1. The contestants were to create water structures for the 20th Terraining Contest. Choose one in the public poll!
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  2. Join other hivers in a friendly concept-art contest. The contestants have to create a genie coming out of its container. We wish you the best of luck!
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  3. The Melee Mapping Contest #4: 2v2 - Results are out! Step by to congratulate the winners!
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  4. We're hosting the 15th Mini-Mapping Contest with YouTuber Abelhawk! The contestants are to create a custom map that uses the hidden content within Warcraft 3 or is inspired by any of the many secrets within the game.
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  1. Mr.Goblin
  2. jj84

    Fel Skins

    Can anyone make a fel orc skin for wc3 thrall. [ATTACH]
    Thread by: jj84, Apr 7, 2019, 4 replies, in forum: Requests
  3. BotLoot
  4. BotLoot

    Spell List

    Preview Stuff
    Uploaded by: BotLoot, Dec 9, 2018, 0 comments, in album: Spellcraft Open Remastered (Historical)
  5. Shunpomaster
  6. MrRious
  7. MrRious
  8. Dalis Bouvier
  9. Quinten
  10. Maxwell
  11. Exarch
  12. hypsandar
  13. The Leader
  14. Hetgrum
  15. stonneash
  16. stonneash
  17. FeruEnzeruJKun
  18. trebla ratilla
  19. BLazeKraze
  20. kirbyfish
  21. Maxwell
  22. Engkanto
  23. Raised
  24. Mr.Goblin
  25. Mr.Goblin
  26. Mr.Goblin
  27. TheKurt009
  28. Mr.Goblin
  29. Mr.Goblin
  30. Idaero Ace
  31. PeeKay
  32. SilverSong
  33. Elenai
  34. Pyritie
    New stuff at end of thread!
    Thread by: Pyritie, Nov 14, 2007, 795 replies, in forum: Art and Graphic Designs