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  1. Ricola3D

    [Reforged] Nested "Value of Real Variable" events is bugged

    Hello, Some well-known systems for your custom maps use "Value of Real Variable" events as API you can use to get notified of some game actions. For example a well known is GUI Unit Event by @Bribe : For example, the system executes the code below: Set VariableSet Event1 = 0.00 Set...
  2. HerlySQR

    How to run the frame and oskey events in a "Client context"?

    Hello, to clarify what I wanna discuss is if there is a method to make the frame events like 'click' only runs to the player who clicked it. I don't mean just use FRAMEEVENT_CLICK and then GetLocalPlayer() I mean, the event runs for the local player by default, because the event is already...
  3. Gekigengar

    Is player leave event triggered on the leaving player?

    Is player leave event triggered on the leaving player? I wanted to save a leaver record count locally on the leaving player's PC. Its not perfect, but I don't want to run a server for hobby maps. At least this will discourage your average players from leaving the game and ruining matches.
  4. Dark-Zalor

    Item Button Clicked

    hello everyone, I use for any of my spells that event: call TriggerRegisterCommandEvent(T, SPELL_ID, SPELL_ORDER) and this works, when I clicke on the button my trigger runs. But is there an equivalent for item click button, because the event below does not trigger anything... Thanks you...
  5. HerlySQR

    [Lua] Trigger variable event is not working

    For some reason the variable event for a system I did in Jass and worked in that is not working in Lua, basically the triggers with that event doesn't run, why?
  6. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Random Spawning Destructibles

    Hello there, this is my first post in here and im hoping for the best! So what im trying to do is have a trigger which on map initialization spawns a bunch of trees in a random position in the Test Region area and then these two triggers are supposed to pick the trees and make it so when one...
  7. Macadamia

    WARNING - Specific unit event BUGGED !!!

    Hello there ! After days trying to figure out what I messed with my Lua functions when switching all my events to per unit events (before switching to OOP), I found out this very serious bug. The specific unit selected (same issue with deselected) aka "EVENT_UNIT_SELECTED" does return the...
  8. Macadamia

    [Lua , vJass, GUI, TypeScript] UPROOT / ROOT events workaround

    Hello there, just a quick code to help people trying to catch when a building with root ability is actually rooted / uprooted. To be honest, detecting an uproot is really straightforward as the effect is immediate. But catching when a building has finished re-rooting is more complex. After a...
  9. Ricola3D

    How can I log things to debug desync issues ?

    Hello, Like many developers, sometimes, with some players, my map desync. It is not systematic, happens at different time, and doesn't happen often. So it is hard as hell to debug this sh*t... This is a reason why I added log in my maps. I made functions to write rolling logs in a file on the...
  10. Rayman90

    [JASS] Do unit order events leak somehow ?

    Hello, sorry if my english is bad I put this code to my map: function time takes nothing returns nothing local integer i = 0 loop exitwhen i ==100 call IssueImmediateOrderById ( udg_u , 851972 ) set i = i+1 endloop endfunction function start takes nothing returns nothing local...
  11. JC Helas

    Hooking natives event

    Can someone give me the hidden event of hook feature,, i know there was,, an event that respond when the native mention is called.
  12. XDGO!

    On spell cast event works even the spell is cancelled

    I created a triggered spell that blasts a targeted area dealing damage to enemies. On in game test, I cast the spell and quickly cancels it but the trigger still works and damages foes. Means that it can be spammed by using cancel cast.
  13. BradPittlord

    Trigger Remove Event

    There is the trigger action "add new event" but is there a way to remove a event from a trigger or just a way to remove all events from a trigger?
  14. Setokaiva

    (1.31) Custom script: "Any unit takes damage" event

    The recent patch to 1.31 had, in the notes, a reference to new capability for custom scripts to detect when any unit is damaged for a trigger event. Does anyone know how exactly I would write such an event in custom script?
  15. Sleepless

    Check a player's camera position

    I need a trigger/event that checks a player's camera position. I want to change the camera distance (ik how to do this part) when the player hovers over the camera to a specific area of the map. Any Ideas?
  16. SoooK

    Trigger execution speed

    Let's say I have two trigger: TriggerA fires every x seconds (by its own event) and runs TriggerB. TriggerB does lot's of stuff. So much stuff, that it's just impossible to fully execute all actions of Trigger B before TriggerA wants to fire again. 1. Does TriggerA just fire before all actions...
  17. SoooK

    [Solved] Adding many events? /Changing timer intervall?

