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Lore, and registartions for RP War of the Lance

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Level 11
Dec 15, 2007
This is an RP based off of the Dragonlance series (fantasy novels.) No doubt it's ok to do so by the company because they were the first to have a official D&D campaign setting. The RP takes place during the early stages of the "War of the Lance" before many major events happened in the war. The series has alot of lore so I will place the neccesary lore here, campaign info etc, the rest i do mention should be optional for players to look up, if i should add something please tell me.

World of Krynn
Continent of Ansalon
350 AC (After Cataclysm) Age of Despair
Detailed map provided, suggest saving and using windows viewer to zoom and scroll around. Best map I could find and sorry i couldn't reveal/hide it but so big it's near impossible to upload with dial-up.

Lore overviewIt is 350 AC, 350 years after the first cataclysm, where the gods so angered at the mortals threw a fiery boulder at the kingdom istar, creating seas where lands are, and land where sea is, rising mountains from plains and destroy all those who have stepped outside of their boundries.

Now Takhsis, God of Evil has found a way to influence Krynn once more, her representatives, the Dragonarmies are at their full height of their power. The lands of Solamnia, ruled by the Solamnic knights are in chaos and disorder within the knighthood. Two seperate parties within the knighthood vowe to claim leadership but are in a standstill for both parties have a near even amount of followers.

The elves of Qualinesti, that live in the west and worship the sun, have been driven out and exiled by the Dragonarmies to Ergoth where their primitive cousins the Kagonesti elves live. The Silvanesti elves, that live to the east and worship the stars, are also exiled because their king, Lorac Caladon, used a Magical artifact,called the Dragon orb, to fight the forces of Takhsis but the Dragon Orb took control of him and sends the relm of Silvanesti into a nightmare of bleeding trees and where bad dreams come to life. The Silvanesti who fled are with their cousins the Kagonesti and Qualinesti, but rivals they fight for land that is not truely theirs and makes the Kagonesti their slaves since they are primitive and stupid compared to the higher and noble Elves.

The Dwarves of Thorbardin have locked themselvs in their near impenatrable mountain fortress, for if some way a force could break through the gates, they would have to find the expertly crafter gates, for the Dwarves skills are so good in craftsmanship that the gates completely blend in with the mountain.

The Dragon Armies are full of creatures that represent Queen Takhsis. Humans, The Emperor Ariakas and most of the Highlords are Humans. Draconians, creatures of good dragon eggs twisted by dark magic into humanoid dragons, ogres, goblins, hobgoblins, and The metallic dragons of evil are the main body of the Dragonarmies.

List of all the gods, ignore diagram and names in blue aren't that important.This Is A Link!
The Major Gods
Paladine, the Platinum Dragon-Leader of the gods of light
Brother to other leader gods, known for taking the form of a mortal to help mortals, and constantly feuding with his sister Takhsis. Created the race of Elves representing the light.
Gilean, of the Book-Leader of the gods of Neutrality
Brother to other leader gods. Records time as it passes in his book that holds the knowledge of everything, attempts to balance the equation, the balanced scales are also his symbol. Created the race of humans and they are the most common race to switch to good, evil, or stay neutral for they have the most 'free will'.
Takhsis, Queen of Darkness-Leader of the gods of Darkness
Attempts to rule Krynn many times to make mortals her slaves, created the race of Ogres. Has entered the Mortal relm once in godly form and banished out, and creates her avatar on the planet multiple times. Sister to other leader gods.

The Gods of Magic
The god who grants magic to all followers of the White robes, the allignment of good. Neutral Spells are hard to cast, and black even harder. Magic is granted to mortals from his silver moon, also named Solinari.

The god who grants magic to all follows of the red robes of neutrality. Spells of all three 'robes' are able to be cast with the same amount of effort, but does not excell in a specific magic, unless trained too. Magic is granted from the red moon, Lunitari, named after the God for it's the moon he created.
The moon only visibile to the followers of a dark god, or goddess. Black robes are granted power from the black moon and cast spells of dark the best. Black robes take more effort to learn spells of any sort but can learn the strongest spells.

