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Last Activity:
Apr 21, 2011
Feb 24, 2011


Dreaming Map Maker

Arisaitou was last seen:
Apr 21, 2011
    1. Daredeamon
      Lol, have been too busy lately, but I just read your pm about the ammunition system.. it's been what.. 3 months since, but I'm really active right now. Anything you want from me now? :D
    2. defskull
      Indon ka ? Kita jiran :)
    3. Eldubs
      I am inactive here right now though :/
    4. Rian Putra
      Rian Putra
      heh, kmu orang indo kan,ngaku ajahhh
    5. Slayer14
      Someone (Izanagi) told me you are leaving the Hive. He said you told him to take your place in the project. Is that true?
    6. GhostThruster
      Hey, Izanagi told me you are going to be inactive. Is this true?
    7. Bloodbath
      btw you can add me up in fb...bloodbath7555@yahoo

      msge me there so i can know its you...too many friend req =.=

      only if u got fb
    8. Bloodbath
      ow melaka is the most historical state in malaysia..

      its me...but me and my bf share 1 account on hive so...:D he upload these
    9. ArneXis
      thanks :D
    10. Bloodbath
      nope..im from the east..

      hehe..of course we can be frens
    11. Bloodbath
      Im malaysian :D

      selamat berkenalan =D
    12. GhostThruster
      You received the model?
    13. GhostThruster
      you must make some broken parts for the model
      Nope, you can just assign bones.
    14. GhostThruster
      Yep, that's alright.

      Death, please elaborate about what 'special' means.
    15. GhostThruster
      Okay, so I'll list you some anims;
      Stand 1 - just sitting there, with some smoke puffing and sparks coming randomly
      Stand 2 - the turret turns left and right, and some sparks fly out from the turret's turning point
      Stand 3 - the turret faces upwards for a while, then returns to normal, ending in a small jump
      Walk 1 - walk smoothly, -Peper- can do this
      Walk 2 - walk with the slight virbration
      Attack 1 - fires the cannon smoothly, smoke and fire comes out
      Attack 2 - fires the cannon, which vibrates up and down
      Death - explodes, the 4 treads and turret separates from the main body
      Decay - the aftermath of the death anim sinks slowly into ground, with fire on it

      Any suggestions?
    16. anarchianbedlam
      yup, we get a lot of CnPers here, who just submit stuff to the model or icon section and then either claim they made it or try to pass off some bullshit fake "permission"
      to avoid all that, next time just put the name of the original author in the description with the permission.
    17. anarchianbedlam
      what are you talking about. i removed your neg rep and ill approve your model after you fix the ribbon emitter. thats it. its perfectly reasonable. have you checked your model ingame? the emitter is the only thing that "needs" fixing
    18. GhostThruster
      Yo dude, you got any skills with animating tanks?
    19. anarchianbedlam
      yes, i got his message. you can submit your model now, just remember to accredit the original author as well in the description. And the model still needs a lot of work.
    20. Zealon
      Yeah he's really good, and his syle is exellent :)
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    Heroes of The Ancients
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Silver Hand


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