    1. Does adding too many events slow down the game over time? I'm currently running a trigger, which is adding one new event every ~25-50 seconds. And yes, it doens't work without adding new events, despite the event being always the same. :/ 2. Is it possible to change the intervall time of an...
  18. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Aeon of Strife] Future of War of Argent

    Hello dear hiveworkshop members and moba lovers. I'm updating my aos War of Argent v2.21 I have many ideas on rpg based-moba map and need to take your opinion for future of the map. There are so many diffrent aos and moba and it feels every game looks same. I try to make different from them...
  19. Mr.Bear

    How to create a unit group event

    Hello guys, so I'm having a bit of trouble here, I want to do a trigger where I kill 4 units (2 brigands, 1 assassin and 1 rogue) and certain action occurs, but I can't find a way to select a group to kill in order for an action to be activated I can only select "kill 1 unit and certain action...
  20. Baneful

    Help with trigger.

    the trigger i have is (Event When player owned unit is attacked/ condition: Attacking unit is equal to Units of type/ Action: set base damage of attacked unit to attacked unit +2) and i have one for each tower type so its creating MASSIVE lag. How can i keep the triggers but have a less laggy event?
  21. deepstrasz

    Locust, moving & enter regions, unit groups

    What am I doing wrong? Please help. I'm going nuts. The ArcaneBlast unit is flying and has the Locust ability. There's a region moving with (periodic event). The problem is, that when ArcaneBlast gets near enemy units, it very rarely triggers the last part of the triggers (where an enemy enters...
  22. cyberend

    [Trigger] GUI Left Click Mouse Down Event Error with Unit Pause

    Hi, I would like to request assistance regarding the mouse down button. I have an error where the unit i paused does not unpause at the end of the code line when using skills triggered by mouse down button. After clicking the left mouse button I would order a unit to cast an ability. The...
  23. Metaux

    Condition not working for one trigger and working for an other

    Hello, i got a problem with my trigger and i cant solve it ( i didnt find the solution ) My WE is in french ( so its half english and french eh ) Visionneuse images - Noelshack - http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/23/7/1497199280-trigger-marche-pas.png it's the one who dont work...
  24. deepstrasz

    Passive spells, events & conditions

    Heya, so I'm trying to make something happen after Evasion takes place. I tried a unit starts the effect of an ability etc. and I can't get actions to work with the condition: ability being cast equal to evasion. It doesn't seem to work like any normal active ability. Any ideas?
  25. Adorm

    [Solved] What is wrong with the way this Trigger is set up?

    Hey Guys, Having an issue with a particular event Trigger, new to using Player Groups so I'm not sure If I'm setting these functions up wrong, must be because it won't work. What could be the problem here? It won't display any text when a unit enters the region. Summon Diety Events...
  26. Seavalan Legend

    Vision Activated Triggers

    I have been exploring the editor, and one thing I am trying to figure out is have a trigger get activated by having vision on an area/region. Thank you in advance for the help! :D
  27. AGD


    I based this work from the idea I found here which uses one universal timer for all 0.03125 period codes. Basically, what mine does is somewhat similar to the previous one but the difference is that it allows you to specify other periods aside from 0.03125 while still using a single timer for...
  28. Starquizer

    Casting Events Guide

    SPELL CASTING EVENTS GUIDE Well, many mappers and spell makers keep asking the same question with different variations: "What is the difference between Begins Channeling/Casting and Starts the effect of an ability and which one should I use ?" Here is the answer: As you can see, this...
  29. Kwah

    [Trigger] AutoCast.

    How do you trigger of an auto cast ability?:confused: