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  1. Yevhen

    [Import] Imported sound volume too low

    I performed these actions: 1. Export existing voiceline (for example, T02Thrall01). 2. Put it in Audacity, and add a small edit in it. Most of the original voiceline is still there, unedited. 3. Import the new sound file, create a sound variable with Use As Sound button. 4. Check that all...
  2. Izzetin

    [Solved] Sound Files _ Lana'thel

    Hello all :) Im currently looking for the Sound Files of (WoW) Bloodqueen Lana'thel if someone could upload it. i'd be really happy ! :D I know the Sound files from ICC - Bloodprince Council (WoW Boss) are on Hive but this specific one sadly isnt ;c ty:>
  3. jainaproudmore

    Some missile sound effect missing bug

    Does anyone have issues of missile sound effect? Somehow, some of the missile sound effect are missing like I uninstall and reinstall and some of the missiles still missing sound effect like can someone help me here.
  4. Izzetin

    Footstep / Move Sound (Trigger)

    Hello! Im looking for a Trigger or Idea to give my Unit a ''Footstep'' sound everytime i move it around on my Map I looked this up on the Forum but only found stuff from 2008 and the Triggers i found didnt work for me somehow (Im not a Trigger expert so i need a simple way or Explanation/Screen)...
  5. Edu Cherrypatty

    Voice for Volunteer! Looking to Join any Project!

    Having grown up inspired by Warcraft III, I'm looking to give back to the community! If you have a custom map, or anything in need of a fresh voice, check out my voice reel! For mod projects, I do all of my work free of any charge, I'm just looking to be apart of some excellent projects! If...
  6. Izzetin

    [Sound] Waygate sound

    Hello is there a Way to turn off the soundeffect of the Waygates i couldnt find anything that works (for Reforged) Just the Teleportation from one Waygate to another, the sound is annoying. THANKS..:D
  7. u wot m8_

    Triggers won't play 3D imported sounds

    i've imported a sound to my map. it's WAV, mono channel and 22KHz. i've made a trigger that is supposed to play it, but it just won't play. i tried using different imported sounds but to no avail. the sounds are working when replacing internal sounds, but is there a way to play an imported sound...
  8. LordHatchet95

    [General] Units/SFX disappearing, Sound issues [FIXED], and the Haunted gold mine problem

    Hello everyone. LordHatchet95 here, after a loooooooooong time of hiatus... Well, to the point: I've been working on a starcraft volcanic map, with high tides and low tides of lava... Both the triggers and the models are ready. The issue is the following: I ended up using "units" with...
  9. Ledolomac

    Medivh voice

    Hello there dear warcrafters! This is Medivhs voice from the Heroes of the storm. I just adjusted the sound for the Warcraft 3. Have fun! I make this voice for my skin .
  10. gagokhoemanh

    Imported sound

    I have a problem. When i play my imported sound in sound editor, its doesn't work. I use 1.30 WE.
  11. HerlySQR

    [Spell] Problem playing a created sound

    I made 2 triggers for a spell: Custom script: set udg_Temp_Sound=CreateSound("Abilities\\Spells\\Undead\\Possession\\PossessionMissileLaunch1.wav", false, true, true, 10, 10, "DefaultEAXON") Sound - Play Temp_Sound at 100.00% volume, attached to (Last created unit) Sound - Destroy Temp_Sound...
  12. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Does the sounds leak if they are generated variables?

    I think the sounds just leak If they are created and not if they are generated variables, but can you confirm me that?
  13. HerlySQR

    [General] Is it ok this function?

    I created a function in JASS to destroy the last played sound when it finished, but when I called it the game doesn't recognize it, what I'm doing bad?, and by the way tell me if the function is good or there are better options. function dlps takes nothing returns nothing local sound s...
  14. HerlySQR

    [Misc] How to convert a non 3D sound in a possible 3D sound

    You know when you wanna add a sound in your map as a 3D sound you simply can do: But sometimes you can't do that: Since I have not seen anyone explain how to fix this, now I will tell you how I did it: You need a program that can edit sounds or music or videos for do this, I will use...
  15. JMitchy

    Issues with imported music since reforged

    Hey all, first proper post to the forums since joining so sorry if this has already been answered elswhere. So, I'm noticing a lot of issues and inconsistencies in the editor regarding using custom/imported music since the reforged update (or at least the latest patch). Originally, you would be...
  16. grondo-lamer

    Old dubbing - how?

