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  • hey I like your ORPG inventory can teach me how to import it,cause something wrong in importing this, the syntax says "undeclear varriable rnd????
    Hey Shadowvzs, this was always been one of my problem about your FSI system but didn't brought it you yet since it wasn't much of a big deal but since I'm finally working on quests for my map(just a map that I'm making for me), how do I give item for players like rewards for quest? Simply giving the item to the player doesn't register the item to your system which makes it unusable.

    Also I have a suggestion of having an option to give different level of items different attachments. Something like this when registering the item: Lets use this as an example call RegisterItem('ckng', 'B00H', "Helm1.mdx", 11, 101, "Helmet", 0)

    It becomes like this when we want this specific item to have different attachment per level
    call RegisterItem('ckng', 'B00H', "", 11, 101, "Helmet", 0) //if we want the item to have different attachments per level we leave the attachment part blank.
    call RegisterAttachment ('ckng', "Helm1.mdx", 1)//1 is the level where we give this attachment
    call RegisterAttachment ('ckng', "Helm2.mdx", 5)//You notice that I skip level 2, 3 and 4? If player skips a level then the attachment from the previous level will be use on the skipped levels. For this example level 2, 3 and 4 uses the attachment registered on level 1

    If you think the above suggestion is doable maybe also consider making different level have their own name.

    Like this:
    call RegisterItem('ckng', 'B00H', "", 11, 101, "Helmet", 0)
    call RegisterAttachment ('ckng', "Helm1.mdx", "Helm of Warrior", 1)
    call RegisterAttachment ('ckng', "Helm2.mdx", "Helm of Adventurer", 5)

    Same thing with the first suggestion. If you skipped a level the name of the previous level will carry-on to the skipped level.

    Also, I'm still waiting for the ability to load inventory items since it is really the most important thing for me since mine is a roleplaying map. :C

    You can also duplicate items if you pick them up a couple of times very quickly.

    Anyway, happy holiday :)
    Let me check it further, but tomorrow ;)

    Anyway, you should reply my VM at my profile lol
    i will check that effect part but don't want rewrite in vjass.
    what you mean forgeing in user perspective?
    Sent the pm about the bug.

    And about my reason for the crafting failing.

    I think its just normal for blacksmith to fail when crafting something but the biggest reason is that other than the required normal materials getting bigger is that you don't really add a special or rare material that you can get from boss or secret quests for higher level items so I think having a fail chance will compensate this.

    Also I made the harvesting speed on my map a lot faster so getting the required materials will be a breeze.
    pls can u write me this into pm because if u dnt write i will forget, ofc can do but today i will be off also if done once with save load then maybe will add too but that i doubt in close future because lacking in time btw u can check this

    i thinking on later make save load code for this too but that maybe required more loading code line (and lines will be long long) for only equiped items :)

    about higher craft thing with fail, would i ask why do you want make it? because already need more mats and "normally" need alot craft to reach sufficient craft level for high lv stuff, so do you have any reason? (i think i could do it just don't know the point why)
    Hey shadowvzs. So I tested your system again and here is the result.

    Tailor Level 1: 0%

    Helmet Lvl 5 - 14%
    Helmet Lvl 5 - 28%
    Helmet Lvl 5 - 42%
    Helmet Lvl 5 - 57%
    Helmet Lvl 5 - 71%
    Helmet Lvl 5 - 85%

    Helmet Lvl 5 - Made the Tailor Lvl 2 but the profession experience is 87%!

    I would really love for this to be fixed cuz I'm using this on my personal project.

    Oh and if I could request something maybe you can add a chance for higher level crafting item to fail.
    if i wanted say to him then i write to his profil not to you, if i qoute something that doesn't mean i talk with quoted person
    As your post was directed at Nichilus I have a hard time seeing why you post on my profile page. It's not a debate forum.
    If it was somehow directed at me I have no further comments.
    Court order.
    Ah I see. You are the one whose support is the greatest towards me :)

    The HR now would have been impossible without you. Have my gratitude.
    that must make with vjass, else not smoothly and more hardcore or camera must be locked, bad side its pretty strong system and system in few camera position may not the best ideea other side its look cool and could be used for great inventory/backup and for other things... (but i don't have time anymore for looking more, anyway i used jass not vjass)
    Hello mate, we were no talking long time :). I saw some coding called DGUI, and I think to it is like displaying pictures and buttons on the screen. But can u tell me a little but more detailed why that can ber eally good or bad?
    1. checked my reps? and comments? 2. was usefull the tip with startlocation since i dont see the red/pink functions in normal we
    I told in few weeks, even more if you want :). I am planning it to be miuch greater project then what is it now.
    Hello mate. I need some help for my project I would be really happy if u would join like sistem coder. I would like you in because you are much more skilled in jass and trackables then me. I would need few systems in and would be cool if you could help. Map on the link is alpha version it have many things, but it w8 really be update(entire gameplay, story, cinematics, spells etc.) pls think of my call. U dont have to rush u could start working oon it in about few weeks.
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) I +rep twice since I can just give 1.
    i guess it cause desyncronization so disconnection but anyway dont needed, have condition if u want something trigger for 1 player
    hey mate I have another question for u, is it possible to turn off trigger for only one player. I know it sounds strange. So if I do getlocalplayer and then do turn of trigger for only one player will map still for fine in multy player on garena, battle net or local area network.
    with trackables are half done work by warcraft 3 dev team, they dont finished it, so cant delete or move trackable or identify the player who make action with them with a simple function, they dont finished it, thats why we need create 12 trackable if we want detect what player click or something, because trackable with "" path is similiar like unexisting trackable and if we create locally then its could desync but if we create but with different path then its no problem and since "" path trackable undetectable its mean if u create a trackable and all player get "" path except 1 then that only 1 who got the correct path can interact with trackable.

    trackable model could be anything, a peasant too, a building any model from game, but useually we use square form trackable what is transparent (have size but transparent what isnt same with "" path trackable)

    about size, its depend on your system, because my get similiar size than ur destructible (what mostly got empty icon slot texture with icon model file [flat square] and based on invisible platform (if i remember well, maybe path blocker? idk but u can see on my map))

    overall since my english is crap here few helpfull site
    trackable with "" path = nothing, non detectable and dont have size

    thats why it is useable for multiplayer map because we set path only if GetLocalPlayer() == Player(0-11)

    its mean if u want create a trackable what usefull for any player then u must create 12 trackable like:

    trackable 1 for player 1:
    if GetLocalPlayer() == Player(0) then
    s="...correct path..."
    create trackable

    trackable 2 for player 2:
    if GetLocalPlayer() == Player(1) then
    s="...correct path..."
    create trackable


    trackable 12 for player 12:
    if GetLocalPlayer() == Player(11) then
    s="...correct path..."
    create trackable
    I need more ''work'' for to read pm then vm with my phone. And for excample edit button is rly pain in ass for me.
    well mostly they do it when they want to be private xD(no sarcasm), pls can u do it with vissitor message, because I am on mobile phone and it needs a lot of work to I read it(i use ancient nokia c3).

    Well honestly I didnt understand why we need to make it for 12 players? Can u make some basic map. And did u just told to we can configure from what distance trackable can be detected by arrow?
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