MMRST 1.66

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MMRST 1.66
By Ljusdahl

A simplistic map inspired by mini-games, hero co-ops, and Pac-Man.

You start as a group of defenseless peasants(Runners) in a randomly generated maze.
There are 20 levels, whereas every 5'th is a Boss.
The main objective is to avoid the hostile mobs and press 5 switches to progress to the next level, but the Boss levels have different objectives.
The map alternates between 4 tilesets, and some are spooky night levels with limited vision.
Buy items between levels to give your Runner abilities.

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Ability cooldowns now reset at the start of every level.
Less delay for players to revive after a level.
Normalized the damage of most mobs(less randomness).

Boss 1: Tower splash reduced. Slow removed.
Boss 2: Decreased sleeping time to 8-10 seconds(from 9-12).
Boss 2: Killing a Runner doesn't reset Mana or "Fatigue Booster" value.
Boss 3: Placed explosve barrels belong to Neutral.

Boss units now have a custom minimap icon.

Level 14: Added some space over the upper switches.

Pressing Esc during a cinematic now doesn't skip it for other players.

Set time between levels to 33(from 30).

Improved some item descriptions.

If all players die on a non-boss level, your team revives on that level.
However, everytime this happens the final boss grows stronger.

Runners: Attribute levels can't be skilled consecutively, must be staggered(like Hero skills in melee)
Runners: At the start of levels, your Runner is automatically selected for you.

Boss 1: Clarified intro text that the towers turn hostile.

Boss 2: Added Resistant Skin to Ogre Magi.
Boss 2: 33% reduction of the Ogre's "stamina pool".
Boss 2: Reduced sleep time to 8s(from 8-10s).
Boss 2: Increased Ogre Hp bonus per player to 100(from 50)
Boss 2: Fixed a bug where Ogre's mana regen wasn't affected by player number.

Boss 3: Added Resistant Skin to Dragon Turtle.

Boss 4: Major overhaul. Leaks increase timer, pre-defined maze, and more.

Item: Cooldown reset moved from start of level to end of level.
Item: Eye of Foresight Mana cost reduced to 30(from 40).
Item: Tomes are reworked into hybrid tomes; double the cost, but increases two stats.
Item: Duplicator has been reworked.
Item: Scroll of Shielding replaced by Scroll of Protection.
Item: Dragonhide Armor reduced to +2 armor(from +3), and duration to 30s(from 60s), but also affects caster.
Item: Sheep gives +1 to all stats. Can't be dropped manually, but drops when you die. If you drop it, you'll be unworthy to carry it again.

Shops: 3 minimap icons are displayed instead of 1.
Shops: Special effect on each shop when it sells an item.

The cinematic intros are now properly unskippable!
I thought I improved it in the previous version, but I actually broke it instead.

The multiboard now shows dead/alive status.

Added a "-kick <color>" command for player 1.
Added a "-blink" command that makes your Diamond of Escape have unlimited cast range.

If last player alive disconnects, it should now trigger a team respawn.

Runners don't flee when taking damage.

Levels: Made lots of changes to spawn sizes and movement behaviours.

Level 6: Renamed to Draeneri Trapper(from Draeneri).
Level 6: They now change color to black once their net is used.

Level 7: Renamed to Spitting Turtle(from Sea Turtle).
Level 7: Changed attack type to homing missile(but kept the melee range).
Level 7: Increased movement speed to 180(from 150).
Level 7: Decreased damage to 5(from 10-12).

Level 9 retry: Lightning Balls should not start too soon now.
Level 9: Lightning Ball damage decreased to 25(from 30).
Level 9: Changed Battle Golems' Spell Immunity to Resistant Skin.
Level 9: Moved the gold coins further away, and the spell casters forward.
Level 9: Spell casters now have a model(cicle of power).

Boss 2: Increased the rate at which the Ogre loses stamina, but decreased sleep time to 7s(from 8s)

Level 12: Replaced with Goblin Sappers.

Level 13: Decreased damage to 40(from 50).
Level 13: Decreased move speed to 300(from 320).
Level 13: On hit, Furbolgs apply Faerie Fire(-5 armor, before damage is calculated).

Boss 3: Increased the range at which Explosive Barrel can destroy rocks.
Boss 3: Removed a few rocks just south and north of the middle area to create new pathways through middle.

Level 19: Changed starting Mana and Mana regeneration to be better balanced with fewer players.
Level 19: Added Mana Shield.
Level 19: Decreased Death Coil damage to 25(from 40), range to 1500(from 2000), and speed to 800(from 1100).

Boss 4: Replaced with Deathwalker.

Level XXXXX: Added a delay before the middle switch activates(like on Boss 1 but shorter).

Attack range: Slightly decreased the melee range on a lot of enemies.

Night level retry: Fixed a bug where shared vision would stay on.

Item: Tideshifter range increased to 750(from 500).

Item: Crippler range decreased to 750(from 900).
Item: Crippler has a new custom sound and visual effect.

Item: Staff of the Lifegiver cast/leash range decreased to 750/800(from 800/1000).
Item: Staff of the Lifegiver Mana cost increased to 15(from 10).

Item: Book of Light range increased to 750(from 700).
Item: Book of Light Hp/Mp healed increased to 50/15(from 30/5).
Item: Book of Light Mana cost increased to 30(from 15).
Item: Book of Light cooldown decreased to 12s(from 15s).

