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    (Post) Sweet, I did that yesterday it worked but still thanks for attempting to help me. Have fun:)
    hey dude i saw your comment on Leraux point and click map. can u help me in finding the last tile in rune room? i have egg but i cant get it accross the water to hit switch... i have been stuck for weeks nobody is active to help me anymore...
    A legend has returned
    Deleted member 219079
    Yes, nice to see older members taking a visit
    Wait what? I actually got back to modding too,- so stay tuned for some nice resources in the future! :)
    I'd love to see more activities in the spell section, but maps are okay too ^^ Anyway, welcome back!
    hey uh u mind updating this(the missile system) with the new table thingy currently the missile system is incompatible with everything
    You don't preach love and tolerance. You preach christianity. Your preaching of christianity is summed up as; Believe in christianity, because christianity. If not, you're a demonic spawn of satan and I shall now ask you kindly to stop your diverse cultures and command you to bow before this culture, because american culture is better, because christianity. How do I know that christianity is better? Because a book, about christianity, telling you that christianity is christianity and everything else is wrong.

    You're even arguing that evolution doesn't exist because christianity never mentioned it, which is dumb considering I the fact that I literally linked you about 15 examples of modern day examples of evolution. One of which demonstrated a lizard evolving into becoming essentially a mammal and birthing its young alive rather than laying eggs.

    Also, that link; The third of newtons laws. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you can use a holy book, I can use a sciency book against you. You're being an asshole and he's being a dick. You're saying offensive things to everyone else, Magtheridon strikes back at you, because you are an asshole. You're giving religious people a bad name.

    You assume that everything in the bible should be interpreted literally and not figuratively and you fail to acknowledge that a lot of christian dogma is pure bullshit. For example, we do not stone women to death for speaking against a man. We do not burn heretics to purify their soul. To follow these things is to live the life of an unstable madman.

    You should never ask anyone, EVER, to stop practicing their cultures because it conflicts with your religious beliefs. To do so is retardation beyond belief, seriously I still don't get how you could do that, that you did do that.. and because you shown such utter hypocrisy when you asked others to be tolerant of your religion only to later mock others for theirs and call their culture a satanic holiday.. Because of this, you have lost my respect.

    If you want to be spoken to kindly, you have to re-earn my respect. There's a couple of ways you could do this. First off, respect other peoples beliefs, by that I mean; Stop fucking preaching christianity. If they are not christian now, they wont be after you've insulted them a couple times. We have our own views on what we prefer or don't prefer. A religious experience is religious, as in extremely personal. It should not be shared with the world unless someone asks you about it.

    Second, attempting to disprove evolution even when truth is staring you in the face is silly, stop it. The interesting thing about facts is that they are true, even if you believe in it or not.

    Third, that last statement is not possible to be applied to religion however, because you know as little as I know if god exists or not. Thus religious discussion should not be about the existence of god, because nothing can be gained from such a discussion. You're free to discuss the dogma of religions however. Any discussion about religious texts is an interesting treat, to see where they came from and how they were formed. That's interesting stuff.

    The religious dogma of christianity is proven to be false, while a lot is just seen as wrong and huge portion is merely symbolic. That much we know. We know there was never a flood, we know that Jesus was born at year 1, not year zero; but in year 1, in July. We know that the miracles of Jesus was written 30 years after Jesus death and we know that he officially became proclaimed the son of god in 1100, the same time which the holy trinity was invented. After the miracles of Jesus was written down, the Christians kept praying in the same church as the Jews for another 70 years before they decided to follow the teachings of Jesus.

    This is things we know. Does god exist? Maybe? Maybe not? Does these facts disprove him? No, it does not. Does it change anything significant? Not really, you're as religious as you were before learning of this. Am I telling you to stop being a christian because it offends my beliefs? No, because doing so would be stupid. Now, you've insulted my culture and instead of apologizing deeply and deleting your comment, you edited the comment, but kept the hostility, asking them to stop practicing their culture, still. Basically, you stopped insulting us, but you never stopped being hostile. That's really dumb.

    This is not something I find that I should be calm about. Asking me to be calm is not going to make me calm. If you keep your religious view to yourself, accept facts with an open mind or disregard them because they conflict with how you see the world. We will probably be good.

    Do what originally lead you here. Modding. You are a fan of Warcraft 3, you find the mythology of north paganism that is evident throughout the game enjoyable. The Orcs and Trolls are entertaining for example, the mechanics of the game are interesting. Focus on that, instead.
    I already have (alright, not the entire thing, but a lot of it), and come to the conclusion that it's a load of archaic boring codswallop. Well, it was kind of hilarious at times.

    I'll give you some links for good books later.
    No, it's not possible to be a 100% sure. It is however possible to be 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% sure about something. I'm that sure that no god exists. You can add another trillion nines there if you ask how certain I am that a Christian God does not exist. So no I don't know a 100% certain and I never claimed to, but I am more convinced that God doesn't exist than I'm convinced my name is Stan. And I don't doubt that either.

