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Arkain Question Time Archive

Discussion in 'The Legends of Arkain Series' started by Shar Dundred, Jan 29, 2018.

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  1. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    May 6, 2009
    Here you may find the Arkain Question Time published on 2nd September 2017.
    Any future AQTs will also be archived here.

    Arkain Question Time 2nd September 2017
    1) Will you someday show the geography of the world of Arkain?
    When I have the time for it, maybe.
    It isn't on any of my priority lists, to be honest.

    2) How big is the continent of Arkain? Is it roughly the size of Europe or way smaller than that?
    I would say, even more than that. Around the size of Europe + Russia.
    Keep in mind that the demonic realm behind the Void is included in this and that is a gigantic realm.

    3) How much is the population of the entire Arkain continent if we exclude the undead and demons?
    Same answer as for the size of the continent.

    4) Are there other continents in the planet of Arkain,expect of course the continent where the Human Empire is on?

    5) Did the ''Behind the Scenes of Arkain'' cinematic turn this entire series into a snuff film?
    It wasn't before?

    6) Did the story ever have an entirely different script than the version we have now?
    Well, at the very beginning of the campaign creation (2012), I had intended to have the players decide who would be the traitor. It would have been a choice between Gardon and Genethas. So, like, if you side if Genethas, you don't just fight Gardon, you actually would have had him BECOME the traitor.
    As you can imagine, this would have changed the Second Human Book TREMENDOUSLY.
    I cannot tell you what it would be like today, as the idea has been there loooong before the script of the Second Human Book had been finished - or even properly started.
    I think that Blen even would still have been a main character.

    7) If you had to make a "good" and "bad" time-line in each of the books, what choices should one make, and what side quests should be/not be completed to get the "worst" outcome and the "best" outcome?
    I cannot do that. There simply is no "best" or "worst" outcome.

    8) Is there any meaning to the name of the series or to any designation in the Legends?
    No, there is none, sorry to disappoint you. :p

    9) Will you make major updates to the First Books?
    Yes, but don't ask for a schedule, though.
    I have millions of things to do with Arkain before I can be satisfied.

    10) Were there any other missions that were interesting in concept (just like Krom killing chieftains metal gear solid style)that you scrapped from all the campaigns?
    Yes, there was a mission in the Orc Book about Vanessa infiltrating a Human village after a base of hers got ambushed & destroyed by the Knights of Kome. There she would, for the first time in her life, really see Humans as they were outside of battle. At the end of that mission, she would have been captured by the Knights of Kome and then brought to Gardon.
    The chapter idea was scrapped because it would have been a run-around-and-do-nothing mission that doesn't really evolve the story too much. Also, I decided to change her character a different way.

    11) Do all 3 stories connect with each other in a "canon" time-line? The reason why I ask, is that in both the undead and human book you can kill Sasrogarn, while in the orc book he lives.
    No, they don't.
    There are several events that overlap or happen in all stories, like the Imperials being defeated by the Orcs who are then overrun by the Demons, but there isn't a real "canon" timeline.

    12) Are there any chapters that are so unsatisfying you want to rework them?
    Chapter Four and Chapter Two of the First Orc Book.
    The latter isn't "unsatisfying", though, I just want to give the story there an overhaul.

    13) So when did Dogran REALLY die? I mean in the Human Book we see him die in the temple, while in the Orc Book we see him get killed by Aridon.
    It is as you said. In the Human Book he died in the temple, in the Orc Book Aridon killed him.
    There is no canon.

    14) What happened to the Undead Guardian that was protecting the Demon Artifact that got absorbed by Aedale?
    Depending on the player's choice he either died or brought the Demon Eye to a new hideout and guards it.

    15) Was Selior Cleavehand supposed to play a bigger part in an earlier script of the story?
    In a very, very early script of the story, yes.
    It was scrapped soon, however - ever since that, he started eating lots of ice cream and cries all day.
    We tried to kill him, but he returned as a ghost and still ate ice cream.
    This is a Behind the Scenes reference, btw, in case you were wondering.

    16) Does Saphira know that Rahandir killed her?
    Yes, she remembers everything that happened.
    However, she also knows that the Orc raiders would have caught her regardless.
    That makes no sense for you? Wait for the update to the First Orc Book! ;-]

    17) Why did Aridon the Watcher allow Largoth to be in the undead army? Didn't he see it coming that he would betray them?
    He did see it coming, but Largoth had been very useful for Aridon, so he had decided to, temporarily, keep him.

