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  • Hahaha, not really xD
    I just used a free legal map and edited the units and everything............
    Do you have a cellphone? SUN cellular? If yes, PM me ur number :))
    Well, I have now finally finished my university Bachelor, so I do actually have time on my hands again.. So if you still need it. I can take a peek :D
    Trigger complexity matters not, its all about how fun people play your game isn't it ;D thx for not giving up on it, and being my rival, it brings me motivation!

    tell me if you need any resource or system, i will be glad to help you out,
    don't let trigger limits you, let trigger expands your ways, let trigger destroy your bounds of limitations !
    Lol, are you planning on doing it too? XD, seems like a fun game to play with friends ain't it, looking at haruhi and kyon sure fires me up to make it ;D
    Its not really day of sagittarius, since I changed a lot of things, maybe you could make it more similar, why don't you give it a go? We work as rivals on the same theme! ;D
    Anyways, there is no such thing as better in triggering lol, its about the idea that you had,
    On how to make things happen, peoples had diffrent ideas, so no one is bad at triggering.

    if there is things that you want me to add up, make sure you post it on my project thread! ;D
    I can't re-review your map until I obtain a fully unprotected version, I don't like to judge harshly on a parse/un-readable script.

    Once I review again, your mark should raise hopefully.
    I do good Ai, I could help you if I have time.
    but I didn't contribute any good thing in your map, anyways congrats for making it approved

    "tae ka! pilipino ka pala amf! dapat nag tagalog nalang tayo buong araw ahahah!, geh add kita bro" :))))
    Every 7<span style="font-size: 9px">10</span>27 decadence's of this duration sometimes eludes this exemplification. Based on some foreign epilogue that a few cultivated individuals, myself included, don't agree with. So this is just my attempt to prevent that. It is our fault that this happens but we were one decay off to know it would happen at hand.
    what link? MV of dissidia duo decim?
    just open youtube and type duodecim on search option. it surely will appear. ^^

    haha yes, I agree as well. thats why she is one of my fav. FF character. lol
    yes, it's Terra on dissidia 012 opening mv. ^^
    aww.. thats great that I found lots of FF fans too here. :D
    pilipino ka pla eh, edi dpat add kita as Friend d2 sa hive, pwera lang si kael46, kahit pilipino yun ayaw ko sa spoiled na batang yun...
    The best is probably to decrease the file size of the song, it's not really hard and you don't have to sacrifice a lot of quality either.

    Though the terrain was meant to be empty, I still didn't feel any realistic touch in it, the fire burns nowhere, the tileset doesn't have any variation, you have used cliffs instead of the raise/lower, you can add a sky without having to worry about losing the effect of loneliness.
    A few environmental doodads can't hurt ;) (and stay away from the cinematic doodads).
    I have already seen that cinematic and I must say that I love the music, but I do not like the terrain at all.
    So I didn't want to reject it, but it wasn't fit for approval either :p
    The reason I gave you rep was because you fixed the description. Even though it may not be perfect you tried & that mattered.

    As for the leaks : I don't know a bit about them :hohum:
    The link I gave you was given to me by some people telling that it explained the leaks.
    Pls. try not to be too hard on those who are still trying to improve themselves. Try not to demoralize other people, but still I respect you...
    Please do not lecture me on who are trying to improve and who are not. I know who are trying to improve and who isn't.
    removing leak is the most basic stuff, if you cannot even master this. I can only give you 1 advice.

    Other than that you can link this as the discussion thread & also place the links to your threads in your signature (via UserCP) to advertise your threads. Any question threads you make can also be placed under a heading of help needed here.

    You can browse here. That just may help you out.
    So you have changed the description.
    It is better now but can be made even better. I will give an example. See this. The review part isn't quite necessary. You should consider adding that only if it gets good {we are trying to attract, aren't we :xxd:}.

    You have improved on in-game info too but that can also use improvements. Remember the link I gave? Nevermind that:wink:. Read this part & see the screenshot example of the good example.
    Adding to that You have placed all of the facts under the heading "Added Info". Make them separate. Also just like the screenshot example Seperate the quest & info. You can see how through this as the example belongs to this.
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