that Aedale seperates her soul from Lisara?
Aedale is changed forever after merging with Lisara. That process cannot be undone.

126) Why has Aridon done nothing to stop Aedale after Redfist's death?
Tregakh was protecting her from him.

127) Why did Tregakh go through the trouble of organizing a rebellion to kill Gardon? Would've something much simpler like an assassination raised much suspicion?
Tregakh didn't just intend to kill Gardon. His goals were to cause chaos within the ranks - just killing Gardon wouldn't have been enough. It had to be a civil war.
If Gardon died, the Humans would have been severely weakened.
If Gardon lived, the human factions would continue to fight.
Gardon never was the actual target of Tregakh. It was all about Arkain and Aridon.

128) What would've Gardon realistically done to Renova's children had he gotten a hold of them?
He would either have used them as a pressure medium against the Emperor.... or killed them if that didn't work.

129) Would Gardon really killed Renova's children as Rahandir said?
He might have. Even if they were useful to him, their existence would always threaten control over the Elven Kingdom - if their existence was public knowledge.

130) Why did Brian say he would've preferred Renova to stay alive? What further use could he have gotten out of her if she wasn't just his shadow?
Brian's shadow magic can also be used on living beings - it leaves more of their memory intact and makes it easier for him to extract knowledge.

131) Does Brian intend to share what he has learned from Renova or Kersidar's shadows with anybody?
If he considers it neccessary, yes.

132) Aren't the units of the Bonelords straight out of SpellForce 1?
In the Second Human Book there are a number of skeletons using names from SpellForce 1, yes - gameplaywise the connection is rather minimal beyond them being skeletons.
What can I say, I love SpellForce 1, I still play it a lot and nowadays I can finally mod it too.
Those skeletons have been removed after the Second Human Book however due to, well, being straight from SpellForce 1 and I wanted to do my own thing. Also they weren't that distinct anyway.

133) Why did Redfist kill Vanessa in End of Orckind? His beloved daughter had returned to him, they slaughtered the orcs together, why was he not happy?
She had fought alongside the Orcs for many years. Redfist accepted her back but couldn't overlook the fact that the daughter he loved, the innocent and lovely Vanessa, was gone. She had been raised by the Orcs, corrupted by their teachings and ideology.
The Vanessa he met in Salria was not the same he had lost in Toran so long ago.
His anger had long devoured him. He hated anything related to the Orcs - and by this point, Vanessa's relation to the Orcs was still there, even as the Orcs lay dying in the sand.

134) Do Aedale and the Golden Guard have any chance against Largoth and the Empire if they combined their forces?
The armies of the Empire were too vast for the Golden Guard to defeat, they were perfectly aware of that. Even if they had accepted Aedale's help - which was not going to happen, she was still corrupted by demon magic in their eyes - that wouldn't change.
Aedale wouldn't have fought Largoth and the Empire openly. She would have tried to find a way to uncover his identity and remove him from the throne instead.

135) Why did the Undead invade the elven forest?
As explained in the Second Undead Book, the Demons and their slaves had infiltrated the forest and wanted to attack the Kingdoms from within. The Undead didn't like that.

136) What would the Undead have done if Gardon hadn't accepted their "alliance offer"?
They wouldn't have involved themselves in the conflict between van Durce and Gardon. Instead they would have focused on dealing with the Demons themselves.
Whoever would have emerged victorious of the conflict between the Humans would then have been taken care of on a much larger scale - on the battlefield - if they'd prove to be a threat to Aridon's balance i. e. by attacking the lands of the Demons instead of "only" taking the human lands back.

137) Why did Tregakh order for Blen to be killed?
Blen's death only furthered Tregakh's goal to cause discord and chaos in the ranks of the Humans as well as removing someone who might have attempted to talk Aedale into trying to resist Lisara.

138) Was it part of Aridon's plan that the Golden Guard would leave and weaken the Empire, buying Arkain time to prepare for another wave of Imperials coming to the continent?
The Golden Guard stood no chance in their invasion attempt and Aridon knew that. All that mattered to him was that the invasion of the Demons was resolved and that the Demons, while losing the war, wouldn't be invaded in turn. He didn't care at all about the Golden Guard, it didn't matter to him whether they stayed or left.

139) If the Golden Guard wouldn't have switched sides, would Largoth have let them and van Durce live?
Largoth considered van Durce a threat to his place on the throne. He would have found a way to dispose of him and his allies either way.

140) What were the exact orders of the Golden Guard?
They were ordered to restore order in the Imperial ranks and evacuate the Elven queen and people from the continent - as well as disposing of Gardon though that part was only known to few.

141) in Golden Guard path what happens to remaining kingdoms? Lor and Isalmur are lost to demons? What happened to the other Kingdoms and the paladins? What about the Elves and the Knights of Kome? The political status of Arkain after Golden Guard victory is too vague.
Lor and Isalmur are still lost to the Demons, Toran and Pyrru are without a king - meaning that the nobles have to find replacements.
Prince Toraes died in combat, the kings of Rengar and Kerrel are both still alive though.
Sir Praxeus remained on the continent as the leader of the paladins, the Elven Kingdom had to find a suitable candidate to become queen (since the actual queen died in combat along with Gardon and the Ironfist). The entirety of the Knights of Kome also died in combat, effectively ending their order for good.

142) In the interlude ''Temptation'', could've Ebira killed Gardon if she wanted to?
She could have tried but Gardon wasn't helpless. She didn't want to though.

143) Was Gardon expecting his war against the Demons (before the undead betrayal) to be relatively quick or last a very long time?
Gardon expected the war to last very long. However he wanted to control the entrance to their lands to turn the tide - so that the Humans were the ones that could launch invasions. He would have attempted to move the Purificator to the Gate once he had conquered it - so that he could systematically destroy their lands with its power.

144) Why did King Dorten let Renald smash his floor?
He didn't have much of a choice with an entire army of the Golden Guard in his capital and throne room.

145) What happened to the Imperial Navy in the Ironfist victory scenario?
They just left.

146) During Second Books we don't get to see that much Demon Slave espionage. Is this because Golden Guard and Rohir Nexus did their job too well?
That's mostly because the Second Undead Book didn't get finished properly.

147) Will we have chance to EXTERMINATE HERETICS (Demon Slaves) ourselves?

148) Why Dorten considered Gardon 'different' from other Imperial generals? I don't think he had chance to properly judge Gardon.
He had heard much about him, Gardon had quite the reputation.

149) How did you come up with the idea of Purificator? Now thinking about it this fits to the term Deus Ex Machina... did it ever bother you?
I don't think it fits the term Deus Ex Machina.
The Purificator has been built up, it didn't just come out of nowhere and it is not the solution of every problem.
The idea is more of a logical decision. How would the Humans turn the tide after having lost so often?
They had sent armies several times before so a different approach was in order - and Marin just happened to be the master engineer incarnate.

150) Why didn't we see any sign of the pact of the Zyainor-Dominion pact during the Second Human Book?
The Orcs were very absent from the SHB so it would have been a bit out of nowhere - especially if you take into consideration that for a while I had not planned to make the other Second Books.

151) Why did Blen's fate change in the Second Orc Book?
Because it was a nice touch.

152) Why could the Tribal Dominion stop Solueater legion without using the Puricifator/with only using it once?
To make the gameplay more diverse from its human counterpart.
Yes, that's literally it.

153) What is the biggest threat the Dwarves are facing?
The vermin.

154) Why is Salomar alive in Second Orc Book if we let him?
Because he escaped the island in the Orc Books.

155) What did Salomar do aside from not joining Golden Guard?
He stayed with the Kingdoms, meaning that the paladins remained with the Kingdoms instead of cutting their ties.

156) Was Salomar supposed to have bigger role in Second Human Book if he survived?
No. Which is why he met his death either way.

157) Was there any other path Aedale could have taken other than ever been approached and convinced by Largoth/Lisara?
Well, she could have tried learning other magic. She had great potential as a mage regardless of the magic school.

158) Did all surviving Kasrkin/Grey Guard members follow Aedale?
No, some accompanied Harmos back to his order - which is also mentioned in said chapter.

159) Was Brian ever interested in the Redfists, or atleast, Aedale to some degree?
To some degree, yes. Not as much as Tregakh was interested in Aedale though.
Brian's focus laid elsewhere however.

160) Amari didn't seem to use any of the 'skills' Gardon used or did we miss it?
They both use shadow magic.

161) What was Aedale's fate in the Second Orc Book? Was it the canon one?

162) Has Dorten ever got suspicions about Larine be so loyal to Gardon all of a sudden?
Of course he has. He felt that she betrayed him

163) Can we get a summary of how Blen joined Gardon in the Second Orc Book?
In the Second Orc Book timeline (if Blen didn't die at the hands of a certain wrathful Orc, Blen had sided with Gardon towards the end of the First Book era, meaning the two had already joined forces. Since this Blen neither died nor got imprisoned, he and Gardon remained allies - and were both betrayed by the Empire.

164) How big was the "Undead civil war"? How many factions did they pretend to have splintered into?
The ones that sided with Rahandir and the ones that sided with Saphira. The rest just remained hidden from Zyainor and dealt with other matters.

165) How did the Demons react to the "Undead civil war" during Second Human Book?
Not at all. They didn't know about it - Kersidar also knew that Aridon was alive. He didn't know about how the alliance between the living and the dead came to be, he only knew that it existed - and honestly he didn't care for details.

166) Who exactly were the 'Imperial Crusaders'? Part of Golden Guard?
Yes. The True Story will also feature some names for subfactions of the Golden Guard.
Keep in mind that the Golden Guard consists of several regiments - they are nowhere near as diverse as the regiments of the First Book era however!
No golden-armored werewolves, sorry.

167) What happened to the forces of the Golden Guard that followed Cora to Toran?
They became part of the Ironfist.

168) After Golden Guard's betrayal against Gardon and before Gardon and Dorten's alliance, what was Royal Army's stance toward Ironfist?
They saw a split in the Imperial forces and decided to act by allying with the one who they didn't hate - they REALLY hated van Durce and the Golden Guard. They had no idea what would happen afterwards.

169) What were Royal Army's thoughts regarding there Undead 'allies'?
They saw them as additional forces to be thrown against the Golden Guard first and foremost. They may have been a bit too naive there.

170) Are the Undead planning on mind-controlling Salana or turning her undead?
No. Especially the later gets a big no - otherwise they would just have turned her instead of taking her into safety.

171) So, Orie technically becomes Demon Slave: this means part of Redfist can become slaves too?
Orie didn't take any of the Redfist with her.

172) If Theodor The Second wasn't replaced, how much things would have changed?
Gardon wouldn't have been betrayed, the Golden Guard would have been sent to actually help, Retka's uprising wouldn't have been supported, the human nations would have stood united.

173) Could Largoth control the Empire from behind the scenes by putting someone else on the throne?
In theory, yes. He had no such plans however.

174) Aside from Moghtar, Lisara-Aedale, some Imperial higher-ups, who follows Dark One and knows who he is?
There are still a few that are not revealed yet - who I also will not reveal yet, no offense, there's some surprises I have to keep to myself. :-]

175) Is it mostly van Durce taking away authority, soldiers and resources from Gardon which 'disbanded' Ironfist for the time being or battle against Genethas?

176) It seems Second Human Book and Second Orc Book has quite a time gap. Was this planned to be like this way from the beginning?
Yes. Keep in mind that the Humans had to reach the capital of Kerrel before the prologue of Second Human Book while the Orcs started right after running.

177) It was weird Yellow(Sand?) Dragons didn't consider to be part of Dominion too in Birth of Dominion interlude back than(Unless it has been updated and you fixed it). Will this be amended?
I had to remove units because of the cinematic bugging out.

178) It seems legal for Golden Guard to fall in love as long as they keep Golden Guard's values (The Southern Realm), or were they doing illegal affairs?
It wasn't the "rule" but it was legal. The two weren't in the same subfaction within the Golden Guard - the two captains you mentioned were even married after all.

179) What stance will Harmos take when Blen survives?
He will stick with his order and the Kingdoms.

180) If Kasrkin/Grey Guard joined Zyainor, what change will they have?
They will still be the same - just working for Zyainor instead of the Empire.

181) Who was that 'Drake' and Ironthunder color Orcs were? It's usually Skullblade who employ Wyverns.
That was a reference to my good friend @Drake, may he rule the skies forever.
The distinction between the clans regarding units wasn't really that much of a thing back then.

182) Lords of the Golden Guard was impossible to complete without airships while the sidequest affected later showdown. Was this intentional?
As @Kasrkin has proven, it was NOT impossible without the Destructors - even before the addition of the Paladins and Angelics!
It was intentional to be difficult without them though, yes.

183) Why half of Red Guard followed Lera and turned against their own too?
The Red Guard split in two. Lera wasn't the sole, overall leader of the Red Guard.

184) In the first place, how Lera became part of Red Guard while, she participated to traitor even if it wasn't out of her own will?
She repented for her sins - and she wasn't in control of herself. The new position was in exchange a sign of trust of the queen.

185) Will there be more chapters in the True Story taking place in the Kingdom of Rengar?
There will be no additional chapters taking place in Rengar during the Second Book era.