    18) How/When did Vanessa die in the Undead Book? She was alive at the end of the Orc Book.
    In the Undead Book, Sasrogarn arrived to late to save her - she died in Castle Kome, killed during the siege by the knights.

    19) Will there be a happy ending to all books?
    That depends on your definition of "happy ending".
    If it is "EVERYTHING will be good, EVERYONE will live happily ever after", you will be disappointed.
    This is war, people die.

    20) Will the Dark Entity be revealed?
    Yes, maybe even sooner than you expect!

    21) Are we going to see more to the Forgotten faction or the red orcs (Moghtar)?
    Yes and yes.

    22) Will you ever make the human emperor Theodor the Second make a cameo appearance?
    He will appear in the Epilogue of the Second Human Book.

    23) Are we going to see dragons (besides undead frost wyrms) in the following books ?

    24) Will we fight in the Void?
    The void is the border/rift, not the lands.
    You cannot fight inside a bottomless rift.
    If you want to know if you bring the fight to the realm of the Demons behind the void... Time will tell.

    25) Will you add even more choices that change the gameplay,not just the dialogue in this and the other Second Books?
    Some choices will affect gameplay as well, yes.
    In fact, I have quite some plans for a system that allows you to choose your own army more.
    I plan to experiment with that in the Second Orc Book.

    26) Are the different factions like Golden Guard and Ironfist going to get their own skins and models for their buildings?
    I had considered that, but I decided against it for two reasons.
    a) I couldn't really find building sets that I considered suitable for the factions.
    b) It would require much more work for tech trees regarding units, upgrades and buildings – more than I deemed it worth it.
    The same can also be applied to all other factions and races.

    27) How long do we need to wait for the release of the full version of Second Human Book?
    I am not working on a schedule, so no idea.
    I want to finally finish it in 2017, though.

    28) Is van Durce a good guy that is just misunderstood?
    Well... *He* thinks he is a good guy...
    To be fair, he is mostly just following his orders, though.

    29) Will we see Zarin Hammerfall return?
    Very soon, yes!

    30) Does Brian's ring hold great secrets and the truth about him?
    Brian's ring is a memory to remind him of the life he once had, his family, his mortality, his humanity, his personality and him... being alone.

    31) When will you release chapter 8?
    I am pretty sure I already released it. ;-]

    32) When will you release Chapter 9?
    I have no set schedule to finish my stuff, it is a hobby, I am unable to set a schedule.
    I release the maps when they are done and have been tested.

    33) Does Gardon want to get the princess of Kerrel for his wife?
    Nope, he has other marriage plans.

    34) What is Aridon's true status on the Second Human Book?
    Everything is going according to plan.

    35) Will we know more about the relationship between Brian and Aridon?
    MUCH more!

    36) Is Gardon suspicious of Brian?
    Yes, but he trusts Brian more than he would trust others.

    37) Will you reveal how Gardon and Brian met and how Brian tutored him?

    38) Why does Brian keep such a huge part of his secrets to himself?
    There are things he cannot reveal to Gardon as of yet as Gardon has other things to focus on.

    39) Why did the Golden Guard decide to kill Blen Greymoore and only imprison Harmos and Aedale?
    He was tortured to death, not outright killed.
    Aedale was pretty safe because the Golden Guard wouldn't dare touch the daughter of Duke Redfist - unless of course said daughter would be allied with Gardon, like Cora.
    Then they would simply have blamed the rebels for her death. Aedale however, was in custody - and her father knew that.
    There was no way of freeing her without him knowing it was the Golden Guard. And no one, not even the arrogant van Durce, would want Redfist as his enemy.
    Harmos on the other hand would have suffered the same fate as Blen if he hadn't been freed.

    40) Will Lord Thanok be playable?
    Evil always finds its way.

    41) Why didn't Saphira want to fulfil Aridon's last wish?
    What makes you think that Aridon had a last wish?

    42) What's Rahandir going to do with the two half-blood children of Queen Renova?
    Now, that would be too much of a spoiler, wouldn't it?
    I can tell, though, you that he won't kill or even harm them.

    43) Are we going to learn what Thanok really is?
    You are going to learn more about Thanok, yes.

    44) Why didn't Gardon or Thanok brainwash Scarlett Retka rather than wasting her as a potential ally in the case he chose Cora?
    Cora wouldn't have accepted with Scarlett either way - in addition, neither she nor anyone else needs to know too much about the amulets. That would have made her leave as well – on more hostile terms.

