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Compendium of the Plains

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Sep 28, 2008
Compendium of the Plains
Name subject to change

Please, post what you think about this campaign, no matter what stage in its development its at.

Compendium of wha?
Compendium of the plains is set during the taurens war against the centaur long before thrall arrived on kalimdor. It will feature both RPG and RTS style play in which you will have the free-roaming maps of an RPG, while in some places having the unit-strategy control of an RTS.

The story
The story follows Tarn Stonehoof, a great warrior of the Stonehoof tribe, a nomadic tauren tribe in the central barrens. Whilst traveling to a new location, the tribe is attacked by a hirde of centaurs. Tarn leads the defense against them, but ultimately fails. (even he dies). An ancient tauren druid (possibly immortal) finds the wreckage of the destroyed tribe, and sensing the great destiny of Tarn, summons all of his powers to ressurect the dead warrior. Seeing the destruction of his tribe, Tarn swears revenge on the Centaurs and sets out to kill as many of the beasts as he can.

<Coming Soon>
Screenshots coming August 1st

Development team
-Me (Taryen)

Can't Wait?
-It is about <1% complete, we are in an early stage of development.

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