186) Will we get more lore on the Bonelords in the true story?
Yes, absolutely.

187) Will the True Story reveal how Tregakh manipulated the demons into starting their invasion of the kingdoms?
To some extent.

188) Do you have any plans for the Dwarves to play a bigger part in the story like the Elves?

189) What's up with Aaron and his order in the True Story are they just used as fodder for Genethas to kill?

190) Will the True Story reveal what happened to Toraes after he was trapped in the lands of the Demons?
It will offer some more detail but it won't reveal too much.

191) Will the True Story reveal the origin of the vermin?
They're just vermin. They are below you. Literally.

192) Will we know more about Ebira´s plan?

193) Will we meet Tremalon during the Second books era?
Yes, we will.

194) Will Blen get better fate in True Story?
His fate will differ from what you have seen in the original books.

195) In the True Story, why didn't Largoth/Tregakh destroy the undead forces before leaving like he did in the original?
There was no need for him to do so. He just distracted Galareth and made his escape.
Also it portrayed him as more powerful at this point than I felt was fitting.

196) Are the gameplay and map changes for the Second Books period of the True Story going to be as drastic as those for the First Books?
Probably not but... there'll be changes alright.

197) Would it be possible to get a side quest with the Orcs to ally with the Reedcliff Tribe?
I have no plans to add a side quest to the Fresh Breeze map.
Makes you wonder how Gorthog got those beasts for the Kome siege though, doesn't it? ;-]

198) In Defense of Home, what’s the point with those rock golems on that unreachable mountain?
They just sit there. People keep being annoyed about them and I keep forgetting about them.

199) Can we expect more new sidequests or refined one in the future?
Probably. It depends on your definition of "refined".

200) Will sparing the elven deserters, forest trolls or not calling on the wrath of nature have any future effect?

201) Would avoiding “Devilish Influence” in “Defence of Home” result in Lera surviving like in the human book?

202) Was there a reason behind removing the option to get backup from either Teran, Durin, Riana or Gardon? Especially since there were now two routes they could come from technically?
Well, it was replaced with other options instead.

203) Will we see more from the Weedhunter Tribe or Warlord Kreshar?

204) Is there a reason why the Skullblade Clan won’t join you after killing Xxingraal, The Great Brood Mother like in the original orc book?
Because it would make the new mission too easy - also nowadays Gorthog would respect you for taming rather than killing her.

205) Will there be a splinter group of the Forgotten faction that joins the Tribal Dominion?
No. They're all in the hands of the Ardoz Nexus now. Also they kind of are the reason why the Bearmen lost their home and consider themselves above all other lifeforms - not the best foundation for an alliance.

206) Do you plan on maybe having some remnants of the Icewind Clan join up with Rangul and the other orcs, maybe having managed to get some living nerubians with them on the way out as well, and maybe some of the wendigos living on the mountain?
The Orcs of the Icewind Clan are all either dead or captured.

207) Would the Icewind Clan be able to absorb the Whitehound Clan if the former still existed?
If either of the two still existed, yes.

208) Will we play as the Demons in some of the missions?
Yes. :-]

209) Will Captain Ironside still play a role? He was a Golden Guard captain who joined Gardon.
He is still out there.

210) Are you planning on changing the ending of the story, or will it be like in SHB and SOB?
There is at least one short story that I is going to be included in the True Story of Arkain. I am not going to say which one but given the fact that it taking place in the Second Book era already narrows it down. Others may also make it into cinematics.

211) Why did Sir Edoarus replace Sir Veringar?
I wouldn't say that Edoarus has replaced Veringar.
Veringar was "removed" (quotations since he still technically appears in the True Story) due to his insignificance in the story. He didn't have much personality or anything that made him a vital part of the story if we are honest. Since Edoarus still existed and was planned to play a bigger role, he just took the place of Veringar in a mission that, by all means, was perfectly suitable for him (executing a lot of enemies of the Watcher that is).

212) Why was Dorbric so saddened by Fergon's death? They seemed to be pretty hostile towards each other the last time we saw them interact.
They had been trusted friends once and despite their friendship having turned in the way it had, Dorbric and Fergon still remembered the times when they had been close friends.

213) Why didn't Largoth release Cleavehand from his nightmares much earlier?
Because he decided to do so at this particular moment, giving Cleavehand the ability to choose: Would he save his life or make his last stand?

214) Why was undead Vanessa scrapped?
Undead Vanessa was a concept used only in the Undead Books. I remember theories that Vanessa was undead in all different timelines and just disguised - those were not correct, she was trying too hard to actually help the Orcs in the Orc Books, Aridon wouldn't have told her to do that.

215) Any chance for the other elemental orders to get some screentime during True Story?
More orders will get their chance to shine, yes.

216) Can we expect side quests that have more effect than a few text lines?

217) Will side quests affect more than one mission?
Some do, yes.

218) Will there be female ogres in Ogre Legion?
Due to model limitations, not ingame no.

219) Will there be important male dark elven character?
Define "important". There are already are some named male characters but... well....
As you may have noticed, Aridon's living creations have a tendency to not know what "equal rights" means.

220) Will there be future missions similar to "Night Hunt"?
I have no plans to create another infiltration mission like it.

221) Will we get a mission with Larine killing Retka's nobles?
There will be a mission to give Larine more spotlight.

222) Why were the Moghtar removed from the True Story? (Or at least their role is less significant.)
Well, how much sense does it make for a race that the Orcs utterly despise to have a heavily fortified base on one of the Orc Islands?
Don't worry, they are still out there.

223) What if Elves and Dwarves went to support Imperials instead of falling for the Orc bait?
It would have left the flank that outpost was guarding open which was also not a good thing.

224) Why did the Destroyer mostly avoid participating in the Orc invasion until the battle at the imperial border?
He preserved his strength for the important part of the war.

225) Did Kazardius lose the battle at the secret temple on purpose?
No, he did not.

226) Did Vanessa and Amari train together?
Yes, they did. Though they did so in secret. While Vanessa was allowed to train due to not being an Orc (one of the upsides for her), Amari was not.

227) We will meet more human heroes of the Kingdoms?
While I want to add more interesting characters and give existing characters more depth with the True Story - so far quite successfully I'd like to think - I do not want to just throw in more characters for the sake of addin more characters. Too many characters harm the overall storytelling.

228) Will we learn more about the general of the Boar Regiment?
Absolutely, yes.

229)In the First Orc Book Zairmak spoke about his dream of how Rangul will save orckind, but in the true story he don't say that. Was it an aborted arc or a early version of the influence of Brian in the Orcs?
It was an aborted arc - mostly because it sounded way too cliche.

230) Since alternate outcomes (Redfist victory, Golden Guard victory) are probably not canon, will we still get a chance to play as the Redfist and the Golden Guard factions in macro missions?
Golden Guard absolutely.
As for the Redifst... Well... Can you really control a faction that angry or is it all just a dream that will never come true? Who knows...

231) Will there be additional heroes for Golden Guard to compensate their lack of hero compared to when playing as Ironfist?
The amount of named Golden Guard characters and Golden Guard heroes will increase.

232) Will more factions join the Golden Guard for the showdown?

233) Will Genethas have more screentime during Second Books moment than before?

234) Will there be more missions where players get to use the Golden Guard?

235) Will King Salran of Salria show up?
Just like in the Second Orc Book, yes. I am not sure why he wouldn't.

236) Are the Destroyer and Dorbric going to meet?
Well, they are both heading for Salria eventually.

237) Are decisions still going to have an impact in the True Story?
Yes but not as much as in the original books.

238) Will we see the Dragon Regiment and the Bear Regiment again?
The Bear Regiment is gone for good, parts of the Dragon Regiment have survived the onslaught.

239) Can we expect Commander Darkfang to assume control of the regiments that lost their leaders?
Commander Darkfang belongs to the Wolf Regiment, he is in no place to do such a thing.

240) Is there any character you wanted to change/have already changed/are about to to change in the True Story?
Most of the early Orc characters have gained much more personality already as well as some other characters - and we are not done yet.

241) What was Largoth's will regarding Lor defence line? Was it more beneficial for him Cleavehand holds the line?
It was beneficial for Aridon since Cleavehand defended the Dead Mountain. For Largoth it wasn't beneficial at all.

242) Had the Souleater Legion not betrayed the Blooddrinker Legion, did the Demons have a chance of conquering the Dead Mountain?
Even with the betrayal they had a chance of doing so.

243) Had Rangul followed Hortnog’s advice and returned Vanessa to Volarian would the Redfist still have been formed?
While Redfist would have grieved for his wife, he wouldn't have changed as... dramatically as he has. Instead he would have focused on his responsibilities as sole remaining parent of his daughter. There'd be no Redfist as you know it, no.

244) Was Prideblade supposed have more role, to be playable with Dragon regiment? His connection with Golden Guard seemed to have more role for him in ready.
No, he fulfilled his role just as it had been intended from the get go.

245) Sasrogarn's character is most 'retconned' among every characters of Arkain. How his character changed like that is now?
It is interesting that I keep reading this ever since the Second Orc Book got released. Retconned is definitely the wrong term here.
Sasrogarn was lacking character during the First Orc Book - quite a lot. The Second Orc Book gave him more character but did so without proper context and explanation. The True Story of Arkain is now giving him as much personality as he needs.
Ironic that Sasrogarn out of all people gets this much effort put into him.

246) Are character-fate related sidequests still a thing?
Look at Lera.

247) Is there any scrapped story you would never bring up again even with True Story?
Undead Vanessa. Not because it got "scrapped" but because it is not canon.

248) Will we have chance to recruit Murlocs during campaign this time since we already faced them during A Fresh Breeze?
Did Siege of Kome answer your question? ;-]

249) Could you reverse-engineer existing Second Book missions to opposite side for story purposes?
I could.

250) Is there any reason why you removed the mission with Genethas VS Aaron from the True Story of Arkain?
It would have disrupted the flow of the storytelling of the True Story. It worked in the First Human Book but it wouldn't have suited here.
Sure I could have made a mission with you playing as Lerrig, Daric and Genethas and fight against Aaron and the Order of the Bleeding but I decided against it to keep the "flow" of the True Story.

251) Pride of The Empire didn't have Dwarven reinforcements like Zarin ordered too. Were the messengers cut off?
There were dwarven units in that mission because of that.

252) If the standoff had continued, Souleater Legion would've jumped in and slaughtered all those who stood against them including Lerrig's Forces?

253) Is Zindrach's body still intact? Or was it completely destroyed after Aridon killed him?
He exploded.

254) How strong is Tregakh currently? Does he come close to matching Aridon or a high ranking Dreadlord?
Following the end of the Second Book era, he is closer to Aridon than a high ranking dreadlord.

255) Is Rahandir the only servant of Aridon who has complete free will? If not, who are the others?
Rahandir is the only undead servant of Aridon who has complete free will. However, the Undead that have been raised by Rahandir are servants of Rahandir, not servants of Aridon, even if there hasn't really ever been a point where you would see the difference so far.

256) How powerful was Brian before he fused with Bhaarizel?
He was powerful by mortal standards - but still mortal.

257) Does Brian currently have the powers to raise an army of shadows?
He can raise many shadows, especially with the help of Amari, but not enough to create entire armies.
You could say he is still a shadow of his former self.

258) Does Volarian Redfist have more daughters and sons that are still alive and we haven't seen yet?
He had more children, yes, but they fell in battle.

259) What does Tregakh currently think of Brian/Bhaarizel?
He doesn't really spend much time thinking about him at all. They haven't seen each other since the days of the Four - and we all remember how things were back then.
They gotta meet sometime, don't you think?

260) How much does the human part of Brian influence his master of shadows counterpart (who I assume is now the more predominant entity of the two)? Is it only parts of his personality or much deeper and even heavily influencing his decision making?
The two personalities have completely merged. The Master of Shadows is, in fact and objectively, the most "humane" of the Four now. Brian just IS Bhaarizel and Brian at the same time. There's no two parts sharing control, it is a singular being now.

261) What does Kazardius think of the new Zyainor?
If he wasn't, well, dead he would have joined it the moment it reappeared - and happily waged war against the remaining Kingdoms.

262) Is Tregakh willing to sacrifice the entire Imperial Army to accomplish his goals?
Every victory has its price. The question is: How mad and hateful is Tregakh?

263) Does Tregakh still hate Zindrach for what happened back in the day?
He remembers being who tore him apart - but he blames Aridon for everything since, in his eyes, it was all Aridon's doing.

264) What are Daric's honest thoughts on Lerrig? Does Daric consider him to be as incompetent as most other commanders do?
First and foremost Lerrig is Daric's employer and that's what matters most to Daric.
He is of course aware of Lerrig's flaws as a commander - there is a reason why Lerrig made Daric his advisor.

265) Why did Brian make Gardon his apprentice instead of servant like Amari?
Amari was also an apprentice of Brian. The difference was that Gardon wanted to go his own way while Amari found her true path in the service of Brian and therefore remained with him. Calling her a mere puppet due to this would be a mistake however.

266) How powerful is Krom compared to the other Undead?
He is more powerful than most of them.

