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Level 14
Apr 17, 2021
I'm in the Act 7 Chapter 3 Dead forest, and I can't make it throug. So, I decided as usual to see someone else strategy and Tactic about how he/she conquer the map. I only found one video about this subject, but he/she cheating as hell, and their video is about an overall view of this new map. ( By the way, the video is about the chapter what I mentioned here, but it's the first version, when you can only train necromancer and banshee and stuff, not the current version of the map: which is much better, thanks to shar & others.)
If anybody can provide me a source where to look (I'm bad I know, I have serious issues with my tactic and strategy, I need to learn ASAP), then please feel free to post, and thank you very much if you readed my post here.

I can't belive I'm linking it here
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I had a lot of trouble with this map too. Unfortunately, no video to share but here's how I eventually beat it.
I would advise you to wait for the south-western Golden duard base to attack the demon base west of you (stay on no upkeep while you wait to accumulate gold). When that happens, attack the demons in the back while they're occupied. Afterwards, destroy the said golden guard battalion when you have time (they don't have a hero so they're not as hard). Once they're dealt with, take their 2 gold mines and start towering up against the other attacks. Use a gargoyle to scout for the demonlords if you haven't found them all (There are 3 on the map).
Getting to that point is not easy, but in my experience, once you've reached it, you can take the level slow and steady and you should be good.
Afterwards, always keep a spirit tower wall against the attack of the Golden guard and wipe out the demon slaves, darkblade legion and the other Golden guard batallion.

The Undead elves spawn are not that usefull against most enemies but they're very good against the main golden guard base so try to keep their buildings standing (though losing a few of them should still be fine)
The other tricky base is the Darkblade base. It usually has a lot of Infernals so using Undead griffons is usually best.

As for the composition, keep a high number of undead eredar to snipe heroes with fireballs and shower the enemies with fire. Keep a few succubi for silencing heroes and casters.
Choose beetween demons and knights for your frontline (both are fine), same thing for your ranged. I would just avoid frost wyrms because of the amount of infernals (pluss eredars usually deal with enemies that aren't magic immune)
Keep all demonlords alive until the final siege. Also keep 2 obsidian statues (one for health, the other for mana) : Your heroes + casters + demonlords really benefit a lot from bonus mana regen.

That's all. Good luck to you :thumbs_up:
Level 6
Dec 19, 2022
@HuanJuan Generally you can scroll through New Content Discussion to find the tips for each map. 47-48
@SharDundred Ok, thanks for update, took a whole day with lots of reloads to do original version. second version was more managble spot for me.
If you want to do old version here is my tips.
Get the Elites you can first(destroy forest)I did Elves first with overwhelming melee and some ranged for air. (as usual with elves) Keep on dispelling and do Altar-> Castle->Peasants first. Remember that you dont have to do all in one go and most assults becomes much easier after that. Dont expand there or even clear up if you dont have to. GG will usually do it for you.

Hit the SW GG with Frost Wyrms after they launch an attack.
Kill Castle and peasants then fly away, hit again after you cleared south demon base. Infernals are best done by ranged or other air. Tank with heroes and death coil. Freeze the gates! Gets you the time to destroy at least one and finish job next attack. Then expand to SW base and go from there. The SW base is exellent to defend as they can only make one air attack and one ground attack. NW GG can also be done with some air raids.
Remember that you can use your shades to spot enemy attack waves. Most ground attack waves can either be destroyed or heavily damaged by air raids, you shouldnt lose units killing catapults or the static melee units guarding the middle.