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  1. Kenshin_IV

    [SD/Modeling] W3 Classic+ commission list

    Hello, so I m doing mod for melee ladder, where I m retexturing and fixing models. My goal is to implement it on W3Champions as this is main platform where players play melee ladder. The goal is to make a true Warcraft 3 Classic Remaster as close as possible to original, since Reforged models...
  2. DC1.26a

    How to play Beyond the Dark Portal campaign in Warcraft 3 Classic (pre 1.30)

    1. Download Helldoom's Beyond the dark Portal Campaign: Beyond the Dark Portal Human Campaign Beyond the Dark Portal Orc campaign 2. Download the tool MapAdapter, MPQ editor and List files for MPQ: Map Adapter MPQ editor List Files 3. In the link of Map Adapter download the version 1.1.6 and...
  3. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] classic verstion of an HD model

    hello can some one pleass make a classic verstion of this model : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/blood-elf-warlock.349220/ with animations of this model plrass and thank you : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/wc3-alpha-mage-priest.299296/
  4. IceSandslash

    [Melee] Project Evergreen - Backported Mechanics

    Hello! I am IceSandlash, also known elsewhere as Slayer95. As this is my first thread, allow me to preface with an introduction. Like many of us, I first got my hands dirty on WorldEdit when I wasn't even a teen yet. While I made a triggered Altered Melee map back then with which I was kinda...
  5. Luashine

    How to fix -loadfile not loading the map, main menu instead (Warcraft 3 Classic)

    Tested with v1.27 Warcraft 3. I wanted to run the game to quickly test maps, windowed mode + loadfile. For some reason it would not load the map and instead boot to main menu: WRONG: War3.exe -windowed -loadfile "C:\WC3\v1.27\Maps\ShowAiDifficulty.w3m" note the -windowed parameter changed to...
  6. _lycan

    [SD/Modeling] Fix 3 models going haywire in Reforged

    Hey guys, I got this old pack of buildings which I am using for a faction in my WIP map, I think classic war3 used to automatically sort of fix by not displaying the problems/working around them, however, reforged does, certain polygons simply jump towards random areas in game, when these 3...
  7. Mmero

    Warcraft 3 v1.27a Is there a way to zoomout the view in the campaigns?

    I love this game, every now and then I come back to play it again! Thou this time... I thought I might buy reforge cuz why not since I can enable classic look anyway. I lost my keys and stuff a long time ago anyway. Well... It didn't take long, actually around 5 minutes, 1 min of gameplay, and...
  8. Lord of Souls

    Converting models from Morrowind

    Converting models from Morrowind Difficulty:medium Working time:10-60 minutes Hi all. Today I will tell you how to convert models from The Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind. For work, we need the following tools and resources: The game itself War3 Model Editor Mdlvis 1.41 BLP Lab v0.5.0...
  9. TheFireMage

    Model Subtraction

    Hello everyone, I have been messing around with Magos' editor and I wanted to extract the undead ziggurat model and taking out the base, leaving only the orb on the top behind but I found no edit feature to work with. Can anyone show me how? Thank you.
  10. Original WC3 icons upscaled with Topaz Gigapixel AI

    Original WC3 icons upscaled with Topaz Gigapixel AI

    Just a test to see whether it's possible to enhance the classic icons with modern AI upscaling methods. As you can see, the result is far from perfect and requires manual editing.
  11. PiesOfNorth

    [Request] Allow MPQs and TXT files to be bundled with Maps/Campaigns

    I think this would be nice for mappers who want to bend War3 a little more than the World Editor itself will normally allow. With 1.28 or 1.29, people can make a convenient War3Mod.mpq to go with their project so whatever features are in their map/campaign could be easily extended to other...
  12. erfanmola

    Warcraft Reforged (Classic GFX) Ultrawide 21:9 Resoloution Support

    Hi, I'm planning on getting a Ultrawide 21:9 Montior, My Question is : Does Warcraft Reforged with Classic GFX support 21:9 aspect ratio without stretching or centering ? I have seen Reforged HD GFX support in Youtube, Since It's UI is minimal and centered, it's perfectly supported But I have...
  13. bakuma

    Warcraft 3 : RoCEX - Development in Progress

    As you may know, my latest project #RoCEX or " Reign of Chaos - Expanded & Enhanced " is still on-work today, and yes this will be a big one. The main goal of the series is to combine the assets from both Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne, and other assets from other games such as Starcraft...
  14. bakuma

