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  1. TheHieroPhantom

    Item Pickup Trigger Trouble

    So, I need help. I'm currently working on a map, and I have it planned so as to when you pick up a specific item-type (actually, it can be any of three specific item-types), it triggers a short bit of dialogue and then displays a hint with a sound and all. The thing is, I don't know what...
  2. Lordliw

    Map crashing

    Hi, so this is not my map, I edited it, but the terrain is from Turnro's famous Rowan the Wise custom campaign. I have a problem that I cannot resolve. My game keeps crashing while playing and it happens at random intervals. I've checked out the gameplay to see what could the factors be for it...
  3. Hannesburgo

    [Solved] Check if an ability kills an unit and do certain effect

    Hello there! I am creating a new ability to my hero called Plunder. The skill itself is a point-and-click damaging skill that, if kills an unit, gives the player gold. The problem is: Whenever I try a new solution, two of the scenarios happen: 1) The player gains gold even if it doesnt kill...
  4. cleavinghammer

    Trigger copies another despite having different numbers

    I have a problem with one trigger working as intended, but the other which should have an opposite effect instead does the same thing. The idea is that the map is divided into several levels, and units can only move between levels by using the ascend/descend abilities. For some reason, the...
  5. Triggers


    Everytime Blizzard updates WC3, the World Editor gets bugged. For some reason, Damage Table from Gameplay Constants crashes the editor when modified. And now, when skipping a transmission, I have to wait the same length of the audio (even with the fade out at the max).
  6. Voltron212

    Creating a Randomized TD Wave-Set System

    Hello! I am creating a TD with a few complex ideas I'm trying to implement... but have next to no idea how. I am reasonably new to using the Editor, but am trying to my best to learn while making my dream TD. I want to make it so there are multiple Wave Sets of units which get rolled after each...
  7. Voltron212

    [Solved] Destructible within region not registering after creation

    Hello! I am reasonably new to the map editor, however have been learning quickly on how everything works. I currently have a problem where after a destructible within a region has been removed and a new one created; a trigger - 'Destructible - Destructible within region (Playable map area)...
  8. Blasterixx

    Who can help me fix some old war3 orpg maps

    Basically i want to know if anyone is willing to fix some old orpg maps for me, these maps aren't mine, i just want to be able to play them on the latest war3 patch on classic graphics, without having any problems, without any major glitches and desyncs. For example, Abyss orpg is a great map...
  9. Captain_Teemo

    [General] AI Pinging Map Trigger

    Hello, I'm trying to write a trigger that displays a text tutorial (Which i've gotten working) but i'm having issues getting the (AI Teammate) to ping locations on the map described by the tutorial. Does anyone know how you'd trigger this? Rather new to Wedit i'm trying to make a map similar to...
  10. JMitchy

    Looking for help with leaks and crashes

    Hello all! I'm looking for help with my map and triggers if someone has the time. Basically, this is the first time I've ever really run into memory leaks or crashes, so I've never bothered to look into map optimization and leak clearing. However I'm now running into crashes much more frequently...
  11. Rislir

    [Trigger] Custom races selection trigger

    Hi! Need help with the trigger. I want to make a choice of many custom races in main start building (by using upgrade) like it makes in map Ultimate Battle v2.50. Ultimate Battle v2.50 For example: The starting building appears, which is the same for everyone. Each player chooses a race in their...
  12. TimeForAChange

    [General] How do you detect a Pocket Factory summon?

    Detect Summoned Unit Events Unit - A unit Spawns a summoned unit Conditions Actions Game - Display to (All players) the text: (Name of (Summoned unit)) You can see here that it properly detects the water elemental. However, the pocket factory is not detected when...
  13. ravellani

    [Solved] Mass repair

    I would like to modify the human repair ability to heal all structures of a type that are next to each other. How do I trigger this? I also want it to auto-cast like the repair ability, so no spam clicking if possible. I thought of selecting all units of the repaired type and increase health...
  14. HeheSylvanas

    How to make Wisps enter their Entangled Gold Mine?

    Hi! This might sound like a simple stupid request ;D I simply want to know how I can order a Wisp to enter a Gold Mine or vice versa. I have tried the "Load", "Harvest", "Right-Click", and "Board" orders. But it just doesn't work. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance...
  15. Dispatcher

    [Spell] Adding special effects when using abilities

    Can somebody send me a trigger when a hero cast a spell like Healing Wave,Chain Lightning,Spirit Link,Stormbolt,Blizzard those kind of spells i can put more than 1 special effects ON THE CASTER And the second trigger request is i want more than one special effects on the target unit of ability...
  16. Dispatcher

    Spell with Damage over time

    Well to be more specific i want the Forked lightning ability to have a damage over time for like 10 damage per second that last through 10 seconds does anyone know how to trigger this?
  17. Dispatcher

    How to increase the size of spell effects using triggers

    Hello guys how do i increase the size of spell of effects i guess in using triggers? For example the shadow Strike spell when you cast it on an enemy there is like a wierd black bat on top of the units head so how do i increase the size of it?
  18. HeheSylvanas

    Sentinel on a Tree

    Where can I find the option to create a "Sentinel" on a destructible tree through triggers? Sentinel being the owls that give you vision, the ones the Huntresses can cast. I don't want to order a unit to cast it. I simply want the Sentinel to already be on the tree as the game starts.
  19. HeheSylvanas

    Patrol pattern keeps breaking...