Item: Diamond of Escape range decreased to 500(from 700).
Item: Diamond of Escape cooldown removed(from 30s).
Item: Diamond of Escape mana cost increased to 30(from 15).
Item: Diamond of Escape got a sound effect.

Item: Amulet of Resistance reduction lowered to 20% from 40%, but includes Magic damage(some enemies now have Magic damage).

Item: Eye of foresight range increased to 500(from 0).

Item: Rebalanced Xarafar's Cold Touch to have no cast time, but added cooldown(3s) and longer stun(1s).

Item: Warper Sphere, deals 50 damage to summoned/illusion targets, instead of swapping and dispelling(it caused a collision bug).

Item: Light Orb sell price lowered to 2(from 5).

Item: Scroll of Spirit Link, damage distributed reduced to 20%(from 25%).

Item: Tuskarr Fighter, changed attack type and armor type to avoid extra damage from Magic attacks.

Shops: The purchase cooldown for consumable items has been removed.

Destroying rocks/locks: Light Orb and Slam from level 14 & 17 has its range increased to 250(from 230).

Text: Made some additions and changes to quests, intros, descriptions, etc.
Sounds: Removed the "Can't build there" sound.

Level 1: Reduced spawn size from 4 to 3.

Level 2: Reduced spawn size from 4 to 3.
Level 2: Reduced attack range.

Level 12: Reduced spawn size and changed the move behaviour.
Level 12: Changed how the AOE damage is made, no longer ignores Mana Shield.

Level 13: Reduced spawn size and changed the move behaviour.

Level 18: Added Mana to the mobs(so that Spellbane helps against them).

Boss 4: Fixed a bug where the boss would spawn with less than 100% Hp.
Boss 4: Fixed a bug that clears the text messages periodically.
Boss 4: Misc. balance changes.

Fixed a bug where a certain aspect of Boss 4 would become easier from team revives instead of harder.
Fixed an oopsie with the -kick command where the players' units would remain and cause issues.

XP: Changed how Runners gain experience.
Old system: 20xp per corner button. For Runners that survive a level, "20*P/R" (P=players, R=number of surviving Runners)
New System: 10xp per corner button. For Runners that survive a level, 30xp, else 20xp.
I found that the old system was simply too punishing against struggling players, while over-rewarding good players.

Boss 2 & 3: New, smaller maze.

Boss 4: Overall increase in difficulty. Updated the intro and 'Level info' ability tooltip.

Level 12: Changed how sappers work. They used to have a negative Life Steal(caused them to die when attacking, but it didn't work against illusions)
Now, they are killed whenever they start an attack(should not deal auto-attack damage before blowing up).
Level 12: Decreased damage from Sappers to 34/24/15/7(from 40/30/20/10)
Level 17: Now gold coins won't keep spawning every time the team revives.

Item: Storm Seeker stun duration versus Resistant Skin decreased to 0.3s(from 0.9s).

Item: Ring of Power gold cost increased to 14(from 12).

Item: Tomes gold cost increased to 7(from 6).

Item: Staff of the Lifegiver no longer gives a 5 Hp heal at the start of its effect.
Item: Staff of the Lifegiver transfer rate increased to 15 Hp/s(from 5 Hp/s).
Item: Staff of the Lifegiver Mana cost increased to 20(from 15).

Item: Crippler duration increased to 4s(from 3s).
Item: Crippler cooldown decreased to 12s(from 15s).

Items: Changed some tooltips to show their effectiveness versus Resistant Skin.

Summons and illusions no longer remain after the team is dead.

MMRST 1.66 (Map)

Haha, a multiplayer type of Pac-man map! More of a mini-game though. Quite fun. You should make an option to skip the intro. Make a way to put the camera back up if you reset it to the game's. Actually, it would be best to restart the round all died...


Map Reviewer
Level 53
Jun 4, 2009
Haha, a multiplayer type of Pac-man map! More of a mini-game though.
Quite fun.

  1. You should make an option to skip the intro.
  2. Make a way to put the camera back up if you reset it to the game's. Actually, it would be best to restart the round all died at because some stages are quite difficult especially if you don't have any idea what to do.
  3. Funny thing is that they don't attack the boxes so you can lock yourself in a dead end and I don't think it's quite fair. Actually, they do but not all the time.
  4. Avoid playing music as sounds.
  5. Playing against the mur'guls is kind of random. You can't see them from a distance and they might surround you easily because of that right from the start. You need the Blink item before this round, or the one with Wind Walk.
  6. Takes a million years to destroy those towers.
  7. How many levels do abilities have? The description should say.
  8. I think the projectile of the warlocks should come slower.
  9. There's no way you can dodge Chain Lightning unless you have some item against spells and I doubt everyone's going to have the same items.

Maybe you could make a restart/reset option after all die.


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Daffa the Mage
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Level 5
Apr 28, 2005
Thanks for your review!

1. Yep, I plan to do that once other things are in order.
2. There's a "-cam" command, but I've forgotten to "advertise" it anywhere.
3. Some mobs can't, others prefer to walk around if they can, because they prioritize the Runners higher. If their detour is small, it works reliably.
4. Oki doki.
5. Hmm, I never use Blink, I just go carefully. I think the randomness really adds to the feeling of fear.
6. You're not supposed to destroy them!
7. 20 levels, so you'll never max out. I might set a smaller limit.
8. Maybe. I'll keep an eye on it.
9. You can pad your survivability with Strength, spell damage reduction, mana shield, spell shielding, spirit link, or mirror images.

A restart function is planned too, it will just be tedious to make.



Level 1
Aug 15, 2019
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