    45) Are we going to see Lord Brian demonstrate his true power in the Second Human Book ?
    He won't have to.

    46) We haven't seen the Dwarves so far in the Second Human Book, where are they?
    In battle against the Demons - mostly at the borders of their own realms.
    You will see them.

    47) Is the Kasrkin commander that appeared in the interlude death of a legend the same that appeared in chapter 1 of the first human book?
    Yes, he is.
    This particular Kasrkin Commander is the leader of the Kasrkin - before Blen's death he was his second-in-command.
    Before you ask: No, you didn't kill him in Chapter Eight of the First Undead Book. That was another commander.

    48) Will we get a chapter in the Second Human Book where fighting on the sea will be a main part of it?
    The final mission will feature both a navy battle AND a land battle.

    49) Who is Salana going to marry?
    Salana isn't going to get married.

    50) If Aridon had future vision how come he didn't see the ambush coming?
    He did see everything that was coming his way.

    51) How many members of the Redfist family are alive and are we going to see any of them?
    Counting the ones you have already encountered in person, you will see five in total in the Second Books.
    Six family members still alive at this point. There used to be more.

    52) Is it mainly the players fault that best daddy of the entire universe, since the birth of earth Duke Volarian Redfist ''the Tyrant'' is such a bad person – if he actually is a bad person?
    A certain action commited by the player may have turned him into "the Tyrant", if he really is one.
    If he is no tyrannical character, then a certain action commited by the player will have left a mark on his poor soul.
    He is a rather tragic character, actually and will make players feel bad for a certain past deed they have committed.

    53) Are we going to learn more about Vanessa's history and heritage?
    Apart from being adopted (or actually stolen) and raised by Rangul?

    54) Will Vanessa be a main character or play a bigger role in the Second Orc Book?
    She will play a bigger role, yes, but that isn't too hard in the first place, to be honest.
    She wasn't really that important in the First Orc Book to begin with.

    55)In your trailer for the Second Books appeared a female troll. Will there be troll heroes for us to control in the Second Orc Book?
    Yes, there will be at least one - the female dark troll you have seen in the trailer.
    I think she was no dark troll in the trailer, but she is.

    56) Are the Murlocs going to be playable in the Second Orc Book?
    They will appear, but it is not certain yet if they will be playable.

    57) Since we now know that Orcs can ally with Murlocs and Trolls, are we going to see them having Ogres or other creatures as allies in the future?
    There will be more races they will ally with, yes.

    58) Will we get to know more about the Dark Elves in the Second Undead Book?
    MUCH MUCH more!

    59) If Aridon died during the final mission of the Undead Book will that have serious consequences on the Second Undead Book?
    First off, it will change dialogue regarding Ornasion.
    Apart from that, yeah, you will get a punch in the face in the first mission already.
    I am not kidding.

    60) Are the Dark Elves and Driders undead, or are they alive and just allies with the Undead?
    They are not undead.
    More about them will be revealed when the time is right.

    61) What character did you base character XY on?
    I am not using templates to create my characters.
    There will always be similarities to other characters from other universes, that is inevitable, but I do not base my characterson existing ones. I create them from scratch and form their personality myself.
    Sure, certain stereotypes or other things might influence them, i. e. I want Renald van Durce to be a rather disliked character, so I make him as arrogant as possible - in the bad way.
    Blen on the other hand was the paradigm, the one every soldier wanted to be like - and still a plain character who wasn't too interesting. That, however, allowed more freedom with choices made by him.
    I think I have been quite successful with that so far.

    62) Who is your favorite character of them all (on Arkain)?
    I cannot answer that with just one character, I like many characters I created.
    Gardon, Rahandir, Aridon, Krom, Brian, Scarlett, Vail, Zairmak, many others.
    In a way, I would even say that I like van Durce because I made him such an arrogant asshole.
    I like every character who turns out to be exactly what I want the character to be.
    I think that's also because, unlike you guys, I don't have to fight them on the battlefield. :-]

    63) Is there a favourite character which is not obvious and are any characters related to real life events, especially pertaining yours?
    Despite me not having a real favorite character, as I mentioned before, I will say that I really like Scarlett, but that is mostly because I have created her very long ago for something not Arkain-related and pretty much then decided to move her into the Arkain universe. She is kinda nuts and I like that a bit too much. Wouldn't recommend her to be your girlfriend, though.
    Interestingly, her character is only about one and a half month younger than the Legends of Arkain thread, so almost the same age.
    No characters are related to anything in real life, not mine, not anyone else's. At least not on purpose.