    Hi, I need help with making a Hero unit patrol between two different regions. I fixed the actual patrol command, so that worked out. The problem is that when the unit attacks enemies on the way, it breaks his patrol pattern and makes him stop where he was attacked. How do I keep him patrolling...
  20. HeheSylvanas

    How to make an Altar revive a Hero through triggers?

    I have been attempting to make an Altar in an AI base revive their hero through triggers, but it doesn't seem to work. Could anyone help? Thanks in advance!
  21. Dispatcher

    Making AI use Skill points

    Helloo i have made a custom hero with custom abilities but when the ai hero Levels up i noticed that the ai hero won't spend the skill points thus he cannot use other abilities how do i fix this?
  22. Macadamia

    [Spell] Setting unit animations with triggers : portrait issues !

    Hello everyone. I recently had issues with portrait animations for a Flying Balls model, and the model works perfectly so far. For a custom ability called "Torrefaction" that is supposed to burn the target for a few seconds, preventing it to move (yes I know damage would be more sensible but I...
  23. Dispatcher

    Weather Effect

    Hi can somebody pls send me a trigger of a weather effect i'm trying to use the weather effect Rays Of Light but i don't really know what kind of trigger this kind of weather effect uses.
  24. LoryGundevil

    Ability Attack Effect

    Hello. i'm in need of help because i've made an Hero Ability based on the Sweeping Cleave (i'm not sure about the name of the ablity, my Editor is half in my mother language and half in English making me don't understand a ****) of the Pit Lord, it should be the passive ability that makes you...
  25. Captain Bacon

    [Trigger] Trigger Item Generation based on Pre- and Suffixes

    Hello everyone! Quick question: Are the GUI triggers involving Ability manipulation broken somehow? I'm trying to set up an Item drop system with random stats and abilities based on pre- and suffixes, and noticed some trigger editor functions are just not working - No matter how I set up the...
  26. posthumousturbo

    Editor Percentage Armor

    Unit - Set Armor of (Triggering unit) to ((Armor of (Triggering unit)) I can only write this in trigger, how write Unit - Set Armor of (Triggering unit) to ((Armor of (Triggering unit) x 1,25)
  27. Primstan

    [Trigger] Conditions for purchasing an item

    Hey, I couple of questions I need your help with: 1) I have an Item, that increases hero Chance to Critically strike by 1% each time an Item is purchased. This chance stacks up to 25%. If hero buys 26th Item, than the value returns to 25%. Following question, how can I do, so hero would not be...
  28. Tiamat

    Skill Wave Triggers

    How do you make a skill with triggers that damages in 'n' seconds?
  29. Rumcajs

    % of life of unit

    Hey. I need to ask how to make a trigger, for example if a certain unit type has less than 10% hp, he's getting max ms, 200% as, etc? I cant find a suitable event for that when a unit's life is lower than certain %. Thanks in advance.
  30. Dustuhala

    Really old map lagging. Probably memory leaks. Warcraft version 1.26

    Hello, I have been a longtime stalker of this beautiful website which helped me ALOT during the years. Much praise! My problem is the following: I have a map (very very old one) which I still play to this day. When I play it with my friends, it works perfectly. When I add 1-2-3 AIs max, it...
  31. BradPittlord

    2 Questions

    1)Used a imported .blp image, set the path to war3mapMap.blp and it works fine to change the in game minimap however soon as I updated to v1.31 the minimap image is just the map itself. So I deleted the imported image and reimported a new one and soon as I test the map it's still just the map...
  32. Teitan

    [Trigger] My dash ability damges enemies more than once HELP PLEASE!

    Hello, i have a problem with a triggered ability i'm trying to make, i watched a tutorial on YouTube about how to make a dash ability, everything good, my unit dashes just fine, but then i wanted to make the dash deal damage to units hit, so i modified the trigger with what i thought would work...
  33. Teitan

    I need a spellpack for a project!

    Hello, i am working on a mini-campaign starring Tryndamere, who is a character from the moba League of Legends, i already got an awesome custom model created by HerrDave (THANK YOU!!1): And now i need to make his abilities: EDIT: I've had unexpected success creating the spells myself, but i...
  34. BrothForMyPeople

    Unstable Concoction not resulting in death. Possible?

    Is it possible to edit this ability in the way it doesn't end up with your unit's death? I mean, it just approaches the enemy, deals bonus damage and that's all.
  35. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Trigger] Making an empowerment ultimate ability (ex: Karma from Lol); how do I do the special effects?

