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  1. iqLJesus

    Destory Lighting Effect Crashes

    When i try to destroy the lighting effect it crashes:: Melee Initialization Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Lightning - Create a Chain Lightning - Primary lightning effect from source (Position of Mountain King 0000 <gen>) to target (Position of Mountain...
  2. Kadel

    [Solved] Create Teleportation Effect on Created Unit

    I am creating a bunch of units in the region. When they are created, I need to appear them with the "Teleportation" Effect, like they were teleported into this region. I tried to do it like this: I created units in the region with Unit-Create, then I used "Unit Group - Pick every Unit in...
  3. J2Krauser

    Weird special effect behaviour change overnight

    Hi. So, this is sort of a weird one because I technically solved the issue already, I'm just trying to wrap my head around what's going on. We have these effects that have "no animations" or rather they have one single animation they play once. Real example is Thunder Clap; it claps once, done...
  4. Retera

    PKB Editor?

    Hey guys, one of the things I enjoyed on Warcraft 3 for many years was being able to easily modify the graphics of spell effects. Maybe I want to make Immolation blue instead of Green, for example. But on Reforged as many people know the spells are often stored in a binary format called PKB. We...
  5. DexterFstone

    [SD/Modeling] alchemist acid spray

    Hi I try to find the effect of alchemist acid spray in world editor but I can't found, anybody can make it?
  6. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Remove or changing the explode effect of the stampede ability

    I made a spell based in stampede, but no matter what I do, the explosion effect stills there even I change the effect for other of the same type or remove it, what can I do?
  7. ThompZon

    [vJASS] Simple Delayed Effect Destroyer

    I searched for a while for a simple way of destroying effects later. The reason for this is that some special effects, one cannot destroy instantly. My soultion, write a function that does this, but I had a few problems and searched on the hive for a simple delayed special effect destroyer...
  8. HerlySQR

    Efect to start an spell

    Hello, I wanna an effect for an ability that involves creating a vortex, this effect must make it appear that great power is being unleashed.
  9. HerlySQR

    Removing an effect

    Its there a way to remove effect without doing the death animation?, maybe in the recent versions, but I'm using the 1.26 version.
  10. Dispatcher

    [Spell] Adding special effects when using abilities

    Can somebody send me a trigger when a hero cast a spell like Healing Wave,Chain Lightning,Spirit Link,Stormbolt,Blizzard those kind of spells i can put more than 1 special effects ON THE CASTER And the second trigger request is i want more than one special effects on the target unit of ability...
  11. HerlySQR

    Effect visible for a player

    Hello everybody, Is there a way that a special effect only can be seen just for a player (or group of players)?
  12. Acolite333

    (Resolved) Frost Immolation Model (For Reforged)

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could request a frost (blue/white) version of Immolation for a map I am making for a friend of mine in Reforged. She requested the Remorseless Winter spell from WoW as a wc3 spell and I figured this would be the easiest way to do it but I can't really model...
  13. Henry_AC

    Edit effect model

    Hello everyone, I wanted to request an edition of a model (something simple...i think), specifically i want to change the color from orange to dark red.
  14. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Effect to a Spell

    Hello I wanna an effect that looks like the skill LVL? Death of Doom Bringer of Dota 1, I thought it was already in the Warcraft 3 but I didn't find it, so please tell me where is it? or please give me a similar model.
  15. Nazujin

    Chains Model Buff

    Anyone could make an buff "effect" of chains circling around the unit? Something that looks like the reforged Kel'thuzad (lich) chains? Maybe just remove the "lich" model of this blizzard reforged Kel'Thuzad and leave the chains!
  16. Dispatcher

    How to increase the size of spell effects using triggers

    Hello guys how do i increase the size of spell of effects i guess in using triggers? For example the shadow Strike spell when you cast it on an enemy there is like a wierd black bat on top of the units head so how do i increase the size of it?
  17. Cheshire

    [Trigger] finishes casting an ability Vs. starts the effect of an ability

    hey there, the following trigger is supposed to make unit A cast a storm bolt based spell, and instantly remove unit A and move unit B to the point of the target of the ability. when I have the "event" as "starts the effect" - all of the actions occur, but unit A never completes casting the...
  18. Dispatcher

    [Solved] Help With Bloodlust Spell

    Hello guys i have a very small problem with the bloodlust spell and in need of your help how can add an effect on bloodlust? Unexpectedly when i add an effect in the Art - Effect tab on bloodlust it won't show up even if i added the attachment points of it. I wanted bloodlust to have extra...
  19. Dispatcher

    Weather Effect

    Hi can somebody pls send me a trigger of a weather effect i'm trying to use the weather effect Rays Of Light but i don't really know what kind of trigger this kind of weather effect uses.
  20. Dispatcher

    Unit Spell Problem

    Hi guys i just created a custom ability of silence and i noticed that there is a miss chance data in the silence spell so i assume that it is like an area of effect curse so i remove the silence data of disabling spells and created the miss chance i put it to 25%miss chance but when i cast it on...
  21. Cheshire

    [Spell] adding spell animation before effect, progress bar

    hey, this should be super simple but I can't get it to work. I'm trying to make a spell thats like charm but on buildings, and only comes into effect and changes the ownership of the building after a minute of channeling. the ability itself was easy to setup based on charm, but i can't figure...
  22. Dispatcher

    Spell help!

