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  1. StormyG7

    How to find and change texture paths for .mdl?

    I never messed with models, only simple texture edits or icon edits. I have a bunch of .mdl files and texture files in .dds, .plt, and .tga from another game. The problem is I don't know why the textures won't appear on the model. Is there a program or tool I can use to change texture paths on...
  2. SebioL


    CREATING NEW ANIMATIONS WITH SMOOTHINGS BETWEEN THE WEIRDEST INTERVALS THEREOF OR BETWEEN ANY MODEL YOU WANT. As incredible as it may seem, this smoothing application between the first Frame of the "new animations" with the Initial Frame of the main animation (Stand-1/Attack-1...), works well or...
  3. StormyG7

    Converting Unreal Engine 3 Model for use in Warcraft 3

    I found Heroes of Might and Magic 6 and 7 have some neat-looking models and textures that are very much in the same style as Warcraft 3 Reforged. The new HoMM games by Ubisoft seem somewhat uninspired and take very little stylistically from the original games, but they do have a style that seems...
  4. Ornasion the Destroyer from Legends of Arkain

    Ornasion the Destroyer from Legends of Arkain

    A fanart of my favorite demon from legends of Arkain.
  5. Am.F

    Fanmade of Arkain

    This is a thread for all the things fanmade for Legends of Arkain including Art, meme, ETC.
  6. CSW Official Poster

    CSW Official Poster

    done by our friend and Contributor @handclaw
  7. Classic Warcraft III Style Custom World Map

    Classic Warcraft III Style Custom World Map

    A little something I puzzled together by sampling pieces of Blizzard's loading screens together with some WoW map icons. It's for a story I'm writing, but I doubt it'll ever actually become a Custom Campaign...
  8. Evilhog

    Hog's drawings (and other stuff)

    New troll here! :ogre_hurrhurr:
  9. InsaneMonster

    My DeviantArt Profile

    Hey there, I'm sharing my DeviantArt profile, with some warcraft and original art. Hope you may enjoy it, let me know if you also are active on that site. Cheers!
  10. namelessly


    Download Center: Quenching - Download Center Official site: Quenching - Warcraft Reforged Mod Chinese: 淬火试炼-魔兽争霸3重制版Mod Quenching on Hive: Quenching Mod Quenching on Discord: Join the Warcraft III Reforged Mod Quenching Discord Server! Join to discuss stuff, give feedback, play...
  11. BranaR

    My first Reforged

  12. W

    Question: The future of Art and Graphics Designs

    What is your vision of the future on the art and the graphics design? Not talking about/presenting your idea or your own (in mind), as they are your own. Treating it as a survey or a discussion instead of an QnA. Personally, I learnt it from just the icon drawing section, by the use of the...
  13. Donut & Coffee almost

    Donut & Coffee almost

    It is almost reach the final render!! Yay!
  14. Good and Evil II Between Worlds.....

    Good and Evil II Between Worlds.....

    Geez, it's been a while since I've drawn anything :p .....I was working on the custom game, Good and Evil II over the past 5 years and felt like trying to make some cover art for it.... Hope you get the chance to enjoy the story~
  15. Mr.Goblin

    Concept Art Contest #11 - Results

    Image is courtesy of Tu Ngoc do The Youngest or Oldest Warrior Download the PDF below or click here to read my reviews. ParticipantEntryJudge Score(100)Poll(%)MalusFinal Score (%) 1. Exarch Entry 6823,1%056,76% 2. Flyphor Entry 7238,5%-3,1512560,44% 3. Wildfire Entry 570%042,75% 4...
  16. 8512590215848

    I am back

    And here is my new piece of messy sht
  17. jj84

    Fel Skins

    Can anyone make a fel orc skin for wc3 thrall.
  18. Idaero Ace

    Idaero do ART #2019+2*2

    WELCOME! I'm back! Currently I am back to drawing because I wanted to do commision so i can buy a PC but nobody wanted me although I sell cheap. Sooooo sad ;((((((( SO now my pen tab is 1 years old but its skill doesnt improve. THis pen tab should be have a special passive skill to boost my...
  19. Shunpomaster