    Hi all, Sorry for the vague title; I wasn't sure how to phrase this question in so few characters. I'm trying to make a hero with 4 abilities, 3 basic ones and 1 ultimate ability, but the thing that makes this slightly more interesting is that the ultimate ability does nothing substantial on...
  36. Teitan

    Need help with triggered spells!

    Hello, lately i got a lot of free time and decided to try the world editor again, this time starting with something simpler than a map, a custom hero. Now first of all i want to clarify that i don't own any of the resources used on this hero, everything from the 3d model and special effects to...
  37. Frederik Felski

    I need help^^'

    Hello everyone. I am new to thehiveworkshop and I need your hive mind. :-D Can anyone tell me why this trigger is not working? It's supposed to teleport al heroes to a boss arena. Regards :-)
  38. Voljin

    Game cache not working in new editor?

    Hello Hive, I like to consider myself a fairly decent map editor in GUI, and I have worked with Game Caches extensively in the past, but for the life of me, I cannot get this one working and I'm starting to think its the new editor and not me. Hopefully, I'm wrong. Please look at my triggers...
  39. SpiritTauren

    [Crash] Different PC spec influence on trigger length/execution quality

    Ok, here's an embarrassing situation: CONTEXT I normally work on my maps only with my stationary PC (ok-ish specs: gtx1080, i7-7700k, 4.2Ghz processor, 32 gb RAM, etc.) But today I've updated Wc3 to the latest patch on my older laptop (Intel HD 4000, i5 processor, etc.) and started editing my...
  40. Voljin

    Disabling health/mana regeneration temporarily

    Hello Hive, I'm trying to make a survival type game where, if you go too long without eating food, you get a hunger debuff and 20% of your hero's health knocked off. Problem is... it just regenerates before the next timer finishes, which doesn't really go with the theme... Is there some way to...
  41. Darkslayerpowerfull

    Solution Fix to this error-trigger in my map

    Hello, i'm a new there and i'm a br, so, sorry for my bad english. My question is: i edited a map melee to altered, put some triggers, hero, ability and etc. Custom hero limits is 52 and i have more, so i used this post to help me... A Brand New Custom Hero Limitation System. Which a i using...
  42. Uncle

    [Solved] Shop problems - Adding and removing items through triggers

    Hello, I'm having issues with my shop system. I want to re-stock an item whenever you purchase it from a shop. I figured something like this was sure to work: Purchase an Item Events Unit - A unit Sells an item (from shop) Conditions Actions Neutral Building - Add...
  43. Mapz

    Trigger help for custom kingdoms / abilities

    Ok, so i started working on a map, using the warcraft world editor since i heard JNGP is causing issues since updates. My goal here is to create all units/ abilities under 1 "faction" and swap them in and out via bonuses through triggers. i can get basic functions to work but the moment i add...
  44. warfreakjohn

    Help for StarEdit, and one question

    I was about to make an optional objective where you free Terran units by destroying the mature Crysalis'. But I don't know what are the exact triggers for that. and also does the maps that are made in version 1.16.1 also works on latest versions and remastered too? (it's not modded tho)
  45. KillJoy677

    Energy Drain Capture Trigger

    Im building a capture point system in my map based around different nodes represented by a building with energy, when units move near the point energy drains and when depleted the node turns to that player. I need help tying to add energy drain to units near the nodes, and the distance for the...
  46. EarthWormJimmy

    Question with Leaks, bad triggers, and waits

    I can't seem to find the answers to certain questionable triggers in my map or any map for that matter. 1) Is this trigger bad, because there is a wait before it refers to triggering unit? Untitled Trigger 001 Events Unit - A unit enters Hero Spawn <gen> Conditions Actions...
  47. Cushq

    Respawn turn off trigger/Victory trigger

    Hey I've been designing an Arena style map and at 30 minutes I want to turn off my respawn trigger. Well it doen't work every time i convert 30 minutes to seconds it wont recognize the wait 1800 turn off trigger command but if i do for example 180 seconds it works fine. Is their a cap on time...
  48. Yusuf123

    Help with Choosing Heroes and Camera Panning triggers

    Hello, Im making a small RPG-Campaign, the first map will allow you to choose a hero (6 heroes). What triggers and variables do I make for game caches in transferring to another map? Do i just replace a unit in the 2nd map with the game cached Hero? Camera Bounds, after a hero is chosen, what...
  49. Hazop

    Vehicle Capture Ability

    I cant seem to figure out how to make a trigger that when a Worker uses the ability "Capture" on a Neutral owned tank, The tank would then become the players and the worker "disappears". How do I do this?
  50. TimeForAChange

    [Spell] How Can You Detect if an Ability is a Hero/Unit/Item Ability?

    Here's on example of where you might want to do this. You have a mana refund item that heroes can pick up. When they have it, they gain 10 mana whenever they use an ability. The problem is that if your only trigger condition is "When a unit starts the effect of an ability" this will also...