Humans- The race created by Gilean, of the Book. Humans never seem to be on one allignment. Always Humans that follow all 3 , good, neutral, evil. Usually some steel pieces will convinve them to switch sides also.
Irda- The original forms of Ogres, the original race created by Paladine, the valiant warrior. Excelled in everything from beauty, to magic, and intelligence. Now said to be a myth or among rumors that "if you catch one, you will be granted three wishes." although it has never been confirmed.
Ogres-Once the race of Irda, but they became filled with hate and greedy, emotionally and personality wise ugly. Takhsis saw this so she turned them into ogres to match the outside with the inside. Creating her chosen race out of her rival brother's race. Mainly Worship Takhsis.
Elves-Originally all Elves were the same race, but differences in lifestyles through their long lived lives evolved in minor differences. Mainly worship the God Paladine and was the chosen race of good after the Irda was taken from him.
Qualinesti Elves- The original kingdom of Elves that worships the Day, and the sun(though they still follow their gods above all else.) Have a pale orangish skin color.
Silvanesti Elves-Faction of elves that broke away from Qualinost and created their own kingdom of Silvanost and worshiped the night and revered the sun, opposite of their cousins of old. Have a pale, purplish tinge skin color.
Kagonesti Elves- Originally a group of elves banned from Qualinost when it was still whole, and took the true meaning of nature, being the barbarians of elven soceity. Also known as wilder elves. Live in Ergoth and have darker, browner skin than other elves.
Dwarves-Originally humans changed by Reorx, the forger of the world, into expert craftsman but was cursed for their greed and stunted their heigth. Love their beards and are great craftsmen. Was one race, but over the many years of their life they have split into many factions, thus forming many types of dwarves. The main notable is Hill Dwarves and Mountain Dwarves, also the duller and more seperated are Gully Dwarves and Dewar(may have spelled wrong) or Dark Dwarves who hate the light. Almost all worship the god Reorx.
Dragons- Dragons like all animal type creatures that were created at the worlds beginning, were created by Chaos, the Father of all and nothing as a jest. The dragons were split into many different races, and specific dragon flights follow a certain gods.
Chromatic Dragons- Red, white, green, black, and blue are the dragon types that fight for Takhsis.
Red greedy, and long for spoils of war, of anytype. Have the breath of flame. Live in mountainous lands.
Whites are known as the lower intelligence of dragons, preferring cold climates and have ice breath.
Green are very cruel, hate elves the most, live in forests and use magic most commonly. Acid breath.
Blacks are Kiniving and self-serving. Live in swamps and have poison breath.
Blues are the smartest of the Chromatic dragons, works with riders well, and uses lightning breath.
Metallic Dragons Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silver, and Gold dragons Serve the God Paladine(need info on some of their breaths i forget some.)
Brass dragons love sunny regions, gossip alot, love to hear themselves talk.
Bronzes enjoys nature in all aspects. Launches fireballs from mouth.
Copper dragons love treasures and jokes.
Silvers are known for holding riders and are the most sociable with the lesser races. Launches blasts of ice.
Golds are the representation of good, fighting for just causes but doesn't fight when not needed. Fierce fighters and are very Smart, beautiful and regal.
Draconians-Created by the dark priests casting their magics on the Dragons of good's eggs. Humanoid type dragons, stand upright usually around 6-8ft tall. types of Dracos...
Baaz- Brass Draconians, the footsoldiers, turn to stone on death.
Kapak- Copper, males have venom glands, females have a healing saliva. Turn into a pool of acid on death. Good assassins or healers.
Aurak- Mighty gold dracos, tall and use magical power most commonly that explode into a ball of energy on Death.
Bozak- Good leaders with arcane magic of the bronze color, bones explode on death.
Sivak- Only dracos to fly, wings are only ones big enough. Usually around 9 feet tall, strongest and most respected draconians. Can shape shift as a natural ability, when males die they take the form of their killer, and females die they instantly erupt into searing flames.
The lesser races- the lesser races that don't need huge descriptions =P
Kender changed from Dwarves representing curiosity while gnomes also changed from dwarves represent technology.
Goblins(gobs) said to be mix of elves and ogres
Hobgoblins(hobs) better than goblins in all aspects except smell.
Minotaur Dwell on the high seas and the islands where Istar once was.
Thanoi walrus men who live in the southern reaches of ansalon by ice wall
Shadow people neaderthal like race that lives underground, that tries to stay peaceful and talks telepathically
Griffons rivals of dragons, usually fight in pacts and are faster than the fastest of dragons(blues)
Pegasai rare horse creatures with wings
Undead that are also rare can be in skeletons or zombies
Ents a rare creature of the forest
maybe more if i forgot some...

