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  • Hello SoLmaster, now I have finally made an icon for Kakuslor, by edting my other icon... Tell me what I have to change, please... And if the Avatars Story should survive we could really need your help!
    You can RP that you spotted Garluk before he reaches Dock Yard, and then you two can together go and search for your persons... xD
    And I did some Icons... I edited one of my other Icons, and did what you said... :-/ Take a look and tell me if you want me to change it again... :)


    Will take a look at your post... Was making the Icons, so i didn't look on HIVE
    I have made some Icons from the looks of your Avatar... Take a look:


    I have made the skin gray, 'cause it looks like it's gray on your Avatar, but just tell me and I can easily edit it... I have made one with background and one without... You may choose, or if you want me to make a complete remake then I'll do it - Everything for the Avatar-story! :D
    It's great to finally have another user help us here and your Wanderer-avatar is more than welcome... However you must follow the rules and that means all the persons must be the same place, if they aren't you may not write about them.

    Like my Avatar, Mayor Amargaard, he's trapped in a hat that have been left, and therefore no-one knows what had happened to him ever since he was left. So the camp, that your Avatar is at must either be General Kallrogs camp or General Ratavas camp... Hope it is, else you must change it... (Sorry then, but it would be very confusing if the story takes place several places)

    By the way: You said that you can't make the Icon - So you want me to do it?? I would be glad to...

    - Amargaard / ANM / Jalokin95
    Sol so I can start my Char just would be best this way next time you post can you summon him for something please?
    Ok, I'm back now so you can sstop concentrating on monitoring the rp-threads, I and Fussiler1 will manage. Thanks for your help.
    You seem to grasp the God-Rp concept very good, can you help monitoring the threads while I'm gone the next week?
    Sol! You have to post quickly in the Gladiators of Eria RP, or Phoonix will kick you out! D:
    Too bad you got banned from the Sci-Fi RP.
    Might want to focus more on the Gladiators of Eria RP.
    Oy SoL? I know you didn't ask for it, but in my boredom i made a Photoshopped verison of your avatar. Use it if you want to.

    Also, if there's anything you'd like changed, tell me.
    When I click your link to the map to the Lost pride, It says that my permission to view it was denied.
    except they made machines for farming. It doesn't mean they don't have farmers, as they ahve to make sure the machines do it right, but the Chozo are scientists and engineers, even military. But they are otherwise not a labor force. Trust me, they are like Americans. We love our freedom. No such thing as too much, but trust me, they make horrible slaves. :p
    Just realized... You... destroyed my gates with charges, C4 basically, and managed to pack on so MUCH on massive, reinforced Nano-steel hulls to blow through, and snap the reinforced beams? I mean, it is possible to destroy them, but sneaking tons of charges over? Oo And all exploding at once...
    So... you warped in, got ambushed, fled back through the gates, magically got charges detonated (these are vast gates, mind you) and simply turned right around and appeared? And that took you HOW long? 10-15 minutes? There is almost no turning in hyperspace. :/

    Besides, you're rushing this. The war won't disappear if you slow down a bit. :/ You managed to cram 5 posts into 1. D: Try spacing things out, instead of trying to give 100 years in 10 minutes. :/ And more details would be great.
    need help in finding the belt. its all your tech, and my guys don't know how to use it :/ Different language, and all just stories. They don't even know where they are, or where to find the thing. :/
    your post makes no sense... please clarify how you are able to attack both the Planet Cracker, AND the Kraken D:
    (Post) >.> okay, I won't give you -rep for this stupid thing, but wtf? bumping a recourse that isn't yours? what about sending the user a visitor message to ask how he's doing?
    You are the master of Aether. (Aether is the randomness of all things.)
    Your sig jsut keeps getting wierder.
    I am helping you win!
    How is your warcraft unleashed going? If it is not happening it's ok, I am gonna get kinda busy.
    lol fun if they have a bad secret if not id just toy with there mind is all till i either make them go mad or do something bad =]
    yes but they are also creepy because if having a nice conversation they know what your thinking.
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