Mysteries of Ukal

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Jul 7, 2008
Hello, roleplayers of Hive! I've roleplayed on forums before, but never on Hive. This is my try to roleplay on Hive, hopefully people will join :).

Ukal is a desolate desert continent, few rivers run through it. Ukal is a fairly young continent which houses a various assorment of races. The three dominant races of Ukal are the Ukalian Humans. A long time ago a war was held against the Mordebi and Ukalians. The Mordebi are very trustworthy and punish betrayal and lieing very heavily, but recently there has been rumors of Mordebi Warriors attacking Ukalian settlements and breaking the treaty they made many years ago. The Pharaoh of the Ukalians fears that an outsider is controlling the Mordebi, but noone knows for sure.

The Ukal Vroguns - Hailing from their homeland of Hogrun, the Vroguns are a large, bloodthirsty, and very strong race. Their ancestors were once infamous sailors and colonized all over the world. One of their settlements were on Ukal, and they have become raiders of the deserts of Ukal, which got them the nickname of "Desert Barbarians". They are respectful of their own kind but rude towards other races. They are very wary and often watching which comes from ancient times when the Vroguns were not united and there was much betrayal and corruption.

The Mordebi Humans - Tribal and very spiritual, the Mordebi are masters of all types of magics. They are a race who has known much destruction after their civilization was nearly destroyed by the Ukalian Humans. Even though they have a deep hatred of the Ukalians, their morales and honesty prevent them from taking their revenge. Even with the rumors going around, a Mordebi him/herself would not know of its source.

The Ukalian Humans - A luxurious culture always living over the top, the Ukalians are rich and elegant. They control nearly the whole Khal River and they own one of the biggest sea trading companies in the world. They originate from the Thastonian Humans who sailed to Ukal. During a disagreement, the two leaders of the expedition split up. One leader encountered some unknown force, and learned magic, and eventually became the Mordebi. The other had a harder start, untill they found the Khal River. They then found a large gold deposit, and began advancing further then the Mordebi and became the Ukalian Humans.

The Dark Elves - Not too long ago the Dark Elves, and their allies the Nokarri, staged an invasion on Ukal. The war raged one for years but was eventually called a stalemate and ended with the Treaty of Astunok, the original name of Khal, capital of the Ukalians. After the invasion, some Dark Elves and Nokarri decided to stay on Ukal and formed their own civilization. The Dark Elves were once High Elves of Thaston before being corrupted by unknown forces. They traveled to the continent of Darkuun and established their own fascination. Like their High Elven brothers, they are masters of magic, except they are not afraid to delve into the forbidden and dark arts. The Dark Elves are very mysterious and quiet, unlike their boastful and arrogant High Elven brothers.

The Nokarri - A octopus-faced humanoid creature, the Nokarri fled from their own homeworld after it was destroyed by an unknown legion of creatures. The arrived on the continent of Darkuun in the world of Telon, and met the Dark Elves. Fascinated by their mastery of dark and other unknown magics, the Dark Elves took them into their society. Over the years the Nokarri have mutated to be able to speak the Dark Elven and Human language, but have lost their ability to pronounce their original language.

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