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Why do people get angry when one expresses opinion

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Level 9
Jun 21, 2011
All my life elders, the family gave me advises(for I have social deficit) such as "go out there,express your opinion,this way you will be able to socialise"But what they forgot to tell me was that every single human had the same social understanding known as "common sense".We have the illusion of different opinion. And when someone "autistic" like me tries to fit in by expressing his opinion I always end up disappointed, humiliated I felt dumber and dumber everytime I expressed my thoughts. So decided to put a mask on and join the "common sense", I become a clone. Why should I follow the discoveries of Plato or Aristotle, why should I express the same opinions that humans express from the ancient times to now? Is it only me, but I feel like I'm being programmed. I don't believe in a flat earth, but then the question is not why should I but why shouldn't I believe in a flat earth. I know why I believe in round earth, not because of books or people told me so, but because I tried to convince myself that its round, I don't use math or anything else, it was the sun that proved that the earth is round because it never changed its size. I agree with everyone's opinion, you know why? Because I knew about the existence of that opinion because opinions are not something that you can "create" but its something that will help you to adapt to society. I never called anyone, anyone dumb or ignorant or stupid or brainwashed or, uneducated for expressing their opinion, because I did my homework before my collision with their opinion. Whats the point of me expressing my opinion if it sounds too abstract and irrational and against all laws of common sense.Arent the common sense opinions, thoughts the ones that limit our creativity. I think creativity is about discovery, but when we literally know everything about everything we have discovered, then another discovery could be like an enemy of the current understanding of everything, it's like homosexuality, heterosexuality, transsexuality, and many other sexualities. People lack understanding for abstract thinking when abstract opinion becomes a norm it'snot abstract anymore.
Today I expressed my opinion(for the first time in many years) in the company of friends, and what happened is that I lost my friends for expressing my opinion(imagine that). Just once to taste the power of having an opinion, and you end up being disowned. My opinion was about selective breeding\Selectivity, I stated that ugly people choose aesthetically pleasing partners, and this selectivity is limited as our opinions because we used as young to watch tv commercials that depict certain human characteristics which were considered as aesthetically perfect. One of them jumped at me and said that I'm ignorant and that looks don't matter there are other aspects that matter too, for which he is right but looks matter the most. I used to believe that personality is what matters the most in order for you to find the ONE. Why should I be ignorant when was like him I used to state the same thing that he stated, I used the same words, same sentences, I was like listening to the older ME. I don't insult him or anyone else once, yet they were like a pack of wolves ready to devour me. Imagine that!

He continued "Why are you forcing your opinion upon us",no I wasn't, I just wanted to fit in not make war, not argue, I just wanted friends, someone who can listen, I don't want you to understand, I just want to be heard, I don't parade with what I've said, I don't want to change your opinion,opinion is not used to be forced but be expressed. I have faith in humanity so I forgive him for I have no right to tell who is wrong and who is right. This guy doesn't want to listen to me, not because of my opinion but because he cared more about having sex with all the girls in the room(he told me so). I have faith in humanity, I will till I die.

So my opinion was that ugly people search for beautiful people, and he told me that that's not right and that ugly person can be with ugly people. Yes but that doesn't mean that ugly people don't dream of a better life, beautiful partner and so on. They just ended with this person because they had no other choice, and when plan A(Attractiveness) don't work plan B(Money) will work if not plan C(Personality), and he said": others chouse the opposite, It depends on the person".Ok neutral position, I like this position it makes you invulnerable because whatever I was about to say was going to make me sound like a full retard. I was in the past he was using common sense in stealth mode, I lost the debate because the neutral position is the position of the "Libra".The neutral position is the position that can fool anyone that he is a retard, or that he is wrong, its the most powerful philosophical weapon,but in the matter of fact neutral position is the one that fools the brain that everything is just black and white, and you are some kind of GOD or just simply the BLUE PILL philosophy. But at the end of the day, I was left unconvinced.

But mostly I still wonder why do people get angry when one expresses the opinion?

Is it because they don't fully understand their opinion

Because they don't like to hear things that are against their beliefs

They do it because of childhood trauma

Because they want to

Because they think that you might be hostile, because of the certain ways you act.

And if someone can convince me that my opinion is wrong to feel free.​
Level 14
Jun 15, 2016
There is nothing wrong or right about you, dude. Life is natural selection with full of uncertainty. It's just you being in the wrong time, at the wrong place and sometimes have wrong decisions (wrong under your perception). All you have left is faith in yourself.
My suggestion is keep moving on. Whatever you do, your secret is your own and what you believe is yours as well.
Feel free to be reasonable or don't give a shit to anybody, for which makes you feel better.

Follow your spirit, do what you believe is right and most of all, be patience and keep learning what you need. One day, you will overcome your burden and have your wishes fulfilled.

You may fail yourself or someone today but that's only temporary, not forever. One day, you will succeed and that is not lightly.

What I am trying to tell you here is: It doesn't matter who gets angry with you when you express your opinion. It is most important that you happy with your own opinion and no one can take away it from you. Do not afraid if people saying you are idiot when express your opinions, because they will have ten times somewhere, being idiots to someone else. Do not afraid if you are a "clone", because you were born to be unique. Do not afraid if you are losing your friends, because it is not a good time yet to meet your "true friend" or your love. Do not even care about ugly or beautiful people, because we can't escape accident and death.

Stay calm and carry on.
Level 15
Dec 21, 2013
offtopic: divergent detected! you must be destroyed! jk, let me finish the reading first :p


okaay, so I got a friend, lets call him B. This guy is pretty good guy, he can do debate and accept opinions. But, there is this A, whether he gives opinions, this B and his friends just decline it, treat him as stupid, retard, and autism. It happens for years, then after like 1 years he already get used to it an lived with it (yes he gives opinions almost everyday, then being sad, and its recycle everyday, even sometimes he got a fight). Currently its been already 8 years and this B still hangout with them, still treat them as friend although on most time he is being treated as retard.

so, idk. imo his opinions are acceptable. Most time i'm judt really angry about how they treat B, but i'm just a passive guy who cant do anything. maybe there is something on how he express his opinion. But he is normal imo, he can accept others opinions, let go his opinions, but people still treat him like that. well, sometimes he gives opinion on wrong time, but that minor. maybe someone is already born like that, its god's plan lol. *play gods plan music*

so this B just live with it. People cant be angry all the time you know. if people already know that you like to gives opinions, they will kinda accept you weird (for them) opinions. But when you are always hide your opinions for quite long time then you suddenly give that weird opinions, surely they will feel strange and possible angry because they thought its some else. maybe that guy just ugly when you said that ugly people selective breeding system.

idk wth i'm saying here. just ignore, i'm a random guy. Hive surely is dark o.o idk if someone likes being heard, now thats explain why suddenly i got a friend that always talk about ton of random things while i'm just listening and not really react to it o.o
Level 35
Dec 10, 2007
Everyone is looking for agreement and not a debate, especially among family and friends. There is no situation, neither in a casual or a professional environment, where you can be totally honest without consequences.

The problem is that you give too much of a shit about what people think of you.

If you are unable to overcome that, find friends who think similarly.
Level 2
May 15, 2018
"I disagree and you should be purged."

"Why do people express their worthless opinion while I'm angry?"

Two sentences that perfectly summarizes the main answer to your questions, man. It would all depend on each individual's beliefs, current situation, and personal preferences. I guess you just can't really please everyone.
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