Solamnic Knights- knights of solamnia, either represent one of the knighthoods; sword,crown,rose. Each is for higher ranks. Fought under the gods of good, but since the Cataclysm the knights have been driven out of most places except Solamnia. Now in chaos to choose a leader.
DragonArmies- Fights under Takhsis and the gods of evil. Compose of all races, but mainly humans, dracos, dragons, and gobs. Multiple armies all following Emperor Ariakas. Each of the armies represent a chromatic dragon.
Wizards of the Conclave- Wizards that actively participate with the Tower of High Sorcery in Waywreth.(tower is surrounded by a forest that will let people be eternally lost, show them the way out, or the way to the tower. The forest chooses, or speculated the head of the conclave chooses.)
Other- any other faction directly represents the county, kingdom or city, but the Dragonarmies and Solamnic knights (few others) are the only two that expand further than just a single kingdom/country/city. Unless I forgot something.

1WarriorGenerally a fighter
2PaladinWarrior of a holy cause
3Mage of Solinari(mage of good white robes)Magic user, draws strength from the silver moon.
4Mage of Lunitari(mage of neutral red robes)Magic user, draws strength from the red moon.
5Mage of Nuitari(mage of evil black roves)Magic user, draws strength from the black moon.
6ArcherSomeone excelled in ranged weapons(archer is just a title)
7AssassinSomeone who lurks in the night, killing, stealing...
8Cleric of (chosen god) Clerics usually spread the name of their god, are granted gifts and blessings from their god etc
9 SorcererA mage who does not draw power from the moons but from the air, from the planet, from all living things. Usually hunted down by the moon mages and termed "renegade magi"
10 BardUsually religous, but wanders place to place, making a living of their singing and using it as their call for power too, usually carries an instrument to amplify power, but can use other weapons instead too.

sub class to be the sub class you have to be the matching main class(check numbers)
Dragon rider; 1,2,5,6,8,9Also note you have to be of dark alligment, for in this era the dragons of good, refuse to participate in the dealings of the lesser races(the majority that is.) Blue is the most common dragon to ride because most of the others distrust humans and are to stupid and violent.
Beserker; 1,2,7Someone who can give into their anger at will and fight with great speed and strength, not feeling much of any pain untill the red rage subsides.
Winternorn; 3,4,5,9An extremely rare type of mage, who can slow down time to see into the hearts of others. It only lasts a few miliseconds, it doesn't allow you to slow time and move around.
Arch Magi; 3,4,5,9A mage in a high position of power.
Priest; 8A step up from cleric, granting you more power from the gods, and more respect from the god's followers.
Thief; 1,2,6,7,9,10 Someone who will usually be real shady and steal from others, kender are never thieves, they only borrow(except maybe 1-1000k kender)
Warrior Mage; 1,9 Only a sorceror can become a Mage who fights with weapons at the same time. For they don't follow gods of magic, and Mages of the Moons are banned from their gods to only use weapons like staves, and rods, with the exception of daggers.
Mercenary; ALL Someone who seels their power to others and not caring about the cause you fight for.

Whichever mainclass you choose, will be where most of your skills lie in, so don't just choose one for a sub class, because the mainclass is what really counts.

The more people who join the rp the more allowed to be a subclass. Some of the subclass are 'rare' in the lore so there will be limits to some of them at first.

Roleplaying Participating On:
Character Name: *
Character Class: * (sub class not required)
Race: *
Gender: *
Age: * (atleast give a "around" guess)
Personality: *
Description: *
History: *
Religion: (there are many gods, and on request of a matching god to a character description i will tell of a god that should be compatible, other wise use link on dieties section)
Don't use any of that "no information is know. You atleast have to give vague details like "around 30 years old" or a slight background, like "wanders from town to town, mainly goes to inns"

If i forgot anything or should add anything please tell me, i AM human I do forget things.

Almost anything can happen in this rp, as long as it doesn't effect like the lore of the books, or heroes. Heroes can be in rp as long as they are npcs who aren't around long and don't play a huge part.

Looking for joiners now I wanna get this show on the road! I appreciate any help again, i mean ideas suggestions so you can post that here untill i get a mod to look at it =P.

