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Goris, Blizzard needs to hire you. You've managed to make a game released in 2003 look better than a lot of games released in 2007+. I can honestly see you making Warcraft IV one day :)
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Aug 7, 2009
Guess it will be pretty lagful experience playing this :)

Guess you haven't seen the two gameplay videos :)

Goris said herself that her PC wasn't better than mediocre, yet she could play AND record simultaneously, without any mark of lags. Guess it'll run smoothly.

Just because something is well made and looks cool, it doesn't mean the game will crash or will be laggy - in WC3, the graphics of a map is the least important thing that can decrease your FPS

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If the doodad isn't animated it doesn't cause major issues even in high numbers.
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May 14, 2009
I thought it was fake at first, but after finally being able to read all of those, I saw the gameplay video. That was obviously not fake!

I really need this... NOW!

EDIT (NOV 2, 2012):

Don't release any final releases now though.
I'd have trouble choosing between Paranoia or Requiem.
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Jul 9, 2009
Prepare for update soon. ;)

They say a picture say more then a thousand words so I'm going to try that theory out.

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Feb 24, 2009
Glad to see this is still going strong! Your map actually looks better than anything I've seen in Starcraft II (And how much more modern is its engine...?). Keep it up!
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Aug 20, 2009

as i see from the gameplay video,

its a total conversion, nothing on wc3 is used besides the command cards
and movement/interactions.

even the footsteps and sounds are custom!.

having enough capabilities to render custom sounds,
i suggest changing the mask breathing sound or whatever, into
first person hearing, something you hear by yourself, instead of
hearing from another person's perspective.

one is, to make you feel as if you are in the unit's perspective

two, i have gone diving, and breathing sound in the deep something normal
to hear. but as i close my eyes..

closing my eyes on the deep darkness, i focus my hearings to my ears,

the breathing on a regulator,
actually is something terrifying to hear, sometimes your breath goes faster,
deeper, restless, suffocating, desperate.. and thats probably the only sound you hear
as you are alone, in the darkness.
you will feel your heart racing.. as you hear this terrifying sound.
you will keep trying to control yourself.

i thought this could add a better horror feelings.

i notice trivial graphical glitch on 1:15, on the door, its allright to ignore, just my eyes detecting trivial things xD