    Remove Ability Art Effect

    I have made many abilities and changed a lot of them to look different, but when I make abilities like Life Drain, and Shadow Strike, the animation cannot be changed. For example Shadow Strike, I removed everything but the slow, because I want it to slow with poison like animation, but it still...
  20. M

    Naga Crest for loading screen

    Edited Crests appear in the top right corner of loading screens in campaign missions. Crests are basically logos of WC3 races. An example of crest : Google Image Result for https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/wowwiki/images/3/38/NightElfCrest.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20111016214346
  21. M

    Turning model's Skin into a separate model?

    Is it possible to turn a skin into a model using Model Editor (by changing the texture path)?
  22. Dalis Bouvier

    [General] Hi, I'm new and I want to learn.

    Hello everyone. I have been using the WE of Warcraft III for years to make typical maps with the RTS game mode, customizing the models, effects, skins and stats of the characters and abilities but I have never deepened my knowledge about detonators in general or similar things and for this...
  23. Maelstrom - Custom Loading Screen

    Maelstrom - Custom Loading Screen

    photoshopping loading screen requests https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/custom-warcraft-lll-loading-screens-request-now.306037/ Interested? Contact me on discord: Sapprine#8332
  24. Maxwell

    Icon Challenge - Maxwell vs PrinceYaser

    • ICON CHALLENGE •Maxwell PrinceYaser • DESCRIPTION • Draw a full set of 4 Icons for abilities of Hero, that is represented by your Avatar. Maxwell - Nightmare Satyr. PrinceYaser - Lich King. REWARD 15 Reputation DURATION From 15th May to 29th MayAPPLIED MODERATOR@Naze RESULTS...
  25. Drawing Practice

    Drawing Practice

    For the Time Lapse Video: https://youtu.be/9gPndb9bX94 For my Instagram Page: www.instagram.com/oscarthelefty
  26. hypsandar

    [ Video] Melee Map Made in Due 11m!

    Map download & Discord server invite can be found in the video's description.
  27. The Leader

    Just an art thread

    Introduction: I decided to post here all my drawings, to share them with you, to discuss about them and to receive feedback. That's an important thing that would help me to improve my drawing skill. And also it would be interesting for you to watch something new. Thank you very much for your...
  28. Hetgrum

    Making a sequel to a complete campaign. Looking for art.

    Greetings. I reach out to those who relate to the following. Who played my The Pit Lord custom campaign (Pit Lord). Who liked the campaign. Who would like to see more of the same concept implemented. The concept is short single player campaign. The player manages a restricted set of units to...
  29. stonneash

    Open Source: Icons' Who wore it better

    Well, I am unsatisfied with the quality of some of the blizzard icons, some of them are just screenshots of the models which, under my standard, bad I'm not very good at making icons but I will give it a shot. I will try and attach PSD files for each file below. Enjoy ;o
  30. stonneash

    Gallery: stonneash's Models

    Here I will have my collection of Warcraft III models. Unless specified otherwise, All these models are: Completely by me Uses Warcraft III Textures Is stored on my hard drive Note: If you'd like to use any of these models, or if you have a requests, feel free to vm/pm me. (New!)Project...
  31. trebla ratilla

    Trebla's Art

    Hi everyone! This is my first time to post my art here. Hope you guys will gonna enjoy it and more art will come!. I;m trying to draw some character design, landscape or any ideas.
  32. BLazeKraze

    Blizzard icons large version.