267) Does Gardon regret killing Renald van Durce?
He knew that there was no other way to end the conflict between the factions. Too much had happened to do anything else than what he did. Renald would also not have left or let himself be imprisoned. Van Durce had made that quite clear.
Would Gardon have prefered it if things went differently? Would he still regret it, many years later? Yes. Yes he would.

268) Did Vermon had a hand in the betrayal of Ornasion?
The Mindslayer Legion had nothing to do with any of it.

269) Does Pentiss like or love Ornasion?
Pentiss reveres the "chosen of the Divine One" but that's it. Also, they are undead. Dark Elves may have many flaws but necrophilia is not one that I want to explore.

270) Has Vanessa discovered who her siblings are and what happened to them?
No, she doesn't. She didn't try to learn either. It is not like she is "avoiding" it, she just doesn't really care at this point.

271) Is Vanessa interested in meeting the rest of her human family?
After meeting her father? Absolutely not.

271) Does Vail suspect Gardon and Larine of having an affair?
She knows about it.

272) Do Brian and Tregakh want the Demons to be completely eradicated?
Neither of them have that goal.

273) What is the relationship of Gardon and Merlon? It feels like, despite Merlon having one of those necklaces, Merlon is the closest thing Gardon has to a friend.
That's because Merlon IS the closest thing that Gardon has to a friend - despite amulet shenanigans.

274) Was Lerrig always supposed to be incompetent?
Not in the earliest drafts of Arkain, no.

275) Is Maranogin actually an avatar of the Demon God secretly in league with Aridon after some secret pact?
Absolutely not.

276) Kazardius vs Gardon. Who wins?
In a 1v1? Probably Gardon with his shadow magic. If they both summoned their respective partners, probably Kazardius. Zed VS an undead dragon is hardly a fair fight - Zed would totally love to chew on that bone but it flies to high.

277) If Stephanie Redfist is resurrected, will Aridon use her to stall Redfist and Dominion?
Why would he want to stall them?
Also, if I were Aridon, I wouldn't use Redfist's dead wife against him. You cannot fathom the rage that would cause. Hell I couldn't and I created him.

278) Did Lady Meya have an heir in Toran?
She didn't have any children if that's what you mean. Her lands have been inherited by a female relative - who was actually just a servant in disguise. It has been following this pattern for a long time, she actually still owns lands in Toran after all this time, officially she isn't the same person though.

279) Does Vail have as much power in Zyainor as Gardon?

280) How well did Bhaarizel and Zindrach get along while the latter was still alive?
They were on very good terms, they had the most friendly relationship of the Four.

281) Who gave Praxeus and Gardon their amulets?

282) Out of his 5 children, who does Gardon consider the most worthy to succeed him?
Garan, without a doubt.

283) Since Okri tamed a felhound, could Gorthog tame them aswell?
I'd expect him to tame an entire pack if he has the chance.

284) Did Brockta know Gart the Great?
He did, yes.

285) Why is Hesration always accompanied by two other dreadlords?
You mean the two times he appeared in the Second Undead Book?
They are his subordinates and he is a general of the Souleater Legion.

286) Why does Aveen call Gardon "thero"?
Because he is her thero. ;-]

287) What does "thero" mean?
It is a nickname Aveen uses for Gardon. No, I am not going to disclose what exactly it means right now, no offense.

288) Which one, Dogran or Hortnog, are the top dog behind the leader of the Goldaxe Clan?
Dogran is the better warrior and champion of the clan while Hortnog is more of a political and business-orientated figure.
In any other clan, Dogran would be the one directly below the chieftain, in the Goldaxe Clan the two share that honor.

289) Did Redfist have any sons or only daughters?
He had both, yes it was a large family, but only the ones you have seen ingame are still alive.

290) How would Mordin react if Aridon said that he needs to go and eliminate everyone in site x and there is his brother Zarin? Would Mordin refuse? Or would he semi betray Aridon and approach his brother in order to warn him so they can escape?
Mordin is controlled by Rahandir, not Aridon. And if Rahandir told him to kill Zarin for whatever reason, Mordin would have no other choice than to either do it or fail trying. It would break him apart however.

291) Is there some sort of friendship or at least companionship between Krom and Mordin? Krom isn't dismissive at all towards him as he is to most of the others besides Aridon of course and I kinda enjoy the few talks they had.
Mordin is just overall a nice guy, despite being undead, and Krom is somewhat sympathetic to the dwarf's struggle. Krom remembers what it is like to fight your own kin even though it has been a long time ago for him.

292) How powerful is corrupted Aedale? Does she compare to somebody like Rahandir?
She definitely compares to someone like Rahandir.

293) Does Aridon see himself as a necessary evil or the only reason the world still exists?
The latter.

294) What is Redfist's current wife like? Is she similar to him?
She is more caring than her husband.

295) Does Redfist speak with other important characters like Gardon, van Durce or any other important nobles or General?

296) Why didn't Largoth/Tregakh try to kill Aridon while serving him?
He wouldn't have succeeded.

297) Why was Thanok so distrustful of Cora while she was still on Gardon's side?
Thanok is generalls not the most trusting individual.

298) What did Gardon think of Volarian Redfist?
He considered him an extremely powerful - if dangerous - individual.

299) Is Brian interested in making Cora an apprentice/servant of his?
He would prefer having her under his wing than Aridon's or Largoth's.

300) Is Zairmak actually a shard of a forgotten god that is not part of Four? Same goes to Kenos?

301) What position has Lerrig in the Imperial Army? He's just called "sir", but he seems to have just as much authority as the generals.
He is on the same level as the other generals but he prefers to go by his title from when he was knighted.

302) Who were Arnos and Dornos in life? They were assembled from bones of many different creatures but each has distinctly individual soul. Were they officers from one Kingdom, or Arkainians?
Their souls were created, they didn't belong to anything living before.

303) What can you tell about Sir Kelras and Sir Romar?
Nothing that you don't already know.

304) What can you tell about Grontoff and Irr’gash?
Nothing that you don't already know.

305) Who is Morras of Kome?
A member of the Knights of Kome who is now dead.

306) Who is Frank of Kome?
Frank of Kome is named after the amazing user @General Frank who created many of the models used by the Knights of Kome.

307) Will we learn more about Mirazeyl the Ascendant?
A bit.

308) Does Gardon love anyone?
He is capable of feeling love.

309) How is the relationship between Gardon and his brother? Do they like, hate or are indifferent to each other?
Remember that Gardon had a very high standing when he arrived on Arkain.
He had the authority to take half of Cleavehand's forces, negotiate with necromancers etc...
So, yes, they had a good and trusting relationship. It goes without saying that Gardon didn't get to that position only because he is the Emperor's bastard brother, he had to work hard for it all before they even met properly - not because Theodor didn't like him but because he didn't even know about him for a while.

310) What does Larine think of Saphira? Do they know each other?
They knew each other, yes, but it wasn't a very deep relationship.

311) Are Renald and Duke Redfist related?

312) Why did the best dad of the century love (or at least like) Orie, but none of his other children?
She didn't disappoint him. He's still Redfist though.

313) Does Gardon have free will? His cursed sword has the description: "Its unholy glow made many ask him, where he got it. His only reply was that his former tutor gave it to him years ago". Does that sword work like the necklaces that Gardon gives to people? Does it make him Brian's slave?
Gardon is no slave and has completely free will.

314) If her master gave the order, would Saphira kill Salana?
She'd have no other choice but she wouldn't like doing it.

315) Are the children of Renova from the real emperor, or Largoth (Tregakh)?
The real Emperor.

316) What's the main reason behind Cleavehand's family disinheriting him?
They didn't get along and wanted more for themselves.
Yes, that is it.

317) While both were still alive, was his dragon Kazardius' most trusted lieutenant?
"Lieutenant" is the wrong term. They were companions.

318) Did Larine and Vail like each other, before Gardon? (They both served in Dorten's court, I assume they knew each other before the events of the SHB.)
They had a few things in common. They both knew a thing or two about surviving on their own (both were "outcasts" so to speak) and had some neutral and friendly chats but not too many. They weren't exactly friends but on relatively friendly terms.
Keep in mind that Vail was "just" Toraes' lifesaver and bodyguard so she was with the prince most of the time.

319) Does Volarian Redfist have abandonment issues? Is he actually angry at his daughters because he feels like they abandoned him?
He has no abandonment issues, he is just easily angered.

320) Is Progaderas related to the Order of the Flame?

321) Does Progaderas have anger issues?
Depends, how many times did you kill him?
I'd have anger issues too if I kept dying, reincarnating and dying all over again all the time. ;P

322) Why Gardon was so obsessed with getting rid of Demons and protecting Kingdoms? Some history with Demons? Brian's influence?
He is dedicated to destroying his enemies. There's no history with the Demons apart from them being the greatest threat to mankind in Arkain. Brian had nothing to do with it.

323) Is Krom the mastermind behind everything?
Heh, no.

324) Is Hortnog interested in Vanessa romantically/sexually?
Absolutely not. He's more like the uncle.

325) Is it just me or is an Ardion VS Brian confrontation unavoidable?
Well... their goals do not align. Not entirely that is.

326) Would Blen judge Aedele if she recovered her own will but her body remained that of a demon? Or how would he react?
He wouldn't approve if he knew the full story.

327) How did Birram learn about the Black Dragons?
By reading books from the Kingdoms - some of which aren't exactly "officially available".

328) Is Birram a dragon?
No, he is a Human.

329) Can anyone kill Aridon, or "What is dead, may never die"?
Everything can die.

330) In a 1v1 between Amari and Gardon, who would win?
They'd be fairly even matched. Amari uses agility, orcish strength and shadow magic while Gardon uses his heavy armor, a powerful weapon and shadow magic.

331) While Tregakh was under disguise as Largoth, did he ever try to become the leader of a demonic legion?
No, he didn't.

332) Does Blen Greymoore have any relatives that will eventually play a part in the story?
He has living relatives, yes.

333) What do Velina and Parlea think of Vail?
They don't like her.

334) Does Volarian Redfist's anger towards his current children stem from the fact that he couldn't protect his previous family or that Vanessa joined the murderers of her family without any hesitation or opposition?
Redfist had no idea that Vanessa actually joined the Orcs. He couldn't have known what the Orcs had done to her - enslave her, sell her, eat her... There was no way he could have known. It's not like there were any survivors to tell him anything.
He never grew to care as much for his new family - or anyone - as for his first family. Something in him died along with his original family. And anger took its place.

335) If fighting was forbidden for orc women, why did Amari know to fight before her exile?
She trained in secret.

336) What is the dream of Gorthog? Capture and tame all the beasts of Arkain or defeat the others beastlords and become the very best?
He wants to be the very best, like no one ever was.
He also wants to capture and tame every beast on the entire planet.

337) Does Progaderas the Smoking secretly enjoy dying all the time? He keeps appearing in battlefields.
He doesn't enjoy it at all.

338) Does Progaderas have any rivals? Like other elemental lords? Something like Waterius the Wet?
The story of Progaderas and Waterius will be told another day... or not.

339) Which Arkain character would be the best at poker?
The Fleshtearer. He has the best pokerface. He'd only have to know how to play the game.

340) Which Arkain character would be the worst at poker?
The Fleshtearer. I think the reason is obvious.

341) Does Dorten really believe the Royal Army could fend off Demons on their own?
He would rather die trying than give up.

342) Would Dorten and Retka cooperate?
Not without massive political assurances from Retka - he did after all take one throne through rebellion and tried to take the second through invasion.

343) What will be Cora's role if she joins Aridon?
She will be learning the arts of necromancy as well as other secrets. She will spend quite some time with the Zirr Nexus, in fact.
As to what her later role will be... that's to be revealed.

344) What magic will Cora use under Aridon?
The one she already used along with necromancy.

345) Will there be a female skeleton character?
From what I remember about anatomy, male and female skeletons are different but the two are not THAT different. And there is no way that a WarCraft 3 model could be created in a way to highlight the gender without being ridiculously wrong from an anatomical perspective.
TLDR: Every skeleton you see in game could be either gender. Don't look for genders in skeletons. Whether you want to headcanon your armies as all male, all female or a mix of the two, that is 100% up to your mindset.

346) Is Vanessa older than Adeale?
Yes. Aedale is from Redfist's new wife - he married again after his first wife died.

347) Would Dorten be more accepting towards Gardon if he didn't make a pact with Black Dragons?
Absolutely, yes. He wanted to marry his daughter to Gardon to secure a political alliance after all. That didn't work out.

348) Is Great Brood Mother Xxingral intelligent? (able to communicate or something)
She can only communicate with her spiders. Intelligence-wise she is on the same level as, well, a natural predator.

349) Now that Mordin is undead can he still drink beer?
I mean yes but he is dead so there isn't a point. He can't taste or process it - or get drunk.

350) Is there any way for Selior Cleavehand to survive?
No choice was involved in his fate.

351) Did Prideblade's reports to van Durce include individual generals' actions too?
He reported everything he considered important whenever he reported to van Durce - which was only somewhat regularly.

