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An old, very old RP I did back on RuneScape forums back about two years ago, but here it goes again, tweaked and refined.

In the beginning; ten dragons ruled the lands of Erieth, each bound to an element, soposively keeping the world in balance, where water could not clench fire, nor light could brighten darkness, but remained neutral. No good thing can last, and after two hundred years of reign, the dragons were hunted down and destroyed.

An unknown hero encountered the bodies of these dragons, and sealed their souls in ten stones, each carrying a part of himself, until he died, his spirit torn between the several runes.

Over time, the orbs have been uncovered and fought for, their existence only bringing a wake of blood dating to the start Erieth, more bodies added every day to the toll that power has wrought upon mankind.

Now, the orbs have fallen into your hands, thrust amist war among them. Your task is a simple one, keep the orb safe until you find the tomb of the forerunner of the rune you carry, and leave it there, while the whereabouts of the shrines are unknown. For now, all you can do is to either band with the remaining orb holders, or try to kill them for their power.


Races of Erieth:

Wood Elves: Masters of druidism and earth magics, residing in the Ethalian forests in the Third Continent.

High Elves: Sacred keepers of holy magic, they are allied with the Wood Elves, while the highest paladins are said to be angels, also found on the third continent.

Touched: Former Wood Elves or High Elves that have been cursed or plauged and been banished out of their kingdoms out of fear of what they contain. Wander.

Dark Elves: Touched or outlaws from the Wood and High elven kingdoms. Lives on the Second Continent.

Fallen: Former High Elven angels that have been outcasted or have turned evil. Lives on the Second Continent.

Human: Widely spread out and allied with the High Elves and Wood Elves. Lives on Third Continent.

Undead: Restless souls of former races. Lives on First Contient.


First Continent: The nether, where dead souls are carried. This is the only source of undead. Their main city is Necropolis.

Second Continent: The continent of the Black Legions, namely the Fallen, Touched, and Dark Elves.

Third Continent: The continent of the Trinity: Wood Elves, High Elves, and Humans.

I have given little detail and will expand.

Biography Format

Orb Preference:

(I like lenghty bios to ensure that you get good RP'ers to join, and the longer the funner to make ;))

Name: Innia Sorrowsong
Age: 17
Race: Fallen
Gender: Female
Orb Preference: Dark
Personality: Innia is quiet and reclusive, often moping in the corner, never wanting to talk to anyone. She feels she is a burden to the world for the trail of blood she leaves wherever she goes, as a harbringer of death, wherever she goes someone dies shortly after she enters or exists.
Appearance: Innia has long black hair, covered by a dark grey hood cloak most of the time. If you could see through the shadow her hood provided, you could see cold silver-blue eyes and pale skin, a beautiful complexion would await the light of day, if not for the constraint she puts on herself. She is average height, slim, wearing a grey robe, fastened with a brooch of amythest by her neck, where a flute hangs, made of obsidian as cold as a corpse. She has black feathered wings.
Weapons: Innia relies on her flute to work necromancy. She can call upon the aid of dead souls to channel through her music, and can summon forth dead spirits, often posing as a medium who can bring a dead relative face to face to someone else to talk. She considers this a curse rather than a gift, for isn't without any consequences; she has something inside her that allows her to channel dead aura, and sometimes it breaks loose as she is warped into something far worse everytime she plays a note.
Pet (optional):
History (optional):

Just post your bio on the thread and I'll hope to RP with you as soon as possible!
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