    [Campaign] Enhanced Campaign in Development #2 + Orc Campaign Alpha Test

    So i working on the enhanced campaign series for near a month now, and i will put the alpha test of my orc campaign below, and then next week, i will put out the beta test for you! If you wondering why this different, here's the complete rotation schedule for all campaigns. (by the month)...
  15. erfanmola

    Replace W3 Classic Models with Reforged

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to replace W3 Classic models with reforged, so there would be no need to download tons of gigabytes of reforged only for HD UI Since editing models in W3 is possible, then what keeps people from not replacing SD models with HD models and get Reforged...
  16. BogdanW3

    Extracting game files (MPQ and CASC)

    How to extract game files Introduction Extracting game files is not something everyone will need, but those who would can need them for many things: you may need to get some data from the game SLKs, get a function's definition from the blizzard's code files, get a file to modify and use in...
  17. BogdanW3

    Local files

    Local Files What are Local files? Local files are a way to override game files without changing the original instances, so it is the only safe way to do it across all versions of Warcraft 3. The first question one could ask if "Why would I want to override the game files?", so I will also...
  18. El Saif

    Playing reforged in classic graphic with potato pc

    Hey.. i just realized it, if i updates the game to Reforged, there is an option to play it in reforged or classic graphic right? Is that mean i can still play the game even if my pc is a low end with reforged patch? since the classic one doesn't need high end pc to play. That's all i want to ask...
  19. MasterHaosis

    Movie Classic Monsters Old vs New

    Hello mortals! :cgrin: Halloween is approaching. People watch movies. There are tons of monsters in movies, various types and I wonder which one do you prefer, older ones or modern ones. There is unwritten rule that old classis are before 1970s and modern classics are ones after 1970. By...
  20. Itachi2020

    Custom Map Issues SD/HD Models

    Hello, I have spent a couple of months creating a multiplayer map. Unfortunately players on Classic have been complaining that certain models go invisible. This includes the Female Zombie and a few Heroes. All models have a classic variant, they just don't seem to load for them. Any ideas on...
  21. HERON


    Hello guys, I want to knowing something... is it worth making campaigns for classic, or should I wait until will be a custom campaign in reforged? My English isn't good, sorry.
  22. Malistroth

    Porting reforged loading screens to 1.30 WC3

    I'm playing 1.30.4 version of the game with black bars on the left and right sides in menus and loading screens and I wonder if it's possible to take the loading screens from Reforged and port them to the old version of the game.
  23. Cheshire

    simple tinker edit

    hey all, I have a really stupid request - I'm having trouble exporting the tinker model (classic graphics, compatible with patch 1.31.1) from the game. Does someone mind just uploading it here? it would really help me. thanks!
  24. _Inferno_

    Assigning different models to SD/HD Mode

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way to use different models for WC Classic and WC Reforged. Basically I would like that the game displays model A for people who play with Classic graphics and model B for those who use Reforged. (The Problem is that quite a few of models are Reforged...
  25. frostwhisper

    Jungle level design|Classic|Interactive buildings

    This is a small preview of the starting area of an as of yet untitled single player project. Needless to say, this is an early alpha, and everything is subject to change.
  26. MasterW

    Good Warcraft III Custom Campaigns to play before Classic WoW (and TBC)

    Hello there. This is my first post so please be gentle lol. So I planned on playing WoW Classic but before doing it I decided to play through the entirety of ROC and TFT to catch up to where it ended before the game originally came out. And I did just that, but now I'd like to know if there's...
  27. Juno Slade

    Did some languages ever have installers? (JA, CZ. CN)

    Me and some folk have been looking to back up the different language versions of Warcraft III classic, but three in particular have proven hard, which were Japanese, Czech, and Chinese (Simplified), these are also *installers*, not regular patch files, but more like when you get a link like...
  28. Messire

    Zoom out? YES, milord

    Hi Guys!:peasant-waving: Reforged made me want to redo the solo campaign of the game, not on Reforged, but on Classic. The thing is, I'm having a hard time with the game's overly pronounced zoom (once you've tasted Supreme Commander, it's hard to come back to a so closed zoom) After looking...
  29. jainaproudmore

    World Editor keeps crashing on me

    Hi, I've been dealing some issues here. When I open World Editor, it keeps crashing like exiting on itself on 1.27b. World Editor also crashes too on Public Test version. I don't know what's causing it and I tried to uninstall the public version and delete 1.27b files too. I extract 1.21 back...
  30. CinderWC

    Looking for Multilanguage Warcraft 3 Legacy Downloaders

    Hello everyone! I am an Archiver from the Warcraft 3 Unforged Discord. It is one of my passions to back up copies of Warcraft 3. But not only do i want to back up the English Versions, it is also imperative that we get copies of other Languages as well so that those do not fade away into...
  31. Evilhog

    [Poll] Is having a separate client for Classic a bad idea?

