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Crazy Cow
Last Activity:
Nov 20, 2011
Dec 26, 2009
Mar 1, 1995 (Age: 24)

Crazy Cow

Legendary Procrastinator, 24

Crazy Cow was last seen:
Nov 20, 2011
    1. Dragonson
      Hey, CC?
      'jest wanted to say that, incase you ever come back, we're missin' you in the RP.

      Anyways, Good luck with whatever you do.
    2. Latecat
      Nice to find another hiver who plays dwarf fortress.
      For that reason, I decided to drop in and say Hi.
    3. rcshaggy
      You ever played League of Legends?
      Well anyway you excited for Mists of Pandaria?
    4. rcshaggy
      Love your avatar, and hello there.
    5. supertoinkz
    6. Dragonson
      CC? God RP response plox? ;)

      Anyways, glad to see you're getting into bitefight well. :)
    7. Dragonson
      Oh and, CC? Khuqua is waiting for your Reply in the God-Rp :P
      I'd like to get on with the story. ;)
    8. Dragonson
      I HAVE to rep you for the mere fact that you made such a sad story be completely Lol. XD
      Go add it! :D
    9. Dragonson
      Coolish :D I'l make sure to accept you into it ASAP ;)
    10. Dragonson
      Hehehehe... >:)
      Now that you have spring break, you have NO excuses for not joining The Hive Wolves! :mwahaha:

      No seriously, we need moar pplz. Get ur ass ovar here.
    11. supertoinkz
      Are you storywriter? If yes, do you have great knowledge of warcraft lore? If yes then I have a story request for a campaign.
      The campaign will be set on the era between the first war and the second war. And I planned the opening cinematic will be Ogrim Doomhammer killing Blackhand. And I'm thinking about the plot where the Horde will ally with Forest Trolls, Goblins, and Ogres. This will be your task. Its up to you how many chapters you will make. And the ending cinematic will be Ogrim with a battalion of the "New Horde" and will say....
      "Humanity, you may have survive on the first war...but that's Blackhand's fault. And this time.....I! Ogrim Doomhammer, will be bring another....Age of Chaos..."

      The title will be, Warcraft: Call of the Horde (If you can think of another good title, please say it).

    12. Dragonson
      Glad to hear :)
      Now, Khuqua has been waiting for you in the secret room of his forge for like, time. :P

      Also, me and Taiion are waiting for you in The Hive Wolves on BiteFight Server 2 ;)
    13. Dragonson
      Oy... CC? You've been quiet in the RP's for quite a while.
      Anything wrong?
    14. Dragonson
      Oh and... CC? You sure you signed up on Server 2? :S
      Cause i can't find your wolfie.
    15. Dragonson
      Thankoes ^^
      As you see, it's a FORUM Browser game. >:D
    16. Dragonson
      Bytheway CC? Care to join me in a stupid browser game? ^^
      It's called BiteFight, and i've been playing it abit before. But it seems that they have gone through some upgrades since i last checked them out.
      So, i now play as Dragonson the Werewolf, and i have created the clan "The Hive Wolves" (THW).
      If you'd click the right end of my sig and give it a try, it would be more than cool :)
    17. CyberDuelX16
      and yet he's hardly done everything, xD
    18. Narrat0r
      You can have complete control over your aliens and their actions, just don't get too overpowered like dead-man-walking.
    19. CyberDuelX16
    20. Narrat0r
      Me and dead-man-walking started a battle in Terraneos!
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  • About

    Mar 1, 1995 (Age: 24)
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    Roleplaying, Storywriting
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