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Last Activity:
Jan 30, 2020
May 14, 2009
Metro Manila, Philippines


Lelouch of the Rebellion, from Metro Manila, Philippines

Sumallo2 was last seen:
Jan 30, 2020
    1. RedLord
      Sumalol2... :/
    2. Orcnet
      merry christmas! :D
    3. Darkgamma
      You're rather late for that rep :D
    4. LeThrow
      Your filipino?
    5. HOooDy
      Filipino Right ? Gawa Tayo Map's I Cant Handle The Terraining :D
    6. Orcnet
      Sumallo2 :D
    7. irock9645696
      hey how's things lately?
    8. uYkam
      Hahaha, not really xD
      I just used a free legal map and edited the units and everything............
      Do you have a cellphone? SUN cellular? If yes, PM me ur number :))
    9. uYkam
      Hello, I'm also a filipino just like you :))
    10. RED BARON
      Well, I have now finally finished my university Bachelor, so I do actually have time on my hands again.. So if you still need it. I can take a peek :D
    11. Gekigengar
      Trigger complexity matters not, its all about how fun people play your game isn't it ;D thx for not giving up on it, and being my rival, it brings me motivation!

      tell me if you need any resource or system, i will be glad to help you out,
      don't let trigger limits you, let trigger expands your ways, let trigger destroy your bounds of limitations !
    12. Gekigengar
      Lol, are you planning on doing it too? XD, seems like a fun game to play with friends ain't it, looking at haruhi and kyon sure fires me up to make it ;D
      Its not really day of sagittarius, since I changed a lot of things, maybe you could make it more similar, why don't you give it a go? We work as rivals on the same theme! ;D
      Anyways, there is no such thing as better in triggering lol, its about the idea that you had,
      On how to make things happen, peoples had diffrent ideas, so no one is bad at triggering.

      if there is things that you want me to add up, make sure you post it on my project thread! ;D
    13. irock9645696
      Working On my map =) no links yet but just asking for help
    14. Vehster
      I can't re-review your map until I obtain a fully unprotected version, I don't like to judge harshly on a parse/un-readable script.

      Once I review again, your mark should raise hopefully.
      I do good Ai, I could help you if I have time.
    15. HOooDy
      Hey wanna join my map .......... WORLD OF AZORA Click my sig !!! thanks
    16. Orcnet
      but I didn't contribute any good thing in your map, anyways congrats for making it approved

      "tae ka! pilipino ka pala amf! dapat nag tagalog nalang tayo buong araw ahahah!, geh add kita bro" :))))
    17. Addamondes
      Every 7<span style="font-size: 9px">10</span>27 decadence's of this duration sometimes eludes this exemplification. Based on some foreign epilogue that a few cultivated individuals, myself included, don't agree with. So this is just my attempt to prevent that. It is our fault that this happens but we were one decay off to know it would happen at hand.
    18. andreariona
      what link? MV of dissidia duo decim?
      just open youtube and type duodecim on search option. it surely will appear. ^^

      haha yes, I agree as well. thats why she is one of my fav. FF character. lol
    19. andreariona
      yes, it's Terra on dissidia 012 opening mv. ^^
      aww.. thats great that I found lots of FF fans too here. :D
    20. mckill2009
      yo! whats up dude kabayan, how ya!
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  • About

    Metro Manila, Philippines
    Current Project:
    Trying to create an AI for Conflicts: Battlefields
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    I am a map maker who's been making several maps for five years now. Though I've been in map making for so long now, I'm still stuck with the basic triggers readily available on World Edit. I also haven't thought about dwelling on AI complex triggers and JASS as I do not have much time on my arsenal.

    Map Making, Code Geass, and Final Fantasy 9
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