    Hello, long-time lurker here. A few days ago I made a thread on official Reforged forums asking the developers to release the Classic version for free and keep it separate from Reforged - at least, until the latter gets all the necessary fixes: Two versions should exist separately The thread...
  32. Michael Silcock

    Greetings! The player wants to be a world builder.

    Hi all, First off I want to say hello and introduce myself to the community, I would also like to say while i have had NO interaction with anyone from this page I am in awe of this forums dedication, hard work, creativity and level thinking. I would like to just briefly explain why I have...
  33. Kentaru_Z

    Reforged "Exclusive" Classic Models.

    I wanted to know if there is a way to have access to the "exclusive" classic models, textures (and their soundset if new) released with Reforged, specifically the female Death Knight and Demon Hunter. I don't own Reforged, but I would like to get my hands on the new stuff with the classic...
  34. cazat

    Classic WC3 TFT 1.27 available for offline play

    Hi guys, due to the recent debacle with Reforged I decided to upload my old copy of entire warcraft 3 TFT 1.27 program folder for anyone who wants it. I haven't upgraded it since 1.27 so some newer maps may not work, but I guess it is better than nothing for those who are stuck with Reforged at...
  35. DrunkenDirt

    [Solved] Classic look in the editor after 1.32

    So Reforged just launched, and to celebrate I'm going to do a complete 180 and look to the past. More specifically, with the launch update, the WC3:Classic and WC3:Reforged launchers seem to have merged together, and now both launch from the battle net client. To get the classic look you need...
  36. sk4

    [Role Playing Game] Artifacts ORPG

    Artifacts ORPG is a theme-park ORPG designed to challenge players (1-22) to complete in quests, world PvP, and dungeons. Game takes a lot of inspiration from classic WoW. It is designed to take players weeks to complete on regular play sessions (1-2 hours daily play session expected). Alpha and...
  37. JnM

    Ancient but legendary cinematics

    Greetings folks! Hope everyone is enjoying the Warcraft 3 fever resurgence! For the last few days, I've been doing a sort of "cinematic archaeology". I've been lucky enough to find and rediscover some of these masterpieces, here and on wc3c.net. There are some maps, however, that seem just...
  38. S

    Xlink Kai

    I might not be available for it but I'm a-bit interested in it. Is there a chance that anyone here wants to play old Xbox games with me via global system link? People here do own an original Xbox here right? And you know about Xlink Kai? Not much for me to say now rather than saying what...
  39. SgtWinter

    [Altered Melee] Warcraft: Age of Chaos (Can somebody delete this post, please)

    Oops, we've encountered a problem! This post will be right back! If not, then it's because the Hive won't let me edit this post >:I Update: Welp! I can't seem to edit this post, so can a Moderator or Admin please delete this post. That would be much appreciated.
  40. LordTalbot

    [Tower Defense] Battle.net TD

    THIS POST IS OUTDATED, PLEASE SEE: Battle.net TD 1.2 Final /Final project presentation (the attached version is 1.2 Final, yet there might follow a translation which I can't promise to attach here) Battle.net TD is basically a very classic Tower Defense, with strict waypoints, lifes...
  41. pyf

    StarCraft 1.17.0 Patch - Pre-release

    Disclaimer: all the info below is a CnP from bnetdocs.org, with additional small bits and pieces from teamliquid.net. This is not an official release yet. Use at your own risk. Make backups. These files were first spotted on July 22: http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/broodwar/patches/PC/BW-1170.exe...
  42. deepstrasz

    deepstrasz's drawings

    Hey people! I just wanted to share these minimalistic and insane pieces of... drawing. Beware of the monstrosities below! Pictures with blue lines were made on the spot with a pen :grin: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most of the following are from...