352) Did Prideblade infiltrate the Dragon Regiment as an order from Van Durce? Or he truly wanted to follow his father's legacy?
While he "remembered where he came from", it wasn't on van Durce's orders, he was truly dedicated to the Dragon Regiment and everything it stood for.

353) What would have happened if Redfist was successful? Would he join the war against the Demons or go back to the Empire?
He'd keep hunting down Orcs, allies of the Orcs and Moghtar. The war against the Demons would be over before they were done - the Redfist can be very thorough.

354) Was the Eliminator made in the Forge of Kôstragoth?

355) In a scenario where Aridon knew he would actually perish, who would he entrust the most with leading the undead?

356) Has Lady Meya been influencing the necromancers of Zyainor since the end of the Second Voidwar?
She never stopped doing it.

357) Has Brian told Gardon about Theodor being dethroned and replaced?
Gardon has no idea.

358) Why did Gardon abandon the idea of using demonology?
While it wasn't exactly because of Aedale, her "fate" was yet another sign that any source to get access to demonology may be tainted with demonic corruption.
Gardon hasn't abandoned the idea itself but he didn't really have the resources to keep risking

359) If Lisara had not been imprisoned because of Ebira, what would have happened? Would she also have been raised as undead?
Sooner or later, Lisara would have been "removed" one way or another anyway because she could have prevented Ornasion's betrayal and defeat otherwise.

360) Why was Vanessa allowed to fight while Orc women were not?
Because Vanessa was not an Orc. It was one of the upsides of that.

361) How can Brian direct the path of the Orcs while Aridon failed?
He did not "direct their path" or manipulate them by messing with their minds. He saved some of them by letting the wind blow their ships onto the continent of Arkain. He cannot "control" the Orcs either.

362) What has Brian been up to ever since the end of the Second Voidwar?
He has been behind the scenes most of the time.

363) What does Harmos think about Gardon exactly after the war?
He respects Gardon for defeating the Demons and turning the tide - but at the same time he abhors the fact that Gardon brought Zyainor back.

364) Will Brockta have his chance for vengeance against Undead who hampered his expedition to Demons?
Brockta doesn't really look for vengeance.

365) Why is Aridon not hostile towards the Imperials despite them not hailing from Arkain either?
While they do not hail from Arkain, they are Humans - a race that is native to Arkain. And he can manipulate them, unlike the Orcs.

366) Has Aridon even tampered with mortals' technological and cultural advance too?
If he needed to he would - for example if some faction in the Kingdoms suddenly decided to try and ally with the Demons properly and the Demons

367) Who is the most persuasive being of Arkain (without any tricks, only words)?
The chieftain of the Goldaxe Clan.

368) If it is needed for balance, is Aridon truly ready to give up everything he has accomplished?
Only if Aridon deems it neccessary.

369) Was Lera truly mind-controlled by Larantos?

370) In an archery contest between Salana, Larine, Lera and Saphira, who would win? Who would be second, third and fourth?
1) Saphira (she is the most skilled of the four)
2) Salana
3) Larine (she and Salana are very close here though)
4) Lera (she is also the youngest of the lot)

371) How long has Tregakh been the emperor? Did Gardon know HIM as his brother, or did Tregakh only posess the emperor after Gardon left the continent? This is important, because Van Durce said, that the emperor used to love Gardon, so what does that mean? Is Tregakh the one who loves Gardon as his brother?
Tregakh took the place of the Emperor after Gardon left the Empire so Gardon knew the ACTUAL Emperor as his brother, not Tregakh.

372) Was Gardon training to become a Paladin before Brian began tutoring him?
No but there is at least one person who believes that Gardon might have become a paladin if it wasn't for Brian.
Or at the very least not a user of the darker arts of magic. Which is more likely than the paladin theory.

373) How many of van Durce's siblings are still alive?
Most of them are still alive and have families in the Empire. Most of those siblings have never seen a field of battle.

374) Does Lisara hate Ornasion for him approving her exile?
It is difficult to put into words. She knows that he has been forced but at the same time she felt betrayed. Then there is also the fact that the two had developed feelings for each other that were unusual for Demons.

375) Has Aridon ever explained what his idea of balance is to anybody, except his undead and Dark Elves?
Yes and there'll be more details regarding this in the True Story.

376) Do Aridon's Undead have an extensive spy network and/or have they infiltrated the ranks of the humans in the Empire of Rodan?
Not in any extensive way, no.

377) What would happen to the Undead if Aridon is permanently killed?
Those who were raised by him would fall apart if nobody else bound them to themselves.

378) Has Zyainor tried to create a spy network in and/or infiltrate the ranks of the Demons?
No. That's pretty much impossible for them to do - they'd have to get through the entrance of the demon lands first. And the only entrance is a fortress.

379) Is the fleet of the Demons comparable in strength to that of Zyainor and the Tribal Dominion?
The fleet of the Demons is mostly human-made and it is outclassed by either. Plus they have been defeated by the fleets of Kingdoms, Empire and the seafaring Orc raiders on many occasions.
The Demons prefer using land paths and ways of teleportation. Logistically it is a bit challenging to transport massive Demons by ship.

380) Why are Volarian's troops immune to demonic mind control?
They're too angry.

381) Are there Demon women other than succubi?
Yes. I'd add a Marilith model (if there was one that didn't look out of place among the rest).

382) Are the Forest Elves and Dark Elves immortal?
They are very long-lived but not immortal. Dark Elves also have a tendency to murder each other.

383) Did Progaderas subjugate the vermin or did they willingly accept him as their leader/commander?
They willingly accepted him.

384) Are Infernals in Arkain summoned creatures or constructs made out of magic and other various materials?

385) Was the Dwarven Kingdom always so small?
Thanks to the Ejara Nexus, yes.

386) Can Dark Elves betray Aridon and serve Brian instead if given a chance?
They could if they wanted to, theoretically.

387) Is it possible for Splecir and Ardoz Nexus to cooperate to create bone wraith/ultra-revenant completely comprised of slain orc chieftain spirits again?
It is totally possible. It won't happen though.

388) Are Mogthar actually Orcs the Demons tried to corrupt but failed (like Scarlett)?
No. Also, who said that the Demons tried to corrupt Scarlett?

389) Are Zyainor and the Tribal Dominion equal in military strength?
Relatively but Zyainor is a larger nation, has more people and more infrastructure.

390) About the minor orc clans, will they have any more repercusion or just cannon fodder?
That differs from minor clan to minor clan.

391) Were the remaining regiments absorbed by Zyainor?
The True Story will answer that.

392) Does the Bull Regiment really train with bulls to test their strength?
No. I am not sure what gave you that idea.

393) Will there be more models for the eternal enemies of the dwarves? There are a lot of models of "rodents of unusual size" on the site, wink wink nudge nudge.
I do not intend to import any Skaven models.

394) Did the Mindslayer Legion participate in the First and Second Voidwar?

395) Was the Golden Guard the personal army of the Emperor?

396) Did you retcon the Forgotten Faction? I seem to recall they used to be from another world, but this time it's said they're created by "an old enemy of Aridon".
Their "heritage" was changed in the True Story, yes. Retrospectively it was quite out of pleace originally since their plotline never became anything more than that - I am sure you will agree with this.

397) Can an orc and a human have children?
Yes, Okri being the prime example for that.

398) Would Demons not be so 'evil' if Demon God was alive?
They wouldn't be what they are now.

399) Are Humans of Arkain (Kingdoms and Empire both) 'xenophobic' towards non-human like races?
In the Kingdoms the people tend to be afraid or xenophobic but the Empire is more extreme due to having a long history of wars against non-human enemies.

400) Grey Guard vs Ironfist. Who would win?

401) Can Aedale use demonic power on her own, or does she need Lisara, who "permits" the use of it? Could Aedale do anything without Lisara's approval?
Aedale can use the power on her own.

402) Why is the Mindflayer Legion not interested in the conquest of the Blooddrinker and the Souleater legion?
Their interests lie elsewhere.

403) Did the Empire of Rodan ever have a major external threat to their existence comparable to what the old Zyainor and the Kingdoms had in the Demons?
Yes, one of them being the Demons.

404) Do the Black Dragons know anything about The Four?
Not really. That was before their time.

405) By the end of Second Void War only Rengar and Kerrel's royal families survived?
Pretty much.

406) After a demonic legion falls apart, how do the other Demons decide how the former legion's holdings and assets are split up?
Politics, diplomacy, violence... and the simple rule of "who comes first". Demons have many ways to get what they want.

407) Lore-wise, is the Empire of Rodan the most technologically advanced government in the world of Arkain?
Yes. Marin is without a doubt the greatest scientific mind of the age too.

408) Do Rasi have castes? We played as necromancer type: are there something like vanguards, scribes, mages etc?
Yes, they're more than "just" necromancers. They are not a "full race" however (as in I will never make them a full race ingame) and dedicate their undead lives to their work as scholars and scribes.

409) Will there be new Nexus after end of the Second Book era?
Does the Daviliad count?

410) Which of the Nexus is the most respected (no quarrel regarding their chateristic or goal) between each other?
The Splecir Nexus, without a doubt. They are closest to the Watcher - and the one with the least extreme personality to clash with others.

411) Which of the Nexus is most powerful if there won't be any intervention by Aridon or any of the Undead heroes?
The Nexus are in a constant state of shifting powers. You could actually consider it a malleable political system (which is ironic since this is the Undead of all races who are not exactly known for their flexibility).

412) Can the Nexus achieve their own view of the world like Scarec one if they aren't hampered by other Nexus?
They already have. The Scarec just happens to have one that is rather extreme.

413) Undead heroes, under the sanction of the Watcher, doesn't have any limit of jurisdiction?
Orders of the Watcher overwrite things such as what nexus someone belongs to.

414) How did Demons get to know about Undead?
They never forgot that the Undead existed.

415) Do the Demons know the truth of Demon God's death too?
They know who is responsible for killing him.

416) What do the Demons know about the Master of Shadow?
That the explosion of their master killed him and his race.

417) Does Pentiss trust any Dark Elf to take her place in case she dies in the war?
Dark Elves don't really "trust".

418) Has any regiment ever experienced total annihilation or something close to it that it has been disbanded? Bear seems to be the first one to suffer so much that it doesn't seem to last any longer.
The Phoenix Regiment didn't exactly have the most relaxing history, despite always rising from the ashes.

419) Are Orcs the antithesis to everything Aridon plans/stands for?
They keep finding ways to mess with him, even when they do something like what the Cave Orcs do.

420) Why didn't the humans try to reconquer the former Pirate Baronies after Theoderic of Kome's big victory over the leader of the united Orc clans back in the day?
The Orcs were defeated but not defenseless - and the Humans too weren't at their best. It is not like they didn't try though.

421) Can the Dwarves and the Elves train under the elemental orders?
The orders are human organisations. If any other being would want to join, the head of the respective order would have to agree.
It's not like the other races really wanted to join the orders anyway.

422) Why did the Demons decide to burn their dead instead of embracing necromancy and using those dead to further expand their armies?
They aren't particularly fond of Undead for historical reasons.

423) Are Elves praticulary vain?
Many of them tend to be, yes.

424) If Orcs didn't act that hostile towards Humans when they first arrived on Arkain (aka they didn't invade) would the Kingdoms (and by extend the Empire) took different actions towards them?
If the Orcs had "only" invaded the Pirate Baronies and taken those for themselves, some Humans would sooner or later try to retake them by force anyway - remember that the Salrians had also made attempts to take Gnoll Island despite the Gnolls just staying there.
And the Empire isn't fond of non-human races anyway - unless they are like the Elves and Dwarves and become actual allies.

425) Can dragons change their shape for example into humans?

426) What exactly did "the people" of the Kingdoms think about the Imperials? Not everyone could have been as anti-Imperial as the kings and nobles.
Not all kings or nobles were/are anti-Imperial. The same goes for their people. Some didn't mind having a foreign sovereign in exchange for protection - also the "common people" of the Kingdoms suffered under the wars between the Kingdoms not any less than under the wars with the Demons. The Empire brought these conflicts to an end by putting all under a single ruler. Many embraced the Empire and the Imperials as brothers and sisters. Just not all.

427) Why didn't the black dragons try to form a realm of their own with their most fanatical followers after they left the old Zyainor?
They were hunted all over Zyainor by those who had toppled the Zyaise rulership. Also when the Dwarves were no longer in a constant war against Zyainor (because Zyainor ceased to exist) the Dwarves returned to hunting them.

428) Around the time the old Zyainor and the Empire of Rodan formed, were the orcs on Grumush united?

429) Besides Arkain, the Rodan empire know other lands?
They do, yes. They even have colonies in other places.

430) Did all paladins join the Golden Guard and get themselves killed? If not, what happened to them in the aftermath?
That is a story for another day.

431) Aside from the deaths of Mordin's and Saphira's forces, do Dwarves and Elves have aggression against Orcs?
They see them as enemies of their human allies - and therefore also their enemies. They themselves didn't really have as much contact with them. They do see them as a threat (or pest, depending on who you ask) however.

432) Do Demons even care to 'distinguish' Undead nexus?
Not really. They fight them all the same.