    64) Was Gardon's father a high ranking member of the Imperial Army or a high ranking political member?
    He was a very high ranking politician.

    65) What is Lord Brian's age?
    That's a difficult question to answer for reasons too much of a spoiler to explain...
    Let's just say that he is older than Rahandir.

    66) Is Brian close to Aridon in terms of power?
    Brian is powerful, but still far away from the true extent of Aridon's power.

    67) Is Lord Brian the Dark Entity?

    68) Is Merlon Seabright actually @Arowanna?

    69) Does Merlon like sand?
    Yeah, but he prefers the sea over almost everything.
    If he was @Arowanna, he would like @San, however! :-]

    70) What is the name of Merlon Seabright's flagship?
    He has no flagship currently, the Undead destroyed it along with the rest of the fleet not too long ago, as you might remember (First Books).

    71) Did Ebira fulfil the wish of Genethas, did he become king of all demon slaves?
    He is the leader of the slaves now, yes, but he still became a slave himself.

    72) Why is it that Rangul doesn't think that there might be more humans that are like Vanessa, and since she could become a part of the clan, maybe others like her, or maybe people who are better, can join to?
    Vanessa has been raised by the Orcs, and still is hardly accepted by most.
    There are no other Humans who have been raised by an Orc.
    In addition, him seeing certain Ironfist tools (like Merlon's amulet) - with Rangul being unable to see the difference between Ironfist and any other Humans apart from the Ironfist being more dangerous enemies than other Humans - increased his distrust.

    73) What was Aridon before he turned into an archlich?
    You mean, what was Aridon before he turned into an undead?
    He has never really been anything else. He is, in fact, the very Avatar of Death.
    For more information about that, read this.

    74) What is Krom's backstory? What was he before he became Undead?
    Krom was among the first to be raised as Undead to serve Aridon.
    He used to be an Arkainian, a member of the very first race of Arkain. He was an extremely skilled assassin who defied the gods when they started waging war on each other, not wanting to participate in that conflict. He was slain for his denial and later reanimated by Aridon.

    75) Is Aridon the oldest being in the Arkain universe?
    One of the oldest.
    If you add his time as a living being and the time between his death and his reanimation as an Undead, though, Krom would be the oldest. Krom was born before Aridon.

    76) Who is the oldest servant of Aridon?

    77) What does Rahandir prefer? Coffee or soda?
    Neither, he is dead, he doesn't drink anything.

    78) Since Rahandir is familiar with Gardon's magic that he uses to control his troops,can he dispell it?
    Gardon uses no magic to control his troops, he uses on certain individual officers.
    Several regiments under his command are absolutely fanatical in their service to him without wearing the amulets.
    Anyway, going back to the question if he can dispell it:
    Under certain circumstances.

    79) What are the names of the 3 Bonelords?
    Here are not only their names, but also their primary attributes:
    Kasresh (Strength), Rogthil (Agility) and Sha'thar (Intelligence).

    80) If Sir Edoarus was brought back decades ago by Aridon,considering the Voidwar ended 20 years ago, why didn't we see or hear of him during the First Undead Book?
    He simply wasn't involved in the major events so far.

    81) Why does Sir Edoarus have a disdain for paladins?
    As living Human, Sir Edoarus the Executioner was executing everyone who had broken the law - regardless WHAT law it was. In his mind, there was no place for mercy or redemption for criminals.
    Paladins considered him a cruel monster with no sense of honor. However, he has no special disdain for them.
    In fact, after his death, Sir Edoarus developed a disdain for most living beings.

    82) Are Largoth and Lisara serving the Demon Legions or they're serving someone else?
    They are not serving any of the legions.

    83) Will Progaderas return ever again or did we permanently kill him?
    Progaderas will never die.
    Poor bastard will keep getting killed over and over again, though - and be pissed about it.

    84) What is your favorite race on Arkain?
    I want to say Demons, but I haven't given them enough love yet to claim that.
    So, Undead.

    85) Can Pale Elves and Elves "intermingle"?
    Theoretically, yes.
    Isn't going to happen, though.

    86) Can Elves and Humans "intermingle"?
    As the Emperor and Queen Renova have proven, yes.