    Aiiyyyoo guys, I don't know if this is the right section to ask about this thing. So guys, I'm exploring throughout the internet to find something useful to icon makers who wants to imitate or simply make a warcraftish icons. So I found one big icon from blizzard — Jaina icon. I don't know where...
  33. kirbyfish

    Comic Contest Discussion

    Any ideas & discussion about the theme?I love this contest but im not good in art. But someone gonna approve it. I love fish:aht: Example for the Contest : Credits to Brummer & Goingfor2
  34. Maxwell

    What happens when the noob opens Paint.exe

    Hello mates! Here you can see my attempts to draw something... With a mouse.. in a Paint... This isn't a good idea. ---------Aku from the cartoon Samurai Jack--------- ------------------------------Just a cute Death------------------------------...
  35. Engkanto

    Engkanto's Gallery of Art

    Hi i'm chael a.k.a engkanto, and im here to post some of my works as an artist, theyre mostly pencil work and i like drawing with fantasy themed subjects. most of them are unfinished, some are, and most of them are warcraft, while some are from some other fantasy game. you can follow me on my...
  36. Raised

    GetMyAdvice (...)

    So be it. I've decided to feel a bit pain in my ass, making decision to post something at least weekly. I hope I can get a precise advice how to make my skills better Otherwise I'll add you to ignore list. I know you don't care, just notice ~^ So, I'll begin with art I have drawn before: Some...
  37. Mr.Goblin

    Concept Art Contest #9 - Results

    Image is courtesy of Clint Langley. Overwhelming Odds Contestants are to create a group of people or a single character faced with insurmountable odds or overwhelming numbers of enemies. For example, a knight vs a demon, a squad of marines vs a swarm. Despite their/his oncoming death...
  38. Mr.Goblin


    Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. I created InkTober in 2009 as a challenge to improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with...
  39. Mr.Goblin

    Concept Art Contest #9 - Poll

    Image is courtesy of Clint Langley. Overwhelming Odds Contestants are to create a group of people or a single character faced with insurmountable odds or overwhelming numbers of enemies. For example, a knight vs a demon, a squad of marines vs a swarm. Despite their/his oncoming death...
  40. TheKurt009

    My Progress study drawings that started from sucky ones

    From ash i have risen, from nothing i am given breath. From here, i know where i am headed... Here are some of the drawings i have collected since i started drawing in digital Enjoy your stay! Princess of the flames My name is Kurt Ian Ferrer, 21 years old, from the Philippines...
  41. Mr.Goblin

    Hive ART Google Hangout Channel

    -=HIVE ART GOOGLE HANGOUT CHANNEL=- RULES 1# Don't be a dick. 2# This channel is ONLY for hiveworkshop users. 3# Don't use this channel else then for art purpose. 4# Read rule #1 again. 5# Read rule #1 one last time. Click here for the Hiveworkshop google hangout channel. Thank you. You can...
  42. Mr.Goblin

    Free Photoshop Brush Packs

    -=FREE PHOTOSHOP BRUSH PACKS=- This is a list of free photoshop brush packs used and shared by profesionnal artists. I will be updating this list from time to time. Stay put! More are to come! ArtistLinkArtistLinkDan LuvisiMaciej KurciaraHouston SharpBastien Lecouffe DeharmeYunior GuerraAaron...
  43. Idaero Ace

    [DEAD] Idaero'sArt! ~velato invidia nocte

    Idaero Ace made this thread June 28, 2014. That's when he was 16 years old, still studied on 11 grade. Actually, Idaero Ace already draw since 2009. That time he mostly drawn Spiderman, Halo (game), and Star Wars. On 2010, he drawn a lot of Assassin from Assassin's Creed game. On 2011, he mixed...
  44. SilverSong

    Direction to resource please

    I need a list or listing or otherwise some way of seeing all doodads, labeled including variations, so I can know what the ?! I'm looking at. I am requesting, because it is very hard it seems to get to see all doodads, and the art model files seem to be hidden somehow? and I can't seem to...
  45. Elenai

    -Elenai's Comic Gallery-

    -Elenai's Epic Productions- A more fitting place for my works to flourish.
  46. Pyritie

    Pyritie's Artwork

    New stuff at end of thread!