    Anyway, you've just made the point that you cannot know whether God exists either.
    Where did all the laws and rules come from?
    Also, there isn't a single proper scientist in the world who claims he's got the answer to this question. That's the big difference between science and religion. If a good scientist doesn't know something he admits he doesn't know, and then tries to find out. The religious man makes up an explanation.
    Then your belief in evolution was not based on actual knowledge on the subject either. There are loads of people who believe in evolution who haven't got a clue what they're talking about and apparently you were one of them.
    Here's an idea. Buy a proper, scientific book on evolution, one that is written by what you would think of as "the enemy." (preferably not 'the origin of species' as it's aged, but a modern one) Try to forget the conclusions you've already come to for a while and try to read the entire(!) book with an open mind. Accept, if only for the duration of reading the book that what they are saying could be true and do not immedeately search for ways to prove the opposite. It could be a very enlightening read. You may discover that we do know how the eye evolved, that we do know a lot about the transitions between humans and other apes, that the theory of evolution is, for all intents and purposes, scientific fact. And, if nothing else, you'd have better grounds to stand on in supporting your current point of view.
    Here is a good article with a lot of researchable information: Quote originally from:
    Hernandez, Ryan D., Joanna L. Kelley, Eyal Elyashiv, S. Cord Melton, Adam Auton, Gilean McVean, 1000 Genomes Project, Guy Sella, Molly Przeworski. 18 February 2011. Classic Selective Sweeps Were Rare in Recent Human Evolution. Science, Vol. 331, no. 6019, pp. 920-924.
    Oh that's awesome, you again quoted a scientific article! Read on it here. What it says is that selective sweeps were not the dominant mode of human adaptation. That's about it, the bunk of text how 'In contrast to expectation," their test detected nothing, but they could not quite bring themselves to say it.' is completely irrelevant and has nothing to do with the article, aside from creationist fecal matter.

    Read this part: "This conclusion does not imply that humans have experienced few phenotypic adaptations, or that adaptations have not shaped genomic patterns of diversity. Comparisons of diversity and divergence levels at putatively functional versus neutral sites, for example, suggest that 10–15% (and possibly as many as 40% (29)) of amino acid differences between humans and chimpanzees were adaptive (e.g., (30)) as were 5% of substitutions in conserved non-coding regions (22, 29) and ~20% in UTRs (22). "

    What this, again, means is that you, again, didn't read the very text you're referencing. The author of the text 'quoting' the article also didn't bother explaining that there are other evolutionary mechanisms, but tried to 'prove' that 'evolutionists' are trying to rationalize their findings which was the obvious purpose of those quotes. When in fact, actual biologists are more intrigued about this then you are, you have a fixed idea: god created everything. The former is called misrepresentation, also strawman logical fallacy. Never cite sources like this again. If you're gonna cite a source, or use an article that cites a source, make sure that it is well represented. Also learn some biology. If you do not understand half the therms used in the study I posted, you should probably not be attempting to debate biology.
    I have here a magazine with lots of scientific based evidence that shows there is no evolution.. so i believe in creationism because science itself proves there is no macroevolution..

    What is your religion btw?..

    Also bible said that in the future people will love theirselves so i am not surprised if the religion man is stupid for them,,

    Believe me.. keep your faith no matter what..
    I told you that if you continued to do so, I would react. I never said I was going to have you banned for one comment. I am merely stating a fact. Don't be a dick. It's not a good idea. So practice what you preach is what I am saying. If you are preaching love and tolerance, then be loving and tolerant and disregard that religious passage because that shit is volatile as fuck. Calling everyone else satanist is a good way to make a lot of enemies.
    You are disrespectful for one very clear reason. You just generalized everyone that is not christian in this world to satan. I find that fucking insulting. It's disrespectful to go to a thread where one happily enjoys his tradition and ask them to stop it because "They are celebrating a satanic holiday".

    In this manner you are disrespecting entire cultures, because you find it unacceptable. This is the textbook definition of intolerant. I find you a little shit because you preach love and understanding, paint yourself the victim and then mock, taunt and insult people with naive propaganda about christ and you defend yourself with "It was only my opinion".

    That is not good enough. Accept the consequences of your actions. You stop being disrespectful and intolerant towards other cultures and religions and I will not punish you.

    If you continue. I will. How much depends on you.
    Stop using god as an excuse because you are an intolerant disrespectful little shit. If you continue to bring people down with your intolerant, insulting comments, I will neg rep you. If you continue after that, I will see to it I have you banned. You should not bring down the hive just because you have religious views.

    Calling a pagan tradition a satanic holiday is a direct insult to me.
    Don't celebrate a satanic holiday please.
    Seriously, you're bringing down people on a happy occasion because you're grumpy. It's a viking holiday and was also practiced by jews for other reasons. If you call pagan traditions a means of practicing satan worship again I will neg rep you.
    I listen to what I want, do you see me bothering religious people about it? No!
    I'm not religious at all, end of story. Thank you.
    Yep, a few years passed and it still seems like yesterday. so what are you up to lately?
    Well, I haven't been around as a Moderator for a very long time, and in addition, the preaching rule is a rather new addition to the site rules. I can't speak for how lenient other Moderators were, or is currently, but personally I find that part of my job is to uphold the rules we make, even if it's not always appreciated.

    The idea of the rule goes both ways, we want to keep a life-style neutral environment on this site. So while we allow the discussion of various faiths, we don't allow direct praise or preaching. What that means is; if you feel directly offended by anything anyone has to say, if they say anything hateful about your religion, you can come to me and we'll resolve the situation as best we can :)

    And, thank you for understanding.
    Oh, i get it:) You know, i am not realy a man of faith, but i realy like it when people express their feelings connected with religion via creating something interesting.
    Hello Anachron.

    I deleted your thread in the off-topic section, because it goes against one of the site rules, namely preaching.
    And besides that, it was also posted in the wrong section.
    We have a Screenwriting, Storyboard and Concept Creation section for posting poems and stories.
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