    87) Can succubi "intermingle" with mortal races?
    Theoretically, yes.
    (Yes, I really got three questions like that.)

    88) Is there anyone who can resist the dark magic of Gardon's amulet?
    Orcs cannot be controlled, not by magic, not by Demons, not even by Aridon himself.
    The will of the Undead is bound to their masters', so it doesn't affect them.
    The masters of the Undead are too powerful to be controlled by amulets.
    Powerful beings could find means to resist it as well.
    It also doesn't work on animals.

    89) Who is stronger: Golden Guard, Kasrkin or Ironfist?
    The Kasrkin have been weakened a lot, they are no match for either in their current state.
    While Gardon and the Ironfist have grown a lot in power recently, the Golden Guard would, if you combine the forces on both continents, still destroy them with relative ease. Even Gardon cannot win when outnumbered like 10,000 to 1.

    90) When the war ends how many Elves will die? Will it be enough to make an entire continent of elven bones?
    I think that even if you killed all Elves, both military and civilian, there wouldn't be enough bones for that.
    Would have to consult Krom on that, though, he is the specialist.

    91) Are there Dark or Pale Dwarves?
    If you want to play as Dark Dwarves, you will have to wait until Creative Assembly adds the Chaos Dawi to one of their Total War: Warhammer games.

    92) A question about the human faction referred to as "the Demon Slaves". What makes them slaves? Are they mind controlled, or are they referred to as such out of disrespect for their allegiance with the demons? Lord Genethas is promised something in exchange for his service, but not mind controlled. Are the "demon slave" factions willingly siding with the demons, or are there cases of the mind control and willing allegiance?
    There are several different cases here.
    There are those who have been captured and tortured until their minds were broken, turned into slaves.
    Others have been seduced with promises of power, wealth or with fulfilling any of their wishes, like Genethas, and have willingly joined the Demons, being put under mind control in a more subtle, but still extremely powerful way.
    There are also those who have grown up in a society controlled by their demonic overlords who have been indoctrinated with the directive to serve the Demons until death form their very birth.

    93) If we take Gardon's armies and the royal army do they outnumber the Undead or the Golden Guard?
    There is absolutely nothing that can outnumber the Undead since Aridon has been collecting the countless dead on Arkain. However, he cannot use all of them at the same time to defeat his enemies because by doing so, he would give all other races a common enemy to focus all their efforts on.
    This could lead to two different scenarios:
    a) The Undead defeat the mortal races, but weaken them so much that they will all go extinct sooner or later.
    b) The mortals would defeat the Undead since even the Undead cannot fight against EVERYONE ELSE at the same time, especially since the mortal races, yes, even the Orcs, would be smart enough to focus on the Undead instead of attacking each other. It wouldn't be an "alliance of all mortals", but it would make them stop fighting against each other for a while. Even the Undead could be crushed then.
    Aridon neither wants all mortals to go extinct nor does he want to see the Undead crushed, so he will never use the entirety of his forces.
    Golden Guard
    They would at least outnumber the Golden Guard that is currently on the continent, but if you add the Golden Guard from the Empire's home continent beyond the Great Sea.... No way.

    94) How did Trolls and Orcs meet each other?
    After the Orcs had been defeated by the Demons and hunted by the Humans after the Orcs' arrival on Arkain (very very long ago), they met the Forest Trolls. The two races weren't too different from each other, they both were hunted and killed by the other races. Their alliance was one of convinience.
    The Forest Trolls started getting used to be led by Orcs and the Orcs considered them as equals, so that Trolls became part of the different Orc Clans.

    95) Why is it hard for the Undead to manipulate the Orcs?
    The Orcs' nature forbids them to be manipulated or controlled, not even Aridon or the Dark One could control them. They can be tricked, of course, like everyone else, but you will never see an Orc become a slave of anyone else – not even the Demons.

    96) Do most Undead in Arkain become feral when they have no master?
    Unlike Blizzard, I have not forgotten that Undead will simply lose their (un)life if they lack a master or at least some sort of power source to keep them alive.
    Since they are no zerg, they will not become feral.

    97) Will we get to know more about Nerubians in general?
    Not anytime soon.

    98) Will there be another demon legion?
    There are many different legions.
    Several more will appear too, but due to it being the most powerful and numerous one now, the Souleater Legion is the one you will see the most.