    Hello, I think I'm not the only one who can't stand the new voices (except for ENG, that didn't get changed) in Reforged WC3. Does anyone happen to know how to bring the old dubbing back to the game? There's no way to change it via options. I'd be really grateful, the old dubbing is my childhood.
  17. Vidar

    Custom Sound set difficulties

    Hi! I'm having some troubles with a custom soundset. Whenever I try to import sound, it will not appear in the file. I know it's there, because I put it under Music myself. However, when I'm using the import sound option, it is not there under Music. If you could help me out, I would be very...
  18. Ricardo_Gavarni

    [Resource Release][WIP] Expanded Voidwalker / Obsidian Destroyer soundset

    For some reason, I love voidwalkers. Hence, I'm very curious about the way custom maps employ them (especially as player-controlled units). And I'm a little disappointed in their soundset. As far as I can tell, there are four most frequent options: * use WoW-inspired model together with Water...
  19. Cheshire

    [Solved] attack animation - doesn't match sound

    hey, I'm having this issue with a custom model that the attack animation happens way before you hear the attack sound. how can I fix this? are there fields in the OE that deal with this, or would it help to switch the model onto a different base unit? thanks!
  20. CafeExpresso

    WarCry!!! (Unit.Quote) With HotKey

    Well The First Thing I Should Say, It's that I Love Music, and warcraft Music Just Made Me LOVE the game more than before... But The Incredible Thng, it's that it was the first time I "favorited" Quotes! And I Would Love to Talk An Specific SOUND in every time I WANTED I Just Want To KNOW...
  21. Dispatcher

    How To Change Unit Sound Set

    I want to replace a unit's sound to a new one that i just dowloaded on youtube and other's in hive can someone tell me how to replace them as in the ready voicelines attack voicelines and qoutes voicelines or when you keep clicking on the unit and says random words.
  22. Beserkerman8

    Sound Editor Replacing Sounds.

    I all of the sounds for "thecaptain" and gave my unit the correct voice based in that edit. Everything was going great till I realized I edited the same sound in twice, when I attempt to replace the sound file again it refuses and uploads the new sound seperately. TLDR: How might I replace a...
  23. Above.and.Beyond

    Issue with no World Editor and Replacing WC3 Unit Voice Lines

    Hello, (miss-typed thread title, its supposed to be "new" not "no" I had originally started working on a custom map back when WC3 world editor was still in use. Now that we've moved onto the new Reforged World Editor, I'm finding that my custom voice lines "sounds" that were imported over to...
  24. norod zno

    [General] Reforged - My cinematics stop playing sound for combat and death after few seconds

    I have a scene where units 2 units fight, and as soon as more units join the fight all combat, and death soudns stop. Help me solve this problem.
  25. W

    Share: What is your favourite sound and voice?

    What is your fav. sound and voice? (voice acting) I found there is a thread, What's your favourite type of spell, model, and voice? but this thread will just be the favourites of your sound's and voice's choices, of course. Mine:
  26. W

    Question: The future of Sound / Music Art

    What is your vision of the future on both the sound and the music arts? Not talking about/presenting your idea or your own (in mind), as they are your own. Treating it as a survey or a discussion instead of an QnA. Personally, I found them or my favourites interesting from the YouTube platform...
  27. SometimesZero

    Sounds from Triggered Sfx in Reforged

    Hi all, I have some triggers that create special effects, such as Thunderclap, and then destroy the Sfx to remove the leak. In Reforged, the sounds associated with these special effects seem to play 3x. Anyone noticing this?
  28. ElevatorEleven

    Is it possible to transfer custom sound sets between maps?

    Been working on and off as a hobby on a set of maps all using the same set of characters for the past few years. Recently made a bunch of custom sound sets for many of them. Previously I'd had to replace each internal sound file one by one for every unit in every map, so I was very excited last...
  29. HolyWillRise

    Need good [Spy] model (2) with sniper and with knife + Need [Sniper] shoot [Sound]

    I am creating Spy which can change weapons (snipe and knife) i need good model for Spy (2 models for both weapons) 1 model with snipe and same model but with a knife! + i need sniper shoot sound becuse there are no sniper sounds in wc3 Abilities: Headshot/Snipe Backstab (with the knife)
  30. JohnnyBoy

    Adding importing ambient sounds problem

    Hey Hive! Im trying to add customized ambient sounds for my map. Im using a .wav file. Selecting it to play in a certain region and ticking the "ambient looping" section in the sound editor. However when i get ingame i hear nothing. I tied changing the path to "Ambient\Sounds\" but that did not...
  31. CodeBlack

    Remove Sound

    Hey Guys, Not sure if i am allowed to request this since i dont have permission to edit it by the author (yet), but its only a small change...so.... (If not just close the Thread) This is used in one of my maps but it emmits a really annoying sound effect. Can somebody remove the soundeffect...
  32. Lake

