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War of the Lance Roleplay

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Level 11
Dec 15, 2007
War of the Lance Roleplay

Welcome to the world of Krynn
It's a world filled with dragons, kender, ogres, magical artifacts and the beyond.
Things are not predictable in this world.
Don't let your guard down, always keep your hand on your hilt or your component pouch.

Here is the Registrations/info section.
Please when talking out of the roleplay type OOC: before your message which means out of character. I'm adding my glossary here from my orphan trilogy writings, for they may have information you need, plus check the registration thread for even more info. If you want to know the defenition of something, or who someone is I may add to glossary for all.

Ansalon(An+sah+lawn)-Only continent on Krynn that isn't a rumor.
Blood Sea Isles-Chain of islands on the blood sea.
Krynn(K+rin)-The world created by the gods holding life.
Mithas(Me+th+ah+s)-Island, part of the blood sea isles. Home of the Minotaurs along with their capital.
Not open for further replies.