Projects of old, gather ye' resources... [Mod Compendium]

Hello, i found a MPQ in my archives named eosmod.mpq of about 38 megas, it's full of Retera's Heaven's fall mod models but at least had some that at first view wasn't in the old Zip. I can't remember if this was from an updated version of the mod zip, or if Retera's released a smaller mpq at a later date.
Backstory on this in case anybody else is wondering:
"eosmod" is an abbreviation for Eve of Salvation Mod. You can read more about it at that link.

Around the time that Eve of Salvation was created, I was in a dark place with my Heaven's Fall project. A year or two prior to creating Eve of Salvation, I got egotistical and declared I would make a sort of remaster/remake of Heaven's Fall called Heaven's Fall 2. I'm sure it wasn't on much of anybody's radar but I actually think the manner in which I did not meet my own aggressive deadline back then in 2014-2015 really left my Warcraft 3 hobby activities changed in a negative way forever after. It's something about the way it feels to believe there was going to be this awesome remake, only to realize I was just lying to myself...
It really must just be a personal problem.

So if you download some of the latest Heaven's Fall stuff, from the Heaven's Fall thread and maps that I was keeping updated for a while, those newer things are likely to include overlap with Eve of Salvation because I like to build off of my own work. But if you compare Eve of Salvation to the Heaven's Fall version Kam archived here on this thread, as I recall, there is probably almost no overlap and it would be simpler to think of them as two separate sets of assets.

The "Northpact" race on Eve of Salvation, as I recall, has its Tier 3 super unit set to be the Leviathon which is built at a building called Leviathon Hatchery that isn't in the Heaven's Fall version of the "Northpact" race that otherwise overlaps between "Heavens Fall 2"-influenced builds and Eve of Salvation. The Leviathon Hatchery model is not super innovative though because it is a derivative of my own work from this link: Turtle Hatchery

More on the Northpact race is available here:

Basically the Northpact was my attempt at doing major reworks on the "Freezing Legion" race in the old classic versions of Heaven's Fall from the older days (such as the version included here). Other than that, the rest of the Eve of Salvation content is unique and not included in Heaven's Fall. The "S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L." race is Eve of Salvation is a slightly improved/expanded version of my Techtree Contest 8 entry. The Cactusleaf Clan race in Eve of Salvation is made using almost entirely unique assets that I threw together for that race which are not published/present anywhere else online that I know of. I just didn't bother to post them. They are a bit silly in some places. The model for the eagle unit is imported at a path with a typo and doesn't load ingame and was only fixed on some local copy of EoS that I never posted. The whole race was made in a hurry as a techtree contest entry, and then I never followed through and never submitted it to whatever contest. It was probably TC9.
There are still a few assets exclusively in the Heavens Fall bundle on this thread that I sent to Kam in 2012 that aren't on Hive, but in the past 2-3 years I uploaded a lot of the assets now to Hive that I had originally created for Heaven's Fall. I am guessing Kam's goal was to upload anything large and substantially interesting/noteworthy, so if you knew of a project but it included a bunch of assets that were also on Hive it wouldn't surprise me at all if that was still a cool possible upload... but we'll see what Kam says.
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Incidentally I want to add that even if I managed to release a new version of the mod that's uploaded here (TWK),the old version still has reason to stay uploaded in this thread as it contains a bunch of models and skins from that I already changed (Like the HE buildings from SinisterX, although it's missing some iirc) or that I'm planning on changing (Like the Scarlet Enforcer, an exclusive model wrapped around a Death Knight skin from AnemicRoyalty)

Also, you can technically play the old version on patches 1.24+ with some adjustments. (and ye olde release SEMPQ still loads 1.27b perfectly fine)
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@Kam I went through the GTW project archive and found that there is no barracks building, no dwarven worker model and a slightly different troll model. wonder if you have them?


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I understand you well. do you know the nickname of the author who worked on these models? for example, over the troll models that are in the pack.
I originally assembled & archived the GTW mod.

TerranUp16 was the project leader, but there were a fair number of artists who all contributed to various degrees on the many models in the GTW pack (a good example of the separately uploaded Troll Ravager, modeled & animated by Jigrael (Tarrasaque) but skinned/textured by Falcoknight). So it might be difficult to suss out who exactly made what.

Now IIRC there was a text file for Credits... But it's been a while, so I'm not sure that's accurate.
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