    [Solved] Remove error sound

    The generic error sound (Error.wav) which plays i.e. when you attempt using an ability on cooldown, or targeting unit you can't attack. Does anyone know if it's possible to turn this off, or replace it with something else? Was thinking that perhaps I could create an "empty" sound file to play...
  33. victorsuazo1991


    Hi. I am currently modifying an RPG to adapt it from solitary to online. It happens that it inserts a musical subject in each different region of the map, to acclimate according to the scene of the RPG the music of the game. But when doing it in online mode, I must solve the problem that for...
  34. Mandriel

    [Trigger] Trigger: Play sound when casting a spell

    I want the sound "shimmeringPortalBirth" to be played when a hero (Archimonde in this case) uses a certain ability (Dark Portal/ reskinned Pocket Factory in this case). I am using this trigger but the sound doesn't play anyway. The sound file is exported. Any ideas?
  35. FlameofChange

    [Solved] Imported combat sound not playing

    Hello there, small problem i got very recently. I created new combat sounds and imported them to my map. It's not a problem of method. When double-clicking the sound in the sound editor, it's played rightly. Then, while testing in game, only the imported sounds never play ! It's because the...
  36. HungaryMaster (Magyar)

    Sound files - nothing happened

    Hy everyone! I have a question why the sound files isn't working correctly in my campaign. I do: - I import the files into campaign editor and change their "paths": Sounds\Units\Human\Uther\UtherWhat1.wav Here's the pic: - I add (i don't know need it or not) the sound files into the sound...
  37. zhica

    [Solved] 3D Sound Attachment

    I have a trigger that it attaches 3D sound to unit that loops itself as default sound for the unit as it stands moves or whatever it does, but whenever it attaches the same sound on another unit the previous sound stops.
  38. Saelendious

    WC3 Beta Hidden Soundfiles

    [EDIT: I guess i was the first??? wow. Hero + Item thread out: click me senpai] A few weeks ago I got my hands on the Warcraft 3 RoC Beta version and started digging inside its MPQs. I found a bunch of cool files that can tell a lot about the initial Warcraft 3 plans and ideas. [The main...
  39. Oraien

    Sounds being silent

    Hello, I have a little problem. I'm trying to use triggers to play sounds durning cinematics but I can't hear any while the cinematic mode is on. Any idea if it can be somehow fixed?
  40. Fintrik

    Sound request

    Hi can someone make sound "not enough water" for me please? I need it for my map :P
  41. Jamin8r

    How do you stop an in-game sound?

    Does anyone know how to stop a shade from saying "The damned return" when it's done training? I'm basically messing around with the Sacrifice ability via triggers and sounds. It's working fairly well (replacing the shade with the proper unit of the Sacrifice ability) but I want to make the...
  42. Zartyzzo

    Sound/Music Resources

    This is a pretty simple thread, but I just wanted to know if there's a good reason why there isn't a category for unit sound sets, sound effects, etc. It seems like it would be useful.
  43. troylowyee

    Giving out Sounds i designed while i was free

    Pretty new to synths and learnt how to use it on my own free time but heres some sounds i have that im sharing please tell me if you're gonna use it and give comments if they are good or bad. If you want any sound effects feel free to ask me and I'll try my best to help you. Also please please...
  44. artemfrompoltava

    Are you know HS well?

    Hi guys. I have been developed a sound quiz game for Hearthstone. Try your skill Sound Quiz - Hearthstone on the App Store
  45. Eshkova

    Custom soundset & replacig sound Problems

    Hi there everyone, I have the following problem: none of the normal ways to replace an already existing unit soundset (AKA making a custiom one) actually work When i rightclick -> replace intern sound , its all fine for a moment until i save the map: then the replaced sounds aswell as the...
  46. Times

    How to place sound on animation?

    Hello, just came around here to ask if I can place a sound on an animation with MdlVis (or another freeware program?) And if it's possible, how can I do it?
  47. Times

    Simple Sound Merge on Model

    Hello, I'd be very thankful if someone could either: - Personally do - Link me a tutorial about - Tell someone to do placing a sound on the normal attack animation of this model: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/adwanced-marine-light.49031/#resource-22178 I think it's okay to do it without...
  48. RobertMKD

    Play a sound before it even ended last time you played it

    A 3D sound won't play if it's fired before it even ended. How do you fix this?
  49. Sxar

    Unit Response

    I want create my own unit response, I have .wav files already, I had imported it, but they must be a "package" to can use as unit response? How could I do this? :vw_wtf: I'm sorry if this post must not be in this section. I'm newbie. :ogre_kawaii:
  50. kimpakim7

    Best music and sound format

    What is the best format to convert music and sounds if u want to import them into world editor?