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Jul 17, 2011
    1. Yoga WP
      Yoga WP
      Hey, purparisien, why you delete the ships models ?
    2. Zephyrius2412
      ENFIN ! J'ai trouvé un français sur the Hive Workshop ! Vive la France !
      Et il fait des maps en français, cool !
    3. StoPCampinGn00b
      Hey purparisien, I hope you'll create a pack of your ships some day :D
    4. deepstrasz
    5. T77df
      Where did you find your model for silent hill?
    6. IAEInferno
      hey purp, i was wondering if you are planning on making a custom map of total war in dota 2 as well?
    7. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Modeling doodads are no problem for me, only I must know they should look like. After all, those building doodads are mine.
    8. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      I want to keep the walls to justify the sudden end of the city, because if buildings just stop appearing it would look odd. Maybe something that looks more like a rampart or a dam, with lower height than current one. As you can see, walls are close to the river too.
    9. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Do you know how could replace the walls? Note that I did this terrain from some older (rather medieval) terrain. What carriages do you have in mind? Because there are hardly any models, once I had in mind some carriage system, but I still have no idea how to execute it. Other than that I'd probably need to make waypoints as regular wander would look odd on them. I had in mind Dunwall from Dishonored, but outcome is more a real life city, scaled down though for gameplay purposes.
    10. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Yeah with a bit steampunk feel. I think my factory part is especially bad. I tried to do some doodads, but it didn't end well. Although the city isn't the main part of the map, the things more happening more outside, but I wanted to show what kind of setting it is. It's fictional, but still many historical references (so it's not total fantasy). http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/members/116787-albums1185-picture106525.html
    11. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      I see you made many city terrains, have you experience with 19th century cities too?
    12. hoar_guigui
      la map sur la chute de l'empire romain a été avorté pourtant il me manque peu de chose a faire tout le mapping est fait presque mais ya quelque truc de noob qui me font peter les plombs comme les avancé dans les ages bref il me reste les triggers les plus difficile à finir
    13. Zordrak
      I wanted to test your Jurassic Park, but there is something wrong with your map: when i start it it is not possible to play, i just don't have any control because of an extreme lagg. I just can close WC3 by task manager. There must be something wrong with triggers or units, or i don't know.
    14. Krouchnoufnouf
      Salut Purpa ! (C'est Akama_912) Ca fait un moment que je t'ai pas parler, je vois que le clan est plutôt au point mort >.>, y'a encore des actifs ?
    15. kakuzu
      Sounds very cool. Will it be a historical map ?
    16. kakuzu
      Happy New Year purparisien ! What are your warcraft plans for the this year !
    17. kakuzu
      You said that you expect to update your map , arent you ? Not really a good french speaker
    18. kakuzu
      Joyeux Noel purparisien !
    19. StoPCampinGn00b
      You're not bothering me. But it will probably take days for me to check it so there's a good chance another map moderator would.
    20. Valandil
      Hey man, is there any news about Rome Total War ?
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    Current Project:
    Historical map making
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
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