433) How many of the Golden Guard questioned their cause? Were there more uprisings than Cora's Golden Guard and Captain Ironside's forces?
No. Uprisings in the Golden Guard were extremely unlikely and had never been a thing before either.

434) Why van Durce and Golden Guard didn't come to Arkain firsthand and finished Demons during First Void War?
Even if he had joined the war back then, it is questionable if he could have defeated them like on Rodan. The Demons on Arkain were more powerful and more organized. Most importantly, if a crusade of the Golden Guard actually managed to enter their lands and threatened the existence of their race, they'd unite against this threat.
Van Durce did visit the Kingdoms after the war however. He was there when they knelt before their Emperor and were integrated into the Empire. While the Golden Guard is not the personal army of the Emperor, for this particular reason, van Durce and his veterans had served as honor guard for the then-Emperor - the father of the current Emperor.

435) How much Kingdoms knew about Golden Guard before their arrival?
The Golden Guard had been in the Kingdoms before - and their arrogance was well-remembered by those who were old enough.

436) Aside from Margazar, how many Undead Demons existed before the defeat of Blooddrinker Legion?
Only very few, not enough to field an army. Never on the scale of the Kezzar Nexus.

437) If Orcs were not who presented it (and assume other races did it themselves), would Tribal Dominion be problematic to Aridon and his balance, by far considered 'threat to the balance'?
It'd depend on what they would do then - also without Amari and the Orcs the formation of the Tribal Dominion would have been extremely unlikely to begin with.

438) Royal Army continued to be a thing after the Second Void War?
Yes, the Kingdoms still had their militaries. There were more than enough old and new threats remaining.

439) What are 'Lor Irregulars'?
Irregular forces of the Kingdom of Lor.

440) What was Dorten thinking about Paladins 'abandoning' the Kingdoms and the alliance with Dwarves broken? How Royal Army and Kingdom's people thought about it?
Well, they weren't happy about it.

441) Would Refist get rid of those who had business with Goldaxe if they had a list?
They would, yes.

442) How does the 'jurisdiction' of Kingdom's own armies and Imperial Army work?
Well, before the end of the First Book, the Kingdoms didn't really have "own armies" per se, they had all been part of the Imperial Army.
The Imperials weren't happy when the Kingdoms started seperating.

443) Why does the Wolf Regiment have necromancers? Did Zoia permit the use of necromancy?
Thanks to Gardon, Necromancers were available to all Imperial leaders who were willing to make use of them - and Zoia really liked the idea of necromancy.

444) Why isn't the Dragon Regiment called Lizard Regiment? The real dragons of Arkain are not serving them, and all they have are those weird lizard like creatures.
The Dragon Regiment would like to discuss that with you. With swords. And fire.

445) While Demons doesn't care about how Demon Slaves fare, how important were their slaves actually?
Slaves are an important part of Demon society though they are all expendable in the eyes of the Demons.

446) Any chance the vermin that Dwarves hate will have the chance to join Dominion?

447) In different parts of the campaigns, short stories, etc. the human kingdoms were referred to as allies, vassals, colonies and part of the Empire of Rodan's lands. What was their actual status before they successfully rebelled?
They were vallals. Not all of the nobles and kings liked it but they bent the knee before the Empire in exchange for their protection.

448) Are the Dwarves open to cooperating with the Empire of Rodan again?
They are, yes. In fact, the Dwarves still see the Imperials as allies - the diplomatic contracts between the two factions still hold weigth for them.
As far as they are concerned, they only ended all cooperations, contracts and alliances with the human nations on Arkain - and the Elven Kingdom due to the Elves being just a vassal of Gardon in their eyes.

449) Had the Demons not destroyed half their clans during their first invasion, did the Orcs have a chance of conquering the Kingdoms?
They would have won if they and the Demons hadn't engaged as they did.

450) What organisations does the new Zyainor have that the old Zyainor didn't?
Apart from the Ca'rach and the Dragon Cult, none of the organisations were present in the old Zyainor. It had others instead.

451) Are you planning on making some of your short stories into cinematics?
I already did and I may keep doing it.

452) When you make Demons a playable race, will they be similar to what they are now?
When the Demons become a full playable race, they will be made one properly instead of just using units that are normally used as creeps.

453) Will the third book be in the same format as the true story or will each race get their separate book like before?
I won't return to the old formula of different timelines.
Campaigns that focus on a special faction, race or even character, yes. But alternate timelines are off the table.

454) How far in development are the scripts for the Third Books?
There will be no Third Books.
Arkain and me working on the universe won't be finished with the True Story but there will be no Third Books.

455) Will we get more lore on Glacius and the Hot Sands in the near future?
Not "in the near future", no. You will, yes, but not anytime soon.

456) Are you going to make a demon book after TSoA?
I will announce what will come after the True Story of Arkain at a later date.

457) Will we have a random mission as secret/meme of how Bubblerino joined ranks against us?
I am not sure if the world is prepared for that.

458) When will we get a pokemon book with Gorthog as the main character?
As soon as I can be sure that Nintendo won't sue me for it. Which is probably never.

459) Will you explain the remaining orders of the elements?
Yes. I really have to finish that short story...

460) Do you ever see yourself finishing the series' main story? Do you already have some kind of ending in mind?
Yes and yes.

461) Will we get a political map of Rodan, Grumush or the remaining part of the continent of Arkain in the near future?
Not "in the near future", no.

462) Do you plan on adding voice acting to Arkain? If yes; what kind of voice acting? Would you accept free volunteers, or would it be strictly professional, with real voice actors?
I would like to get some professional voice acting - not because I do not value volunteers, I have not discarded the idea of voluntary voice acting but currently I'd prefer professional.
The downside being, however, that it would tremendously affect file size and therefore loading screen times.

463) Will Demon Legions get any 'distinction' like other factions have?
Once they have been turned into a "proper race".

464) Will Demon Slaves get any 'subfactions'?
I feel like I only recently answered that question with a newspost. ;-]

465) Did you ever thought of 'Tom and Jerry' mission, either player has to catch enemies before they reach certain spot or vice versa?
I am not a fan of timed missions overall. I added a "competiton" to one of the missions in the True Story but I do not really have huge plans regarding more.

466) Do you have the intention of having all four Redifist girls starred in-game or, atleast Aedale and Vannesa to face each other later?
Would be interesting if they met at some point, wouldn't it?

467) Will we ever gonna have at least one short story regarding Hot Sands or Orc's original home continent?
There will be content regarding the Hot Sands, yes. Grumush only if we travel back in time.

468) Will we ever have the chance to know how Brian/Master of Shadow happened, or atleast get a hint?
There have been hints in the past, there'll be hints in the future.

469) Any chance more about old Zyainor be revealed?

470) Will the Elves get more interactions with the Orcs?
Yes. Sooner than you might think!

471) Some factions are still not listed in Faction Sheet, will we get full list of factions by the end of True Story?
I will continue to add factions to the sheet but I cannot make any promises about the "when".

472) No chance of Dwarven civil war ingame?
The Dwarves of Arkain aren't really made for civil war - or fighting each other in general.

473) Ever considered adding custom soundtracks or, caring about using ingame musics for some ambient?
Yes but I keep delaying it.

474) Will the unit rosters of the First Book factions change in the Second Book era?
To a certain degree, yes.

475) Will we get more short stories about demon/demon slave characters in the future?

476) What characters do you think get way, way more hate than they deserve? Jokes aside, do you consider Sasrogarn to be among those characters?
Sasrogarn? Too much hate? Lawl!
Jokes (SASROGARN BEING THE JOKE AM I RIGHT) aside, I am not sure if there really is a character getting too much hate. We all love Redfist for being the best father of all times e. g.
Part of me wants to say Renova because, well, she had a rather... not-so-good mother but that doesn't mean that she is guiltless.
Overall I feel like the opinions regarding characters are very diverse - the character tier lists that have been shared in the Arkain forum prove that.

477) Who is the more unfortunate being - Kasrkin or Progaderas?
Progaderas. Kasrkin enjoys the pain.

478) How do you personally feel about the average length of the books' macro maps? Do you think they need further adjustment in that department?
I feel that some of them require adjustments, yes. Not all of them but I think some grind could be toned down a bit - just a bit though, don't wanna make stuff, eww, too easy. Just imagine that. Disgusting thought.

479) Can you depict each of Human, Orc, Undead, Demon subfactions with short sentences?
No offense, but considering the total amount of factions and subfactions, that would.... take quite a bit.

480) Is Gardon's true love still the princess of Kerrel?
Answering this question would cause issues either with canon or with an old gem of a map I made a few years back. So I won't answer. ;P

481) Is Warhammer one of your main inspirations?
It has been five years so I am sure you will forgive me if I reply with a quote from another AQT:
"A question I have been asked a lot in the past already. There is no real inspiration for Arkain.
When I first started Arkain, I didn't know ANYTHING about Warhammer Fantasy, only a small bit about Warhammer 40k. I never really grew to like most of the WarCraft lore that came with WarCraft 3 and afterwards - especially most things related to the Orcs. And let us not even get started about the things WoW changed.
I was, however, a Fantasy fan. For the "base" I took some ideas from, believe it or not, Lord of the Rings.
I didn't take too much from it, though, I think mostly just the East VS West theme. The rest came from my own mind.
However, I had read the Ulldart series (a fantasy series with an intriguing story, sadly only available in german), which had a pretty dark story with much intrigue and plotting, both war and political games.
I liked it, but I often encountered situations where I was like "I would have done that a different way".
I didn't take anything from that series, but I think you could say it inspired me to create my own fantasy universe, along with other factors.
In addition, I have already created my "own" universes in the past (the other series I mentioned above), so I had "some" experience on that."

481) Aridon and company have a great deal saying that the mortals are pointless, but how are they liking eternity without the lower parts? :xxd:
They are Undead, they have no feelings or physical desires.

482) Is Aridon the most universally hated being among the demons?

483) Why does the Imperial Army use catapults and the orcs demolishers? For someone who presume be more civilized, their primitive enemies have better artillery.
There is no lore reason for this, it is just gameplay. I like the models so I didn't replace them.

484) What power does the Heart of the Dead Mountain artefact have?
Aridon had once used the Heart of the Dead Mountain to shape the tunnels and caverns below it, effectively creating his powerbase with it. It also gives Aridon the "strength of the mountain" so to say.

485) What classes do Dark Elves teach their students? Something like Venomancy, Art of Blades, Orisons to Goddess, Spider Taming etc?
Something along those lines.

486) Is there a reason you can’t control Ephrog, Thanok, Claire Greendale, Mina Trueshot, Darg mythcaller or Hortnog in the first and following missions onwards? I don’t know, I just feel like named characters should be playable, especially if they have a unique model like Ephrog and Claire. Even if it’s just a one-time hero, like perhaps with Darg Mythcaller, it would add a little bit of flavor.
Not all named characters are playable. Not all heroes are playable either. That's just the way it is.

487) Who will receive Mask of Illusions, Scepter of Death, Ring of Damnation, and Sign of Unlife? Will they be distributed to main heroes by Aridon?
He will use them himself.

488) Do the members the Wolf Regiment like Zed? Would Zoia pet him?
Absolutely. I mean just look at him! There's no way they wouldn't like him or Zoia wouldn't pet him.

489) A more personal question: Have you read the Star Wars Republic Commando series? (I'm only asking, because there is a clone trooper next to the Arkain logo on your signature.)
Not really Arkain-related but hey, why not. I have played the game, I didn't read the series. The Clone Trooper in the signature serves as a link to my gaming album. Feel free to click and take a look if you are curious.

490) What happens to a person, who is charmed by two people at the same time? Does the stronger charm override the weaker one?
If it is strong enough, yes.

491) Could Ornasion conquer Denmark?
It would be kind of difficult for him to do since Denmark doesn't exist in Arkain. If Ornasion ever gets out of Arkain and enters our real world, there'd be other things I would be concerned about - like you know, my creations coming to life. That'd make Redfist real too, you know. And Meya. God help us all.

492) If the Ardoz Nexus stitched a living monster together out of orc parts and the parts of some other species, would the resulting creature inherit the Orcish resistance to manipulation?

493) How many Orcs do you need to kill a Knight of Kome?
Three. Two for the horse, one for the knight.

494) So, we know dragons can shapeshift into human form, like Thanok. What happens when a female dragon, in human form, gets pregnant from a human? What will the child be, half dragon, half human? Could that child still shapeshift into a dragon, or would he/she be a normal human? Would the mother be able to shapeshift back into her dragon form, while pregnant? And can the child accidentally shapeshift in the womb and tear the mother apart from the inside?
Half-dragons are a thing that can happen, yes.
An unborn dragon is not able to shapeshift.
The rest... I will leave that to your imagination.

495) What was Gardon's favourite game as a child?
Whatever it was, I am sure necklaces played no part in it. Well, I hope.

496) Will we ever see Gardon without his helmet?
I have no plans to use a Gardon model without helmet in WarCraft 3.

497) Back when you said Second Human Book will be the end of Arkain, it seems lore regarding Tribal Dominion was... 'different', to put it mildly. How much change did Tribal Dominon had gone through?
The Tribal Dominion wasn't really different, it just hardly appeared on screen.