    Can anyone tell me how to make the curse spell of a banshee an area of effect as in like Flame strike,Silence,Disenchant etc. Like that kind of area of effect spell instead of a single autocast spell can i change to an area of effect if so then can you guys tell me how?
  23. Cebi

    [Spell] Sacrifice System.

    So I looked at the Sacrifice ability and realized that it has huge potential yet limited by stiff un-editable outcomes. What I need from it at first was simple, sacrifice 1 custom unit for another. But then once I tested it though the Object Editor thinking it would be simple... it wasn't...
  24. jj84

    Dota Allstars effect

    Someone can find this effect for me, Lucent Beam effect model on the dota allstars.
  25. loktar

    [vJASS] Check if file (model) exists, or has failed to load (as SFX)?

    Is it possible to check if a file (specifically a model) exists (or can be read), or if it has failed to load as a SFX? A SFX with an invalid model path still returns a valid handle id.
  26. Jaccouille

    Need help with those particleEmitter (Solved)

    I am trying to edit the cloufOfFog.mdx file to get a result like this : However, the shockwave on the ground, which is the second particle emitter, doesn't appear ingame, and I don't know why. So if some one could just fix/reproduce the shockwave, go on and make me happy. Currently look like...
  27. Thiiago

    [Ability Effect] Three Spheres like Lightning Orb

    I just need thats, this "triple orbs" "green" is like how an "triple" Lightning Orb Target Thanks
  28. calvinsvahn97

    Timed life for certein units

    I am currently working on a larger map and I would like some help. Im trying to create a timed life for a milita type unit on the map, That is to say peasent arming them self and after a time dying, not reverting back to peasents but actually dying any and all help would be appreciated
  29. Diegoit

    Running effect (sand, just repeat anim)

    I need a Running effect, i think it is easy cuz u just must repeat the birth anim and make it constant and do a resize. I think will help so many people. Pls help and thanks.
  30. Alethos

    Shade/Shadow Effect Model Request

    Hey all- I know I've dabbled myself somewhat in the request section and with modeling in general but I have a request that I haven't quite figured out because I don't know how to begin/I know I'll mess it up. I need a shade- shadow like model- should be a transparent black 'filter' screen...
  31. carcanosc

    [Spell] flame effect around buildings

    Hello I want to put the effect flame (sequence video which we can to find in the complements palette) as this video from a youtuber who don't reply comments and don't tell us how he does. These are the links I also want to know how I have to put the effect on buildings Besides I want to...
  32. Venkolm

    [Import] Effect not showing up ingame

    Well, i downloaded this - red thunder clap - imported it, and then i saw it working, animation plays in WorldEditor. I attached it to an ability called 'Axe Slam', the Tauren Chieftain slams his axe into the ground and damages nearby enemy units and buildings. Problem is, there is no...
  33. daverave1212

    Where can I find this model? (a glossy/shiny effect)

    I'm looking for a model I've seen somewhere, perhaps in the ultimate terraining map I think it's called, but I couldn't find it in its database either. The model is basically a texture applied on a single plane I think. It has no animations. The whole texture is transparent, except for some...
  34. Veronnis

    Transfuse (Spell Effect) (Simple Animation)

    Hello! Thanks for reading this if you're taking the time. I'm looking to have a spell effect created that is like the following! (Base Particle: Bloodlust, buff) When cast on a target unit: 7-20 (You pick) red glows (Preferrably staggered/not the same distance) appear around the target...
  35. KeepitMovinBaby

    Lightning effect won't show!

    Hello. I have ecountered a minor problem (again) where my JNGP World editor cannot show some lightning except Chain Lightning primary and secondary, Finger of Death. How Could that be? Is there any solution?
  36. stan0033

    MODEL REQUEST: Evocation(stand)

    http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/540061-evocation-updated-legion-evocation.jpg I want to request a model very similar to this with only stand animation.
  37. Drakensang

    [Solved] Rain weather effects cause issues with unit formations

    Hello, I'm trying to do a triggered weather system and whenever rain effects are up they just bug out unit formations. If I order a group of units to go somewhere they just completely ignore their formation and end up forming a grotesque and unholy mosh pit. This only happens when it's raining...
  38. Tigrick

    Searching Author of "void.mdx" Effect

    Hey guys, (I put this here because it is the most suiting category for it. People here tend to know model repositories...) I am looking for the AUTHOR of this effect: I found the effect in the map "Demon-Wars" by E Aye … sadly, that map has no credit list. In the map, the effect is...
  39. RobertMKD

    'Ashenvale Rain' is not visible when particles are set to Low

    One of my custom spells causes a rain, so I use the Weather Effect 'Ashenvale Rain', but it is not visible for the players which particles are set to Low, so they can't see whether the spell is cast.. How do I make every player see the rain?