    99) Just like in Warcraft lore do Demons in Arkain have to be killed in they're own realm (aka the Void) to permanently die?
    The Void is not the realm of the Demons.
    The Void is the unnatural border (a literal rift leading into nothing but emptiness) to the realm of the Demons.
    And no, you don't have to kill them there to kill them permanently.
    They are an actual race (or group of races, if you want to put it that way) that is extremely powerful and has a high reproductive rate with gigantic population.
    They aren't summoned into the world of Arkain, they LIVE ON Arkain - behind the Void.

    100) Is the Dark Entity also manipulating the Demons?
    Yes, it is.

    101) Which demon is stronger in Arkain: Pit Lord, Demonlord or Dreadlord?
    The Dreadlord is the most powerful – keep in mind that this doesn't refer to physical strength.
    Then comes the Pitlord, then the Demonlord.

    102) Who is the leader of the Demon Legions?
    The Legions have had no single master since the death of the Demon God.
    Every legion is being led by its most powerful dreadlord.
    Kersidar is the leader of the Souleater Legion, Ornasion used to be the leader of the Blooddrinker Legion and Erganoth is the leader of the Darkblade Legion.
    There are far more legions and leaders, ofc.
    In the Demons' eternal struggle for power, the Blooddrinker Legion managed to become the most powerful legion by sheer force, led by Ornasion. The Souleater Legion was close behind, however it didn't want to risk a war with the Blooddrinker Legion and therefore accepted them as the leaders of the invasion force.
    Now that Ornasion has been defeated, Kersidar and his Souleater Legion are in charge.

    103) Are all Demon Legions allies?
    Not really.
    The most powerful legion will always try to take control of the less powerful ones.
    "Most powerful" doesn't just mean the number of soldiers, however.
    Every high-ranking demon acts as a politican of high standing for his legion. He or she has a high number of different assets at his or her disposal to increase his power and the power of his legion. The Demons are not as united as they seem, sometimes a demon would weaken his own legion's interests to accomplish his own goals.
    However, there is one goal, one ultimate goal, that all Demons, no matter the rank, no matter the alignment, no matter the personal interests, share: The survival of their race and their independence.

    104) Are the murlocs and nagas in this story the same race? You know since when you click on a naga in the Second Human Book it calls them a murloc.
    There are no naga in Arkain. The creature you have seen was a Murloc Mammoth.

    105) What comes after the Second Human Book?
    For some time, it was planned to make the Second Undead Book afterwards.
    However, after some consideration, we decided to return to the original order:

    106) Will you add a anti-demon type unit?
    I am sure there are some units that can be considered anti-demon, but apart from that, no.

    107) Can we have a Gardon face reveal?
    If someone can draw a fitting face for him, maybe.
    *I* can't.

    108) What can we expect from the spin-off campaigns? What will they be about?
    You can expect many stories taking place in the Arkain universe.
    These stories will mostly take place in the time after the Second Books, but there are also considerations to do at least one taking place before even the First Books.
    That is not certain as of yet, however.
    For stories taking place after the Second Books, well, I already have lots of ideas!

    109) When will you feature the Kingdom of Salria to make it full circle?
    When the time is right.

    110) Will those Ares knights and Bloodfist units we saw in Chapter Five of the Second Human Book be trainable - or the Pride of Humanity unit?
    Absolutely not, they're AI units.
    They're just elite versions of units you already have.
    Ares Knights are the elite version of Knights.
    Bloodfists are the elite version of Elites.
    Pride of Humanity is the elite version of Destructors.
    And so on, there are more elite versions of known units - just take a look at the Red Guard in Chapter Seven of the Second Human Book.

    111) Will we meet Aedale's other siblings?
    At least one more.

    112) Is there going to be voiceover at some point?
    Maybe in the very very distant future.
    Not very likely, still.

    113) Is there is any part of the story you would rework and do you have plans to rework?
    I want to and WILL rework certain parts of the First Orc Book.

    114) Will we see another behind the scenes of Arkain cinematic?
    After all Second Books are completed, yes.

    115) Is there going to be a Murloc Book?
    I will reply this question with a question of my own:
    Are there Night Elves in Arkain?

    116) What is your goal creating the Legends of Arkain? What do you expect and want to achieve?
    My goal is to create a campaign series with a great storyline and gameplay and enjoy doing it as long as it lasts. I also hope that people keep enjoying it.
    Apart form that, I have no goals, expectations or hopes for achievements. I have no illusions about this being a step to creating my own game out of it or anything – I don't even want that, this is a hobby, it shall stay a hobby.

    117) Will you keep it going for fan service once the initial plan is done?
    After the Second Books are done, there will be the spinoff campaigns. We have a lot of ideas there.
    However, I keep no illusions. One day, it will be over. It will probably take a very long time, but we are going to reach that point. When we do, I hope to be able to look on a great creation I enjoyed to create.

    118) Do you imagine the Legends of Arkain as a standalone game?
    Sometimes, but I don't see it happen.

    119) Will you add choices to the spinoff campaigns?
    It didn't take me long to decide about this.
    The answer is: Probably not.
    I like the choice system, but it makes too much time and effort to be worth being applied to smaller campaigns.

    120) Will you do another stream how you play the campaign or show how you make a map?
    Very unlikely. I have little time and interest to do another stream.

    121) Is the capital of Gardon's kingdom going to be used in a future mission?
    I cannot make a statement about the spinoffs, but it won't be used in any of the Second Books anymore.

    122)After you finish the one million things you planned will you do a Arkain altered melee map with all 3 races?

    123) Will the Demons get more attention? Do you have plans about making a Demon Book?
    I intend to do demon campaigns in the future, yes.

    124) Do you plan to make a real official Arkain wiki once you are done with the main story of all books?
    I intend to create something for Arkain at some point, yes.

    125) Is there any chance for Illidian (the model) to show up in the world of Arkain?
    Using a non-night-elven-skin, it is at least not completely impossible to happen. No plans for that yet, though.
    Keep in mind that there are no Night Elves in the world of Arkain. :-]

    126) What was the motivation for you to make Legends of Arkain? I can see that you took a lot of inspiration from Warhammer and Warcraft, is there something else that motivated you?
    Ironically, WarCraft took quite a lot inspiration from Warhammer, even to a point where some people say Blizzard stole much, but that is neither the place to discuss this nor do I want to.
    Well, the motivation was pretty simple. I had already created around 80 campaigns for WarCraft 3 in my younger years. Most of these were parts of a series, I think it was about...I cannot remember how many, maybe ten series?
    Anyway, none of them were released, the maps never had a quality that would make them worth releasing - today, all of them are lost anyway. I didn't intend to release any of them either since they were made for me and some friends to play, not to be published. One day, however, I wanted to create a campaign series that I would upload, a campaign series with quality high enough to be approved in the Map Section. That was in 2012. Sadly, my computer got broken and I considered the files lost. I didn't want to start from anew, lost motivation and focused on other things instead. In 2014, I recovered the files and started the Arkain thread (Btw, on Friday, the 11th of August was the 3rd anniversary of the thread).

    A question I have been asked a lot in the past already. There is no real inspiration for Arkain.
    When I first started Arkain, I didn't know ANYTHING about Warhammer Fantasy, only a small bit about Warhammer 40k. I never really grew to like most of the WarCraft lore that came with WarCraft 3 and afterwards - especially most things related to the Orcs. And let us not even get started about the things WoW changed.
    I was, however, a Fantasy fan. For the "base" I took some ideas from, believe it or not, Lord of the Rings.
    I didn't take too much from it, though, I think mostly just the East VS West theme. The rest came from my own mind.
    However, I had read the Ulldart series (a fantasy series with an intriguing story, sadly only available in german), which had a pretty dark story with much intrigue and plotting, both war and political games.
    I liked it, but I often encountered situations where I was like "I would have done that a different way".
    I didn't take anything from that series, but I think you could say it inspired me to create my own fantasy universe, along with other factors.
    In addition, I have already created my "own" universes in the past (the other series I mentioned above), so I had "some" experience on that.

    127) How do you feel about your accomplishments? Do you still have second thoughts?
    I wouldn't say second thoughts, but I feel that too much time has been wasted with the shutdowns the project had suffered in the past. I freaking hate wasting time.
    I am also not too satisfied with the First Orc Book at this point, but I intend to change that at least a bit.

    128) What are your main concerns about the project? Is there something you don't like about it?
    It takes too damn long to finish stuff and I cannot do anything about it.
    Believe me, it annoys me at least as much as the rest of you – actually even more.

    129) What was the special mission mentioned in his character bio that made Merlon stay silent and never criticize Gardon again?
    I assume that the actual question here is: What made Merlon stay silent and never critisize Gardon again?
    Answer: He got his Amulet of Discipline on that mission.
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