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Fire Ward (GUI)

Submitted by Septimus
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Forum: http://septimus.invisionplus.net
Coding: GUI
Current Version: 1.07

Ability Description

Unleash 5 fire ward that would unleash a fire to the middle of the target point; each ward unleash a fire that deal a initial 65 damage. Higher level increase the amount of fire a ward unleash.

Level 1 - Unleash 1 fire.
Level 2 - Unleash 2 fire.
Level 3 - Unleash 3 fire.

Version 1.07 Update

Fix documentation.

Version 1.06

Fix documentation.

Version 1.05

Reconstruct the entire spell, now it was fully MUI (Full credit for reconstruct goes to Dark Dragon).

Amount of fire unleash by fire ward increase by 1 per level instead of 2 for balance purpose.

Version 1.04

Optimize the code.

Version 1.03

Add lives checking condition.

Version 1.02

Optimize the code.

Version 1.01

Further optimize the maths to enable beginner to modify this spell easier.

-BerZeKeR- - Showing a efficient maths coding.
Kingz - Pointing a requirement for a condition.
xxdingo93xx - Advise in code optimize.
Dark Dragon - For fully reconstruct the entire spell to be fully MUI instead of semi MUI.

GUI Scripting
  • Initialization Fire Ward
    • Events
      • Map initialization
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Set FW_Point = (Center of (Playable map area))
      • Unit - Create 1 Fire Ward for Neutral Passive at FW_Point facing Default building facing degrees
      • Unit - Add Fire Ward (Ward Ability) to (Last created unit)
      • Special Effect - Create a special effect attached to the origin of (Last created unit) using Abilities\Spells\Other\BreathOfFire\BreathOfFireMissile.mdl
      • Special Effect - Destroy (Last created special effect)
      • Unit - Remove (Last created unit) from the game
      • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_FW_Point)
      • Custom script: call DestroyGroup( udg_FW_Ward_Group[0] )
      • Custom script: call DestroyGroup( udg_FW_Ward_Group[1] )
      • Custom script: set udg_FW_Ward_Group[0] = null
      • Custom script: set udg_FW_Ward_Group[1] = null

  • Fire Ward
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
    • Conditions
      • (Ability being cast) Equal to Fire Ward
    • Actions
      • Set FW_Target_Location[FW_Cast_Id] = (Target point of ability being cast)
      • Set FW_Cast_Level[FW_Cast_Id] = (Level of (Ability being cast) for (Triggering unit))
      • Set FW_Cast_Duration[FW_Cast_Id] = FW_Cast_Level[FW_Cast_Id]
      • Custom script: set udg_FW_Ward_Group[udg_FW_Cast_Id] = CreateGroup()
      • Set FW_Loop_Number = 5
      • For each (Integer FW_Loop) from 1 to FW_Loop_Number, do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Set FW_Point = (FW_Target_Location[FW_Cast_Id] offset by 500.00 towards (72.00 x (Real(FW_Loop))) degrees)
          • Unit - Create 1 Fire Ward for (Owner of (Triggering unit)) at FW_Point facing FW_Target_Location[FW_Cast_Id]
          • Unit - Add a ((Real(FW_Cast_Duration[FW_Cast_Id])) + 0.25) second Generic expiration timer to (Last created unit)
          • Unit - Add Fire Ward (Ward Ability) to (Last created unit)
          • Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Neutral Pandaren Brewmaster - Breath Of Fire FW_Target_Location[FW_Cast_Id]
          • Unit Group - Add (Last created unit) to FW_Ward_Group[FW_Cast_Id]
          • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_FW_Point)
      • If (FW_Cast_Id Equal to 0) then do (Trigger - Turn on Fire Ward Shoot <gen>) else do (Do nothing)
      • Set FW_Cast_Id = (FW_Cast_Id + 1)

  • Fire Ward Shoot
    • Events
      • Time - Every 1.00 seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • For each (Integer FW_Loop) from 0 to (FW_Cast_Id - 1), do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Unit Group - Pick every unit in FW_Ward_Group[FW_Loop] and do (Actions)
            • Loop - Actions
              • Unit - Order (Picked unit) to Neutral Pandaren Brewmaster - Breath Of Fire FW_Target_Location[FW_Loop]
          • Set FW_Cast_Duration[FW_Loop] = (FW_Cast_Duration[FW_Loop] - 1)
          • If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
            • If - Conditions
              • FW_Cast_Duration[FW_Loop] Equal to 0
            • Then - Actions
              • Custom script: call DestroyGroup(udg_FW_Ward_Group[udg_FW_Loop])
              • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_FW_Target_Location[udg_FW_Loop])
              • Set FW_Cast_Id = (FW_Cast_Id - 1)
              • Set FW_Cast_Duration[FW_Loop] = FW_Cast_Duration[FW_Cast_Id]
              • Set FW_Ward_Group[FW_Loop] = FW_Ward_Group[FW_Cast_Id]
              • Set FW_Target_Location[FW_Loop] = FW_Target_Location[FW_Cast_Id]
              • Custom script: set udg_FW_Ward_Group[udg_FW_Cast_Id] = null
              • Custom script: set udg_FW_Target_Location[udg_FW_Cast_Id] = null
              • If (FW_Cast_Id Equal to 0) then do (Trigger - Turn off (This trigger)) else do (Do nothing)
            • Else - Actions

Fire, Hot, Wards

Fire Ward Spells (Map)

16:56, 18th Jun 2009 hvo-busterkomo: Looks leak free, MUI, is well documented, and has an acceptable effect. The only problem is that it doesn't support multiple levels. Approved with a 4/5 rating.
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  1. Deuterium


    Mar 17, 2009
    Why don't you make a new spell called Star Wards... hehe smart eh? :p
    Wow that made me think of Super Mario 64 xD

    No really, be creative and make a Star Ward, I already got an idea, but well, I think I'm gonna do that ;)
Thread Status:
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