Need more classes I think and subclasses and will be adding short descriptions soon enough. But i encourage most new people to not pick a subclass yet, although it is not restricted(beyond a certain amount) to pick a subclass. Subclasses can be gained through the rp also.
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Level 3
Sep 17, 2007
I was seriously considering taking on the race of the "Bozak" only because it is spelled almost exactly like my last name, until I read the part where my bones would explode on death (resulting in no chance of ressurection).

Character Name:Elminster
Character Class: Sorceror
Race: Human
Gender: M
Age: 27
Personality: Speaks his mind, highly distrustful of newcomers, tricky
Description: One of those people that make you say "You know what son, we can take the next bus". Often hooded to hide his identity. 6 feet tall, has a foot and a half long mowhawk. Never kills on Mother's Day.
History: Learned of his magical abilities as a child when trapped in a caved-in cave he caused a piece of coal to combust. Since then he has used his abilities to "persuade" people into getting things to go his way more smoothly. Grew up in the cold lands where winters are fierce, but there are still distinct seasons.(such as Canada) Likes his eggs with ham and onions.
Level 11
Dec 15, 2007
nice, did you see my character sheet? your a year younger, and close to the same class, i'm a warrior, warrior mage. Sorcerer fighter basically, either way around.

I like that quote "You know what son, we can take the next bus." I accept this but i'd wait for rui to accept it in character sheet section, i'm waiting for mine to be accepted, dunno if i need to since i made RP i'd just rather get it accepted then scolded for not. Hehe yeah Draconians are mainly going to be nasty NPCs but i'm not stoping anyone from being them lol. The exploding part kinda sucks on the players part, technically i don't think any of the draconians could be resurrected, and even if they could, i doubt even a god of evil would want to.

You may want to change things, instead of Canada(lol i'm just messin) and this is based on a precreated world, a place like this is most compariable to the southern reaches of the plains of dust near icewall. Didn't realise the link was broken for map at setting so http://www.genesismud.org/d/Krynn/images/ansalon_map.jpg and its at th bottom of the map, plains of dust is almost like a dessert but doesn't have that much sand, more of just dry, and has lots of cracks in the ground that drop seemlessly never ending.

Icewall obviously is cold all the time since it's a glacier, and it does have a warmer winter of about 30 degrees fareinheit, lol But close to inbetween has cold winters, and hot summers, just fall and spring will but mainly the changing period between the two.

Don't ask why it stops at icewall, books never pass it, that I know of, so i have no clue why they can't move on, guess no running water, and like impossible to survive further south.

No religon? well since you are a sorceror, kinda assumes you have no religon, because the gods, not of magic, don't really trust magic users. Even if they do, they definetly don't trust renegade wizards =P
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Nov 26, 2007
If you want to get this RP active, you should do what the other succesful (Obviously by the 74 page count) RP did, allow users to create their own Classes/Factions.

I would join this, but the class limitations are not what i aimed for, it seems like more of a DnD or an RPG. Can you make you're own? Do you have to have a specific class? What if you're not some super uber omfg mage of super dark death light holy magic arcane dragon doom? What if you're a farmer that gets caught up in the entire conflict, and some how influences it in a major way?

If you make the limitations less demanding (The classes) ill join.
Level 11
Dec 15, 2007
Well seeing as Dragonlance was the first outside company to work with DnD to make its own campaign, then that kinda makes sense.

Can't make your own, i've never understood that on any RP and out of all the roleplays i've seen in my computer life, i've only seen 2 where you can make your own(1 is on thw). But I do welcome people to asking to add a new class.

Thats the great thing about dragonlance, alot of the main characters that became heros started out as no bodies, which can happen on the RPG. For example Flint Fireforge, he lives 160 years of being a merchant before he ever sets out on an epic quest of sorts. Which just sounded like helping some friends out of a prison. Then he became involved within a series of events making him a hero.

So that shows anyone can be a someone. One of the greatest mages on all of Krynn was killed by his servent, again so that can happen here.

You can ask to add a class, not saying it will be added, it will as long as it's reasonable and abides by the laws of Krynn, can't have a class where You are blessed by all the gods, you can stop time and do w/e you like and your magic powers are unlimited.

Also I don't care about other RP's I wanna make my own rp, how I want it to be.

So go ahead and suggest your own class, i'm very open minded. I don't sound unreasonable, do I? I don't think so.
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