498) Seems like Brian's teachings has many resemsblence that of Machiabellism. Is it?
Not intentionally.

499) Any chance to show living forms of Krom and Bonelords, and Meya's before she "nightmarified"?
For the Arkainians, big no. As for Meya... she is still doing Rohir Nexus things.

500) Who are YOUR top 5 characters!
That's tough and it reminds me to finally make that damn character tier list myself. I really gotta do that.
For me a favorite/top character is not just a character that I personally "like", it is about the character being interesting to me.
Call me narcissistic for saying that characters I wrote myself interest me but that is just the way it is. At the same time I try not to like characters too much to avoid personal bias.
I will try to give an accurate and detailed list at a later date - might make a video or even a stream about it. I feel like that might be a better idea than just making a text that is the size of the Destroyer, Dorbric, Brocktar and the Eliminator combined.

501) Who are Kasrkin's top 5 characters?
Gardon, Selior, Rahandir, Marin and Renald.

502) Who are YOUR bottom 5 characters!
Sasrogarn, Sasrogarn, Sasrogarn, Sasrogarn, Sasrogarn.
I kid ofc. This is also a difficult question for me. Same as with top 5, I would prefer providing a more detailed list at a later date.
The Fleshtearer might be on the list because, well, he might be an adoreable mountain of flesh, but he still is just a mountain of flesh.

503) Who are Kasrkin's bottom 5 characters?
Renova & Keera (he insisted to have them share a place, in his eyes they don't even deserve their own place each), Veringar, Rangul, Aedale, Grella

504) What did surprise you the most in terms of community reactions to certain stuff you created?
That is a tough question. The toughest one in total I am tempted to say (yes even tougher than the dragon pregnancy one above). I have been postively surprised by many things from the community - the Arkain community is pretty great in case you hadn't noticed. ;-]
We are better than all other parts of the website, in your face Hive Workshop!
Overall I would say it is the dedication and support no matter in which way - feedback, discussions, theory crafting, fanart, voluntary creation of resources for the project (often without me even requesting anything!), monetary monthly subscription to a Patreon that I criminally underused for months... The list goes on.
I feel like picking anything in particular here may "undermine" the importance of the rest. I mean, even if I just take a look at the last 3-4 months, there's the amazing Fanart of Arkain thread that I absolutely adore, the models & icons by @General Frank, @johnwar, @Rhapsodie and @r.ace613 that made the True Story so much better already, the huge ton of questions for the Arkain Question Time event... The list goes on and it is just great.

505) Did some theories of players pique your interest?
I am always very interested in player theories of all kind.

506) What made you initially want to implement a choice system in Arkain? Was part of it wanting the campaign series to stand out?
I thought it was a unique and underused mechanic in custom campaigns - in my opinion it still is.

507) What made you originally want to create the campaigns with relatively distinct timelines instead of concrete canon?
The idea of seperate timelines intrigued me.

508) If Aridon ask to Rahandir to jump, he would do that?
Rahandir is not a mindless slave. Also, why would Aridon-

509) What do dragons taste like?
Never tried to eat one myself. I would expect somewhat similar to a lizard. Pretty sure I never tried to eat a lizard either though.

510) Since when did you start to want to give distictions between various 'subfactions' of each race? How did you come up with this idea?
Well, the idea of different factions being, well, different, is kind of a given from the get go. Me wanting to expand these differences started prior to the Second Human Book and further during the Second Orc Book.

511) What purpose do Demon shrines serve?
They revive heroes.

512) Just out of curiosity, how much is Ally AI efficient in naval map? Golden Guard finale one were not-so naval, so I wonder will it be possible to have naval-massive warfare map with allies actively fighting.
Without the heavy use of triggers, not very effective. They cannot even use transport ships because of lacking pathing.
It was one of the things I would have liked Reforged to address. Alas...

513) Compared to your past skills, how much advanced your WC3 campaign creating skills advanced you think? Like terrain, trigger, unique unit/hero skill, sidequest 'continuation', ally and enemy AI, etc...
I assume this means as in "since the start of the Arkain project" rather than since the beginning of my modding days.
My trigger, object data and AI skills have remained relatively the same since they had already been pretty expanded. I would say that my terrain skills have improved a lot since I hardly bothered in the past.

514) We know Demons come from their gates, but what about the Infernals? They come from the sky, right? But if Demons can't fly (or at least Infernals can't), how did they get up there?
It's a gameplay effect that has no lore implications or meaning. I like the effect as much as I like Infernals so I'm keeping it.

515) How far Orcs can screw up the plans of The Four if they willed? Could they screw Largoth too?
They could screw up a lot of plans for people who try to manipulate them.

516) Are Orcs the secret MVP race in Arkain?
Considering how many of them died, I would say no.

517) Why did you choose a type of character like Gardon for the protagonist role? Brainwashing, dark arts, wanting to be a tyrant; one would think he'd make a better villain.
Because he is an interesting character. You don't have to like him or his methods, but you cannot deny that

518) Why are the demons behind trees? do they have a bad sense of direction? or is it more sinister
Portals malfunction sometimes. And fate is a cruel mistress.

519) So, we know certain undead can cannibalize corpses, but do undead in general have to eat? If so, what are they eating?

520) What do the dwarven bear riders think of the Bear Regiment? Do they respect them, or hate them?
They're pretty indifferent.

521) Why do demonesses like seducing humans? Do they find their own kind disgusting?
They don't do it because they find mortals attractive. I thought their reasons (turning humans against their kind etc.) were obvious.

523) Since when you came up with idea that Largoth took the place of Theodor?
Very early on.

524) What would you rather fight: one hundred duck sized Gardons or one Gardon sized duck?
A Gardon sized duck. Do you want to unleash 100 Gardons on the world?

525) While I doubt this being possible with WC3's engine, who out of everyone of Arkain would come up with paratrooper and carpet-boming strategy?

526) Is Arkain Deathless possible?
Feel free to try if you want to suffer (using cheats doesn't count obviously). Make sure to let me know.

527) What do you think about the death percentage of named characters? Is it normal, too much, too little?
You haven't seen the planned amount of deaths yet...

528) Back when True Story wasn't a thing, each faction's books were on their own right. What changed your mind to make 'Canon' version of story?
Arkain grew and I wanted to continue the story while realizing that the different timelines were going to get out of control sooner rather than later.

529) Ever gave specific reasoning when giving colors to certain subfactions?
I picked the colors that I felt were the most fitting for the respective factions.
Except for Snow, I would like to use the color more often for factions like the Scarec (I mean they used it for a while) but I didn't like it being identical to the player color on the minimap. That's why the Scarec Nexus is using Grey instead of Snow in the True Story.

530) Why are there no Night Elves in Arkain?
Because Night Elves are a WarCraft 3 & WoW creation. While Arkain uses different kinds of Elves, those are not among them - just like Blood Elves.

531) Is the Seat of the Demon God and its surrounding areas the "capital" of the Demons?
The Demons don't have a "capital" per se. The legions have their seats but there is no capital of the entire race - at least there hasn't been one since Zindrach exploded. Ever since then it has been ruins.
Those who want him to return would want to see it become his seat again and, by extension, the overall capital of their people however.

532) What would happen, if Gardon gave an amulet to HIMSELF? Would Gardon obey Gardon, or would it have no effect?
It would have no effect.

533) What does the Bear Regiment think about the secret weapon of the Dominion?
Unfortunately not much since they are dead but I am convinced they'd look at it go. ;-]

534) Can you please throw all these questions into the garbage and work on Act 5 instead?

Shar Dundred

Community Moderator
Level 72
May 6, 2009
Arkain Question Time 29th July 2023

1) Was Dead Mountain inspired by Dyatlov Pass?

2) If the Demon God were to return to life after the Second Voidwar, what would happen?
Aridon wouldn't be amused - and Zindrach would not recognize the world anymore. A lot has changed in his long absence.
The Demons would be overjoyed.

3) How did the Dark One reach the continent of Arkain?
Parts of him were literally thrown there.

4) Is it possible to restore demonic lands?
Some Demons ask themselves the very same question. A few believe that the return of their dead god might be able to restore their lands.

5) Will we get a world map of Arkain?
Does the existing one not count?

6) Is it possible that Aridon pushed the Dark One to treachery so that he accelerated his plans and rushed to his doom?
Aridon did not accelerate anyone's plans.

7) Why were Zindrach's reasons for choosing the center of his realm to be what is today the westernmost part of the realm of the demons rather than a more centralised location? (considering it was such a gigantic realm)
Ironically to be closer to his peers. I don't have to tell you where the irony is in this after all that has happened between the Four, do I?

8) In case the Purificator couldn't be used or was destroyed, what was Gardon's plan B to defeat the Demons?
He would have fought the Demons the old-fashioned way - and either won by sacrificing countless lives or died alongside the entirety of his army.

9) Has the Seat of the Demon God ever been taken and held by a mortal race?
No, never. No mortal race ever made it to that point.

10) Did the Old Zyainor ever control a sizable chuck of the lands of the Demons?
The modern borders between the nations were created by the Demons during the First Voidwar by using a Demon Eye.
The answer is still no though.

11) Back when their first invasion of Arkain happened, did the orcs extensively attack and raid the lands of the demons?
They tried and it backfired. Very very much.

12) Are Undead able to kill each other so long as they are not actively screwing up a mission for Aridon?
Theoretically yes. It is not a common practice however.
The Bonelords for example would totally be able to slay members of other nexus unless doing so would sabotage Aridon or unless he explicitly ordered them not to do that.

13) Is Aridons control over the Undead an influence over their thoughts or a physical restriction from acting on rebellious thoughts?
It is a mix of both.

14) Did the dead gods essences coalesce into or affect anything else other than the Four?
All that remained of the essences of the gods ended up within the Four.

15) What was Tregakh's continent like before it was sunk?
While swamps were a prominent feature, the landscape was very diverse and actually in an ever-changing state. Like a part of a forest turning into a swamp on one day, then becoming a desert wasteland on another, a small mountain appearing in its center the day after before erupting into a volcano and eventually becoming a forest again.

16) Is the Cold North unconsciously inspired by a conspiracy theory?
Neither consciously nor unconsciously.

17) How does the Purificator manage to decimate such a wide area? How is it capable of withstanding its own destructive output?
While the Purificator creates the power of its shots, they are not actually unleashed until they leave the device but blocked by inhibitors that are part of the machine through which it is channeled and shot towards its target. Once the magic "missile" leaves the Purificator, it is no longer being inhibited and starts to become bigger and bigger mid-air (rip to anything that is hit mid-air). The eruption of hitting its target location then causes the magic to fully implode, causing massive devastation.

18) Was the Red Dragon Queen more beast-like or did they also have a personality like Kasraazs?
The other dragons didn't have a queen like the the Black Dragons had.

19) Are the Demon God and the Dark One allies?
Definitely not. Also one of the two isn't even around.

20) Who inherited Blen's lands in the Empire?
His wife and child.

21) Necromancy comes from Aridon, shadow magic from Brian, the demons are from Zindrach, and the moghtar get their power from Tregakh, the Dark One. But what about the holy light? Is there a "Bright One" who gave the paladins the power of the holy light?
Magic does not come from any of the Four.

22) Why did Aridon choose the dead mountain as his lair?
Aridon has always ruled from the Dead Mountain - which also held the original "throne room" of all the Four. He was their host whenever they met there, so to speak. He never left it.

23) If Dorten hadn't reinstated the inquisition, would've Aridon order the undead to purge Kerrel instead or would he have left the kingdom to its fate?
He would have used his manipulations to get it to happen one way or another - without intervening with Undead forces.

24) In "Aftermath of the Second Voidwar" it's mentioned Gardon declined to turn the non-aggression pact with the Tribal Dominion into an actual alliance. What were the exact terms of that offer and why didn't Gardon like them?
The details of this are known only to Gardon, Brian and Amari.

25) Who whispers to Zoia in her short story?
This question will be answered in time.

26) Is Commander Trualm an imperial or a royal?

27) Was the red drake that Hotar (Gardon's son) killed a drake from the dominion?

28) Can the fallen princess of Salria become a skeleton hero?
A child skeleton hero? Since when does Arkain Industries use any form of child la- Nevermind.
Why only the princess? She won't but still.

29) Gorthog's splinter group of Mogthar? Are they canonically going against Amari or do you have secret plans to have them join the Dominion?

30) Are the Orcs going to try to take the Purificator from the Ironfist or do you plan on someone else to take their place?
In the context of the True Story there is no way the Orcs even have the opportunity to try to take the Purificator from the Ironfist.

31) When are going to bring Shieldbearers back?
They will not appear in the True Story of Arkain.

32) Is Aedale's chapter going to happen before or after the Red Day?
Time will tell.

33) Are you going to make a cinematic with Praxeus and the demoness after the Golden Guard got screwed by the Ironfist and their allies?
Praxeus will still have some more moments to shine.

34) Are going to be more Undead exclusive missions?

35) Are Kazardius and Rahandir going to splinter off from Aridon?
Kazardius is bound to Aridon's will. Rahandir isn't. Whether or not anything in that direction happens is a completely different matter however.

