Question: The future of Art and Graphics Designs




What is your vision of the future on the art and the graphics design?
Not talking about/presenting your idea or your own (in mind), as they are your own.
Treating it as a survey or a discussion instead of an QnA.

Personally, I learnt it from just the icon drawing section, by the use of the software, Gimp.
You mean like this forum's section?

We are planning to remold the hiveworkshop's forum section eventually with the release of Reforge, perhaps merge a few sections together to allow better visibility and more visits all together on forums. ABout that we don't know yet.

As a moderator, I'd hope for more Contests. But they take time to host, judge and bring back to the hive. which is the reason why we have so few. Beside that I'll be keeping an eye on this thread if more people answer. :)