36) Do you plan to make the Mission where Ornasion kills Hesrathion?
What do you think? (-:

37) Is Lerrig's letter in the interlude "True Colors" fake or a real one?
It was very real.

38) Was Darkfang sent to die and only got lucky Blen spared him?

39) What's the meaning of "thero" and to which language does it belong?
It belongs to no language, it was made up by the person who uses it a long time ago. Its meaning will be revealed eventually - but not today.

40) How long did it take you to balance maps like Pride of the Empire?
Quite some time but less than you might expect. After having modded this game for such a long time, you develop a feeling for how well units perform in certain scenarios. I still watched the armies of Pride of the Empire attack each other for quite a bit.

41) In "Terror of Old", had Blen, Harmos and Gardon accepted Kersidar's pact, would've Kersidar actually told them about Genethas, Aridon and more without asking for too much in return?
He would have told them a lot - in the way he would have wanted them to know. As for the price... Whether it would have been too much or too little depends on the point of view.

42) Based on Largoth's inner dialogue at the moment his brainwashing of Selior Cleavehand is undone, did he empathize with Cleavehand if only for a moment?
Yes! Yes he did! He actually tried to save Selior's life for a brief moment by telling him to get the hell out - he had no reason to do that after just having released the poor general.

43) Will Amari figure out from the secret meeting with Gardon that he was behind the cursed amulet which she has successfully altered to grant her control?
I mean she already knows that the Ironfist is the one who used it if you remember how she came to find it to begin with. It doesn't take much thought to figure out that a high-ranking member of the Ironfist was behind it since it would probably be known widely if any low-ranking officer of the Ironfist could use these amulets.

44) Why can't Gardon simply raise Renova's children as possible heirs? Does he still want complete control or is it simply because he has 'blood-related' issues?
Apart from the fact that the Undead literally took them away before he could even find out that Renova had children? Remember that the children were a huge secret, it is not exactly common knowledge that they exist in the first place.
From the elven side, Gardon had Larine in charge of the Kingdom. Having possible "legitimate" heirs to the throne would only complicate matters in the long run.
From the human side... Well. The real question is: Would Gardon just have killed the children or instead use them by holding them hostage? After all, they are possible heirs of the throne of Rodan. Or would he even have them moved to the Empire to try and start a rebellion? This all would have come at the cost of possibly destabilizing the Elven Kingdom however so he may still have decided to just kill them as creating stability was a very important part of his plans.

45) Are Amari's New Guard Blackrazor Clan Orcs?
Not exclusively, but yes.

46) Will we have a chance to see Lord Daskor in the game?
Not in the True Story, no.

47) Was the entirety of the Order of the Bleeding killed or did some survive?
Completely wiped out by now.

48) Since this is still a demo, is it still possible to add new maps in between already created maps?
It is not going to happen, no.

49) Will we see Vermon and Erganoth in the True Story?

50) Were the Salrians really expecting to fight the Ogres after the Centaurs or would they go against other non-human races?
Vanessa's story was completely made up. She had no way of knowing what the Salrians would have done.
Considering the fact that the Ogres were very much content with staying in their lands (which were not particularly noteworthy or big from the Salrian's point of view), the Salrians would have left them alone for the time being as other conflits (i. e. the war against the Demons in the other Kingdoms) would have required their attention.
In fact, considering the insignificance of the Ogres' territory from the Salrian's perspective it might even be possible, depending on the choices of its nobility and royal family, that the Salrians would have tolerated them for an extended period of time and even have considered trading resources with the Ogres in return for getting Ogres as mercenaries.
At the same time of course the same nobility and royalty might have chosen at some point that all of Salria should be theirs alone and that the Ogres were no longer welcome.

51) Was Kazardius hot when he was alive?
I am 100% not the right person to answer that question.

52) Is Urshan going to be involved with Ornasions posse?
Urshan is part of the Kezzar Nexus, yes.

53) Is Galareth going to meet Brockta?
He won't.

54) What kind of person was Zindrach?
You would be surprised.

55) What was Blen's real reason for abandoning his wife?
He ran away from the responsibility.

56) How did Rangul feel when he learned that the mansion he plundered in the past was that of the Duke Redfist and his actions spawned this army of avengers?
Terrified and shocked.

57) Why did Maronogin abandon his legion? How did he come to be so interested in money?
You should ask him yourself when you meet him!

58) How did Maronogin become the chief of the Goldaxe Clan?
You should ask him yourself when you meet him!

59) How did the Dark One become Largoth? By a similar process with the Master of Shadows and Brian?
He didn't "become" Largoth. Largoth does not exist. It is a disguise, not another being.

60) What is the story of Zelech? How did he know Duke Redfist and what made him hate the Orcs?
The same as with most others. Lost family because of the Orcs and wanted revenge so he joined the Redfist.

61) What made Volarian Redfist stay with his first wife in Arkain instead of both moving to Rodan?
His wife wanted to stay in her homeland and since the Kingdoms had joined the Empire there was no reason for him to say no.
It goes without saying that both underestimated the danger from Orc raiders but it is always easy to say these things in retrospect.

62) Had Cleavehand survived, would've van Durce demoted him and taken his place or would've Cleavehand still been allowed to be commander of all imperial forces on Arkain?
Van Durce would have been Selior's superior by the Emperor's decree. He would still be a general of the Empire however.

63) Was Gardon interested in darker forms of magic before meeting Brian?
Brian pretty much brought him into contact with them. Whether or not he would have been interested in them if he had been introduced to them any other way is a good question.

64) Is Harmos open to the idea of allying with the Empire of Rodan?
He isn't fond of them after everything that happened in the war. It remains to be seen and depends on many factors, such as his mood, the terms of such an alliance, etc; how he would react to a possible offer of such an alliance.

65) Was Zairmak alive when the original continent was sunk and/or aware of the truth of the Moghtar split?
It would be rude of me to answer such a question when Zairmak intends to reveal some things about himself in the near future.

66) Would Brian be interested in making deal with Demons, for example Ebira?
He wouldn't be opposed to the idea per se but it is not something that is likely to occur for a multitude of reasons.

67) Would Brian be interested in taking some paladins under his wings, for example Praxeus?
There is no timeline in which Praxeus would allow Brian out of all people to tutor him. Ever.

68) Will all of the known Redfist daughters meet each other sometime? (Orie, Cora, Aedale and Vanessa)
That would be quite something, wouldn't it? I mean, just imagine!

69) If Gardon was not mentored by Lord Brian in the past, would he have joined the Golden Guard?
His life would have taken a very different approach. Whether or not he would have joined the Golden Guard would depend on the other path he would have taken. It is definitely plausible and possible. Van Durce definitely would not have stood in his way.

70) If the Bonelords fall, will a hypothetically skeletal tyrant Duke Volarian Redfist be more than capable of replacing them?
There mere thought of an undead Duke Volarian Redfist is terrifying. I can definitely see him being "worthy" but... it would be horrifying.

71) If Progaderas somehow respawns in the lands of the demons, would he find it nice to inhabit, aside from demons?
If they let him live. The bar is pretty low at this point, he just wants not to die these days.
He would definitely like the fire, lava and barren landscape though.
That wouldn't help much if he kept ending up being murdered over and over again however.

72) Will Amari ever meet with the High King of the Dwarves? What will happen if Mordin crashes the party with Rahandir's blessing?
Not in the True Story campaign, no. That goes without spoilering too much I think, Zarin is occupied otherwise.
If they ever were to meet, however, as far as Zarin is concerned such a meeting can only end with one of them being dead.
As for Mordin: He does not want revenge for his death. On the contrary he'd tell his brother to let go and even go so far as to forgive Amari before his brother's eyes. He only wants to help his brother and people, he doesn't want to be avenged at all. Mordin thinks that his brother is destroying himself with this approach and wants to save Zarin from himself.
Which is why Aridon would not be pleased with Rahandir if such an event were to occur...

73) While Saphira harbored a grudge to the now deceased queen Renova, will she hold the same to her newly born twins?
Absolutely not, it is not their fault and Saphira is not irrational.

74) Did Vanessa learn earth magic from Gorthog?
Yes. They spend quite some time together.

75) What would've been Sasrogarn's plan during the invasion had he been nominated as the successor to the Warchief by Rangul?
He didn't really have a plan as he would not have expected to succeed his father during the invasion. He would have been cautious in any advances and asked for the opinions of the other leaders.

76) Will Nysara and Praxeus get to know the truth about each other without bloodshed?
Nysara knows an awful lot about Praxeus, more than he would think - as for Praxeus... Well. That will be quite the revelation.

77) How would the rest of Selior Cleaved-head's former family react to news of his death? Surely, even they couldn't be that heartless towards him, could they?
They never were particularly close I am afraid. They may host a feast to mourn his death maybe but not much more than that.

78) Aedale and Lisara's "relationship" appears to be a cautionary tale about the cycle of abuse, where the abuser (Lisara) emotionally abuses the victim (Aedale), which then gets passed on by the victim-turned abuser (Aedale) mentally and emotionally berating Sir Chevaran, a broken (probably evil) man. Was this intentional?
Yes, absolutely.
And yes, Sir Cheveran definitely isn't the best of people.

79) Will Blen be reanimated?

80) Can Ornasion, as a Deathlord, defeat any demon legion leader?
From a pure strength point of view, he was always a dangerous oppponent to all of them as the Demons use politics to gain power, not rare strength. As Undead he remains a dangerous foe.

81) Will Blen's daughter inherit his sword Greyfang?
Greyfang was in the fortress when the Darkmind Clan stormed it. It later fell into Zoia's hands who had it sent home to her sister - along with the message that Blen was dead. A message in her very own way.

82) Was Duke Redfist the main reason the Redfist was able to go so far with their crusade?
I mean, he is the one who created it.

83) Dorbric vs Praxeus, who would win?
Dorbric, his strength is just too immense even for someone like Praxeus. Those two don't really have any reason to fight though.

84) Does Merlon see Gardon as a friend or a superior?
A mix of both at this point, though it is quite complicated with these two - from both perspectives. I would still say more superior given that he kind of has to do what he is told.

85) Will Gardon ever have his own black dragon companion like Kazardius? Or is that just a Kazardius thing? Zed probably wouldn't mind a friend.
Does Thanok not count?

85) Why didn't Largoth try to become the leader of a demonic legion?
He is not a demon.

86) If the three daughters actually stayed with Volarian, would his anger lessen?
He was already angry before.

87) If Aedale didn't pursue demonic magic, what would be her elemental affinity? (Cora-water; Vanessa-earth; Orie-thunder)
Fire. I actually had notes about her uncorrupted self becoming an apprentice of Harmos from 2012 somewhere - never went anywhere though, didn't even make it to 2014 when Arkain actually went into "real" production.

88) After Volarian destroyed anything relatively similar to the Orcs, what would he do next?
Kill anyone and everything that once allied with them or made deals with them. Then he would return to the Empire. His war was meant to be thorough, not unending.

89) Why was Commander Thorn not as wrathful as before?
He was never wrathful to begin with. He is one of the few members of the Redfist who didn't join it out of hatred for the Orcs.

90) Was Commander Thorn actually gonna show the Orcs mercy?

91) Did Renald believe that Gardon wanted the throne of Rodan?
No, he didn't really believe it. While he was not 100% sure due to Gardon's rather... sinister personality, he would have been surprised.

92) Did Gardon really want the throne of the Empire?

93) What does Duke Redfist think of Bloodclaw?
He doesn't think much about him to begin with. If he knew that Gardon and Amari, a rather important member of Orc leadership, shared a connection via Brian, he would be... not very understanding to put it mildly.

94) If Mina Trueshot finds out about the true fate of Salana, would she turn against Gardon for tricking her or will she blame Larine because of his orders?
I mean turning against one of them basically implies turning against both of them at this point.

95) If Salana regains her consciousness, will she blame Gardon for killing her or will she blame herself for blindly following Renova?
Definitely Gardon and three certain members of the Ironfist.

96) Could Dorbric take down the Eliminator if he wanted to?
At full strength, Dorbric would destroy the Eliminator.

97) If Zoia dies, will Commander Darkfang take her place as leader of the Wolf Regiment in Arkain?
Only Humans are allowed to lead the Wolf Regiment - no wolves. One of the Wolfguard (exclusively human) would have to take her place.

98) Will we ever see Kenos' and Aveen's history in the future?
They both will have some screentime in the next chapters, yes.

99) What did Theodor the Second plan to do with his half-elven children?
Raise them as his children.

100) Could Hotar defeat Duke Redfist in single combat?
What did poor Hotar do to you that you want him to get butchered by Duke Redfist?

101) Would Aedale regain her self if Blen was still alive?
We will never know.

102) Would Aridon prefer being worshiped by "red skinned" orcs?
He would rather not be worshipped by any Orcs at all. He is not a fan of the Orcs, to put it mildly. The idea of them worshipping him is... irritating to him to put it even more mildly.

103) How close were Gardon and his brother, the Emperor?
Very close.

104) Rath vs Redfist, who would win in a 1v1?
Redfist. Easily.

105) Are Aridon and Brian aware that Maronogin is alive and the chieftain of the Goldaxe Clan?

106) Is the Eliminator a mass produced war machine or is an exception?
It is a named character.

107) Would Fergon and Borean have gotten along?
While Fergon was the general of the Bear Regiment, he was very different from Borean personality-wise. Their relationship might have been anything from indifferent to dismissive. The Bear Regiment definitely would have liked using the Bearmen for experiments however - which Borean probably wouldn't be a big fan of.

108) Since we won't be seeing Okri vs Destroyer: Who would have won that battle?
We will never know.

109) Are dark elven Demon Slaves possible?
EXTREMELY unlikely. While the Dark Elves gladly ensla- ahem "encourage others to work for them without asking for anything in return, including members of their own race", them being enslaved by Demons is not something that is likely to happen.

110) Any possibility of fairies appearing as a race in Arkain?
There are no plans revolving around involving any kind of fairy at the moment.

111) Will Golden Guard angelify demon prisoners and make angelified demons' faction? Can paladins replicate the method (perhaps Praxeus) and try to waxen their armies?
The Golden Guard takes no demonic prisoners and neither Praxeus nor anyone else is familiar with the method van Durce used.

112) If an alliance was to be cemented between Ironfist and Undead, and they wish to take the political marriage route, would Gardon marry Pentiss as a representative between Humans and Dark Elves? Let's say Aridon forcibly denounces feminist ideology of dark elves in favor of new reign. Or... with partial necrophilia, with Meya or Saphira?
I don't see any timeline in which Gardon and Pentiss would marry each other. Even less one where they don't just kill each other. Even if there was going to be an alliance between Ironfist and Undead, they could just decide to form an alliance without involving any form of political marriage.
Regarding the second part: Arkain Industries still does not support necrophilia.
Don't look at Meya, we are not talking about her.

113) What kind of tricks did Bhaazirel teach early Dark Elves?
Shadow magic tricks.

114) If vampires were created by Aridon which nexus would they belong to? Rohir? Or would they form a new nexus?
Definitely Rohir. Meya would love them.

115) Are we going to see the Pigmen?
They will not appear at any point throughout the True Story of Arkain. They were never supposed to.

116) If Kelob had remained king of Salria, what would have been his policy towards centaurs and other races?
There seems to be a misunderstanding that it is purely Salran's fault that things escalated. While Salran isn't innocent of course, it wasn't just him but many of the higher-ups of Salria that wanted the Centaurs to be removed. You just need to look at Marshal Tornash.

117) What is Boar Regiment's directive and why haven’t they coordinated with the other regiments?
That will be answered soon. Very soon.

118) Are the Vanguard of Van Durce technically light-undead Demons?
They are not undead.

119) Aridon's siblings gave the races they created immortality. Why didn't Aridon give the Dark Elves immortality?
He had already made use of Undead back then. Why create an immortal race if that implies that the only way to get new Undead would be conflict?

120) Why do the Demons only seem to use demonology? Do they consider other or most types of magic below them?
It is more of a natural affinity with it that allowed them to master it rather than them believing other magic to be below them.

121) Does destroying a Nexus core weaken the respective Nexus it belongs to or Aridon in any way?
It would definitely strongly affect the Undead that are part of the nexus - even Aridon doesn't know what would happen though if he saw such a thing happen, he would instead bind the Undead of said nexus either to another nexus or himself. He himself would not be affected by it.

122) Do half-orcs have much lesser or the same resistance to manipulation as regular orcs?
There aren't enough half-orcs to really give a generalized answer to this.
I can say however that Okri basically has the same resistance as any "pure" Orc.

123) Have the Dwarves ever attempted to majorly expand their territories through conquering surface areas rather than the underground?
Well, they were surrounded by the Humans outside of their mountains on the surface and if you ignore the times when Old Zyainor was a thing, they were on good terms with those. And in the time of Old Zyainor, they were at a constant war with that nation and its black dragons.

124) What do the Gnolls think of the New Zyainor?
They are watching it cautiously.

125) In an actual undead free for all/civil war, which nexus has the best chance of winning?
Very situational depending on which nexus has currently the strongest and best organized army as well as the abilities of the respective leaders.
The Ejara have their numbers, the Zirr have their magic, the Rohir their agents, the Ardoz their twisted creations, etc.

126) Excluding Rodan, have the Demons tried to expand into other continents?
Tried, yes.

127) Was there ever a chance that the undead would've been able to ally with the Redfist? Is it just because of Aridons personality that they dont even bother?
The Undead didn't believe that they would have to do such a thing.
As for the Redfist... Since some Orcs used necromancy they weren't too fond of necromancers and undead. And if they had known who Aridon was.... That would have caused new questions... Mostly why he could not protect anyone's families from a race he himself didn't want on Arkain.
And you don't want the Redfist asking you why you failed to deal with the Orcs.

128) Did you ever plan making the Dark Elves likable?
They are just the way they were always supposed to be.

129) Who is more likely to win in a battle, the Ironfist or the Blackfist?
Definitely the Ironfist.

130) How will the Orc race evolve culturally long after Amari established Salria as the realm of the Tribal Dominion (100 years, at least)? Will the mandate to satisfy the people's needs drive the Tribal Dominion towards trade or conquest?
Only time will tell. It goes without saying however that Amari has no interest in continuing the "old ways". She has big plans for cultural reforms and is very... determined to go through with them, no matter the odds. You could say it very much depends on her own success more than anything else.

131) At some point, will the Demons realize that it would be better for them to coexist peacefully with other races, even going so far as to trade with them rather than what a relatively few of them are doing now?
Their relationship with other races is extremely complicated - not to mention their internal politicking and tendency to consider themselves above the younger mortal races.
In a world where the Demons and Humans had trade relations, if all races remained relatively the same from a personality viewpoint, there would still be a high chance (I would even say guarantee) that Demons would i. e. raid humans and put the blame on political rivals to further their own ends.

132) What makes the black dragons evil in the eyes of the others? is it because of Zyainor or is there something far more sinister in play?
Basically just the whole Zyainor thing. Maybe also what they do with captured eggs from other dragons.

133) Are there any Toranites that joined the Ironfist instead of fighting for Retka?
Very few Toranites actually joined Retka (remember, they were invaded by Retka). A lot of them now fight for Gardon.

134) Can Ogres and Orcs interbreed in Arkain?
They won't.

135) Does the Falcon Regiment tame beasts besides falcons?
Yes, Falcons are just the most "common".

136) What happened to the other knight commanders after the siege of Kome?
Most of them died.

137) Do the Grave Wardens compare well to the Paladins of the Kingdoms?
I mean they are warriors that use necromancy while paladins are warriors that use light magic.
Both have their own faiths and dogmas and are expected to be loyal towards their respective orders.

138) In the Goldaxe Clan, are all Orcs actually Demons or are there only some members who are Demons?
None of them are - not counting Maronogin.

139) Are there other regiments in the Empire, other than the ones we have seen? Is there a rabbit regiment? A Fox regiment? A Tiger regiment? A Lion Regiment?
There are other regiments but neither of the ones named here exists. It is also not mandatory to be named after an animal.

140) Will there be a campaign or stories about the war against the Empire of Rodan and the Dark One?
I have not made any form of public statement regarding what will happen after the True Story at this point.

141) Have you considered adding Night Elves?
Not in any serious way, no.

142) Is Queen Kasraasz the only queen of the black dragons, or were there also pasts queens before her?
She has not always been the queen of the black dragons, no.

143) Is depiction in "The Visage" story accurate to what would've happened if undead Stephanie becomes a thing?
Not exactly. Redfist wasn't angry enough.

144) In a scenario where the Empire of Rodan won the Second Voidwar while Theodor the Second was still on good terms with Gardon, would he have approved of the latters idea to restore Zyainor? If so, would he have placed Gardon or somebody else to rule it?
He would have approved and Gardon would have been put in charge, yes.

145) In the long-run, does Gardon consider the Demons, the Empire of Rodan or the Undead to be the biggest existential threat to Zyainor?
From his point of view the Demons are still his biggest enemy. Not only are they literally next door but they also very clearly want to either kill or enslave all of mankind while the motives of the Undead are unknown and the Empire wants to conquer the continent. Historically the Demons have also been the greatest rival of any human power in Arkain.
They are all still serious threats in his opinion.

146) What made the demons prefer teleportation above other means of transportation?
Its convenience.

147) If Gardon was general of the Golden Guard instead of van Durce, could he defeat the Demons in Arkain easily?
Would a man like Gardon become general of a faction like the Golden Guard? Would Gardon still be Gardon if he was the leader of the Golden Guard?
If the question is whether or not Gardon would have a MUCH easier time facing the Demons if he managed to unite not only the Ironfist and Kingdoms but also Golden Guard under his banner, I mean that is an obvious yes.

148) What’s the secret weapon of the Dominion?
A rolling bear.

149) Let's say you get teleported into the world of Arkain. What would you do? Who would you ask for help? Where would you like to settle?
Join the Goldaxe. Because capitalism.

150) What type of music would the characters of Arkain listen to in their free time if they had access to Youtube?
Considering the different personalities of the many characters, it would be a wide variety of music.

151) Let's say our world merges with the world of Arkain. Would Aridon consider us part of the "balance" he wants to protect or not? What would the characters of Arkain do in our world?
Considering the amount of characters, there are many different things they could want to do.
Aridon definitely would not consider it part of balance but an abomination instead.

152) If someone offered you a deal, would you let Legends of Arkain become a TV show?
Only if I retained creative control.

153) The characters of Arkain get teleported into the world of Starcraft, what would happen next?
Since most of StarCraft has no breathable air and/or takes place in space, all non-undead would suffocate.

154) Would Zed allow Gardon to ride on his back, like the Darkmind clan wolf riders?
If Gardon wanted to or had to be carried to safety, sure!

155) Which is more terrifying? to be in the same building with very angry Duke Redfist or bored Meya?
Neither sounds very appealing to me but maybe others have different points of view on that one!

156) Would you rather have tea time with the Freshtearer or watch Thanok attempt stand up comedy?
Definitely watch Thanok, he is unmatched in black (dragon) comedy.

157) Is Felicia actually Vail? We know the mask of illusions is a thing, so Felicia could've taken it and turned into Vail or have been Vail from the beginning. So does that mean Felicia is actually both the ruler of Zyainor and still Gardon's true love?

158) Is Gary the user that allegedly "doesn't exist" the original creator and mastermind behind everything in Arkain, and you Tsar Shar Chen The Primordial Creator of Pain and Suffering Scythe Herrscher Walker Tyranus Batwalker Kaiser Dundred the person who overthrew him to take his place? Why would you otherwise tell him to return to his box so many times? And why would you do such a thing?
Nice try, Gary. Nobody cares enough about you to ask such a ridiculous question. Now get back in your box.

159) Why is Krom the most attractive bachelor in Arkain?
I mean just look at him!

160) Is it possible to fight off Gardon's compulsion amulets? Do you have to destroy it to be free or just getting far away from it would suffice?
It depends on how long you have been under its effect. The safest bet definitely is destroying the amulet.
If you wore an amulet basically your entire life however, it is questionable how strong its effect on the mind has been - and if it can ever really be undone.

161) Which Arkain character would do the best in a hot dog eating contest?
Probably the Fleshtearer. It could eat without ever stopping. It will also still eat when you run out of hot dogs. Better start running.

162) Which character of Arkain is the most bloodiest?
looks at Redfist, then the Destroyer, then the other Destroyer
I would like to call my lawyer before answering this question...

163) At what point will the government raid the Arkain Industries?
Let. Them. Come.

164) Outside the set, is Gardon's personality more like Blen's, or is it only when he is inebriated?
Gardon, Praxeus and Blen play cards off set - along with some other people, Praxeus is also only around when he isn't "busy" - but I wouldn't say that Gardon is more like Blen there.
He does have an alcohol problem though, yes.

165) Will another night elf reporter come in to "interview" Aridon and hand him a bar of Snickers?
I hope so, he definitely needs one, you should have seen the tantrum he threw when SOMEONE stole his cards last week.

166) Will the conscript Caelrinn (Maporino) fit in with the Ironfist?
Since I am told that he's absolutely duty-bound and will do whatever it takes to fulfill his obligated tasks, yes, definitely. As long as he doesn't question orders. Else Thanok might have words with him and whip him into shape.

167) What were your two favorite fan theories that 1) ended up being true and 2) ended up being false
This is an EXTREMELY tricky question as I am always a huge fan of reading any theories and speculations so picking favorites is quite challenging, especially since there are quite a few of them - which I also really am a fan of personally.
I am also often fascinated by the creativity of some theories - in a good way. It is always an amazing feeling for both me and @Kasrkin to see people be so invested that they really think about all these things.
Additionally there are still many theories that have yet to be confirmed as correct or incorrect.
Therefore as much as I love the theories and appreciate the effort put into them and as much as I want to answer this question, I can actually not do that now without spoilering future events.
I will say however that I really enjoyed reading the theories surrounding the finale of Blen and Rath.

168) Did Largoth find this Arkain Question Time pleasant or a waste of his time?
He liked it quite a bit - especially any questions related to him!
Not open for further replies.